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NCT 2020 YearParty
4 months ago
박재현 3 hours ago
진짜 정말정말 죄송하지만 임정환쌤덕에 유입됐는데 23명이나 되시는거 되게 놀랍네요.
vanquish whilom
vanquish whilom 3 hours ago
looks like this isnt his first relay cam
fanxytizen 3 hours ago
To that fan, youre so lucky. 🙏
Mish'ka Bedford
Mish'ka Bedford 3 hours ago
I didn't even see chenle in the beginning
felixviosa 3 hours ago
I’m completely impressed by the fact that he can play the keyboard without even looking, talented king !
haevrrse 3 hours ago
waaah, he's so perfect i love him so much
camren oliver
camren oliver 3 hours ago
this was so nice 🥺💓
Sofía M
Sofía M 3 hours ago
Get well soon!! We're enjoying these relay cams! No need to worry, you did so well ~
Ilori Rojas
Ilori Rojas 3 hours ago
Kun talent amazes me every time
Baby Mobile
Baby Mobile 3 hours ago
So cute. #KitTENCamReact
Camillaaa 3 hours ago
why do I find this so sexy? aaaaaa Qian Kun will be the death of me >_<
M K 3 hours ago
Fact 101: We all need a Qian Kun in our life. Plus waiting for this track to be released on his soundcloud.
mnil chan
mnil chan 3 hours ago
mnil chan
mnil chan 3 hours ago
Jaehyun’s Peaches
His relay cam is too short, i wish it was longer
Kyungsoo's military wife
Love how he transitions from speaking in chinese then korean 😄
stravvmilkyl 3 hours ago
세상을 밝히는자 윤오
뭔가 지금까지 릴캠 중 가장 제대로된 릴캠같다..! 피아노 뚱땅뚱땅하면 원래 저런 좋은곡이 나오는거였나요?
Lourdes Gallegos
Lourdes Gallegos 3 hours ago
Estaba esperando el Relay Kun hace mucho uu KUN BEST LEADER
Celeste Santander
Celeste Santander 3 hours ago
kun es realmente un diamante de la SM un artista DEMASIADO completo y talentoso💚😔
🌀 3 hours ago
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we love a dedicated and skillfull king
Mia 3 hours ago
3:16 the magic starts from here...
Midna Wolfe
Midna Wolfe 3 hours ago
We love you kun 😍😍😍😍😍
내꺼야나나 3 hours ago
Omaygatttt my future husband T_T
Emily R
Emily R 3 hours ago
I love Kun more now... this was so wholesome 🥲
mari loves dery
mari loves dery 3 hours ago
kun is so cute and talented he deserves the world and more :(
Aruna S
Aruna S 3 hours ago
No one : Literally no one : Kun : Let mw show my dimples 。◕‿◕。
Annita 88
Annita 88 3 hours ago
The beats are so good...🥺💘 That's what I really want to say...💞 Ofc, again, this is the relay cam I love most❤️
asteroidsnanaa 3 hours ago
I just started the video, and I was immediately treated to Kun ge cute smile asdfghjklsks
sara gonzales
sara gonzales 3 hours ago
when he played that one track that he said he's been working on for a while, it sounds so good omgmgmgmg. i felt like my soul was levitating
jazzy !
jazzy ! 3 hours ago
kun is so cute wtf man
sewly 3 hours ago
He's the CUTESTTTT >○<
Flavia ¡M
Flavia ¡M 3 hours ago
kuuun lysm<33
Dong Sicheng
Dong Sicheng 3 hours ago
I wanna be good friends with kun for some reason 😭🖤
김깡 3 hours ago
와 쿤 너무. 비니 잘어울려 너무..ㄱ여워 호떡같아 기여워 ㅓㅠㅜ ㅜㅜㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜ글고 당신 피아노 왤케..감미로움 심장후드러패는 쿤..작정햇니 음악하는 모습 ㅈㄴ..눈과 귀가 즐거운시간이엇다 워아이니.^♡^
Melissa Chan
Melissa Chan 3 hours ago
Adding onto the Kun hubby train, he and Winwin have a recent video where Kun teaches you how to cook a fish dish! Peak hubby material!
Kachi Kaboom!
