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Andrew C
Andrew C Hour ago
Let's not forget that orange face is racist too.
Jayson Hour ago
Who gives a shit about brown face, black face bull shit. He didn’t dress up as a slave, let it go already. This is getting ridiculous
Tim Allen is a scumbag
0:26 well I’ll be. I can see my town from there!
soufiane angoud
why the sound on your uploads is getting lower
Donovan Daniels
I've noticed that a lot of white people like afros, durags, etc. A surprising majority of white people honestly think it's cool. I'm mixed and I don't get mad if someone has an afro at a party.
Rafael Anguiano
He was upfront and honest, no hesitation when he was talking to the media.
El Mission
El Mission Hour ago
Trudeau is a stupid motherfucker. He was found out and this explains why he is so shitty on issues of indigenous people's concerns with the environment in Canada. fuck him. let him burn.
Fascism is palingenetic ultranationalism
It's amazing how much better Michael Kosta's timing is as a comedian than it was as a tennis player.
Dichtsau Hour ago
at first, it's stoopit to mock trudeau, you should applaud him for directly telling about the 2nd blackfacing, instead of hoping for a 2nd scandal. at second, dramatizing blackfacing is stoopit too! if you wanna be SERIOUS about your costume and got the wrong skincolor, it's not "the _evil_ racism" to dye yourself! *i mean, what comes next? afro-heritage-citizens not allowed to dye their hair blonde anymore???* ~greetings from germany, grow up pls
Clara King
Clara King Hour ago
Just make all the statutes half black and half white all over the world where ever raceism was and is rampant , let's just make everything that had anything to do with slavery and it's pain and rewards that was garnered from that should be split right down the middle and distributed to the slaves offsprings, forever and ever, there shall never be a onesided financial unevennss in the world anymore, everyone will have that equal standing, so when the statutes holders see how it feels when what they thought that they owned, i can only imagine how powerless the really are to do anythinh about the change but to talk about it, you are powerless to stop the changes that are happening as we speak.
Peter Dahdouh
Peter Dahdouh Hour ago
Why paining your face for a masquerade party or play is racist? WTF with the world today!
Mannard Mann
Mannard Mann Hour ago
Trump the Zionist puppet chump. If you think voting changes anything seek mental help.
Mito Kobay
Mito Kobay Hour ago
His preference for Indians over blacks is evident in his policies. Give the Indians more opportunities in Canada and push back the blacks.
Fuck everyone
allAmerican Swede
Am I the only one who thinks it was good that he just told them about the other time he did it straight away? If he hadn't and they later found out it would be the same thing all over again.
T C Hour ago
First, I am white. Since people care, apparently? I think (my personal perspective at this time) there's a very stark difference between black FACE (when i's obviously a mockery - with specific intention to incite stereotypical associations) - and a costume in which a person colors their skin to match a character appearance. If the intention of the costume has racist context, then it's obviously not cool. But the fact that Trudeau goes all out on the full body (and goes all out on all costumes) just shows he's trying to match an aesthetic. The historical context of "blackFACE" IS racist - and some people intentionally set out to make that "humorous" association. I don't think it's funny. No, Aladdin does not have that color of skin - so it's just bad design but I don't get the context that it's racist. I'm not that cultured when it comes to racist ideas - so I'm not sure what stereotypical things my be used to mock Arabians but I don't see it in that picture. We have a real issue with context in this country. Without discussion and definitions go broad. That is very unhealthy, in my opinion. I really don't know why I decided to comment. I think I really just a deeper perspective. Please school me?
Victor Viterbo
Allan G.
Allan G. Hour ago
I really find modern Politics sucking: It's all abt digging up one's past dark closets - blow the whistle, get social media popularity and forgets real issues affecting us. I don't understand Canadian Politics but i think at this rate, it's headed for a cheap talk!
