Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole 14 hours ago
I still love seeing those dogs !
Dennis R Cole
Dennis R Cole 14 hours ago
I'm glad you at least enjoyed your Dad for as long as you did , I lost my Dad when I was 10 , so your story really tpuched Me . Thank you for sharing !
Ken 14 hours ago
For some reason this video seemed more realistic as far as speed goes. Some race car video's don't seem as fast & they are turning 6's & 7's. Don't know why it seems to appear faster in this video with this car. Good sounding street car.
Drew Goody
Drew Goody 14 hours ago
So happy for him ... I've been dreaming of doing this to my 05 sierra for ever ive been doing alot of research on what parts to buy starting with heads cam intake and T.B. if u have any suggestions I would love to hear it I wish I lived closer I would have you tune my truck ive had a hard time finding someone in maine
Larry bedferd
Larry bedferd 15 hours ago
i have the same color 4x4 tahoe with a 5.3, really need to mod it like this and make my old fat hoe run better!
Crazy Ryan
Crazy Ryan 16 hours ago
George with his prolific statement about tapered poop.
Lucas Sturgin
Lucas Sturgin 17 hours ago
Cletus is better at breaking stuff
mee1492 18 hours ago
I believe you.... but my two-step don't!!! Rrrrmmm POWPOW rrrrmmm POWPOW
Robert Emory
Robert Emory 18 hours ago
Do you have a safety system incorporated in the tune in case the car runs out of methonal ??
k20Fritz 19 hours ago
congrats george
Michael Rockey
Michael Rockey 19 hours ago
Congrats George! What's his name? LOL
Vinko Franicic
Vinko Franicic 19 hours ago
Today we're cutting down on staff😂
Turbo Last Name
Turbo Last Name 19 hours ago
How is karter tat fixed?
JessNSteph Silva
JessNSteph Silva 19 hours ago
WHAT THE F reak no song or quote I look forward to that so much
Rotor Head
Rotor Head 19 hours ago
"Tapered like a turd, so your butt don't slam shut. That's why they're tapered." - George
WillayLegacy 20 hours ago
As an about to be 33y.o male, i truly appreciate the Ear Hair PSA in this video. Now i know what to look forward to, thanks :(
NINJAKIWI69 21 hour ago
Man, you tugged at the old heart strings on this one. I lost my dad when I was 13 so I never got the chance to learn a whole lot from him. And that kills me everyday. But now I'm 23 almost 24 in a couple months. Its definitely a struggle. But you locked me in on this one. You got a dub from me man. Keep up the great work.
Bradley Harrell
Bradley Harrell 21 hour ago
How many likes for you to cut the beard.
Kenny Coleman
Kenny Coleman 21 hour ago
Congrats George
number36420 22 hours ago
About to pickup my 07 Z06 in a week or two. Cannot wait
Souq Madiq
Souq Madiq 23 hours ago
How is it George can do a better Aussie accent then most Hollywood actors. Coming from an Australian
Fabricobble HQ
Fabricobble HQ 23 hours ago
You guys should do a science video and show what happens with different concentrations of water and meth, and maybe different nozzle sizes. Show how it all affects power, tuning, iats and whatnot.
The Notorious RVH
The Notorious RVH 23 hours ago
You were truly blessed to have had your father as long as you did plus have a 2nd father figure. Some of us unfortunately never had 1 much less 2.
kris jones
kris jones Day ago
Love all this banter and goofing off. Good shit.
Louis669 Day ago
Georgie, Prenuptual dude. Its a trap for the truck!
Joshua Nicolai
Me an my dad were doing some comparison of the size of the older classic vettes to a c7 and oddly enough the are basically the same size just a few inches bigger or smaller
Joshua Nicolai
What do the different colors mean on the maps
coolestguy ontheplanet
New name fore smart car is PUDDLES
Skiridr22 Day ago
Sounds like she’s ready for a fight.
Money Ninja
Money Ninja Day ago
Your getting greedy with all the damn commercials. I'm just saying
Skiridr22 Day ago
Laz worked hard creating those balancers.
Crispybacon 92
Jesus George and I graduated the same year I dont believe it
Beau Walter
Beau Walter Day ago
Was the video of that Camaro filmed at beaver springs drags? And when your up in pa have u ever came to the beaver springs drags?
Charlie T
Charlie T Day ago
I would recommend doing a type S oil pump as well! It’ll help during the high rpms if you guys are planning on putting it on party mode
🤣🤣🤣tapered like a turd...so your butt dont slam shut.. 🤣🤣🤣 cataloged and stored for future use in my life!! Thank you George 🤣🤣
Gregorio Bernstine
George was on 100% lol. Congrats on the engagement Brother
Mika Allard
Mika Allard Day ago
I graduated in 2010 lol
Mika Allard
Mika Allard Day ago
Yall need to get a little off topic more. Dude I could listen to you and Georgey shoot the shit all day. Love you guys!
