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EvoMon 19 hours ago
That joke about Elon musk and reality is gold.
Helgali 19 hours ago
US, Brazil, Mexico.... poor poor countries with these leaders.
Gigi Sinclair
Gigi Sinclair 19 hours ago
Using the word "creepy" is being kind.
Anansi W
Anansi W 19 hours ago
Thank God he was not using his wining pussy neck in Africa, or I'm my country Ghana with only 34 dead to America's great achievement of 100000 plus dead. Give yourself a pat on the back.
Richardson susairaj
Richardson susairaj 19 hours ago
Reason for ban of burqya or wtever: People (non Muslims included) might use it as an advantage to steal n run and the camera might find it difficult to trace , well if u cover ur face like that . Lol. So Trevor u r so anti-trump. U guys invite bill gates and faucci to ur shows to spread wrong information to world. We all know who bill gates n faucci are. If not so much at least a little bit. This moment I decided never to trust the bullshit media
Rahul Sangal
Rahul Sangal 19 hours ago
can someone tell me what's wrong with what trump said?
Barangay TV.
Barangay TV. 19 hours ago
Covering your face to protect against the disease or virus is big difference with covering your face because of religion..and religious face covering is so thin that can not be used to protect against the virus
Nate Dunlap
Nate Dunlap 19 hours ago
Trevor truly is a comedian but I think it’s sad that many out there have only this ideology of trump to characterize him with as opposed to his actions.
Nate Dunlap
Nate Dunlap 19 hours ago
I see this is meant to be light hearted but only as long as it stays within comedy. And not politics.
Gary Huff
Gary Huff 19 hours ago
Iva Deal
Iva Deal 19 hours ago
Week by Week this guy is absolutely embarrassing Americans globally.. And your to fkn dumb to even question it hahaha. Oh Its comedy alright lol! If he hates is SO much.. why doesn't he head home to the most racist, crime ridden, polluted shit hole on the planet and get a little apartment in Cape Town South Africa? just go home already! Duh!!
Robert Milne
Robert Milne 19 hours ago
Why are u mocking iranian people trevor
ben pasto
ben pasto 19 hours ago
Trump was on Jeffrey Epstein's island he has sex with little kids and hes our president wtf
U OL 19 hours ago
Nope. I hate trump, but this ridicule is NOT okay. Criticize his words, his policies, his foul appointments.
Julien Brightside
Julien Brightside 19 hours ago
Skeletor would be a more caring president.
S k
S k 19 hours ago
You are forgetting the man is so Old Like over 70+ years
Robert Milne
Robert Milne 19 hours ago
How long did u talk about russia u sheep
jack harrington
jack harrington 19 hours ago
Tomi lahren makes conservatives like me look retard honestly good job Trevor
Rudeness IS Epidemic
X RagingDemonX - PubgMobile
They hate islam and making there population hate muslims and getting there backup.so they keep interffering with wars in the middle east and africa
shane chetty
shane chetty 19 hours ago
Cant wait till he is no longer the president.The first the new president must do is take fox news of air
A Whi
A Whi 19 hours ago
It’s like he is having mini strokes. There are times he is clearly incoherent.
Daniel Villavicencio
Are we going to ignore trump for Latinos
Sigma Libra
Sigma Libra 19 hours ago
He forgot the most important part, unhealthily lock your knees
Richardson susairaj
Richardson susairaj 19 hours ago
Honestly this is not funny! Trevor is the biggest hypocrite. He complains trump is racist but this idiot makes fun like this . It’s not funny at all man.
James Badham
James Badham 19 hours ago
Tomi needs to read White Fragility. She is the ultimate example. Trevor got to her. Look at her hands when she raises them at 12:21. Literally white knuckles from hanging on so tight.
Katrinah Kaz
Katrinah Kaz 19 hours ago
This is how a president should speak...the current one yells!
Niinaba Coos
Niinaba Coos 19 hours ago
Where is Trevor ??
Stephen Fischer
Stephen Fischer 19 hours ago
Anyone else watching this after seeing Coffeezilla's Water Wars video?
shelly m
shelly m 19 hours ago
Omg the stupid is strong with them
Sarah Paula
Sarah Paula 19 hours ago
Omgg San Jose made it on the daily show😄🎉
BriskedGaming 19 hours ago
fuck urself
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez 19 hours ago
Its 2020 and nothing has changed....
sam bou
sam bou 19 hours ago
funny enough, no comments from french as they know it's not right what their stupid government is doing and they can't no longer justify the ban which interferes in the personal freedom of people..
Walter Auto
Walter Auto 19 hours ago
I don't know if is much dumb himself or the people around him😔😔😔
jen plaska-dansereau
Bravo 👏
Sean Shimamoto
Sean Shimamoto 19 hours ago
Yes, French Fries are called Pomme Frites in Français...and they’re equally yummy! Hehe.
K W 19 hours ago
Haha this video is awesome! Nicely done.
