Matt's Off Road Recovery
Matt's Off Road Recovery
Matt's Off Road Recovery
We do off road towing, recoveries, and rescues. We cover beautiful southern Utah, near Zion National park.
We have a unique way to do off road recovery with our Jeep XJ affectionately named, the yellow banana.
We have the infamous Ed with his positive outlook on life.
We treat everyone we meet with respect, and we hope to have a positive impact in your life!
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Tim Richardson
Tim Richardson 2 hours ago
OH HELL NO!!!! I did something similar in March in Moab. WILL NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!!
HNR Fab PNW Built
HNR Fab PNW Built 2 hours ago
Are all these rigged? Why’s does he have your license plate cover?😂👀
Eddie Force
Eddie Force 2 hours ago
Lizzie show us your horses.
Pier Paolo Scian
Pier Paolo Scian 2 hours ago
Nothing against the corvair.. but a small fiat Panda 4x4 MK1 would have made short work of that hill. These American offroaders are just too heavy
mikem mikem
mikem mikem 2 hours ago
I've seen a lot of screwball things in my life and this one is right up there. Hope you had a change of underwear. Super great video though.
Kelly Fontes
Kelly Fontes 2 hours ago
It's alot of new Truck Buyers and people don't realize how big and heavy they are with relatively small tires out of the factory to cheat the MPG. That terrain in you area is tricky too. I think traction control hurts and kicks in and kills momentum. Respect to the BMW, but you just need to back out, no turn around in that sand.
Nathan Tranbarger
Nathan Tranbarger 2 hours ago
My question after, "Why did you buy a 2WD truck?!" would be, "Why did you think leaving the pavement with THOSE tires was a good idea?"
christian smith
christian smith 2 hours ago
J Webb
J Webb 2 hours ago
I loved the sneaky sneaky ending :) Keep it up!
RapidRrobert 2 hours ago
Does speed on the road equal power in the dirt?
mct8888 3 hours ago
Need a video of Trevor doing Johnny Ringo quotes!!!
Francis Marion
Francis Marion 3 hours ago
Its the loose stuff people underestimate. I almost slid a crab crawler 4x4 lull down the side of a mountain once while using it to work on a cabin. I didn't know whether to keep myself strapped in with the belt, or to try and jump off in case it started going down the hill on its own. I would never do that again.
redbeachone 3 hours ago
Wondering if Matt has lockers on front and back.
Vital Point
Vital Point 3 hours ago
What tires do you guys use? … I’m surprised you don’t use something a bit chunkier. You guys have balls! Great work
Johnny Wishbone
Johnny Wishbone 3 hours ago
Nice tans!
die naesse
die naesse 3 hours ago
November 2045: The invention of snow-chains makes it finally into the USA... ;-)
Java Beanz
Java Beanz 3 hours ago
Somehow, I don't think that design specs included one point landings on a front wheel...
OneBigTroll 3 hours ago
Dying of humidity at 40-50%. LOL - Guy from Kentucky
MEssYkiLLa 3 hours ago
LoL best video yet... buy the crew some goggles boss man
Fisherman 246
Fisherman 246 3 hours ago
Yuppies with free time. The bane of tow companies existence and their bread and butter, all rolled into one.
James Francis
James Francis 3 hours ago
90% driver error is what is wrong with these newer trucks. Except fords. They just suck. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
kevin00714 3 hours ago
I'd get stuck on purpose if Lizzy would pull me out.
Percy Faith
Percy Faith 3 hours ago
I hope she insisted on paying for you to fix the steering box!
Adam Oakley
Adam Oakley 3 hours ago
I don't know why but the format of this video was AMAZING! You guys are so much fun to watch!
Christian Barron
Christian Barron 3 hours ago
Don't ever sell your show . Please TV executives will ruin it !!!
Dream Park
Dream Park 3 hours ago
Cool off roading vehicles 😎 👍
Schema Collective
Schema Collective 3 hours ago
blown motor and a dented hood lol
Darrel Lee
Darrel Lee 3 hours ago
I really like the way you have built the Morrvair, what size of engine a what chasiss, looks good too, like your recover videos
Ryan Z
Ryan Z 3 hours ago
How has BFG not offered up a sponsorship for some nice red label krawlers?
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean 3 hours ago
Holy Sh*t. What a job ! ! !
Donald Franklin jr
Donald Franklin jr 3 hours ago
Great video Matt
Anand Lahane
Anand Lahane 3 hours ago
Great work. You people make it look so easy.
Jim C
Jim C 3 hours ago
13:42 - Doing a weeks worth of workouts in one day.
Ray Mathews
Ray Mathews 3 hours ago
Where are you located& #... Your probably more reliable than AAA, is....🙂🙂 AAA isn't as good as they use to be... ..
Luis Rosado
Luis Rosado 3 hours ago
The senior citizen got replaced by the young girl giving the weather report . I like it .
Ray Mathews
Ray Mathews 3 hours ago
Sir, if it was me,and they didn't want to pay me to get them out I would have just left them there,to cry about it😥....
totilsom 3 hours ago
I wonder on the costs!!?? If you have to drive, 4 people, 5 hours just to get there.. must be a fortune
Adrian Lloyd
Adrian Lloyd 3 hours ago
Five people drive 4hrs to recover a truck? That's one expensive recovery right there !!
Sinister Silverado
Sinister Silverado 3 hours ago
You should of LS swapped it
Mike Brown
Mike Brown 3 hours ago
The cut backs to Matt are GOLD. "i'm on a boat." Okay, Ed is the best in that shirt! Great Video Everyone!
