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Philippians 4:13
Hana Bellucci
Hana Bellucci 20 hours ago
For Asian, especially in Malaysia, ppl love snow white skin. Yup, white & pinkish skin. Many young girls are using dangerous product & skin whitening treatment.
Alexis Arnold
Alexis Arnold 20 hours ago
Absolutely diiiiied at 10:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Yakult 20 hours ago
Bruh....... Her idea of "Soft Glam" is literally a "Full Glam" for me😶
Lauren Askew
Lauren Askew 21 hour ago
Your mom is SO GORGEOUS! OMG
Lou Ngoko
Lou Ngoko 21 hour ago
All these youtubers : this is 4k My crap phone/laptop screens and even crappier internet : Yeah not gonna do a thing, lol. I think since it'd just be for my nose tip, this product might actually be something interesting.
Amanda Ashley
Amanda Ashley 21 hour ago
Girl..can you tell me which powders are hydrating!!? My skin is dry!!!
Christine Lynch
Christine Lynch 21 hour ago
Im not even a makeup person lol but I love watching you !
Grell Sutcliff
Grell Sutcliff 21 hour ago
The intro jig was immaculate today
Jeauxlyne. 22 hours ago
Jackie stay promoting that palette she made, can't knock the hustle 😭
Natural Aegyo
Natural Aegyo 23 hours ago
Could you review the makeup geek rebrand?
alexa rosa
alexa rosa Day ago
review the fenty mascara 🙈
Liliana Russo
You’re so amazing girl. Such a big heart and mind
Ntsako Ngomane
That intro 😩
Katie James
Katie James Day ago
That intro SENT ME 💀💀💀
Hatice Oncel
Hatice Oncel Day ago
Moda Nisa is from turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
A A Day ago
I just wonder......... How does it feel being the most beautiful woman on earth ?? I mean SERIOUSLY... her beauty is breath taking !!!!!
Melanie Day ago
That intro was everything 😂😂
Jade Ratliff
Jade Ratliff Day ago
That burn looks painful 💀 I'm glad you're okay oml I'm a baby about burns hahaha
23:20 Day ago
I'm actually drooling, I really want those 😍
ChillGamer88 Day ago
Gorgeous look that matches the blue outfit perfectly!
Bitchy Babysitter
Yea I don’t really like this look
Angel Igwemma
Your skin looks amazing
Ş Y Day ago
Jackie the intro was absolutely lovely. What a stunning, radiant smile to start the video with.
Patrick Shannon
I would like to subscribe but I'm white & I feel uncomfortable when I watch you. I like you but you make whites seem like the devil. Really makes me feel weird about liking or supporting you.
Heyhanje S.
Heyhanje S. Day ago
Your makeup look so flawless as if it was face tune 😍😍😍😍
Michelle Lopez
Thank you Jackie 💜
Ana Sherer-Estevez
thank you for the wear test!
Sandra Mack
Sandra Mack Day ago
Kitty Cityy
Kitty Cityy Day ago
Yasssss auto tune Jackie Iove Stand Live for it
Amy Smith
Amy Smith Day ago
I've been trying to understand this after watching sevvvveral videos... But why does Jackie's skin always look much redder and darker after foundation? It just doesn't seem like it matches to me. But let's be honest, I'm white and almost def uneducated, which is why I'm asking?
Annuhh Bananuhh
The intro 😝🤣🤣🤣
Priscila Antigua
She’s a mood 😂😂🤣🤣.. got a subscriber here 🙋🏻‍♀️
Jeffrey Rodriguez
What’s weird af is she’s literally my sisters best friend and my friend also I still don’t really see her as “famous”. I still get freaked out on how famous she actually is.
SnowyGrl11 Day ago
I think something like this will help people find their right shade better because less light is bouncing off the skin when looking in the mirror.
Fernando Diaz
So .... clear calamine lotion
Allison B
Allison B Day ago
I don't know who she is I have to Google her.
Temia Richardson
I love your pallet but I suck at eyeshadow looks!! Helppppp meeeeeee
Martha Arlene Sanchez
Abel Romero
Abel Romero Day ago
Kate Not Effin Katie
“Despite it looking weird on you...” lmao Jesus Dennis didn’t have to do our girl dirty like that 💀
Whitney Hayes
Looking good Jackie ❤️😍
Virginia Plonski
You are so much fun!
madeline waddell
when u say “ik this is the 6th video you’ve watched today” and it literally is😳😳
LMAO😩 That baby is soo UnBothered😂😂😭😭😂😂😂
Brendan YZF
Brendan YZF Day ago
So wrong love your natural self
this was great i love advice from aunt jackie thank you ma'am
Misbah S
Misbah S Day ago
thank you for being so honesttttt
Zyaria Wright
I have the same elf spray!
Ziah Dawson
Ziah Dawson Day ago
Bobei Nelson
Bobei Nelson Day ago
That was so real shouting out Lovely T 💪🏿💪🏿💯💯💯💋💋💋💋💋
Peachy Babe
Peachy Babe Day ago
I’m using the peel off face mask right now 😂💜
naturalpn7 Day ago
Just the foundation and the serum look soo good!
Keith Andrade
You the best!!!! Thank you!
tigeretta45 Day ago
Does anyone else hate that maybelline powder? 💀😬
Alexis Adams
Alexis Adams Day ago
I love your videos. And I’m allll about sunscreen especially since I’m on Accutane for the second time. But I believe you do need to have those two forms of sunscreen. Because it can say SPF 50, and that’s in that whole bottle, not what your putting on your face that day.
susy379 Day ago
It would be nice for one of those days when you don’t want to wear make up. To use on top of moisturizer and spf, and for those lucky girls with perfect skin that don’t really need makeup.
