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Nia Barnwell
Nia Barnwell 10 hours ago
i think you should do a challenge where you go through your name and only pick eyeshadow colour names that begin with that letter eg your first colour name begins with N then I
Just Someone
Just Someone 10 hours ago
Your great no matter whats your past! ❤️❤️❤️
munther Klad
munther Klad 10 hours ago
SSJI Neon 10 hours ago
I have really dark circles under my eye and can't find anything to completely hide them. Please help!
Junglecock 2.0
Junglecock 2.0 10 hours ago
I would be scared to be accused of black face tbh-
kjmyeonini 10 hours ago
my name starts with n too, should've given myself a different name too 😳😳
Annabel 10 hours ago
Your brows are on fleek this video omg!
Ashley Stull
Ashley Stull 10 hours ago
Why didn’t you use nivea post shave balm for primer?! I learned that trick from you!
Natasha Motta Mortensen
You could just have used the Nivea shave balm that you put on the map 😝
NicholasVenable8 10 hours ago
You look amazing!
Δεσποινα Θεοφανοπουλου
Owo now you look like a gosht with fundaition
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones 10 hours ago
Oleksandra Key
Oleksandra Key 10 hours ago
Nikki, I'm from Poland. Hello. have you ever tried any polish makeup products ?? I would like to know your opinion ... because you are a guru in this topic❤❤❤
Cass Terrill
Cass Terrill 10 hours ago
nikita dragun? another stunning woman
Maud Voorbraak
Maud Voorbraak 10 hours ago
Ik ben ook Nederlands!!!! 😂😂👍🏻
Jessica Batty
Jessica Batty 10 hours ago
💄We love you Nikkie.🥰
Girl amazing
Girl amazing 10 hours ago
nikkie if you do a challenge you need to commit to it, that beans buying products you don’t own
Larrissa Jay
Larrissa Jay 10 hours ago
So proud that you’re taking back your power. You will still have many people that support you no matter what. 💙💗🤍
Lisa Sallery
Lisa Sallery 10 hours ago
You could have used the Nivea men’s aftershave balm you used to talk about. I purchased it back in the day because of you recommending it xxx
Girl amazing
Girl amazing 10 hours ago
for primer you could have used the nivea primer.... nikkie come on
Gaia Semiglia
Gaia Semiglia 10 hours ago
problem is the skin of your eyelids is different from the rest of the face xd
Sophia Neilsson
Sophia Neilsson 10 hours ago
Is this another Queen's Day video?? So orange!!!
lotto winner
lotto winner 10 hours ago
1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 New International Version (NIV) 9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not err; neither the fornicators, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the effeminates, nor those who are cast with men, 10 Neither the thieves, nor the misers, nor the drunks, nor the cursed nor the scammers, will inherit the kingdom of God.(repent, ask God for a heartfelt loser and He will forgive you, separate yourself from sin and evil Amen) blessings them Christ JESÚS loves them and this server AMÉN
Rita Zaal
Rita Zaal 10 hours ago
Nikki, you used to prime using Nivea... why not use that for this tutorial?
xMicoMemeex 10 hours ago
Maybe do a makeup look where the brand can start with whatever letter BUT the products name starts with your letter.. Like a eyeshaddow named: Neutral sand.. or something ;)
Veerle Stappers
Veerle Stappers 10 hours ago
Veerle Stappers
Veerle Stappers 10 hours ago
Omg ik wist dat niet
Martina Heimo
Martina Heimo 10 hours ago
Would love to see next a video where you use in the right order every brand starting with the letters in your name, e.g. primer as a brand starting with N, foundation I, concealer K etc so in the end it's Nikkietutorials❤
Dixie Rae
Dixie Rae 10 hours ago
Funny that Mickey chose to go in with a purple look, is she comparing the JH palette to the JS palette?
SpacesheepDori 10 hours ago
Maybe next time you could spell your whole name,that makes it more interesting :)
Selina Blue
Selina Blue 10 hours ago
NIVEA, you could have primed with Nivea after shave 😭😂
Cubix 10 hours ago
Honestly Nicki’s 6 minute is better than what I could do in 5 hours 😩😩
Dixie Rae
Dixie Rae 10 hours ago
Nikki uses such good lighting that you're really able to get a good look at the colour story. To be honest I didn't realize how red heavy this palette is.
