Dennis Welsh
Dennis Welsh Hour ago
She has an incredible voice
Movie Maniac
Movie Maniac 4 hours ago
I am from India...but I can feel the heat of standing among the crowd and enjoy that pure gold moment...what a happy time
Marcos Oliveira
Marcos Oliveira 21 hour ago
Melinda Gladstein
I absolutely love this shit, just random people having a great time together, complete strangers singing an absolute banger on the subway with Miley Cyrus like wtf
Chelsea Matthews
If I was there I would ask Miley to do the Hoedown Throwdown dance and I'll dance with her if she remembers it 😂
Raphael Herrmann
now I realize how much Corona took away from us. Not money, but moments like that!
Paulo Maggio
Paulo Maggio Day ago
Did anyone tip the actual.subway performers lol
How fun!!
Evelyn Huang
Evelyn Huang 2 days ago
Whoever were there I'm sooooooo jealous 😭😭😭
Linda Darnell
Linda Darnell 2 days ago
He’s tryin to hide
John Doe
John Doe 2 days ago
You got to love Miley 💖💖💖💖
World Observer
World Observer 2 days ago
Trying figure out why she's known as a singer...
BOBO SP 2 days ago
Jimmy came thru wit dat beat tho🔥🔥🔥
Justin Kelly
Justin Kelly 2 days ago
pendragon U
pendragon U 3 days ago
how did they figure NOBODY was going to recognize Cyrus masked herself as her old Hannah Montana almost 99%????
Daddy Mack Brown
Daddy Mack Brown 3 days ago
Miley!!!! Don't ever change!! Jimmy, you are BAT JHIT Crazy and a multi talented fool, that's why we love watching you be you!
T Bone
T Bone 4 days ago
she ain't wearin no drawers
PyrosVEVO 4 days ago
jimmy is a real legend
I'm not gonna lie to you
I can say with certainty that this is the video that I've watched the most this quarantine. And I'm not even a fan of Miley, I just wasn't expecting her Jolene to be this good.
José José
José José 5 days ago
Quem quer ver essa bosta
Colin Cartier
Colin Cartier 5 days ago
This looks like a whole lot of pre covid. Oh those were the days.
Robert Shaffer
Robert Shaffer 5 days ago
Fallon is ridiculous. Can't carry a tune in a bucket, always draws attention to himself no matter what. No talent for anything, and his show sucks.
Frank Jay
Frank Jay 5 days ago
Was Jimmy on something
AmericanTeen 6 days ago
omg i love this
Tish TheDish
Tish TheDish 6 days ago
Lol ❤️ It!!!!!
Maria Rosales
Maria Rosales 6 days ago
Hannah Montana!
bobofucknuckle 6 days ago
Jimmy Fallon is a kid fucker
Jarrod Bagwell
Jarrod Bagwell 6 days ago
That was setup
Love Rebel
Love Rebel 6 days ago
miley is a real crowd puller
K. C
K. C 7 days ago
I want to go back to this life. Corona just leave the chat please
Everything Michelle
Haha this is funny
Sherry L
Sherry L 7 days ago
Jimmy I can not wait for this life again!!! How fun... 😥😪😷 I'll see ya in the station on the other side of this!!
End of Days
End of Days 7 days ago
Somebody should have kicked Fallon onto the tracks
GretschDog 7 days ago
martin gallagher
martin gallagher 7 days ago
Love miley she's great at singing Ariannas songs
Gilberto Gurgel
Gilberto Gurgel 7 days ago
Just done the job make people happy
Gilberto Gurgel
Gilberto Gurgel 7 days ago
Heyemeyohsts 8 days ago
They were able to get the trains to stop running for this ?
Tobin Barrette
Tobin Barrette 8 days ago
Fallon is a paid troll
GoldWater H
GoldWater H 8 days ago
Of course Jimmy Fallon have to take center of attention just run around take his wig in this whole disguise off I would have been cool if she would have kept it going and then revealed herself as she was singing her song
Matt B
Matt B 8 days ago
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan 8 days ago
Jimmy is deffo a child at heart
Yasmin Ahmed
Yasmin Ahmed 9 days ago
Did yall come here from the saxophone in the subway video?