Cpt. X
Cpt. X Hour ago
At school I did learn that Blackface was a gross, clownish caricature version of African slaves for humiliating entertainment. If we did paint our faces to be a Indian, clown, frog, african or Chinese... It was not racism but imitation, not even a bad thought and no-one was offended, the coloured kids in class were painted yellow, white or green by their parents or our dark skinned teacher. But times change and if people or frogs are offended by it, it should be stopped or changed.. like the Dutch did with Black Pete. 2001 is quite a while ago though..
mboiko Hour ago
Should we be more offended by...Justin Trudeau the Racist or the Hypocrite?
j b
j b Hour ago
He was an adult and didn't think that was racist? He's a liar.
Amanda Arya
Amanda Arya Hour ago
3:39 Toca Boca 🤣🤣🤣
GerardoGoliz Hour ago
He looks more like he want to get some melanin
Jerry Caston
Jerry Caston Hour ago
As long as no one has been harmed, I don't see a problem. Really isn't worth being upset over. And to the people who are offended, the deed is done and he apologized.
bianca aldana
bianca aldana Hour ago
It’s a fuckin costume... I don’t see the problem with it at all.
NickWestVids7 Hour ago
Damn turns out the Bible was for real after all
Paranoxx Hour ago
Honestly, why does anyone care about this? Can we get our minds involved in something that actually matters? Isn't the photo about as old as that horror show 'White Chicks?' That was just fine (it really wasn't) but the whole world is bent over this guy dressing up for a party? Priorities people.
Zak Thanos
Zak Thanos Hour ago
I forgive Trudeau because you’re a leftist and I’m a leftist😂🤣🇺🇸💎👌MAGA 2020
DrBraxy Gilkey
Michael Kosta does great field pieces. This one is STELLAR!!!! I love every moment and joke!
Ruben Hour ago
Any one call the number?
Plushmaggot Hour ago
''It is indescribable and it smells''...thats how people usually describe my dog.
Geoffrey D
Geoffrey D Hour ago
It’s commendable that he owned up to it. That takes some stones.
Judith Rhice
Judith Rhice Hour ago
He apologized when he got caught. Uh.
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy Hour ago
Would he propose an amnesty day or be as soft if it was someone on the other side of the aisle in black face?
Omg.. can the media please. PLEASE. Just STFU and stop saying "black face" and "brown face"?? Who TF really cares?!
Rocio Monserrátt
That's alot of makeup..
NickWestVids7 Hour ago
It’s a lil cringe but as a black guy I’m cool with this but as a politician you gotta know they would digg up your pass m
Judith Rhice
Judith Rhice Hour ago
Also, Canada has denied 75 percent of all African visas in 2019 and the year is not over yet.
M J Hour ago
she said ... "and juicy" hahahahhahahaha
Artus Meyer-Toms
Are you serious right now?! Makeup has nothing to do with racism 🤦🏿‍♀️🤣
Ink Stain
Ink Stain Hour ago
What is worse? One billboard on the side of the road, or four giant faces of some old dudes fucking up an entire mountain side? #Murica
Quest Channel
Quest Channel Hour ago
You are the best president ever if only scandal you are into is Having Dijon Mustard with Cheese Burger!
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Hour ago
blackface is a thing now lmao
8Robba Hour ago
Am I the only one that wonders .... how much that Kosta?
Henri Alvarez
Henri Alvarez Hour ago
I live out here on long island and it's no distraction, it's just another way for white folks 2 bitch about.
JulieAnn Nichols-Johnson
Not like it is a good movie...does anyone remember the 1986 movie, Soul Man?
Skippy the Alien
when this video first came out, this comment section was FUCKING FLOODED with dumbasses and Russian bots (not necessarily mutually exclusive) that kept saying "tomi OWNED Trevor" etc. and all this other bullshit. glad to see this comment section has cleaned up in the time that has passed
Robert M
Robert M Hour ago
I don't understand why a blackface would be racist, it's a costume, people trying to look like other people. For Halloween, I've been, a Chinese kungfu fighter, a sumo wrestler, a Mexican charro, the long ranger and many more and I don't think people are racist because they've decided to portray another race or character. Just saying!