Christi Morgan
I stared at Jackie the whole video 😫😫 she’s so beautiful 😭😭😍😍
Shanita B.
Shanita B. Day ago
Jackie: “ppl who eat avocado are demonic, okay” Me: 😈
Dacorian Monique
What camera are you using Auntie it’s AMAZING 😍😍
audrey cnxder
hair products or some tutorials? i'm in LOVE with ur hair🥺
Elynie Quintino
I just can't handle with the beauty of this girl DAMN! 😍😍😍🤩
sunnysideup Day ago
That Laura mercier powder really brought it together
Fourever Jasmine
I added more wraps after this video
ysa Day ago
your intro edits... sissssss 😫
KamikoAi Day ago
What is your setting spray?
African foods the best in Paris Jackie you tripppping lol
그냥너 Day ago
its not hijab
Lmao Naise
Lmao Naise Day ago
Yo I’m high as fuck right now and ickiest entrance had me jamming boiiiiii
miterca Day ago
Love to see you with your hair! gorgeous! thanks for this review
Nuralhuda Nasir
my queen
Nuralhuda Nasir
you literally have such a nice attitude ily 🥺🥺
Una Alexander
Too funny 😂😍
Lizzie Day ago
I’m 20. This is something I needed to hear.. especially about the staying single part.. guys are always frightening us younger ladies to settle down when we are young because they “won’t want us when we’re old”. It’s just gaslighting and manipulation at its finest. I just want to work on me, my goals, and reach maximum peace of mind before I consider letting someone take up space in my mind again.
Kristian Vaughn
Try Black Radiance Loose Powder, it works really good and it's not pink when you put it on. Plus, it's black owned!!
Sandra Dawson
noname Day ago
anyone else hearing static noises or is that just my phone
Queen Ynobe
Queen Ynobe Day ago
I’m so happy I found you channel! Thoroughly entertained! 💖
Kayla Craigman
Crack on is British slang!! If you watch love island you know 😭
Xenia Russell
You and Oh Abby should do a collab video. The energy in that video would be INSAAAANE!!!!
Géraldine Jérome
What is it about our food auntie ? 😭🇫🇷
Czarina Johnson
Jackie is a meme in a human body,i said what i said 😂😂
Pacia Wright
Pacia Wright Day ago
Very nice!! I really wish I could do this..uuuuuugggggghhhhh
Angela Dana-Smith
YES indeed and Jackie's sister is saying it right! I love her too!!! When my skin feels uneven I just sunbathe ... who wants to look splotchy with NO undertones??? WHO? Keep that lightening poison!
Kiraa Lovelie
Gloria Bassey
Jackie stop lying nawwwww you hate the product
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
how am I lying? do you read minds now?
LiART in Makeup
Who among you envy Jackie’s eyelids? Like ghorl, we can clearly see the beauty of your eyeshadow even with your eyes open. By the way, me and Jackie has the same concern about covering your entire eyelids then do a cut-crease afterwards like ghooooorl, you just wasted so much product and time of blending your eyeshadow.
Katelyn Wood
Katelyn Wood Day ago
I love ur channel so much thx for making my day
Business With Bianka
"dark under the eyes.. we don't do that here. MAYBE IN AREA 51" lmaooooo
Nevena Day ago
This intro is the best so far! Had me rolling 😂😂 Jackie jackie jackie jackie 👽👽
Camila Argôlo
I just found out that I’m 20% Nigerian!! (I always thought my African side came from Congo or Angola, based on statistics, being Brazilian) I ALWAYS KNEW I had a bond with aunt Jackie. And shoutout to my great-grandma for braving 1910s society and marrying a black man for pure love! Love you Jackie!
Lalayah Carter
I’m in 6 year marriage but I get the vibe you and Dennis will not only last longer than mines will 😩 but still be loving , bubbly & goofy together after greatgrands💕❤️💕🔥🔥
Hanin Fadel
Hanin Fadel Day ago
Mashallah she is so beautiful, bort of them are very beautiful
Rhi _Rhi
Rhi _Rhi Day ago
The intro songgggggg😭😂😂😂😂😂
ThuggyMacho Day ago
I'm waiting for a video with Jasmine Masters.
Tifieny Fortson
Its 12 minutes in and shes just now putting on concealer smh. NEXT.
KeyTV Day ago
Love her 😂
Tifieny Fortson
I get it that shes trying to be entertaining, buuuut she talks waaay too much. Lol. Like im laughing but im serious smh
Tifieny Fortson
@Jackie Aina Never shady baby I was really rooting forr you to come through with Soft Glam Girl! Im sure you did , but you were a lil too extra for me. lol im a straight forward , get to the point type. But do you girl! Looks like its working for you. More power to you!
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
I get that she’s trying to be shady in the comments section but she still watched the video lmao like it’s funny because she actually thinks Jackie won’t see it like this is a makeup forum 💀
Melissa Leeds
When is your darksin girl soft glam pallete coming....👀
V Richards
V Richards Day ago
Can you do a video on a look for daytime, natural light kinda “lifestyle blog” type photos? Pretty please
V Richards
V Richards Day ago
Jackie Aina girl how I know you were gonna clown me for that 😂😂😂. A mean a makeup look for a daytime look. For lifestyle shoots. Smh I don’t think that was any better 🤦🏽‍♀️
Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Day ago
What? Lol
V Richards
V Richards Day ago