Slay Cyrus
Slay Cyrus 9 days ago
i'd definitelyyyy recognize her i mean who has that voice cmonn
อั๋นนะ Moto
where is there people chiness why he say Ni hao lol
Andrew 9 days ago
I miss pre covid times where the nyc subway was a always an event during rush hour
PelotoTB 9 days ago
Pedazo de voz tiene Mily Cirus.
Juan Pablo Castellanos Moyano
Does anyone know what the songs they sing are called?
Euh mais ce peuple ! Génial. Ce que ça doit être déstabilisant et énergisant, une surprise pareille. Et je l'adore Miley
Kevin Billingsley
Kevin Billingsley 10 days ago
People are finally starting to appreciate Miley, it's great. Girl's got talent, she can sing her ass off and her voice is unique. On top of that she's gorgeous and a nice person, what's not to like?
Samorae Scott
Samorae Scott 10 days ago
Wow..he playing the hell out that bucket
ESC. Simulator
ESC. Simulator 10 days ago
5:33 people where losing their train but Miley made them forget what was the reason they were there
Venser 11 days ago
That drumming tho
Modern Taino
Modern Taino 11 days ago
NYC is truly a city of dreams
Richard Thomas
Richard Thomas 11 days ago
Jimmy Fallon sucks
Emjay The Great
Emjay The Great 11 days ago
She always could pull off a wing R.I.P. Hana!
jcspider 12 days ago
Ahhh, the good old pre-pandemic times..............................
Jenn Trump
Jenn Trump 12 days ago
Mohammed alawami
Mohammed alawami 12 days ago
This girl is always gonna be hannah Montana for me😏😏😏😏
El George Rivera Rubio
God, I miss going out to music shows!
Kevin Hamilton
Kevin Hamilton 12 days ago
Now that's a great duet
Mrs Covington
Mrs Covington 13 days ago
U can also tell that they’re not jus anywhere on the subway where any foolishness can transpire that’s for sure
jcspider 12 days ago
Yup. Security detail in suits standing in the upper left of screen. Leads them off at end, along with some uniformed men coming from R background.
Nox 13 days ago
THE FACE! 8:00 - 8:02
Abigail Garcia
Abigail Garcia 13 days ago
These are the vibes we need! 🤩
jcspider 12 days ago
The good old pre-pandemic times........
Todd B. Jordon
Todd B. Jordon 14 days ago
No one gonna mention how well jimmy played the tambourine
jcspider 12 days ago
Gilberto Tavares
Gilberto Tavares 14 days ago
Lyle Stavast
Lyle Stavast 15 days ago
I miss Hannah Montana...
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 15 days ago
Imagine being late for your class and the teacher asks why are you late and you answer: MILEY CYRUS was having a concert on a subway
gunit 010
gunit 010 15 days ago
I have jimmy Kimmel so dam much if i was there i would of took him down and broke one of his arms
jcspider 12 days ago
This makes no sense. You have Jimmy Kimmel?
IamFirtyDucker 12 days ago
That’s Jimmy Fallon
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad 16 days ago
Charlie puth was playing drums 😂😂
Pietrek G
Pietrek G 16 days ago
all set up
Bruce Borowski
Bruce Borowski 16 days ago
Jimmy whoooooooooooo.............can't sing worth a shit... she mocked him right to his face ....you sound good there bro...and he's too dumb to realize it .lol
Rob Renoviert
Rob Renoviert 16 days ago
I came here for the WreckingBall... and gone without 😅
ccchristinuhhh 16 days ago
This looks so fun I hope something magical like this happens to me someday
Allison Trumbull
Allison Trumbull 17 days ago
miley is cute , and i'm a fashionista
GuiBap 17 days ago
Jimmy Fallon: starts beatboxing the guy playing the bucket: am I a joke to you?
Hutch Peraza
Hutch Peraza 17 days ago
After a while you see the security to the left in suits.
jcspider 12 days ago
Kiwi Dave
Kiwi Dave 17 days ago
Life before COVID. Wonder if it will ever return.