Holly M
Holly M 10 hours ago
Okay this look is everythinggg
cøsmıć dřainø słushiə
I'm here after her coming out💖
Lucia Perello
Lucia Perello 10 hours ago
My name start with L so I can use Lancome and Lime crime, so sad
chloi hunter
chloi hunter 10 hours ago
I thought she was going to bust out the Nieva men's aftershave and use that as a primer the way she use to 😭
Kestalami 10 hours ago
im trans and I haven't found a name yet so basically... I don't have a name
Eperke 10 hours ago
go on nameberry and look up names by their meaning. You have the opportunity to choose a name with a meaning and sound that truly suits you. Or alternatively, if you still want to feel connected to your family, you could choose one of your parents or grandparents name. (or you could even ask your parents (if you are on good terms) what they had in mind for you if you were born as the opposite gender in the first place. sometimes parents have a collection of names for both genders they will choose from when the baby is born. (sorry for the long comment i am just really excited about names in general!)
Crank Cranker
Crank Cranker 10 hours ago
Oh look it's big lady boy Nikolaus with another video on trending. Fakkot!!!
jenny sanders
jenny sanders 10 hours ago
what is wrong with you?
mckenna is cancelled
I thought you were gonna do shades that start with N or go through every letter in your name haha
Lari Nunes
Lari Nunes 10 hours ago
Hey, is her name "Nikki" or is just a nickname?
Kayla Popielarz
Kayla Popielarz 10 hours ago
My first thought was Nomad cosmetics. They have some cute palettes.
Iris Heuvelmans
Iris Heuvelmans 10 hours ago
Non... as far as a i know... cause mijn naam is iris. I’ll do flowers instead 😂😂
Hrm 786
Hrm 786 10 hours ago
y'all think your first letter has no brands, but i seriously have no idea which make up brand starts with the 'h'
julesp0ds 10 hours ago
essex wya
Gary Dow
Gary Dow 10 hours ago
Love you and love the palette!!!!
Katie Stevens
Katie Stevens 10 hours ago
I thought she was going to go through each step of her routine with each letter of her name, like primer is N, concealer is I, etc.
Mya Lavender
Mya Lavender 10 hours ago
Ur eyes look like butterfly..beautiful
HeLL0L0V3 10 hours ago
My name starts with a z..
Just noticed this was posted on my 17th birthday
Maggie Marlow
Maggie Marlow 11 hours ago
Neutrogena tho
Anwesha Adhikary
Anwesha Adhikary 11 hours ago
Had you undergone a lip surgery????
cerecitahn 11 hours ago
Damn you look gorgeous with this makeup look
半身紳士 11 hours ago
Nikkie I love that you come out and are able to make trans jokes abt naming yourself!! Love you 💕
Lucienne de Penne
Lucienne de Penne 11 hours ago
What about your holy grail primer from a few years ago, NIVEA men?
akanksha mishra
akanksha mishra 11 hours ago
LOVE HER EXPRESSIONS 🥰🖤😍 n she's so talented. Duh.
Riya Das
Riya Das 11 hours ago
Hey nikkie plz do a nail art video plz
Charlotte M.H
Charlotte M.H 11 hours ago
You could also try a challenge, only using shades starting with your first letter :D
Екатерина Петренко
I love this contouring even MOORE than your usual! So beautiful makeup🤩 Love from Ukraine 💋
Ylva Middelthun
Ylva Middelthun 11 hours ago
Yeah well, my name starts with “Y”
stop stop
stop stop 11 hours ago
She truly hinted LG6 here. 20:26. STUPIDLOVE FRIDAY!
Kayleigh Moon
Kayleigh Moon 11 hours ago
Mines "K" and I refuse to use Kat Von D or anything Kardashian
Y e o r o b u n
Y e o r o b u n 11 hours ago
Anyone know a brand with “i”??? Lmao can’t think of any
Y e o r o b u n
Y e o r o b u n 10 hours ago
Dobrosława Myga oh thankssss
Dobrosława Myga
Dobrosława Myga 10 hours ago
There's a polish brand called Inglot :)
Rina Akishami
Rina Akishami 11 hours ago
Tickle tickle ✨💖
Amanda Thompson
Amanda Thompson 11 hours ago
I love this!!
Julias Galaxy
Julias Galaxy 11 hours ago
Annette's Makeup Corner has the Alphabet series!! and it's awesome !!!! just saying
Nessa Bug
Nessa Bug 11 hours ago
Minh naam is Vanessa. I can’t think of any make up brands that start with V.
Aino H
Aino H 11 hours ago
I’m so happy she used Nabla😍 I think their products are stunningg!