Nukedogger86 Day ago
I think you have just enough power when you break those tires loose at 87 mph.
Matt Vardaman
Awesome video content, that car rips! George’s banter is just icing on the cake.
MaNNeRz Laguna
Is she marrying George or squirrel? 😆😆
RATTL3R186 Day ago
Congratz Georgie boy !
Chrius Day ago
-dun dun dunn -I don't like your tone... -tan tan taaan! rofl
Arcadia Green
There is something rather unholy to me to see a Z06 with an automatic. I can see the priest from The Exorcist yelling at this car " the power of christ compells you!!!"
Madman299 Day ago
Really enjoyed the tuning content in there, especially as somebody who has been slowly trying to learn Also congratulations to George!
whit3chick3n Day ago
George: dun dun duuuh Jeremy: i don't like your tone George: does the same thing 2 octaves higher... Lol
Luis A
Luis A Day ago
That vette is nasty 👀
Steve Rolfe
Steve Rolfe Day ago
It amuses me that the still image for this video seems to show Jeremy getting "friendly" with Katertot...
Gocian Day ago
Squirrel and acorn take tater tot to CarMax
Scott Plymire
What's the status of the Silverado on the rack?
Mr Z06ick
Mr Z06ick Day ago
Another fine job by the guys at Fasterproms on that C7z!!!
Bill Carini
Bill Carini Day ago
That beard is looking pretty shaggy. Ear hair is definitely a thing! You can pull them out and within a couple of days their back!
Luis B
Luis B Day ago
If a bone stock c7z was brought over How much for that package all said and done?
Makitasha Day ago
“Rise up lights” George: Australian Laz: murican Jeremy: Borat(?)
Andys709 Day ago
As soon as you punched on the first dyno pull I saw the puff of black smoke an knew you’d immediately say it was rich haha .
Destin Swiger
As knowledgeable as you guys are, you should have known its not a 4 valve engine.... Ford never built a gas 4 valve pushrod engine. Only the Ford 6.7 powerstroke is a true 4 valve pushrod engine .
Leigh Leigh
Leigh Leigh Day ago
Great bit of content. Would you be able to have some owner reaction vids, like when they come and collect their vehicle and get given first drive and new power figures. As the people bringing cars to you are wanting power gains. Reaction vids would be great. Keep it up guys. Thanks from UK.
"Angels with filthy souls" movie in home alone Sweet 💪much love from Detroit 👍 THANX Great job like, share, subscribe. hit the bell merch Down Below 😃
Seth N.
Seth N. Day ago
we have fit 3 grown adults (all 5'10 to 6 foot tall) plus 2 big gaming PCs and 2 big duffle bags in a smart car before lmao............the 3rd person can sit behind the driver seat with legs behind the seat, and sitting on the engine hump, and since the seat for the driver sits so high and is so thin, your feet can go right under, and then the PCs were right beside me with duffle bags on top of each for monitor/keyboard/mouse/cables on the other side
blackvenges Day ago
Is this keith's vett? Congratulations on the engagement!
Matt Williams
George needs to do some cover songs
Brad Burks
Brad Burks Day ago
“Fate would have it” the laz looks like he’s holding a urine sample
Daniel Wurthmann
If you say bacon in a Jamaican accent you're also saying beer can in a Scottish accent
Trevor Neal
Trevor Neal Day ago
Jeremy can we get a video of you tuning a car in forza? I wanna know how to perfect it😂 I need help and wanna see you tune
Daniel Sumner
Congrats George 👊🏼
Curtis Jackson
So true about the hair on a man🤣🤣 I got a tool that trims that damn ear hair😅😅😅
James Suman
James Suman Day ago
Really nice Corvette, love the colour, love the boogy
Lusty_85 Day ago
shortest 6footer going :D
The Couple Project:
The movie references are on point! Always enjoy the content.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor Day ago
Looking good and the dogs are just proper cheers guys
Brian Kolbrek
THANK YOU JEREMY !!! I love when you talk nerdy to us !!! Seriously, please give us more. Maybe a second channel with lots more tuning stuff.
"We´re gonna get demonetized" Would be more worried about getting decapitized
"Tuntuntun" -You know, i dont like your tone "Tantantan" :D
Elizabeth Del castillo
I have my own katertot which is a 6.4 second car... he’s literally small but deadly... I have this car in Pixel car racer
mikeTECH Day ago
"i dont like your tone!" George changes to a deep tone and says the same thing 🤣😆😁
David Windsor
Congratulations George. You are heading towards the 3 Rings of Marriage The engagement ring The wedding ring And The suffering
David Windsor
Well there laz is becoming Amish. And he is going to cut his fields of wheat. 🤔🤣☝
Jimmy Tweedale
You're 5 ft 4 at best!! - Conor McGregor
Oof Day ago
Top of 4th is 160-163 mph
niklas carlsson
Would be fun if you guys built a volvo 142 or a volvo s70 99 with a ls