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imasian 9 hours ago
mans trying too hard
ICECOLDRXD Based 9 hours ago
Wow this is the realest mf out
Sanjay 407
Sanjay 407 9 hours ago
Watch this whole dude's career become a meme
monkeywang9972 9 hours ago
The glass and spoon hittin instantly reminded me of bein in high school sittin with the homies pounding on the lunch table spittin our ain’t shit rhymes lol I liked it
José 9 hours ago
Asap ferg is so ass
Aaishas Smith
Aaishas Smith 9 hours ago
They say this song got him in jail💔
absolutebeautyxo 9 hours ago
Then he said it’s only 2 places u end up💔🥺
Szcurr 9 hours ago
“Eminem really black, I don’t give a fuck” 😂😂
Unreleased_ Heat
Unreleased_ Heat 9 hours ago
Y’all niggas better not fill up the xomments wit “rip pop” we get it. Y’all xan stop now😭
Hello Friend
Hello Friend 9 hours ago
He should be in jail anyway that fools flow is a crime.
Amanda Fernandez
Amanda Fernandez 9 hours ago
The song reminds me of the rhythm from the movie the giver when shes playing on the piano
G0RiLaz PA5te
G0RiLaz PA5te 9 hours ago
I renamed him BB-8
Alpha Squad
Alpha Squad 9 hours ago
He wasn’t exactly promoting non violence, peace, and love was he 🤷‍♂️ these young rappers need to understand if you live by the sword, you die by the sword.
Jeanicett Rivera
Jeanicett Rivera 9 hours ago
This song is litt bruh🔥
ari 9 hours ago
let’s just add this to things that get stolen from black people🤷🏾
Sudarsan Natarajan
Sudarsan Natarajan 9 hours ago
grim fate
grim fate 9 hours ago
It isn’t
Diamond Marble
Diamond Marble 9 hours ago
Killing those moves
tc_ rullod
tc_ rullod 9 hours ago
Judge: ur still looking at 39 years 6ix9ine: u ever wondered where Madeline is hiding?
OhWow 9 hours ago
Beef? She just wanted credit, genius be click baiting for real 💀
Kathy Gonzalez
Kathy Gonzalez 9 hours ago
Rest in peace boy 🙏🏽
Std Government Issue Reptilian
DaReal KingReese239
Sounds like 50cent #Rest eazy smoke
Shatha Hesham
Shatha Hesham 9 hours ago
Skelig Gaming
Skelig Gaming 10 hours ago
What about the rest of Lucky You
alison 10 hours ago
is she being sarcastic or what... i can’t tell
Greasy Spoon
Greasy Spoon 10 hours ago
If my anxiety could talk
Owen Bearman
Owen Bearman 10 hours ago
“You playing too many games shorty” -Trippie Redd
Binay Kumar Gupta
Binay Kumar Gupta 10 hours ago
Whatever.... But love Nicki Minaj ❤❤😍😍😍
Yvng Jay
Yvng Jay 10 hours ago
drop an updated version with 645AR
RyanQGaming 10 hours ago
Rip 🕊
Olivia Quinn
Olivia Quinn 10 hours ago
this is not what i expected him to sound like
pratham rana
pratham rana 10 hours ago
Oh my God Ronny...
Qaira Raihana
Qaira Raihana 10 hours ago
You look so tired.... rest 😴
Destiny Roby
Destiny Roby 10 hours ago
I love this song soooo MUCH
Justin's take
Justin's take 10 hours ago
Congrats on 1M bro
Josh Bleezy
Josh Bleezy 10 hours ago
“A glick... a glick is a controller 👀” I’m dead
This white man just said the n-word and y’all do not give a shit?
erin 10 hours ago
They sampled Love Sex Magic by Ciara in the beginning
J. Ramsey
J. Ramsey 10 hours ago
People who don't like Russ for what he says have big feelings and can't take the truth when it's laid out in front of them, plain and simple.
2 Norland
2 Norland 10 hours ago
Rip the young nigga....but them lyrics is trash....
mc nya
mc nya 10 hours ago
Alguém do Brasil?
XxMia_And_LeahXx 2009
encarrr lee
encarrr lee 10 hours ago
Didn't expect thaT
David Drelinger
David Drelinger 10 hours ago
So ummmm y’all females really attracted to niggas like this instead of Men who choose a healthy life lol ight. RIP to whoever he was though
XxMia_And_LeahXx 2009
You remind me of billie Elish
Tokyo Sensai
Tokyo Sensai 10 hours ago
Hol up... He was actually speaking?
