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Mark Wiens
Mark Wiens
Food is the reason you should travel, and on my channel you'll watch videos that feature incredibly delicious food and travel tips.
Hey, I'm Mark Wiens!
After graduating from university, I decided to travel for food. Eventually I ended up in Thailand, where I met my wife. My wife and I are now based in Bangkok, Thailand, but we travel frequently to find delicious food.
You'll find street food videos, travel vlogs, and plenty of Thai food videos as that's where I'm based.
I hope you're ready for a delicious food adventure!
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7.5M views 2 minutes ago
maybe Mark was tired, but he didn't really seem to enjoy that last meal.
miyosu sugihara
miyosu sugihara 10 minutes ago
Sorry to see all the graffiti. They have no pride in their history. So sad.
7s29 10 minutes ago
Looks like really nice food but, I don't think I'd wait 1.5yrs to try it. Surely there are many other places, waiting that long is ridiculous imo.
Darlene Sanders
Darlene Sanders 18 minutes ago
How does he not have acid reflux or an ulcer?
michelle benton
michelle benton 18 minutes ago
Pakistan people are very curious!! This was the most hilarious video. I am extremely impressed by the guy cutting the meat with his feet. I cant even do that with my hands! Much love Mark from Portsmouth Virginia!!
A O 19 minutes ago
As a southeast Asian I can't understand why pad Thai is so sweet.. urgh!
Devon Teller
Devon Teller 28 minutes ago
Idk why but I always get some sense of satisfaction watching Mark taking that first bite...#Timetogrub
Mwanaidi Bushiri
Mwanaidi Bushiri 37 minutes ago
That's is rill one love
Sokor Idris
Sokor Idris 47 minutes ago
That’s was beautiful mark . I’m from Canada n harari is my favourite place to go in Ethiopia. #oromopeople😍❤️
Hector Argotte
Hector Argotte 47 minutes ago
Best place I've seen you trying
Helena 50 minutes ago
These ladies rule the world. ❤️
Anisha Sood
Anisha Sood 57 minutes ago
Omg that is sooooo yummmy! Zurich I am comingggggg
Tony1 Kenobi
Tony1 Kenobi 59 minutes ago
Eggy Mercury
Noni noni
Noni noni Hour ago
I loved this
Jmoney SB
Jmoney SB Hour ago
Whoa! Hour ago
Wishing peace to Lebanon - cradle of civilization and Christianity and welcoming home to people from all walks of life.
Roshan Limbu
Roshan Limbu Hour ago
Whenever I'm not in hungry I watch this one😇😇
Special K
Special K Hour ago
Best video. Thank You Mark ! Fun to watch you eat. Your Friends are very kind. I loved how he compared the food to his mother’s. He truly wanted to give you an experience. Hungry now!!!
Paul Paul
Paul Paul Hour ago
Best food
Paul Paul
Paul Paul Hour ago
India, chennai
Sven Ballarte
Sven Ballarte Hour ago
Great video of Lima's street food. I'd like to see more videos. If possible showing the area where dishes are originally from. From north of Peru...from Arequipa....from the jungle...and so on. Thank you guys.
Paul Paul
Paul Paul Hour ago
Mark wiens, try chennai, India
Sirapat Sam
Sirapat Sam Hour ago
This literally the best food channel ever , like for real !
Lucy jacobo
Lucy jacobo Hour ago
I’m Mexican 🇲🇽 But Africa is Everyone’s Homeland 🌍🙏🏼💕💕🧡🧡
Poeta Pabon
Poeta Pabon Hour ago
hermoso lugar
susan lindner
susan lindner Hour ago
Aloha MArk, ❤️ your travels,you bring the world to me.much Aloha to you and Ying and your family , Don’t stop love watching you.Aloha Susan
Gamer & Architect
Taste pork and says it’s porky
Ren Pilak
Ren Pilak Hour ago
Mark Wiens back at his true elements, ... genuine food & genuine people 👍❤️
Daniel Od
Daniel Od Hour ago
Jose Ibarra
Jose Ibarra Hour ago
Do u smoke weed u always look high
Barsam Ghouri
Barsam Ghouri Hour ago
Some time i think you eat a lot ,☺️☺️😋 but WELCOME TO PAKISTAN
Duke Redline
Duke Redline Hour ago
first, you win. ..... But I will do everthing I can to catch up! I'm jumping on this food train now and I'll never stop!!!
