SID 3 hours ago
3:50 I know an expert on lathes who can get you a fantastic deal on a lathe, would you mind if I call up my lathe expert and we’ll see keeps
ian evenknowit
ian evenknowit 3 hours ago
You know when he goes to mexico he says “bro i have nothing to hide the whole builds on youtube”
raul 1000
raul 1000 3 hours ago
"Nitrous will change a man." -James Taal.
Anon Omus
Anon Omus 3 hours ago
Those rolls are smooth, do you factor in road-load co-coefficients? and to run that kinda pull, wouldn't you need a 60,000 cfm fan for this?
Anon Omus
Anon Omus 3 hours ago
Is this Miata top-dead-center on the dyno rolls? How much down-force do you have with those 2000lbs tie-down ratchet straps? Do you calibrate that dyno before you do your pulls?
Anon Omus
Anon Omus 3 hours ago
That front fan does not look big enough...why are you not getting an engine code? how many CFM is it?
Vic’s Autbody
Vic’s Autbody 3 hours ago
Hey man i got a question if anyone could help out. I have a 2013 silverado 5.3 that i just did a cam kit on and obviously had to go 3 bolt cam gear. Was wondering if i could use the stock vvt timing cover. Or if i used the ls3 style cover is it alright that i just unpined the two wires for vvt and leave the 3 for the cam sensor. Any help plz my ig is : victor_10_16
kelly 4 hours ago
Its awesome!!! Love the blue.
Z Gutierrez
Z Gutierrez 4 hours ago
Back in 99' I had a bad case of the nitrous squirts...
Cock of the Rock
Cock of the Rock 4 hours ago
I read state of the art and fully expected James with the bottle held up to the throttle body and Cooper's wetshot.
Gozgim 5 hours ago
Bang a rang is a good song my man.
angel negron
angel negron 5 hours ago
The trees move much faster on nitrous.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin 5 hours ago
Let’s go !!!!
doesitmatter 5 hours ago
dude i swear that NOS screen gives me fast n furious vibes
remsterx 5 hours ago
I'm late but congrats on winning
Soamonte 6 hours ago
Is Jericho your alpha? He looks like he demands authority haha. Great pack Jeremy!
Michael Mott
Michael Mott 6 hours ago
I’m really hoping to see you racing at Race Week with this. Give Cleetus a run for his money!
Rob Sharpe
Rob Sharpe 7 hours ago
Those wheels look amazing guys!
mopargaming 7 hours ago
Wheels are beautiful
Scott Marshall
Scott Marshall 7 hours ago
Not completely sure which one was the squirrel in all that. Keep on adapting and overcoming, and stay safe and healthy!
Andrew Terry
Andrew Terry 7 hours ago
What electric power steering kit was it?
battle born
battle born 8 hours ago
Why waste your time with nitras just to blow up your Engine Just boost it
RichRusso4218 8 hours ago
That straight cut gear box sound <3, that's how my truck will be soon!
Adam Scheelar
Adam Scheelar 8 hours ago
My 4 yearold sings that song all the time. Good song choice
James Martin
James Martin 8 hours ago
Love that blue on Miata
Jeffrey Gullett
Jeffrey Gullett 9 hours ago
Castor doing RUvid wtf
adam chapman
adam chapman 9 hours ago
Do like in fast and the furious spray at 10,000 rpm and they always have a extra gear. Dumb movies. Thanks Jeremy keep up the good work from Canada.
Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell 9 hours ago
Let's see the miata on drag week next year!
Paulster2 9 hours ago
What gives? I'm willing to give Fasterproms $$ to get a mail order tune, yet cannot get anyone on the phone nor answer an email. You exclusively doing Social Media for your income? Help a brother out!
Albinoid Maggot
Albinoid Maggot 9 hours ago
Uncle Sam rules.
Ben w
Ben w 9 hours ago
Can you save different curves. Strip or street curves?
Petra - wir uns kennenlernen
0:54 fabelhaft
Brady Crowe
Brady Crowe 10 hours ago
Bet the front tires come off the ground now!
Jack J. Jones
Jack J. Jones 11 hours ago
I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
xmasterwrightx 11 hours ago
Would love to see this on race week . In fact bring any car along it would be great content and all of you together again @pfi @cleetus back at the beginning of all the RUvid videos 👍
Spilly 11 hours ago
hey laz get that AFR screen on camera during the pulls
Some1 Else
Some1 Else 11 hours ago
The factory/long runner style manifolds will have fuel distribution issues. You really want a shorter runner manifold.
GAT 12 hours ago
The dogs at the end always make me smile. Great touch to the vlogs. That nitrous outlet setup is nice..
Jack Downey
Jack Downey 12 hours ago
Why don’t you toss a wide angle kit on the Miata and drift that seems perfect
Jacob DeWald
Jacob DeWald 12 hours ago
Um are those Greta stickers for sale?