Dalton Hover
Dalton Hover 3 hours ago
U'r a nice Guy, sir. U'r very helpful. Snappy salute!
LightHouse 3 hours ago
Jeans/boots like why though? You're not on a construction site with nails sticking out everywhere and Osha up your ass. Why you guys torture yourselves?
Michael Wyrick
Michael Wyrick 3 hours ago
Any type of Jeep or truck can be a recovery vehicle does it mean that yellow Jeep is the only one in the world I don't really care for new jeeps you aren't very good that's my opinion what do you make money with it and you're right he doesn't have jumper cables what does he carry just ropes he has a winch also anybody can pull you out with a winch
Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*
I’m starting to think a lifted Miata would be king out there.
Leonardo DaVinci
Leonardo DaVinci 3 hours ago
Probablt the 'funnest' video yet. Great video editing. The Banana is a BEAST!
Steven Neese
Steven Neese 3 hours ago
How come you guys tow the jeep to the site, rather than just drive it go the site with a follow vehicle?
jdjeep98 3 hours ago
Jeez!!! Just watching this made me queasy! Don't ever do that again!
Jason Harris
Jason Harris 3 hours ago
Welcome back! Hope the vacation was good to you.
Clinton Kerry
Clinton Kerry 3 hours ago
Hire her for the crew
Fisherman 246
Fisherman 246 3 hours ago
Oh fuck that
Chelt munt 420
Chelt munt 420 3 hours ago
I was wondering why it sounded sickly. No exhaust lol
Kevin Hinse
Kevin Hinse 4 hours ago
Wow! what a week!
Yankee Paramotor
Yankee Paramotor 4 hours ago
All of that effort to get two vehicles and all those people to the top and no one thought to bring a paraglider?
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte 4 hours ago
what model year is the jeep
Real Gs Dont Die
Real Gs Dont Die 4 hours ago
I can spot a thumbsucker from a mile away 😡.... I hate thumbsuckers! You know who I'm talkin about!
sleepkeeper 4 hours ago
Your integrity is going to continue to be validated forever on the internet!!
Dave Larson
Dave Larson 4 hours ago
Why I carry traction strips and a winch, better safe than sorry. But those folks putting rocks really got me
Edgar Wy
Edgar Wy 4 hours ago
Jd Dm
Jd Dm 4 hours ago
I have taken a honda accord through worse than the stuff these people are stuck in. Weight is such a disadvantage that without the right setup suvs and trucks are actually worse off road thatn fwd small cars. It is something you must experience to understand.
Proletariat Bourgeoisie
Why not drive the Jeep all the way there?
kevin00714 4 hours ago
Y'all were vacationing where I live. Shoulda stopped over for a beer.
Tony&Teresa 4 hours ago
seatbelts anyone??
Justin O
Justin O 4 hours ago
Beer cans piss and trash. You just described tweakers
Фёдор Молчанов
Whats with this video's title?
Jonas Husvær
Jonas Husvær 4 hours ago
Should we rip the jeep apart? F**k yeah. What a stupid test 😅
Dave Dennis
Dave Dennis 4 hours ago
When it looks step on camera, you know it's steep. WOW! I don't know how Matt's head fit in the Vair with it walking up that hill like it wasn't there. Made a Lexus look pretty bad. OK, I know the driver does play a big part in that.
Nathan Tranbarger
Nathan Tranbarger 4 hours ago
The Audi driver neatly demonstrating why Matt always puts his own people behind the wheel...
Josh Ribeiro
Josh Ribeiro 4 hours ago
What was that guy up to? Seems a bit odd to be way out in the back country in a completely stock liberty...
alwaysfriday 4 hours ago
Love your videos. Your audio is always really crisp. What do you have hooked up to your GoPro for audio?
peter 4 hours ago
Man, it's like Red Cone, but 7000 feet lower. Do it again, but drag the e brake this time, see if that helps. Then post that video. Kthxbye.
Brandon Calvert
Brandon Calvert 4 hours ago
Pickups are damn near useless offroad. They're too heavy, and you need way bigger tires to make up for the long wheel base. A 2dr jeep even on 33s will go pretty much anywhere. Wheel base, approach and departure angles also being a huge factor.
Betty Smith
Betty Smith 4 hours ago
Yea, screw that, I'd be like "Earth, enjoy your Jeep, byeeeee".
Jason Vitto
Jason Vitto 4 hours ago
Ahhh Man I missed u guys in my neck of the woods.... I live in Ocala Florida just north of the Daytona area... would have love to give Matt a High Five BUT more importantly;) RUDY damn son look at those arms my man... SOMEONES BEEN DOING THOSE CURLS FOR GIRLS... lol love ur content love all of u guys please keep up the good work
Randy Magnum
Randy Magnum 4 hours ago
Dang Matt, if I would've known you were in the neighborhood I would have come and said hello...
Joseph Burkhalter
Joseph Burkhalter 4 hours ago
Is Lizzy your daughter? Great addition to the team. Always smiling. And willing to tackle any job. JoeB
Travis B
Travis B 4 hours ago
I would love to sit down with Ed and write a biography about him.
Betty Smith
Betty Smith 4 hours ago
Do you guys charge for your time to get to the call, ie travel time and milage?
Travis B
Travis B 4 hours ago
You really should be careful driving that fast with the trunk open LOL
Michael Banks
Michael Banks 4 hours ago
Since I'm a current employee of XPO, I am shocked that Crate still is in one piece....