"Living life on the goon side"
Brothers Lawncare
Brothers Lawncare 21 minute ago
I need some frame work done u guys work on a 2007 Ford f150
Taji Hall
Taji Hall 23 minutes ago
Been gone for a minute but I see y’all got a gate now
Leonard Herrmann
Leonard Herrmann 27 minutes ago
One question, what are you doing with that piece of crap Honda after working on more exotic cars from mustang to Ferrari’s? What’s the point? No matter what you do it’s still just a Honda!!!
BradSpazz 37 minutes ago
that string is the shift lock. it allows you to change gears if something binds or there isnt power to the car
Love the safety shoes!
Lane Spieker
Lane Spieker Hour ago
Battery prolly dead we started it a month ago. Sees it started two weeks ago
Mihail M A
Mihail M A Hour ago
dude that's sick! DUDE! all that good stuff,stay tuned for more shit
Aaron Rogers
Aaron Rogers Hour ago
Sick build let's here you make some pulls in it when your done so we can hear the spool action on this car
Bryan Flores
Bryan Flores Hour ago
Chi physical therapy Ford lightning truck
Ade Oredin
Ade Oredin Hour ago
How does the radiator get air for cooling if the inter-cooler is in the front blocking it . I live in Mississippi where the summers are 100+ and humidity makes it feel like 110-115. I need me engine cooling to be at its best..
Vincent Sigurdson
Restore the old ranger I would love to see that
You should restore that old truck
Takuachiando cuh
Takuachiando cuh 2 hours ago
He said no quema cuh 🤣
DarkShadowsYT 2 hours ago
you should get a hub dyno so you can dyno your cars at the shop
Fp SKI 2 hours ago
Track hawk vs boosted 5.0?👀
Gold Man
Gold Man 2 hours ago
where is part 7 ? :/ u liter .... :/
Nick R
Nick R 2 hours ago
What do you use when cleaning the plastic
William William
William William 2 hours ago
“I’m gon do a burnout” ... u sure?... “watch out”
Cameron White
Cameron White 2 hours ago
one of my favorite build, the exhaust is incredible!
Faze Sweatkid
Faze Sweatkid 2 hours ago
The Ford faststang
Bryan Kaganzev
Bryan Kaganzev 2 hours ago
A supercharger kit it was a turbo
SweeZeX 2 hours ago
Imagine the mustang horse in gold on this car!!!!:ooo
Brandon Averett
Brandon Averett 3 hours ago
idk how this is my first time coming across yalls videos, i have a gt and now i need a procharger, love the video
Gary Purpura
Gary Purpura 3 hours ago
Hey how much for the GMC Denali ?
Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 hours ago
We need a turbo build
Direct Gaming
Direct Gaming 3 hours ago
When’s the boat series back
Da Comrade
Da Comrade 3 hours ago
OPG's and spin it to 900 wheel on E.
Tac0 slay3r
Tac0 slay3r 3 hours ago
Holy fuck this channel is CLICK BAIT
Christiaan Carlucci
you should do a smal part towards the financial side of thing, you know, keeping it real. cost of the cars, etc etc.
jerry alsobrook
jerry alsobrook 3 hours ago
I am a subscriber to a lot of different automotive channels and And Your channel is the one I look forward to the most keep up the great content guys on your way to Multi millions of subscribers.
Ziad Salah
Ziad Salah 3 hours ago
what company is this exhaust from
Grady Latimer
Grady Latimer 4 hours ago
The dodge box in the yard???
Amir Alnajaer
Amir Alnajaer 4 hours ago
If you guys want to sell the gtr where can I find it for sale
Nygel Willams
Nygel Willams 4 hours ago
How much for the stang
K sweeney
K sweeney 4 hours ago
What was that drink they were drinking at 7:55? It looked like milk and peanut butter? looked bomb af lol
Gabi Chone
Gabi Chone 4 hours ago
Hello guys ... I have been seeing your videos, and I have a suggestion to fix door's. Maybe if you guys can use some hot glue to pull the metal from the door
I think you should put the air ride system on the Lambo.
Denis Grasso
Denis Grasso 4 hours ago
14:10 happy that dude in blue noises
Eric Pastuch
Eric Pastuch 5 hours ago
If you still have the GTR, I would live to buy it !!
Vivian Quartey
Vivian Quartey 5 hours ago
OOh my God Was that blood 9:11
JFN2004 5 hours ago
wide body the mustang ;)
Brayden Phillips
Brayden Phillips 6 hours ago
Has anybody noticed pops truck the bed is off
Hasan Amir
Hasan Amir 6 hours ago
Putting content for us ?? Where is my cut of the 60k revenue from your content ??😁 I never asked you for a dang son video I don't know wtf that means
Seth Harris
Seth Harris 6 hours ago
What kind of exhaust
iiSlappz 6 hours ago
That mustang is Fking mean #GoonzLife
KodieStuntz615 6 hours ago
all jokes aside. can i buy one of those DRZ's? ill take the wrecked one LOL also in tennessee !