Curtis Hilliard
Curtis Hilliard 12 hours ago
call coop to help you with that wet shot, his is legendary
KungFooGrip! 12 hours ago
"Granny shifting, not double clutching like ya should..."
erik Rowsell
erik Rowsell 13 hours ago
Stop drag racing it and run it in autocross and road race it
Randy Kudijaroff
Randy Kudijaroff 13 hours ago
Thanks!! We need more wrenching content!
Donnie Minter Jr
Donnie Minter Jr 13 hours ago
Tim Leppanen
Tim Leppanen 13 hours ago
this effing guy..........say hey nitro lol. I couldn't handle working with him with his silly self, sides split to much. 6 grounds, nothing to crazy lol
Speedrome 13 hours ago
I wish the tech info list was always included in these vids in the info section. I've been watching but can't remember the drivetrain, rear end set up on the Miata?
pyro 323
pyro 323 13 hours ago
Man, all this tweakin' and junkies and meth heads...you guys need an intervention lol. 🤪 🤣 All jokes aside, its great to see that Miata making so much power on nitrous. 🇺🇲
Luke Doehrman
Luke Doehrman 14 hours ago
Jeremy, you probably already know this but I would recommend adding extra fuel to the front cylinders since the manifold doesn't flow liquid the same as air.
chris underdown
chris underdown 14 hours ago
Time for another episode of ... ..the adventures of beard man..
S.C Ray 3rd
S.C Ray 3rd 14 hours ago
Hey I got the same camo in my beard
Theodore Inihao
Theodore Inihao 14 hours ago
I can smell a fking fast truck!!!
Chuck Grimsey
Chuck Grimsey 14 hours ago
Love the new hats Jeremy! Keep up the great work brother
John Roberts
John Roberts 14 hours ago
When are we going to see Liam rip the Miata?
Touge Guy
Touge Guy 15 hours ago
Bro....did you fart at 18:20?! 😂
300zxdriver 15 hours ago
Need nitrous by gear.
Street Car Culture
Street Car Culture 15 hours ago
Tough little mx-5.
Jared Spratley
Jared Spratley 15 hours ago
But Jeremy, 13.3 is the magic na number
Pumped up hockey
Pumped up hockey 15 hours ago
mozart symphony 40
Jake Green
Jake Green 15 hours ago
Is that a Gallo 12 or a Gallo 24
300zxdriver 15 hours ago
Awesome..Loving the content. How much for that nitrous set up?
Nick Psutka
Nick Psutka 15 hours ago
So 7 shirt changes for George? Lmao
Eschelonistic 15 hours ago
American's spinning in a circle = a burnout... Australian's hold my beer..
Alex Elrod
Alex Elrod 15 hours ago
The older i get, the more I want to get another nitrous system, but I would have to run at least 2-3 bottles just so I dont use it up in a day like I did last time
TravisT TURBO GTO 16 hours ago
This would have been really cool back in the day about 20 years ago when people were running nitrous. Now, I don’t even know of a place local that fills bottles. Nitrous companies need to start marketing turbos or something, nitrous is dying.
David Windsor
David Windsor 16 hours ago
Sounds mean. Heck yer 👍👍
Jeff Schmitt
Jeff Schmitt 16 hours ago
Great song recommendation! One of the songs that got me into dubstep music.
shawn friel
shawn friel 16 hours ago
Have a question for you and your team?? How come you guys don’t have a car to take to race week with garret and guys???
Solo The Stig
Solo The Stig 16 hours ago
I know you were trying to talk nerdy, I dont believe what you are referring to is Euler's Law. I think what you are referring to is Bernoulli's Equation. That is the one that relates pressure to fluid flow.
Stan Chase
Stan Chase 16 hours ago
One day, What the Corvette means to you is gonna be the Miata to your boy... Your blessed brother!
charlie mcmillan jr
charlie mcmillan jr 16 hours ago
Nice job Jeremy, congratulations!
DmbWorks 17 hours ago
jeremy: do something that scares you everyday... me: im not going to the grocery store everyday!
Roger Stibbins
Roger Stibbins 17 hours ago
That was a weird ad RUvid.....
boltonky 17 hours ago
Awesome video and what a cool kit, although wont lie i am not a fan of touch screen when tuning too many years of burning my fingertips off and being an IT guy dealing with systems that shouldn't be touch screen (obviously stylus pens or a keyboard for me is preferred)
Mick Morley
Mick Morley 17 hours ago
Put the motor in a real car
J Lootah
J Lootah 17 hours ago
It's a stock engine?
J Lootah
J Lootah 17 hours ago
What camshaft on it?
Callum McGurk
Callum McGurk 18 hours ago
One of my favourite ever cars just gets even better. I can’t wait to see this owning the strip.
Ltgrider 18 hours ago
LMAO destroy a perfectly good engine fer nothin... HHAHAHAHA
Guy S
Guy S 18 hours ago
Don't coast in neutral. Keep it in gear.