$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

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"It's like the Tinder of dining."
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Comments 100
Shiro Adi
Shiro Adi 45 minutes ago
They have the best job in the whole freaking world!
My fave thing about worth it is that they literally just like everything hah
Vlogging Hunter
Vlogging Hunter 2 hours ago
Dwa is 2 in pashto
park Jimin
park Jimin 2 hours ago
Actually dua is two in our language xd
Ghost 4 hours ago
I wanna go to Japaaaaaaan
Merpin Hermawan Tio
Dua = Indonesia
Aydin Alisoy
Aydin Alisoy 4 hours ago
Dua is 2 in Russian
Zio Vela
Zio Vela 4 hours ago
Audio: 行きましょう CC: [speaking in foreign language] amazing
Alexis Durazno
Alexis Durazno 12 hours ago
95 degrees? That’s cold for Coachella people
Arry Albani
Arry Albani 18 hours ago
Dua is two in Indonesian language 😂
brittney mojica
brittney mojica 21 hour ago
I loved seeing Andrew's soft side as he is being so polite to the last chef... he's/its adorable
Evi Nur Alviah
Evi Nur Alviah 23 hours ago
Dua is actually two in indonesia
NaturesNinja Day ago
I had one of those fish pancakes when I was in Japan, I had custard in mine and it was delicious! It was shaped as Magi-carp
Chalseu Mida
Chalseu Mida Day ago
Wait Dua is 2 in Bahasa? In the Philippines there's a dialect that means 2 in the word dua tooo WTF?!
Adrian Cundawan
Dwa (dua)is actually two in Indonesian. Isn't it ?
Eris Krieger
Eris Krieger Day ago
Dua is Two in Malay
Some Random Guy On Youtube
Dua means 2 in Malay
ayman anas
ayman anas Day ago
Dua is malaysian for 2
Kush Rao
Kush Rao Day ago
14:01 the man has had his revenge, in the most subtle, kind, and respectful way
Oscar Yeung
Oscar Yeung Day ago
I feel the series is titled worth it cause you want to make seem like the most costly thing is worth it and click bite
Viviotic_Galaxy Assassin
You guys are making me hangry 😭
Raccoon Loves Rice
I love how they treasure the cuisine and the people of the country
Tiem Day ago
That dollar sushi place looks amazing am I crazy
Farez Day ago
this is how you visit japan, logan
Terri Ellis
Terri Ellis Day ago
It's always funny to watch Steven unleashing his inner gay, touching Andrew, putting his arm around him, and bumping him. Then to see Andrew barely keeping it together and trying to brush him off, avoid him, or signal to him to stop touching him. It's like watching a father with his 5 year old son.
Hernita Jibril
Hernita Jibril 2 days ago
0:06 Dua means two in Indonesia. Just let you guys know 🌱
Jiah Sadaya
Jiah Sadaya 2 days ago
I’ve been to that first sushi place. It was sooo good and very cheap. It was 10 minutes away from our Airbnb. I miss Japan 🤤
Chelly Fishie
Chelly Fishie 2 days ago
'dua' = two (in Bahasa Indonesia)
There’s a Kura sushi by la, just a little bit more expensive
razorgarf 2 days ago
The high class expensive place is for rich democrats of course, living the life eh
Kimathi Washington
Why democrats? I'm not a Democrat, but why did you say democrats?
Dayniish 3 days ago
Part dua , dua is in malaysian for two
Dayniish 2 days ago
He's chinese right?
ShearerStuff 2 days ago
Worst thing is that Steven is actually Malaysian.
Elysia Shamoun
Elysia Shamoun 3 days ago
I love that 2 grown men get excited over a little toy😂
marissahumaira dewi
in indonesia 2 is dua
Mimi Yusof
Mimi Yusof 3 days ago
'Dua' is actually means 'two' in Malay 😂😂😂
Celina Kay
Celina Kay 3 days ago
First place reminded me of Drake & Josh
iDareDevils 4 days ago
Obama-san, Clinton-san, Spielberg-san
Ashley Biju
Ashley Biju 4 days ago
i want sushi right now
Haram 4 days ago
No one gonna talk about keith?
Ayato 4 days ago
Sushi is easily one of my favorite foods. I live on the coast in Germany and I basically grew up eating fish on a daily basis because my town was one of the important fishing places and nearly half my family, including parents, worked in the fish industry. But its always cooked or baked fish or canned fish. I enjoy the few times a year that I can go to our local sushi place ... but sadly every one of my friends doesnt like fish ( its so unbelieveable to me xD ) so I only go there two or three times a year.
yuliee 4 days ago
im craving sushi for about three months now but i dont have 35$ to spend on dry and old sushi
Jisha Jacob
Jisha Jacob 5 days ago
Can I work with you guys 😍😍😍 obsessed!!!!!!
SHI 5 days ago
is that Rie from the Tasty channel?? i LOVE her
Kimathi Washington
Keep watching the Japan episodes and you'll see more of her
Violet Huang
Violet Huang 5 days ago
Steven is beautiful
Dragon Squad
Dragon Squad 5 days ago
It is melayu language
Nacho Junior
Nacho Junior 5 days ago
What about unagi (Friends reference)?
Boo Boyce
Boo Boyce 5 days ago
I can't remember the white guys name.. but am I the only one that ships him and Rie?
Kimathi Washington
Rie is married and I doubt you're the only one who ships her and Andrew
fruityjuana 5 days ago
dua is two in bahasa (indonesian language)
How long have you been a Sushi Chef? *For 32 years this year*
Thunder Take You
Thunder Take You 5 days ago
Bless this man
Mighty Duck Highlights
How tf do videos like this get dislikes
I_am_Better_Then_U 19
Shush Raw? Dat shut disgusting
matthew avorque
matthew avorque 6 days ago
16:40 Did he say baby taste?
