Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!


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Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia 4 hours ago
My hands were tired! How did you mine read that
Ayana Maclin
Ayana Maclin 4 hours ago
What if the cooking teacher is texting someone
Ann-Sapphire Rosefort
what does this remind me of Coronavirus you know this was the sign that we're going to have Coronavirus this is so sad I'm literally crying
Ella Guelcher
Ella Guelcher 4 hours ago
Steve: “ Find a way to stop it!” Azzy: “ What? STOP THE PARROT!!”
Amy Vetor
Amy Vetor 4 hours ago
I was born double jointed in my leg and I can bend it fully backwards
Elise Tran
Elise Tran 4 hours ago
Azzy why did you try to beet water
Kayla Kember
Kayla Kember 4 hours ago
Azzyland making jokes Us: cough*
the rich family
the rich family 4 hours ago
I love your music and all but it has to much swearings
Stephanie Alvarez
Stephanie Alvarez 4 hours ago
Which one do you think it’s worth a judge in a car or miss starving until the night which one which one do you think
Catherine Garcia
Catherine Garcia 4 hours ago
😁 😮 😉 🎸 👕🎤 📀👚📀 😊 👖 👖 👖 👗 🎹🎹 👟👟 👞👞 👢👢 👠👠 🎴🎴 .* The Emoji Band*.
邢雪辉 4 hours ago
Knight Rockers
Knight Rockers 4 hours ago
4:20 CoRoNaviRuS Lol, jk, love ya Azzy!
taylor harris
taylor harris 4 hours ago
Omggg awwwww
# Ruth
# Ruth 4 hours ago
8:23 Me: Guilty looks at my chair.😂
F Walker
F Walker 4 hours ago
Allegra Cupcake
Allegra Cupcake 4 hours ago
Oh. No
taylor harris
taylor harris 4 hours ago
Aliyah Jones
Aliyah Jones 4 hours ago
A fox?
Vidushi Pandey
Vidushi Pandey 4 hours ago
I have 5 siblings all of them are girls I am the youngest aka the one who gets baby time 😡 hit the like if ur the youngest
Yelena Davadi
Yelena Davadi 4 hours ago
My sister slapped my dogs but and my dog bit my sister’s BUT 🤪😁😁
Zander Flowers
Zander Flowers 4 hours ago
I wouldn't buy I'd sell it for charity
KL Kitchen
KL Kitchen 4 hours ago
Mattie Ann-Marie
Mattie Ann-Marie 4 hours ago
9:01 Azzy, uhhh I'm pretty sure that's a lake... lol
Mariama Kamara
Mariama Kamara 4 hours ago
KrickCracker 4 hours ago
Azzy: What can be so bad to get something in the mail? Kids be like: My school rating of how good I was.... I better run
BlazeGenix 4 hours ago
Im not trying to be rude but cant she react to something different
Paikea Scott-Thomas
Jeez azzy...almost ALL juices dont have that print smh
Tsaraiah Grace
Tsaraiah Grace 4 hours ago
All right you do the first part and azzy
rollerbat1 4 hours ago
V-vat i kan do de hand rare
Averie Hanson
Averie Hanson 4 hours ago
Azzy: how do you live without Internet? What do you even do? Me: listen up 1) read a book instead of scroll on social media 2) go on a walk instead of watch TV 3) go horse back riding 4) go ATVing or Mountain biking in the mountains 5) go camping 6) go fishing 7) go hunting .... need I go on?
Luke Budi
Luke Budi 4 hours ago
Azzyland: They CRUSHED that! 8:26 Me: They didn't crush their high-fives.
Mojito 4 hours ago
I died on that dumpling thing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😂😅😂😇🙂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😁😁😁😁😆😆😆😆😆😆
The Unique Ones
The Unique Ones 4 hours ago
did anybody elses ear hurt after seeing the spider in the ear
Gacha piscean
Gacha piscean 4 hours ago
The first one is probably the one that would work longer
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 4 hours ago
durjoy 4 hours ago
Those 83 people who disliked are people who don’t play zelda
Ariana Diaz
Ariana Diaz 4 hours ago
jonathan da goat
jonathan da goat 4 hours ago
Harry Phipps
Harry Phipps 4 hours ago
Me and my brother are not similar at all,he has jinger hair I have brown hair
jonathan da goat
jonathan da goat 4 hours ago
I do that tongue think
•PinkuBunny• 4 hours ago
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 4 hours ago
I didn’t say wow
Amanda Harold
Amanda Harold 4 hours ago
I got a question about the twins since they were connected how will they walk will there be 2 lags 1 for each half of is there 4 2 for each half like Idk tell me if someone is with me on this question
Nemesio 4 hours ago
I am Man why do you watch sad stories
Rainy Gacha
Rainy Gacha 4 hours ago
America money but they live in Canada
Blanc Space
Blanc Space 4 hours ago
Azzy that's not a toilet, it's a seat in an elevator because some people have troubles standing still for a long time especially in a small elevator.
