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In this epic weekly vlog, the Dream Team takes their challenges to an epic whole new level. This time, Carter Sharer is setting his friends to the test in the 10,000 dollar underwater escape room! Carter, Lizzy Sharer, Stove from Stove's Kitchen, and Ryan Prunty are all competing in this extremely difficult world's first underwater escape room competition. Once under water, the contestants are not allowed to come up for air until after they find all thirteen keys to open the mystery safe. The only avenue for air is a small, manmade bubble at the deep end of the pool. The individual who escapes the pool in the fastest time will win the grand prize of ten thousand dollars cash! Who do you think will win?! Comment #Underwater and #Money with your predictions!
BIGGEST FISH WINS $10,000 DEEP SEA FISHING!! ruvid.net/video/video-RBRz9exZ9eo.html
CATCH THE BIGGEST FISH WIN $10,000 ruvid.net/video/video-gNqKu80wxLM.html
HIGHEST ROCKET WINS $10,000 (ft. Faze Rug) ruvid.net/video/video-jK3H7TZGxgA.html
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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Apr 13, 2019




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Comments 14 308
Carter Sharer
Carter Sharer 4 months ago
Who else would try this crazy challenge???!!!
Walter Davis
Walter Davis 2 days ago
But I try and crazier challenge I got on the top of my roof and I jump off my roof into my swimming pool it was so scary oh yeah and my foot got stuck in a chain under my swimming pool so I didn't go to my air bubble then when I got out of my ear but I got the key to unlock the chain and made
Altis WES1012
Altis WES1012 17 days ago
Brennan beaver
Brennan beaver Month ago
I would
Baby girl Romero
Knox Bediako
Knox Bediako Month ago
Eric Game Shop
Eric Game Shop 5 hours ago
Ashley Diggs
Ashley Diggs 6 hours ago
#Team lizzy
Pankaj Hemrajani
Pankaj Hemrajani 6 hours ago
I think I got a little bit overload with the emojis 😅
Pankaj Hemrajani
Pankaj Hemrajani 6 hours ago
Be careful 😟😟😣😔😖😟😕😕😫😩☹️🙁😩😫😣😔😔😟
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez 8 hours ago
Precious Umoren
Precious Umoren 9 hours ago
Music believe everyone
Kryptic Slayz
Kryptic Slayz 9 hours ago
Not me because I don’t have a pool but I would try it
Noura Mikhail
Noura Mikhail 17 hours ago
Because yet
Steven Bowers
Steven Bowers 18 hours ago
Jamen Rollins
Jamen Rollins 19 hours ago
Kristie Dille
Kristie Dille 20 hours ago
Is Ryan ok
Kristie Dille
Kristie Dille 20 hours ago
That goes field is so 😎.
Kristie Dille
Kristie Dille 20 hours ago
Rachel Annette
THIS is so cool❤💰
Omar Alharmoodi
# lizy
Cheyanna underwood
Omar Alharmoodi
Abdoulaye Gueye
Hash tag team
nasriya badhawi
People are saying that Ryan is project zorgo 😥😥😥😥😥😥
nasriya badhawi
Hey carter is liz your sister 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Kalyn Daniels
*team stove
Ari 101
Ari 101 2 days ago
11:38 Lizzy I wouldn’t be talking
Bill Reger
Bill Reger 2 days ago
#team lizzy
Mo Ba
Mo Ba 2 days ago
Shut Lizzy
Brad Noel
Brad Noel 2 days ago
You can. The fact.
Chirica Violeta
Chirica Violeta 2 days ago
Liz go kil your self
Ofelia Agripa
Ofelia Agripa 2 days ago
I know that you kick out stove in your house but he is not pz9 !!! That is not nice!!👿👿
lena Snæland
lena Snæland 2 days ago
Makeda Inman
Makeda Inman 2 days ago
Ryan and stove should have had a doubled time cause they have two people equal two times faster
King.galaxy 123
King.galaxy 123 21 hour ago
Makeda Inman I don’t agree at all not even a little
Louise Buttery
Louise Buttery 2 days ago
Where is hunter I haven't seen him in the last lot of videos and were is Stephen
Marita John
Marita John 2 days ago
#teme lizzie
Gh0st Akasukii
Gh0st Akasukii 2 days ago
Lizzy is gonna win
NATALIE BYRD 2 days ago
Shadow of the darkness Bringer
ya force Field
Laiqah Flores
Laiqah Flores 3 days ago
Ryan can you be my boyfriend 💏💏💏💏💏💏💏
Mindaugas Mazeliauskas
Brittany Ragland
Brittany Ragland 3 days ago
I love you carter
Wavy Snipezzz
Wavy Snipezzz 3 days ago
Stove has a crush on ur girlfriend
Bety Castellano
Bety Castellano 3 days ago
Actually change the money make it200,000
Darius samuel
Darius samuel 3 days ago
Stove is not
Darius samuel
Darius samuel 3 days ago
Ryan is working with pz9
Sue Venter
Sue Venter 3 days ago
Valbona Koxha
Valbona Koxha 3 days ago
To me carter no matter what that was not fair
XxMøõn_seanXx :3
Um...and how?
foxboy foxy
foxboy foxy 3 days ago
that buzzer was all video effects
Laura Olivas
Laura Olivas 3 days ago
Hash tag team Lizzy
Nahiarah Lopez
Nahiarah Lopez 3 days ago
but i dont know how to swim
Nahiarah Lopez
Nahiarah Lopez 3 days ago
Nahiarah Lopez
Nahiarah Lopez 3 days ago
#teem lizy
Ryan Ridge
Ryan Ridge 4 days ago
You are my favorite Lizzy ❤️❤️❤️
Ashley Little
Ashley Little 4 days ago
Lizzy🥇🏆 hunter and stove 🥈🏅and carter🥉🎖
Ashley Little
Ashley Little 4 days ago
#team lizzy she gonna win for sure I love lizzy love her channel
Bety Castellano
Bety Castellano 3 days ago
Ivanya Suarez
Ivanya Suarez 4 days ago
#Team Lizz
Heidi Bolton
Heidi Bolton 4 days ago
This is dangerous, my brother tried doing this but with a bucket and the bucket imploded ( btw he was absolutely fine)
Lucy Pockman
Lucy Pockman 4 days ago
Does anyone know if he and his brother talk any more
Lucy Pockman
Lucy Pockman 2 days ago
No I have been watching for like 2 years it’s just that I don’t like commenting
Valerie J
Valerie J 2 days ago
Lucy Pockman are you knew to this channel cause you look like your new and late
Princess Bella's World
lissy Oldham
lissy Oldham 5 days ago
Carter i think Lizzy go to win so #teemlizzy
Loki7 GD
Loki7 GD 5 days ago
I thought carter would use the water bottle to hold it in his mouth and breath while swimming so he has air
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 5 days ago
Galaxy Gacha
Galaxy Gacha 5 days ago
ME!!!! okmaybe not😥😅
Raymart Barcelo
Raymart Barcelo 5 days ago
#team lizzy
Lee Vlogs
Lee Vlogs 5 days ago
#teamlizzy and i would never do this ever
Toby Hansen
Toby Hansen 5 days ago
#Team lizzie
Paula Reyes
Paula Reyes 5 days ago
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