Bayouman1966 19 hours ago
Total Bullshit
katrina foelsch
katrina foelsch 19 hours ago
Because if he stands up straight the stick in his ass will break
Andrina Moronese
Andrina Moronese 19 hours ago
I think this dude is running for president he’s literally finding the people that would vote for him as well no questions hey let me run I need all these idiots to vote for me I have no qualifications but you know who give a shit 😂
Shikara Shahrin
Shikara Shahrin 19 hours ago
Why havn't you guys posted a video about George Floyd, Amy Cooper? The Twitter 'filter' and Hong Kong...Soo much news so little time. We miss you Trevor. Come back soon.
Robert Milne
Robert Milne 19 hours ago
Your a disgrace
Lilymoon Willow
Lilymoon Willow 19 hours ago
Jean Seb
Jean Seb 19 hours ago
There is an expression , American expression. America people use it all the time.here in France we don’t understand this expression. For me , this expression is racist. The expression is : African American. I really hate this expression. Very racist. Maybe I am wrong and I don’t understand correctly. In USA, a black man is called African American. Why? Because he is black? So this is racist. If the black guy is born in Los Angeles. The black guy is African American ? African? Or American? For me,the guy is American. But in America you call him : African American. We don’t talk like this in France. Human are human. Black is a skin. This not because you are black that you African.
Robert Milne
Robert Milne 19 hours ago
There facts trevor u sheep
Etu Suku
Etu Suku 19 hours ago
I usually like the videos on this channel, but making fun of someone's way of standing is not cool. There are so many real reasons to criticize Trump, you don't need to go to this level.
B R I Z A. J I M E N E Z
Omg I love these haters😂
Andrina Moronese
Andrina Moronese 19 hours ago
This dude is kinda a clown asking dumb questions like he didn’t say they things so it’s hypothetical.
Tony Tam
Tony Tam 19 hours ago
I grade his performance a F - - - for a absolute epic failure
MUHAMMAD USMAN 19 hours ago
I love you Jimmy ❤️ from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Jean Seb
Jean Seb 19 hours ago
I am French. I really live videos of video of Trevor. The joke about World Cup.even if this is a joke. It’s hard to listen for us, because this the way the far right talk (nazi) .i watch video of Trevor. I know ha is not far right/nazi. It’s just weird to listen him talking like far right. France love usa. Usa love France. We are friends.
Rumeysa Sahbaz
Rumeysa Sahbaz 19 hours ago
Americans: "This is America!", "I know my rights, okay!", "You cannot force me to..." The rest of the world: Why Americans are intrinsically stupid?
Philipp Media
Philipp Media 19 hours ago
Trump created an own universe for him and his supporters. It's like the limbo-level in Inception: a shared un-consciousness of craziness and once you get caught in it there is no way out. I take my hat off to Mitt Romney for escaping this vicious circle. It's easy for Democrats to oppose Trump but it takes a lot of heart and courage to beard the lion if you are living in his den.
B R I Z A. J I M E N E Z
1:36 he's right😂
Andrina Moronese
Andrina Moronese 19 hours ago
Yep a bunch of idiots there are idiots on both sides 😂
Glenna Manos
Glenna Manos 19 hours ago
I'm pretty sure I read many times that it has been created and not natural. I don't believe a word he says. He wants chipping. Is anyone that dumb to slow that? Not me. He wants to eradicate malaria but doesn't want Drs to use it for Covid 19 because it works and it's cheap and has been used for 60+ years and no issues. BIG PHARMA isn't making enough money. Also the way there counting deaths as Covid when people who died from cancer and heart attacks ECT. I just don't want anything injected until it's been long term tested. Proof of being safe.
MariSalsa27 19 hours ago
"Did you read the transcript"? No, But i trust my president not to lie !!! Newsflash !!! He only Knows How to Lie !!!!
Alan Dickinson
Alan Dickinson 19 hours ago
Mentally deranged Biden is nuts isn’t he.. fake daily news
RomeDCarlo 19 hours ago
"I don't protest, I'm not a victim." does she not realize that she only has the opportunities that she has because others have protested? also black women did much of the leg work that white women benefit from today so why not get on board
Owen Stayton
Owen Stayton 19 hours ago
Trump please take some of the brain cells I’m losing from this
Scarlet lady
Scarlet lady 19 hours ago
Albana'nın Şiirleri
Ok but why does the person's voice who is screaming at the pandas sound like trump??
never the Guardian
never the Guardian 19 hours ago
Are the spectators supposed to laugh at this sad attempt of amusement?
THEO MICHAELS 19 hours ago
Agitation huh, I'm liking this, we might get those zombies after all
david d
david d 19 hours ago
Why doesn't Noah show the same soundtrack with all the times media has been saying " millions dead" and fear mongering or the constant reporting of "evidence" that trump was peeing on prostitutes while neglecting reports of actual accusations of sexual assault on Biden, or Kimmel asking random women on street sexual favors while accusing Trump of innapropriate sexual comments. Trump is arrogant and narcissistic but the liberal media calling him out is like the pot calling the kettle black...youre all hypocrites Dems and republicans
haydeh abdolahian
haydeh abdolahian 19 hours ago
All we American think is having fun and how can we have fun while we are safe ? Fun. Fun. Fun
Marissa Rivera
Marissa Rivera 19 hours ago
Its not a left or a right thing, its a right or wrong thing. Let's get that right.