Sherry Albrecht
Sherry Albrecht 11 hours ago
I just saw this video and loved this palette!! My favorite dish is beef stroganoff... Mmmm
Check point
Check point 11 hours ago
طلعت ذكر🤣🤣
Katelynn Martinez
Katelynn Martinez 11 hours ago
At first I thought “Wym give yourself a new name? Your mom named you” and then I remembered 😂❤️ thats how much I accept you girl!
Hannah Marie
Hannah Marie 11 hours ago
Omg what about NIVEA you could’ve used the after shave balm that you used to use for primer!!!
Sirya Caiazza
Sirya Caiazza 11 hours ago
I literally don't know what y'all mean for wearable, this look is so cool I would wear it for anything really. I don't care, I just went to work with a full on bright fuchsia smokey eyes today. What does wearable even mean?
owo danixla owo
owo danixla owo 11 hours ago
wow... she looks different but I like her anyway ....
DragonsHalo 11 hours ago
Better than me 😂 my name starts with A and I can’t afford most A makeup 😂
Melisa Rechenmacher
Melisa Rechenmacher 11 hours ago
Mijn naam is Melisa~ I could use Merle Norman, Marsha Julian, Mineralissima, Majic Beauty.... But since there aren't many "N" cosmetic brands out there, Maybe you should start your OWN brand @NikkieTutorials ! I'd totally buy it!
Elizabeth H
Elizabeth H 11 hours ago
How did you make orange eyeshadow look so good? She's magic.
Meghann Evans
Meghann Evans 11 hours ago
Night Music
Night Music 11 hours ago
Im in Highschool Senior year but
Diana Cremoncini
Diana Cremoncini 11 hours ago
The "deviant" moment was soo good :D
Nevaeh Kreeger
Nevaeh Kreeger 11 hours ago
love how she reviewed products
Mikayla Caron
Mikayla Caron 11 hours ago
It would be cool to see you do this again, but using Shades of things that start with the letter "N". Like whatever palette, whatever color, but it's name has to start with "N" like "Nuget" "Narnia"
C P 11 hours ago
B brands you could've used: - bareMinerals - Beauty Bakerie - Beauty Chef - Becca - Benefit - Besame - Bite - Bobbi Brown - Bond No. 9 - Black Up - Blinc - Burberry - Burt's Bees - Buxom
Toni Simms
Toni Simms 11 hours ago
You should follow Scott Barnes techniques!!
Shira Ita
Shira Ita 11 hours ago
I loved this but please do this again except you can only use products that start with your first letter. Either product names or shade names! <3
Skyler Adams
Skyler Adams 11 hours ago
So you’re telling me you own NO NARS BLUSHES??? Insanity 😂😂
Stacy Johnson
Stacy Johnson 11 hours ago
I actually really like that as a blush.
Mathilda Palm
Mathilda Palm 11 hours ago
Nevecosmetics start with N 🥰😉 they are a really good italian brand.
Ryan Marie
Ryan Marie 11 hours ago
Im R so, Revlon and Rimmel. Drugstore challenge pulling up
petrojuli 11 hours ago
What about the Nivea men’s aftershave as a primer??
Yassie Ng
Yassie Ng 11 hours ago
My name is Y!! Apart from YSL wtf could I use 😂😂
patricia moses
patricia moses 11 hours ago
Nikkie, you are a one and only! You are loved.....God Bless
dmv073 11 hours ago
You amazing boo!
LIV’S WORLD 11 hours ago
Nikkie!! I love your shirt girl and you 😍 Cacti 🌵 are my spirit plants.
Sofia Huber
Sofia Huber 11 hours ago
Nahiby Lopez
Nahiby Lopez 11 hours ago
Sofia Huber Zoella Beauty, ZOEVA, Zellens, and Zarko Perfume?
queen Ib
queen Ib 11 hours ago
Zinta Indulevica
Zinta Indulevica 11 hours ago
I would have to use brands starting with letter Z, and I don't know a single brand haha
Nahiby Lopez
Nahiby Lopez 11 hours ago
Zinta Indulevica zoella beauty, zoeva and zelens
Aurora Blackwood
Aurora Blackwood 11 hours ago
ABH, Almay, alamar cosmetics, aether beauty, and ardell
Nahiby Lopez
Nahiby Lopez 11 hours ago
Tickle tickle is going to my new ringtone 😂
Erin Acuff
Erin Acuff 11 hours ago
i’d love to see “the first letter challenge” dome by using only products or shades using only the first letter of your name!! then you get more options brand-wise, but still gotta find products/shades!!!