JT Cowboy
JT Cowboy Hour ago
Love your videos, Mark! You made everything looks so good and you don't put people down when the food is mediocre. Keep up the great work, man! I also like when you include Joel in your videos. He's fun to watch.
Maryam Zahory
Maryam Zahory Hour ago
It’s not Uzbekistan food, it’s Uzbek food.....lol
Carlos Delacerda ll
Still living in the stone ages in 2019😅
Mohammad Baloch
Mohammad Baloch 2 hours ago
Lebanese food are amazing indeed and Lebanon is a beautiful a country no doubt about it (people are friendly as well)
Vanida Kotimanusvanij
This looks like fun
Vanida Kotimanusvanij
This looks like fun
Poeta Pabon
Poeta Pabon 2 hours ago
en colombia hay mangos mas grandes se llama tomi ,,,,u hay mucha bariedad,,,lo invito,,,poetapabon@gmail.com,,,,whatsapp +57 3118692702
Blarson 12
Blarson 12 2 hours ago
If I ate like that, I would always be hungry.
Duke Redline
Duke Redline 2 hours ago
Oh you have no idea how much this has made me miss home. I hope and pray God shall soon send us back. Thank you for this!
MSQUARE SATHI 2 hours ago
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 2 hours ago
She has earn my paycheck!! Mexico 🇲🇽 here I come.
Pasti Pulang
Pasti Pulang 2 hours ago
hi... mark wiens, How many times do you defecate a day?
gordon kainoa
gordon kainoa 2 hours ago
Hope that’s not tilapia!
Rishabh Giri
Rishabh Giri 2 hours ago
Kudos to espen...
Metal Force
Metal Force 2 hours ago
Go vegetarian people. They are burning down the amazon to grow more meat for your burgers. Take some action to change the world.
gordon kainoa
gordon kainoa 2 hours ago
We loved our meal here superb!
Kuya Jep Eats & Travels
This reminds me of the movie, Why Him?
Lolita De Guzman
Lolita De Guzman 2 hours ago
I have not seen you eat " pansit Palabok Malabon " you will like if if not love it..
Happily Single
Happily Single 2 hours ago
I think they wanted more of everything
diane Tackett
diane Tackett 2 hours ago
Is mark trying to say SCH napps? Or snaps? I think if it’s alcohol it’s pronounced sch nopps
Red Q
Red Q 2 hours ago
Once Mc Donald's gets its franchise going, Uzbeks are finished.
Sunshine 2 hours ago
I prefer it minus the peanuts
Poeta Pabon
Poeta Pabon 2 hours ago
tenas se comen los caracoles,,,,,,aqui en colombia no los aprovechan,,,,
Donna M
Donna M 2 hours ago
Beautiful foods
theGHETTOMAN1 2 hours ago
Ummm.. <: \ Poor you Mark! You didn't look impressed with any of that at all..You didn't close your eyes and cock your head to the side, like ya do with awesome food..lol ; ) It seemed like you were a step away, from that 1 place you were at, where they had nasty, mud-water coffee, and the food was too salty to eat.. <: D From my own opinion (just so you don't have to say anything bad), all their food was bland, mush and paste... <: p British food was always known for that, but sheesh...LOL Not now!! X D At least they have crispy, or spicy stuff like, fish n chips, English muffins, or beef wellington...Not mush and goo, without spices, like we all saw in this video.. |: p lol Even the darn pork roast looked wiggly and bland.. <: \ It was the land of flavorless, jello-mush....LMAO. <X D All the old people with no teeth n taste buds, should leave Florida, and go there...They'd love it! All they need is tapioca desert to go with that stuff..LOL *thumbs up*
theGHETTOMAN1 2 hours ago
I forgot..Even the dam CHEESE was nasty, runny goo...! lmao
kevon slims
kevon slims 2 hours ago
Did anybody motive the chick in the white dress at 25:55 👅
Malak Bani-Ahmad
Malak Bani-Ahmad 2 hours ago
You made me homesick 😞
Johanna Cruz
Johanna Cruz 2 hours ago
Wow I really enjoyed this article. Everything looks amazingly beautiful and yummy.