Dead End
Dead End Hour ago
Pharaohs are Egyptian. Pence got bit because he got confused and told the horse to go back to its own country.
alan hays
alan hays Hour ago
This young woman is extraordinary. She recognizes we're killing the planet, and has the unmitigated gall to think we should all do so as well. She needs a cap that says, "Well, duh".
jibjones123 Hour ago
Lol everyone here defending him, he's not in his 70s when he went to school it wasn't a "different time"
Edum Garum’
Edum Garum’ Hour ago
Its called hunting trevor you suck come back to Africa
You americans are tooooo sensitive. Grow a pair.
Grace B
Grace B Hour ago
Wow, libs don't think OBAMA bowed when he bent over from the waist far enough to kiss his butt but when Trump leaned over to receive a medal, he is bowing! #TDS #liblowIQ
Christel Headington
The Shinnecock monument, is spoiling the Hamptons' monument to greed.
roland lacle
roland lacle Hour ago
This is so stupid as if no black person ever put white make-up ever.. Man it was a party...jesus (by the was not white...lol)
D.O. Hour ago
No big deal...We're all Black within.
Mr. McGurt
Mr. McGurt Hour ago
Wtf is wrong with people, why is this a story? He is doing something that used to be acceptable, was in the f'ing movies, I'm talking main stream. So what? Let me ask you this, is wearing white face ok? Not only that but he is Canadian! Racism is not a thing in Canada not like USA. Where is the story about Mitch McConnell being grotesque and disgusting offending the nation of India because he ate a steak? Shame on networks covering this story. Shame.
Eva Wong
Eva Wong Hour ago
Trevor Noah asks all the good questions.
Edum Garum’
Edum Garum’ Hour ago
Trevor you suck jon Stewart was way funnier
theinitialscc Hour ago
that thing really is an eyesore on the natural beauty of the landscape. so too is the highway. and the town. and the buildings. let's face it, it's a giant middle finger to the hamptons. i can almost empathize, because i live in a farming community that is increasingly disappearing as development expands, and it is sad to see this gorgeous land disappear. i wonder if the residents even consider how the native americans felt when this resort town was erected, blotting out their aesthetic enjoyment of the view.
Rudolph Reindeer
At the ballet box, people will not forget, how she lied about her race, to get into Harvard! Using a spot that could have been filled by a REAL minority.
sage sandoval
sage sandoval Hour ago
Sounds about white (illogical)
Momz Davis
Momz Davis Hour ago
What's up Canadians??? 1st Drake, now Trudeau, black face was a High School curriculum or something??? SMH!
Jacob Olivas
Jacob Olivas Hour ago
She is extremely inappropriate
Dead End
Dead End Hour ago
This is getting beyond stupid. If we take the joke example at the end: if a white guy wants to dress up as the fresh prince for halloween that doesn't actually mean he's trying to make a point about white supremacy or race or anything. It means he wants to dress up as the fresh prince for halloween. Fucking hell.
Vaughn Lantaya
Duterte has been savage ever since. It was no suprise that he replied but his reply was epic. Lmao.
Outreach Juny
Outreach Juny Hour ago
Trevor Noah is making fun of vegans on one day and inviting the most popular vegan to his show on the next. Wake up! The future is plantbased. Go vegan for the climate and the environment! Educate yourself by watching Cowspiracy.
Blood fire Gaming
These dumbass white people are mad about a fucking billboard? These dumbfucks wouldn't know what a real issue was if it hit them in the face.
Borys Lebeda
Borys Lebeda Hour ago
BTW, I don't understand why black people so impatient to whites who painted as black? Should I complain when Michael Jackson or Mariah Carey were cosplaying whites?
Jon Po
Jon Po Hour ago
Listening to White Americans makes me feel sad sometimes
Murray Allinger
The ONLY reason the Left is laughing about this is because it was done by someone on the Left. Had photos like this emerged about, say, Donald Trump in blackface, then the Left would be clamouring for his head on a platter. The Left's complete hypocrisy and double-standard is absolutely sickening.