Kachi Kaboom! 3 hours ago
6:44 Kun please release this someday on WayV's youtube channel please i'm begging. it was so ear soothing ~
she's TT
she's TT 3 hours ago
Lucy Z
Lucy Z 3 hours ago
Thanks to relay cam we get to see everyone's lockscreen
Cielo18 3 hours ago
Es súper talentoso además de lindo ^_^ ... y agradezco por poder apreciarlo en todo momento
Adee Md Nahar
Adee Md Nahar 3 hours ago
As someone who has stanning exo since 2013, Kun really resembles Suho a lot. When i first saw Kun, I was like “Suho???”. And then knowing his personality, yes he is really like Suho. Both are dependent leaders to the member, getting lovely bullied, dad jokes, calm but crazy and so many more. I hope we will see Kun musically side more in the future ! Qian Kun fighting !! WayV fighting ! NCT Fighting ! 💚💚💚
Basma Yasser
Basma Yasser 3 hours ago
Annisa Sahara Tsani
He is idol, leader, visual, vocalist, dancer, singer, performer, musician, composer, vlogger, chef, magician, driver, pilot, beauty guru, bachelor degree, husband material what else
sara gonzales
sara gonzales 3 hours ago
i could watch kun compose for hours man...it's so interesting to watch
Park Noona
Park Noona 3 hours ago
Kun suami idaman banget
farah ndr
farah ndr 3 hours ago
kun best boy
Vika Auralita
Vika Auralita 3 hours ago
aAAaa his smile makes me smile... Don't forget to take care of ur health💚💚💚
Annita 88
Annita 88 3 hours ago
Bro... Who said this relay cam isn't interesting...🥺 I didn't even get a time to blink... This is the relay cam I love most❤
Sijeuni Pribumi
Sijeuni Pribumi 3 hours ago
Kun is shining too bright and that's why haters are bilnd
moonchild 3 hours ago
So relaxing!! Thank you Kun 💕
Abielf 3 hours ago
Nguyễn Ngọc Hà Phương
Cant live without NCT
Abielf 3 hours ago
This is so perfect
mnil chan
mnil chan 3 hours ago
Rafaella Chiappe
Rafaella Chiappe 3 hours ago
Daegal es mi bias ahora
Vera Try
Vera Try 3 hours ago
Why it feels like i come to my husband's office then, looking at him do his job. Woaahh...
Emma Barakat Diab
Emma Barakat Diab 3 hours ago
Why does he have 2 hours?
Herni Sambud
Herni Sambud 3 hours ago
No one talking about how talented Kun in music and in life ofcourse. Kun who can do all things, i stan right person. We proud of you Kun!♡♡
MeWhoo Channel
MeWhoo Channel 3 hours ago
Jisung love his renjun hyung a lot, now jaemin is crying in the corner hahaha
Vy Mauricio
Vy Mauricio 3 hours ago
This made me want to learn more about music. I hope Kun can make (and release) a lot more songs for NCT someday. For some reason I liked listening to him order Chinese food too. Chenle's so cute and I love Lucas' freestyle dance.
Andrea Mendez
Andrea Mendez 3 hours ago
Lyn Lin
Lyn Lin 3 hours ago
kun whole existance is a perfection
Vinny Aprilia
Vinny Aprilia 3 hours ago
Taeyong Lee
Taeyong Lee 3 hours ago
just seeing kun make music made my quarantine so much better
bububungski 3 hours ago
salfok sama playlistnya jisung wkwkwkwk exo winter album :3
lucy b
lucy b 3 hours ago
Graciela 3 hours ago
Xiumin Power
Xiumin Power 3 hours ago
Talented and handsome he is
Widad Jungkook
Widad Jungkook 3 hours ago
Mark:(eating deliciously) Czennie:Why he is so cute even though when he eat???
Thoi 3 hours ago
Kun: I always think about what to eat most of the time. NCTzens: same
vastrid 3 hours ago
he highkey talented
winwin's dreads from limitless era
wait pleasee,, im in love with the melody he played around 3:15🥺🥺kun that’s so attractive
cha 3 hours ago
mnil chan
mnil chan 3 hours ago
Oke janlup hunting wallpaper 😭🙏🏻
Rach Linel
Rach Linel 3 hours ago
why is chenle everywhere? lololololool
Meaghen 3 hours ago
Kun has sooo many talents & I'm glad we were able to get a glance into his studio life. I've always been a little curious about the process of his composition & music arrangements so this was just brilliant. And when he said he wasn't inspired much today but created this sick beat..... y'all better not keep sleeping on WAYV. I can't wait to hear their next album!!!! Also the fact that he and Ten have always had this bickering Tom & Jerry relationship lol you can always see how much they think of each other. I love it when we see little bits of them talk about each other. It's the sweetest. From having Ten's stickers on his work Laptop to wondering when he'll eat too. Ughh WayV fam love (: 사랑해 Kun!!
ɴᴇᴏ ᴄɪᴛʏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ⸝⸝ MOAZEN
Kun: *“I always think about what to eat most of the time”* I THINK WE ALL CAN RELATE AT THIS
1-800- Fullsun
1-800- Fullsun 3 hours ago
I love seeing him producing music...it’s rlly inspiring <3
fellowshawolZen 3 hours ago
Aww he is so cute. I like the way he speaks in Chinese. ^_^