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 2 hours ago
zeidon its juwe lend. the tora sey
The Woodsy Type
The Woodsy Type 3 hours ago
Best colab ever
Amanda Ruiz
Amanda Ruiz 3 hours ago
no one can hang with mark wiens when it comes to spices lol
Alaïna Yabet
Alaïna Yabet 3 hours ago
Phil Cartar
Phil Cartar 3 hours ago
two kids i absolutely adore, my nephew and Micah! Mark and Ying, Gods blessings to you and son :)
basel AF
basel AF 3 hours ago
The good chocolate comes from Switzerland 😊
Layla Requena
Layla Requena 3 hours ago
That menudo and tacos look bomb 😭 so delicious
Linda Gens
Linda Gens 3 hours ago
silent gaming
silent gaming 3 hours ago
You can clearly see mark is not happy with this Denmark foods.zero creative and bland taste
Wan Abdul Aziz Aziz
i can smell curry kepala ikan over here mark...damn...its so good..
princecaro 3 hours ago
OMG! Micah is getting so tall so fast!
Tanya Hernandez
Tanya Hernandez 3 hours ago
Axe Hole
Axe Hole 3 hours ago
Where is Micah?
Yiani Meleisis
Yiani Meleisis 3 hours ago
great editing!
Ranjith Cheruthana
Ranjith Cheruthana 3 hours ago
Food , terrain,dress same to same KERALA
LaToya Ravenel
LaToya Ravenel 3 hours ago
I love how excited the children are so beautiful
shamnas shamnas
shamnas shamnas 3 hours ago
Axe Hole
Axe Hole 3 hours ago
Can't wait for my trip in the spring time
Gurman Toor
Gurman Toor 4 hours ago
Anyone think he will make a perfect joker they should ask him to play the next movie as a joker
Yoko Chatagnier
Yoko Chatagnier 4 hours ago
How does he stay slim? I gain weight just watching the video. Ha!
Judith Lawtie
Judith Lawtie 4 hours ago
Now I know why you are always so pleasant and happy! You're a Christian!
tutu roy
tutu roy 4 hours ago
Ur face is very irritating pls don't do so much over acting
podcasts 4 hours ago
The Danes really seem to have a beautiful sense of aesthetics. From the restaurant interior designs, to the plating of dishes, to even the packaging of that gas station burger, it was all very tasteful. Wonderful series, Mark!
talwarknockout 4 hours ago
Food looks delicious and mouth watering... From India. Punjab
sweetlikehunny96 4 hours ago
I want to go to Ghana so bad!!! Lord please make a way!!!
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson 4 hours ago
i from israel !! lov levanonian fooodddd
Johnny 4 hours ago
This guy has got to be lying half the time...like come on man you make the same facial expressions each time you try something and say things like "ohh it's so good"....not everything he eats tastes as good as he makes it seem...but of course he does it to gain views....
Johnny 4 hours ago
This guy has got to be lying half the time...like come on man you make the same facial expressions each time you try something and say things like "ohh it's so good"....not everything he eats tastes as good as he makes it seem...but of course he does it to gain views....
H-Town Finest
H-Town Finest 4 hours ago
Looks wonderful! Come to Houston!!!!!!
Daniel 4 hours ago
One of the best episodes so far
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo 5 hours ago
The Danes really know how to eat :)
Terry Dietz
Terry Dietz 5 hours ago
Your weird
AceFN 5 hours ago
love your channel, trust me i do, just the face drives me away. Sry.
Milono Milono
Milono Milono 5 hours ago
Marcos Thorsen
Marcos Thorsen 5 hours ago
Caramba...! Bem sujinho aonde o cara faz a caipirinha hein!!
ANTK l Anantakorn
ANTK l Anantakorn 5 hours ago
You should try E-san food!!
Anny Clecia Simoes
Anny Clecia Simoes 5 hours ago
nossa tô intendendo tudo oque ele ta falando 😂😂.
Anny Clecia Simoes
Anny Clecia Simoes 5 hours ago
só quero saber de uma coisa ? essas comidas que eles comem eles pagam ? até pq e muita comida.
Stefani Moura
Stefani Moura 5 hours ago
I LOVE this Jay girl... She's so cool and friendly. Loving how they interact while eating and walking. ♥
Kai Li
Kai Li 5 hours ago
I recommend la Chaya Maya , a incredible yucateca restaurant in Meridan!