Diskubre Channel
Diskubre Channel 6 days ago
ill just eat the sushi from 7-11 or Ministop a lot cheaper
Captain Skull
Captain Skull 6 days ago
Dua is two in Malaysia
Tejas 6 days ago
hands down the best episode
Muhammad Vionda Novrian
dua means two in indonesian language. satu dua tiga means one two three.
jf76 6 days ago
Amazing. Sushi is absolutely one of my favourite foods. If possible go to Yasuda in New York. You do have to reserve, sometimes weeks in advance. Get the 'omakasi' where you just trust the chef - of course you can say if you don't like something or are allergic. Sit at the bar and just enjoy watching the preparation. It is a special occasion place but lunch is more affordable than dinner - I seem to remember it being $80 USD for one person including sake, and many pieces of nigiri, a couple years ago. There is such a vast difference between typical sushi and the real deal. Of course New York has even more expensive places, but Yasuda is a real treat, in a nice room with great hospitality and master chefs.
Harini sreekanth
Harini sreekanth 7 days ago
Heyy can you guys do Indian Cuisine? Like biriyani or smthn? Also- loved this episode♥️💫
Kimathi Washington
They did curry before but idk
Angelique Lim
Angelique Lim 7 days ago
Dua is two in Bahasa
Ibrahim Adam
Ibrahim Adam 7 days ago
dua = two Indonesia y now
Christian Aditya
Christian Aditya 7 days ago
Dua is two in indonesian
Marissa Ng
Marissa Ng 7 days ago
you guys need to do crab
Benny boi
Benny boi 7 days ago
Cicada? Flash anyone?
Luke Fasanello
Luke Fasanello 7 days ago
Anyone else think of Drake and Josh when they said conveyor belt sushi?
Drew Kelly
Drew Kelly 7 days ago
More food with Andrew. Less lifestyle crap.
t0yx 7 days ago
DWA is actually 2 in russian
Anastasia Tozlu
Anastasia Tozlu 8 days ago
“dwa” is actually two in Russian!
Julian Choi
Julian Choi 8 days ago
The first place uses wayyyyyy to much rice.
Evil Chicken69
Evil Chicken69 5 days ago
Julian Choi ok sushi chef
Kylee Kylee
Kylee Kylee 8 days ago
I'm watching this at 4:30am and no sushi is open 😭
Alex 8 days ago
6:23 Adam's Face tho lmfao
Gaming Anime
Gaming Anime 8 days ago
dua is two in indonesiaa
Relic75 8 days ago
The last one looked sooo good. Would have to hit that up a couple nights a week if i was there. $133 is not bad at all for good sushi. I spend that much on a good steak night.
Heyitzj0sh 8 days ago
I was concerned about the price point of the last restaurant-but now I understand why. The amazing customer service combined with the dynamic flavor profile of each piece of sushi, and even dressing up nice is why it's expensive. It's more than just eating.
Ifanul Fath
Ifanul Fath 8 days ago
Dua is two in indonesian tho
amine 56
amine 56 9 days ago
It is Deux not dwa
Nicholas Santoso
Nicholas Santoso 9 days ago
Dua is 2 in indonesia but the pronounciation is wrong
MK2145 9 days ago
Dua ?
PreyankHx 9 days ago
When I see all of the Sushi video my *_Mouth Starts Watering_*
May-Star Cipher
May-Star Cipher 10 days ago
Unwanted fact: "dua" is 2 in Indonesian and Malay
John Wick
John Wick 10 days ago
Dua is two in Malaysian Aren’t he Malaysian?
Sirajuddin Ramly
Sirajuddin Ramly 10 days ago
Dua is two in indonesia
just Ian
just Ian 10 days ago
Dua is two in indonesian
AllGame AQW
AllGame AQW 10 days ago
Yea dva is a 2 in macedonian language
It’s me Larucka
It’s me Larucka 10 days ago
Yes 2 is dva or how he said on serbian
님김치사장 10 days ago
hani and solji went on the first sushi place on battle trip and ate about 16 plates of sushi
Niamm Paramadvaiti
Niamm Paramadvaiti 10 days ago
I wanna marry Rie
Hafiz games58
Hafiz games58 10 days ago
steven is such akid sometimes
medy_ pro
medy_ pro 10 days ago
Oui = yes
Odd-Arne Oseberg
Odd-Arne Oseberg 10 days ago
Norwegian salmon sushi aka cancer on rice.
Anant Jain
Anant Jain 11 days ago
The camera girl is soo cute.
River Paikan
River Paikan 11 days ago
Do you ever not like anything?
no hope
no hope 11 days ago
Rie is so wholesome
salma dita
salma dita 11 days ago
dua means two in Indonesia
Dirham Raizal
Dirham Raizal 11 days ago
dwa actually spelled dua is melayu used in malaysia and indonesia means two
yasir subarkah
yasir subarkah 11 days ago
Actually. Dua "Dwa" its Indonesia language for Two
Ebner Duncan
Ebner Duncan 11 days ago
Part "dua" is 2 in indonesian
Idir Nieto Larrull
Idir Nieto Larrull 11 days ago
7:38 me every time I have a drink near to me
xatuna buchukuri
xatuna buchukuri 12 days ago
dva is two in russin = два
しろまharu3006 12 days ago
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera 12 days ago
We can only dream and indulge in videos of what this experience might be like.
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