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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina
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Philippians 4:13
Maria Burgos
Maria Burgos 8 hours ago
And you still look just as ugly. You should invest that money instead.
Aniya Hall
Aniya Hall 8 hours ago
Whole look BOMB
JulietEdelweiss 8 hours ago
Im loving this look ❤️ you look so angelic😍
Amna S
Amna S 9 hours ago
watching this after I got the whole collection on sale for $7-$10 each on the too faced site lol
Heather Cox
Heather Cox 9 hours ago
Jackie, PLEASE go forth with the makeup setting video! Your girls neeeeeed it! P.S. You and RawBeautyKristi are a dream team!!!!
Nahla Aly
Nahla Aly 9 hours ago
I love this look
Tourèa lkee
Tourèa lkee 9 hours ago
Plz do fenty skin❤️
Nala wms
Nala wms 10 hours ago
Yes please! I stop wearing make up with this mask thing...
Bougie Hippiee
Bougie Hippiee 10 hours ago
This LOOK!
Devout_QA 10 hours ago
So beautiful!
Adedoyin Sarah
Adedoyin Sarah 10 hours ago
Honestly I loveeee watching your videos!!
ExtraORDYNary 10 hours ago
At least could’ve gave credit to arnell armon...
Frances Kpelly
Frances Kpelly 10 hours ago
My one year old just took a nursing break to sing Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie
Ellie 1454
Ellie 1454 10 hours ago
In GREECE!!! 😃😃😃😃💙💙💙💙
Wendie Morgan
Wendie Morgan 10 hours ago
So many foundations look like this on me. Just...gray. Also, watching this in the Quarantine of 2020.
Mrs. Dungy
Mrs. Dungy 10 hours ago
Hello, your makeup is always on point, you are rocking those Bantu knots! Stay Beautiful!
Haley McGrady
Haley McGrady 11 hours ago
Jackie is so beautiful
Haley McGrady
Haley McGrady 11 hours ago
Where was I when this happened? Whhaaaatttttt!!
Lechelle Durante-Quetel
Hi Ms Jackie have you ever tried the SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen that one is a chemical and it has a primer feel to it
Ausha Goldstein
Ausha Goldstein 11 hours ago
“Being black is lit. Periodt.” Yes! This right here is my shit.
Maud Lescroart
Maud Lescroart 11 hours ago
Permanentaly is a long time for sure
KOKER 11 hours ago
Your editing I can’t 😂😂😂😂 love you girl.
Wynter Johnson
Wynter Johnson 11 hours ago
chrisizkool381 11 hours ago
I think mask related content is a great idea and not cringy at all. Any opportunity to convince people to wear a mask instead of leaving it at home is welcomed by me at least. Also, if you can convince more of your audience to wear a mask OVER THE NOSE that would be great too because too many ppl are out looking like fools smh
Ms.A Salmon
Ms.A Salmon 12 hours ago
I bought your Anastasia palette on Amazon for $45 its great girl
Jo Ann McKinney
Jo Ann McKinney 12 hours ago
"Baby-girl", Thank You so much for standing in TRUTH and speaking it as well, no matter what. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 🥳🍤🥂💃🏾 May your day be all that you want & need it to be, and may THE LORD continue to hold you in the palms of HIS hands. 🙏🏾🤲🏾
Heidi 12 hours ago
idk why i didnt watch jackie's channel before, shes bomb, made me laugh with the memes, cant go wronf with the memes.
Traci Heidelberg
Traci Heidelberg 12 hours ago
Love you Jackie but my dermatologist said you can just your face moisturizer under your eyes fragrance free of course.
Marion Rougé
Marion Rougé 14 hours ago
I'm french and the "a little more Dijon" killed me 😂👌
THE LADY LAIR 14 hours ago
Ok, fine. I subscribed lol
NecroPandaDaps 15 hours ago
no i won't watch the video I just popped in to say YES THE HELL BLACK PEOPLE MUST WEAR PASTELS. Bye
Stacyann J TV
Stacyann J TV 15 hours ago
The audience wants to see it Jackie
Helena Aguirre
Helena Aguirre 15 hours ago
@jackieaina I would love to see content on how to improve the algorithm so I can see more content creators of POC. I’m looking for more Latina creators in my skin tone range of caramel to olive skin tone which I rarely see. You are so right, the suggestions that come up for me are ALWAYS of lighter skin tone and ITS NOT ME. Please help!