Alice Naude
Alice Naude 4 hours ago
Here in Australia... We don’t have square spoons in our McFlurrys 😐 Or I’m just going to the wrong McDonalds
Loren Janevski
Loren Janevski 4 hours ago
4:26 what wtf how did the cat come there
Nemesio 4 hours ago
Do you watch crime videos
eva marandon
eva marandon 4 hours ago
Right when you said literally ice cream I’m eating ice cream home maid don’t worry
Margarita Rivas
Margarita Rivas 4 hours ago
Elizabeth Riordon
Elizabeth Riordon 4 hours ago
i was the 5/people
Nalah Playz
Nalah Playz 4 hours ago
Sarah Roy
Sarah Roy 4 hours ago
Ife Onubogu
Ife Onubogu 4 hours ago
Lol I got lavender VERY accurate 😌
Kamari Harrington
Kamari Harrington 4 hours ago
I don’t like school at all
Mahdi Kort
Mahdi Kort 5 hours ago
I like pomagram
Liz Harris
Liz Harris 5 hours ago
My school do not have homework
Brad King
Brad King 5 hours ago
i can do the to things with my thum
Josee Mitchell
Josee Mitchell 5 hours ago
so what? Cassie said snow-wite!
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 5 hours ago
👇👇👇 oooooooooo like SAXY
Lauren Does Procreate
Ok it got to 235k likes. Go buy those pants right now and wear them all the time like you promised 😂 👁👄👁
Please make some more gaming videos like you used to do. One of the best games now in FNAF ar on the iPhone
Lenda Yibza
Lenda Yibza 5 hours ago
Azzy: I should be a chef Me: No. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
Sara Perez
Sara Perez 5 hours ago
I love minecraft but you have to buy it if u have a phone and any phone 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😜😜😜😜😜👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫👫
Samantha Person
Samantha Person 5 hours ago
Courtney Lee
Courtney Lee 5 hours ago
I HATE YOU BALD GIRL AND YOU HUTSON(i cant remember the girls name)
therealelko 5 hours ago
Pls do anathor messed up riddles with kasie or gloom
William Mendoza
William Mendoza 5 hours ago
William Mendoza
William Mendoza 5 hours ago
Ali Childs
Ali Childs 5 hours ago
totally new here and my first thought was they remind me of female versions of KnJ
Ibelive 2
Ibelive 2 5 hours ago
was that lag supossed to happen when she spoke? OwO
Lloyd Melton
Lloyd Melton 5 hours ago
It was so lucky we live in New Zealand is no basmets
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 5 hours ago
Oh my dog
TheDzneyFam 5 hours ago
It's a fox XD
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 5 hours ago
Kendall Khalifa
Kendall Khalifa 5 hours ago
Azzy why don’t you put you P.O. Box so we can send you stuff🥺
Vivian G. Morales
Vivian G. Morales 5 hours ago
Hey Azzy I love your vid
Bunii playzz
Bunii playzz 5 hours ago
Uass azzy
Bunii playzz
Bunii playzz 5 hours ago
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 5 hours ago
Omg o my dod
John Thompson
John Thompson 5 hours ago
Azzy: I'm just sending an important email to Elon Musk about a business opportunity Email: hvjdfhgfughjfghghfghfkgjhfjt 23475yh And that's the story on how Elon Musk's inspiration of name for his child was made.
Kerry Hutchison
Kerry Hutchison 5 hours ago
Why,d you swear
Lexi Duke
Lexi Duke 5 hours ago
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 5 hours ago
the silly ducky duck
I think money is great 😁
Galaxy Corn
Galaxy Corn 5 hours ago
I have the hole in my ear
Gacha piscean
Gacha piscean 5 hours ago
Its 2020, were not going to school
Andreina Garcia
Andreina Garcia 5 hours ago
No go to juega German and that the end
Heather Edwards
Heather Edwards 5 hours ago
Aisha Akhtar
Aisha Akhtar 5 hours ago
I lick my elbow but I could do it
Ada Escamilla
Ada Escamilla 5 hours ago
6:58 oh Dayum
Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor 5 hours ago
WOW.😱Oh no😱.
Mya Markus
Mya Markus 5 hours ago
The cheese greater was a washing machine
Jasminka Krasna
Jasminka Krasna 5 hours ago
I love the girl when shes like O MY GOD O MY GOD O MY GOD. 😂😂😂😂
Sonia Lopez
Sonia Lopez 5 hours ago
that is not true if you eat the seeds
Joshua Ortiz
Joshua Ortiz 5 hours ago
Azzy what they did with the clay is to protect the engine
Oristetimeyin Oyegbanren
2:49 That guy has a gun
Lukas And his stuffed animals
Has a crush on azzy then roasts someone next vid stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other regrets his