Acid Rick
Acid Rick Hour ago
These white people really trippin over a sign that’s on tribal land, what a bunch of arrogant pieces of shït. Just relax you already stole their land they ain’t gon take it back. Just let them utilize their remaining land for whatever they want.
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Hour ago
What white people are trying to say is we don't want no tribal shit here which is stupid they owned it first these people deserve all of the Hamptons not dumb rich assholes
Guillaume Moulin
Why to apologize to be black? Is it a shame to be black? People accusing him are racists
Bianca Bloom
Bianca Bloom Hour ago
Well... can’t say he’s not committed. Go hard or go home I guess.
Phuck Eyoo
Phuck Eyoo Hour ago
People that are offended by this Need to reevaluate their lives.
Gabriel Hidalgo
There are bigger problems than this
NO DATA Hour ago
I lost it at black pussy and black crack😂🤣
Di42 Hour ago
Great one Trevor Noah .
i Latina Productions
I think the real problem is that we see RACIST on everything. STOP IT! GROW UP!
Nicola Ablett
Nicola Ablett Hour ago
I love this mans approach white people need deal with this
Just Me
Just Me Hour ago
Don't y'all hate to be reminded of the sordid past. The skyscrapers factories poison air and water are a f you to the original people of this land
Bert Hour ago
Trudeau is a total cuck, but Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon have done black face before. And I don’t think any of these guys meant anything wrong by it. But what do I know, I’m a white straight cisgender male.
Jay Mwansa
Jay Mwansa Hour ago
Oil... There I said it 😏
Lialy Samimi
Lialy Samimi Hour ago
You are so very cute Trevor!
Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis Hour ago
I'm black. and what's wrong with painting your skin black?
Kanye Pablo
Kanye Pablo 2 hours ago
I love Anna
Laundre Washington
Laundre Washington 2 hours ago
It's a lifealert Patrick!!!😁😀😂🤣🤣😅2funny
samson Simpson
samson Simpson 2 hours ago
And you wonder why we call you bitch!!
Avarice 2 hours ago
Bet money if it were an Andrew Jackson monument, they wouldn’t notice it 🤷🏽‍♂️
Rudolph Reindeer
Rudolph Reindeer 2 hours ago
He is a Hypocrite! Maybe 1 picture, but 2 and 3 and probably more! Another Liberal, telling everyone how they should feel and what to think, labeling them as a racist, bigot, homophobe etc., if they feel or think differently. He is Truly a racist and a bigot! We will vote him out!
Jerminator 356
Jerminator 356 2 hours ago
BS like this makes me ashamed to be white
JF DeRouleau
JF DeRouleau 2 hours ago
Trudeau blames his white skin not his judgement... If it was anyone else... It would be racist label... But the left justifying it ..... Next a picture of him burning an cross... " my fellow Canadians... I should of known better to not make a cross when making a fire... I should of know better.... But it`s white society fault... I am sorry... "
Princess Jayleen
Princess Jayleen 2 hours ago
Ugh, those people from the Hamptons make me ashamed to be a Long Islander. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Kshema Nadgir
Kshema Nadgir 2 hours ago
So Trump is making the US military a mercenary group, their services for cash...paid to "the country" and his hotels. Tulsi is not wrong in saying he's pimping out her brothers and sisters in the military
Cesarito A
Cesarito A 2 hours ago
Stupidest video I have ever watched there's blacks out there bleaching their skin so what 💩💩💩💩
Purplesnow 23
Purplesnow 23 2 hours ago
The fly is searching for the shit it sensed apperantely it was trump's words
EJ Cash
EJ Cash 2 hours ago
The biggest irony is Trudeau has always been an annoying sanctimonious douche with regards to race. Belittling and lecturing others regarding this moral and virtuous issue. This shows what a hypocrite he has always been. He's lost all credibility. Unfortunately, the apologists in Canada who are strong supporters of him will down play it as much as they can. I would find inexplicably appalling any black or brown person who's okay all of this. I simple I'm sorry I was dumb and stupid just doesn't cut it. Specially for someone of his stature. Blaming in on white privilege is even more egregious!
Dilshan Karunarathna
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