Yanet Papo
Yanet Papo 15 hours ago
I dont know who in the world thinks that those eye shadows in rhose horrendous colours work for anybody, they are terrible, pink, red, do me a favor, and I talking abkut rhe conpanies who created them!!!
Haley McGrady
Haley McGrady 15 hours ago
To me the components just look cheap. I wouldn’t purchase it for that reason
Bandaid Baby
Bandaid Baby 15 hours ago
3:24 Cut to commercial and I got really scared😂😂
Bandaid Baby
Bandaid Baby 15 hours ago
This could honestly be a video of me and my aunt😭😭
Macayla Henley
Macayla Henley 15 hours ago
Jackie is my favvvvvvvorite. Always delivers 🤣🥰
Karl Powers
Karl Powers 16 hours ago
Please bring back the mask tutorial x
Aaliyah M Arnold
Aaliyah M Arnold 16 hours ago
I just wanna say THANK YOU!🙏🏽❤️ Thank You Aunt Jackie
Slayed By Nitnat
Slayed By Nitnat 16 hours ago
It’s August 4th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACKIE❤️❤️❤️❤️
STAR ΑΝD SLEEZ 16 hours ago
Definitely looking forward to a video like that Jackie! I always knew the algorithm was biased and for it to come from you definitely confirms. Enjoyed your video as always 😘😘
Nkulie Gwala
Nkulie Gwala 16 hours ago
Is it me or the drugstore look, looks way better than the one with the expensive brands... Jackie Please kindly make it habit of listing the products for us to try out pretty please
Joelle Grr
Joelle Grr 17 hours ago
I bought one of the prewrapped ones but it was too big for my small head, I ended up giving it to my mom :(
Rose 17 hours ago
Omg the girl with with headscarf 😍 How stunning! Like honestly how do you look so natural and put together and perfect?? And this is for prom not vogue???
AdriennaDC 17 hours ago
Sense of humour on 300!!!😆😆😆😆👍🏾👍🏾
Ola Nola
Ola Nola 17 hours ago
I found myself singing, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie....." 😁
Anna Bertoldi
Anna Bertoldi 18 hours ago
Jackie you are beautiful girl!!!
SoberGirlLife 18 hours ago
Compliments make me hella uncomfortable, fr fr. 🤫
Jeremy Carter
Jeremy Carter 18 hours ago
Jeremy Carter
Jeremy Carter 18 hours ago
Thomas Mastrogiacomo
Please do a video on how to fine tune the algorithm. I would love the learn how to do that
Sharon Bernath
Sharon Bernath 19 hours ago
Happy Birthday Jackie! I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year? 😊👍🎂🎁🌟
Rochelle 19 hours ago
I'm glad I found your video. I'm trying to develop my own black British makeup line and need some inspiration! I'm so happy to see this!
MOMMA GOOSE 20 hours ago
Jade is so cute, so smart, and just so adorable!!!!!
Дарья Черных
Fgf is a great 👍 is a
Saironi 21 hour ago
honestly the whole collection...has tones that work best for white girls ... from a middle eastern themed collection. maaaaac nooooo .
Kimberly Gonzalez
Kimberly Gonzalez 22 hours ago
Yesssss a smudge free mask tutorial please!!!
NopeNopeNope 22 hours ago
I don't care who it is, don't touch me and don't call me the n-word unless you're wanting a mighty backhanding. Just respect people, holy crap. You shouldn't even need to tell people these things!
IOI Alliance
IOI Alliance 22 hours ago
I dunno.... ok natural black ppl hair have texture and stuff but in the end... for me - no stranger should touch me ... and doesnt matter am i Black or white or orange... thats my personal space... thats not allowed
Lianza D.
Lianza D. 23 hours ago
I do my make up and skincare while watching to Jackie’s videos, it’s like I’m hanging out with my friend haha I love how much expression and emotion she talks 💞
Jasmine Cornileus
Jasmine Cornileus 23 hours ago
4:53 likeeee ☠️☠️ no lies told!
Kae Williams
Kae Williams Day ago
Jackie with the E-girl look 💜
Sandra Djordjevic
Yesss show how to do the base so that it stays longer ! ❤️
Kristin Dabney
Not your local black girl 🤣
zaraya Day ago
Inner corner highlight missing!!!!!!