Kobi Eluwa
Kobi Eluwa 10 hours ago
RIP Pop Smoke
Youtube Hi4231
Youtube Hi4231 10 hours ago
Little does he know rodi richh i know i spelt it wrong but little does he know he just came out with a banger
Klandi Qira
Klandi Qira 10 hours ago
Rest in peace
Noble Gamer
Noble Gamer 10 hours ago
I thought you meant "fly as a fuckin' ostrich." Cause you were ripping on yourself meaning you aren't fly at all
Sell My House Fast in Des Moines, Iowa
may all the success you want be yours. thank you for sharing.
Abdriel Lucena
Abdriel Lucena 10 hours ago
Cause i got depression
kiilestudios 10 hours ago
Omfg I losed so many brain cells watching this video
Elijah Odoch
Elijah Odoch 10 hours ago
Voice crack * Oug OUH OUN
Smallprodigy 10 hours ago
1:13 Lowkey sounds like tay-k 🤷🏽‍♂️
Ajay1404 10 hours ago
Everyone’s gangster until violin starts rapping
Jen Kana
Jen Kana 10 hours ago
GRU + vector = olivertree and gru nose
Iamjustki Rush
Iamjustki Rush 10 hours ago
Abigail Collins
Abigail Collins 10 hours ago
ari’s gave me chills, sounds exactly like the sound
InsideLine PH
InsideLine PH 10 hours ago
Um, porridge?
Abigail Collins
Abigail Collins 10 hours ago
ceo of nobody
DREA 1738
DREA 1738 10 hours ago
MillySoNYC 10 hours ago
i dont sound older than niggas i sound betta than niggas ! & when you sound betta than niggas niggas dont want you to be heard! RIP WOOOOOOOO
Briii 10 hours ago
I love kcamp been listening to him since forever
My Routine Poriod
My Routine Poriod 10 hours ago
It’s BlueFire
It’s BlueFire 10 hours ago
Rip king
Jamari Sprueil
Jamari Sprueil 10 hours ago
You know who else hit the lottery...Reazy Renegade: the producer
Tre C.
Tre C. 10 hours ago
Man looks like black Dracula with that damn coat lmao.
Emerson Gabriel
Emerson Gabriel 10 hours ago
Oi E aí dá para ele já foi solto NWMELIN
H H 10 hours ago
Billie and Daniel Caesar ❤️🥰🥰
Mr chumbo The 2nd
Mr chumbo The 2nd 10 hours ago
Ikonik Wolf
Ikonik Wolf 10 hours ago
I used these and some kid roasted me and explained how they dont rhyme
Tre C.
Tre C. 10 hours ago
Melly's open mic sounds the exact same as the original lmao.
KID TUT 10 hours ago
Pierre Is Legend
4PF Ent
4PF Ent 10 hours ago
🌹✨I Miss You Bro 🥺🕊
Šp00ķý Ķīđ ‡
Pls spent time with me joji :(
Lester the Dingus
Lester the Dingus 10 hours ago
Juice I miss you
Tsabita Naila
Tsabita Naila 10 hours ago
stray kids really gave us positive vibes through their meaning lyrics. And Im so grateful to stanning them😩❤️
fka twigs is the queen of england
he's like Johnny utah but different
Mo in
Mo in 10 hours ago
She hot tho
Lil Brat
Lil Brat 10 hours ago
He can get it
Itz Goatie
Itz Goatie 10 hours ago
vegan 10 hours ago
R.I.P big popi woo💔grateful for reppin the NY banging hell for yu pops go fly ain’t gotta worry bout here everyone raising hell for yu
Karol Karol
Karol Karol 10 hours ago
its time to stop
Wisklash 10 hours ago
Can i get a new duster filter for a Hoover MaxExtract Pressure Pro, Model 60?
Axel Aviles
Axel Aviles 10 hours ago
Bruh he laughs like X
Najmi Zakiyya Izzati
Notice how doyoung and mark are trying to hold in their laughter when yuta was talking
TheeShaniaJ 10 hours ago
brooklyn felt this one harddd ! #RIPPOPSMOKE💙.
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon 10 hours ago
They: Nothing rhymes with orange Me: Not tryng to *cringe*
Beck S.
Beck S. 10 hours ago
Rappers have no musical talent. No singing. No instruments played. Just talking fast.
madbent100 10 hours ago
0:00 - 0:20 when dem roaches start kicking
King_Dre smith
King_Dre smith 10 hours ago
Who's still vibing to this song in 2020😭
RoniBangz Official
RoniBangz Official 10 hours ago
Dope interview
Kaytlin Gul
Kaytlin Gul 10 hours ago
Desiree Mckinney
Desiree Mckinney 10 hours ago
Dang ❤️
Kyle Lowery
Kyle Lowery 10 hours ago
645ar is trash
Keypointz309 10 hours ago
The fuck
Dakota Doctor
Dakota Doctor 10 hours ago
Blueface was speaking latin, calling some demons and shit 😂