RejectedSpiritX 19 hours ago
“Why do you think Obama was not in the Oval Office on 9/11?” “I don’t know. We’ll get to the bottom of that” Me: “because he wasn’t the president then?” What a complete dumb ass
A E 19 hours ago
Thank u so much Trevor for talking about this. This has always been a problem for Muslim women in France. Them females just want to practice their religious freedom and modesty. All they want to do is cover up some more.
L Y 19 hours ago
Hahha such a serious topic but wow also funny skit. Crazy world.
Rachel thomas
Rachel thomas 19 hours ago
Yes but Meghan Markle is a psychopath
Cassandra Richburg
Cassandra Richburg 19 hours ago
Caring about what. Himself? Yeah that about right.
haydeh abdolahian
haydeh abdolahian 19 hours ago
He can go back to work what’s different then Target ? Just skip the makeup 🤣and people can sit 6 feet apart 🤔
P Wolfman #12
P Wolfman #12 19 hours ago
Bruh. After watching this. I didnt know u was that funny. Chit had me joked out. Lol.
Sheila O'Sullivan
Sheila O'Sullivan 19 hours ago
Fox worried about tr brain? You 're not the only ones
A E 19 hours ago
I love her laugh, I love her smile!
Givadanger 19 hours ago
Hes the hard truth - the difference is its mostly white people. People of the same culture. Very small minority populations if any at all. America is a melting pot full of completely different & diverse cultures. Nations of predominantly one race and one culture have nothing major to fight over. You're comparing apples and oranges here.
Lynda Koers
Lynda Koers 19 hours ago
I think Trumps gut is so big, it's threatened to tip him over.
Marissa Rivera
Marissa Rivera 19 hours ago
Did you know the 2nd amendment was written over 200 years ago when there was absolutely no security? Wtf do you need a gun for? To go and hunt for your food? It should even be a problem for anyone that they want to fix this. We have gotten to the point of children being killed and they don't care. Even our own leaders have been killed by a gun. What the hell is it going to take?
David Johnson
David Johnson 19 hours ago
He stands likes he looks about to take a poop
Hooman Bekhradi
Hooman Bekhradi 19 hours ago
im Muslim and i hate this masks
Phil Rabe
Phil Rabe 19 hours ago
2:45 NO! NONONONO! Trump has NOT been experimenting with an unproven drug [for use treating C19]. He Dropped the Hydroxy Bomb to distract people from the Bombs Pompeo sold to a murderous regime bypassing Congress.
arabninja250 19 hours ago
Does anyone know why they are posting reruns why is there no new shows
shujat liaquat
shujat liaquat 19 hours ago
Was wondering the thing man..
Julie H
Julie H 19 hours ago
This is not just about vaccinations. Why is everyone so fixated on that part of it?
Kern B
Kern B 19 hours ago
Wonder if they really did dance
Don Post
Don Post 19 hours ago
Trump is a freak.
randall davis
randall davis 19 hours ago
NM6467 19 hours ago
Keep voting him and be stupid as fuck. Keep him in the office and let other country laughs at America. Keep him in power and make the country go insane. Make him stay in office another 5 years and ensure racism, economic disparity, inequality in almost all levels rise up to a level where there's no fixing and no going back. Keep voting for him to ensure the 1% enjoys all the benefits and the 99% enjoys hardships. Keep voting him and let Satan bless America because America worshipped beast-marked Israel. Keep it up and give more money to Israel and ensure America's downfall.
nick marc
nick marc 19 hours ago
Pam M
Pam M 19 hours ago
If Trump is racist, why do anything to help the black community? Racism runs both ways. Black people hate white people because they Think all white people hate them. Trump has employed people of color for decades. Where are all those outraged ex employees. ?? Trevor you are just a yapper. Oh yes. We need commie Bernie to fix things. Yikes.
Esmour Mayne
Esmour Mayne 19 hours ago
Hahahahha: They are loco deinerechte.wordpress.com/2012/02/03/kaiser-napoleon-bonaparte-uber-die-deutschen/
Claudia Dolfi
Claudia Dolfi 19 hours ago
definately some Gorilla influence in his posture...
Regina J kines
Regina J kines 19 hours ago
Hey Trevor, I hope that you are maybe in LA in your beautiful home getting some rest. We look forward to seeing you soon and thank you for staying with us. Much love and taking care of you!
Yeezus Season
Yeezus Season 20 hours ago
Yes next question
Oracle of Dephi
Oracle of Dephi 20 hours ago
~~~He is a doll of the Dragon~~~
Kennedy Riaga
Kennedy Riaga 20 hours ago
He just kookoo
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker 20 hours ago
someone said that he stands like a centaur without the horse part