Corrah Trader
Thats not true because your channel was on my recommendations and I am opposite of your complexion. 🤷‍♀️
Corrah Trader
You're right and I am not saying there aren't different things being pushed by the algorithm. I was just pointing out thats how I found out about you.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
there are millions of people on the internet your unique experience is not going to be the same as millions of others who use RUvid.
Akanksha Reddy
Jackie's a Powderpuff Girl
Mali Kelly
Mali Kelly Day ago
Lol i have the same text tone i got happy that i got a text but it was the video :((
Romaan Khan
Romaan Khan Day ago
Very very whiny. I always wondered why she has a smaller audience! I kinda get it!
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
Very very stupid. I always wonder why people on here get blocked so easily. It now makes sense!
angelxfenty Day ago
my skin looks very dull, sadly I’m slightly dark skin but what people consider “brown skin” and I have eczema spots that makes a lot of discoloration and I’ve decided I want to tan to even out my skin.
MyToni72 Day ago
It looks great
MyToni72 Day ago
Speak the truth..amen
Francis Wilson
Damn gurl. You are gorgeous!!!
Mena M
Mena M Day ago
They both look extremely regal in literally EVERYTHING
Malaika Haangala
It looks like the Ghana flag
pepperrgirl Day ago
Now see? This is how the beauty community should be like. Treat each other right and look out for each other. There's room for everyone. Thanks Jackie for making my evening at YT - Stay Classy and you.
Katie Smith
Katie Smith Day ago
"Now im drawing... Like a sunset" I automatically picture her as bob ross. 😂
MirraB Day ago
Lmaooo yal cute
Khaleesi Day ago
I’m thinking white people might ask if they can use black-owned makeup brands because of the stark differences in haircare products. Black haircare generally can’t be used by non-curly haired white people because the products are too thick and heavy.
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
not quite, and hair and makeup aren't even the same things. no matter your background, makeup is pretty universal. With haircare, however, I don't necessarily have to use a Black-owned hair care brand to get satisfactory results. Not all haircare brands are made the same or cater to the same hair densities, Black owned brands or not...
Rhiannon Leigh
The tear in her lil eye😩😩😂
Sharon Thompson
You favor Kelly but you are your own person. I love the vibrant shades.
Elated Chewy
Elated Chewy Day ago
I’m definitely excited for what Jackie will find for Caribbean-owned businesses! ^w^
Agnes Mina
Agnes Mina Day ago
You're extra stunning with that hair, it makes your cheekbones... Goddessy 😍
Mallory Pineau
The "OOP" heard around the world - I DIED!!!
Drea24 Day ago
Yes! Please do a video on transfer proof makeup for mask wearing.
Lyssa Saenz
Lyssa Saenz Day ago
Omg please! Help with the algorithm
Larissa Strong
Oh my gosh pleaseee I would love some content on how to keep makeup in place under my mask!! Especially when using lesser coverage complexion products
You just got my subscribe ❤️
I'm shook
I'm shook Day ago
my mouth dropped any time she applied anything 🤩🤩
Maddy Beattie
pleaseeee make a vid on how to help keep your makeup on under a mask!! also LOVE this look and you :)
Suzlinda Lambert
Mask tip please!!!!!!!! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 ahhh this look though 😍😍😍😍😍
The 8th House Siren
Yes, please do a video on the algorithm situation.
Ashley Allyouneedtoknow
The setting spray was missing the theme music that you always dooooooooo. But this video was fun to watch thanks for the information
Divine Hag
Divine Hag Day ago
You are giving me 2020 soca vibes 💚💛❤
Madison Hartmann
The eyeshadow got really weird and patchy around 15:53 and she just said nothin what the heck
DaeZhane Day
DaeZhane Day Day ago
you definitely should do that video!! i’ve been a fan of yours for years and finding videos of woman of color is all apart of doing your research!! i only watch woman of color 🤣🤣 you , bianca, ashley ALL MY GIRLS. keep being awesome jackie. you inspire me to do youtube
Andrea Rentería
Thank you for this ❤️
Lauren Terrill
“The algorithm is racially biased” <<that explains why it’s taken me so long to watch & subscribe bc this is the first time one of your videos has come up on my suggested videos & now I’m watching this feeling like an IDIOT for not finding you before now.
Esther Schippers
Jackie whenever she puts on the chosen blush: guys it's sooo pretty! 🥰🥰