وحيد الشايب
Dan _
Dan _ 7 hours ago
3:13 Gat dam ! I said gat dam ! 💥
VortechBand 7 hours ago
23:10 should have gone for a drive through town like that :)
Rafael Balasbas
Rafael Balasbas 8 hours ago
Solid goonzquad❤I always watch your video and i watched this mustang 2017 last year and now you have more car in the garage😍i love it❤ From Philipines, Tanuan City Batangas❤ I will always support you guys❤ Please Notice Me😊 Always Keep Safe❤ Goodbless🙏
The Ultimate Gamer
The Ultimate Gamer 8 hours ago
What about the ta
Fabian Pineda
Fabian Pineda 8 hours ago
That mustang is looking pretty beefy with that intercooler
kam6869 8 hours ago
I think a 2020 GT500 Front bumper conversion is coming.....
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez 8 hours ago
You should consider using hyper shift paint
Pat S
Pat S 8 hours ago
Why's the bed off pop's truck?
Niko Borden
Niko Borden 8 hours ago
It’s 2020 pro charger’s can identify as super chargers
Ahmed Khaled
Ahmed Khaled 8 hours ago
Bro that gtr😍
Lauren Parkinson
Lauren Parkinson 8 hours ago
For big part
Lauren Parkinson
Lauren Parkinson 8 hours ago
I think you should do a transit van to get all your parts from the dealership big transit
The Technology Crew
You should ad an intro
robert flores
robert flores 9 hours ago
Whiteboys are good the brother does most the work tho hook it up Goonsquad with a 2x shirt..
James Kilgo
James Kilgo 9 hours ago
Been waiting on this one boys from maryville tennessee
Justin Bennington
Justin Bennington 9 hours ago
Get a RTR grill
Justin Bennington
Justin Bennington 9 hours ago
Stock block rod and I believe crank can hold up to 1k for the 5.0l
seazxyn 9 hours ago
where do they these cars at??
Lewis crawford
Lewis crawford 9 hours ago
Yo, I thought yous were going Supercharger on the Mustang? Not TurboCharger
Awkward Ryan
Awkward Ryan 9 hours ago
Wow I’m so happy this build is back in action! Personally I would say look into the new gt500 bumper as well seen those all over Instagram and that looks 🔥
محمد اسعد
محمد اسعد 9 hours ago
There must be a translation into Arabic
Dustin Williams
Dustin Williams 9 hours ago
Ya'll should LS swap the Ranger and do a long travel kit to Pre-Runner it out and make it a Danger Ranger.
Mike Scollin
Mike Scollin 10 hours ago
Why is the bed off of pop’s truck? Or are these videos not in order.
Trav-trav 1718
Trav-trav 1718 10 hours ago
Do a classic car
Emmanuel Dipom
Emmanuel Dipom 10 hours ago
This is so crazy. This is something that hade to be done.
divyansh singh
divyansh singh 10 hours ago
This mustang boosted your channel and yeahh it also needs to be boosted good job🤘👌🔥
divyansh singh
divyansh singh 10 hours ago
I joined this channel when mustang build started and left when it got completed n i saw mustang again can't wait to see that🤩
Joseph Gladish
Joseph Gladish 10 hours ago
It’sjusts6 coyote engine has 1500whp
joanna Grae
joanna Grae 10 hours ago
This is just so satisfying
Rino Mei
Rino Mei 11 hours ago
That grass delete was what the yard needed
Ausy austin gaming
Ausy austin gaming 11 hours ago
You can see how they’re commentary got way better
The,Awakened satan within christ
Why are new mustangs rear ends shaped like a badys dipper ?
Jones McChainz
Jones McChainz 11 hours ago
I left for a good bit but when you finally fullfill your promise of boosting the Og Mustang i had to get back
Richard Mather
Richard Mather 11 hours ago
Looks shit ruined the look of it with that monstrosity if you dont know big words Google it lol
Joey Agosto
Joey Agosto 11 hours ago
Dammmmmn SSSOOOooooonnn ^^ Hi, DID U CHECKED ON THOMAS FIRST IF HE LIKES? WHTAT'S HE'S OPINION? 'COSE hE STILL THE TECHNICIAN RIGHT? I sow him here and there checking the all process .... cool wonder U're answear and kent w8 next move-vid, STAY WELL + SAFE GRTX + HUGS TO MJAUW & WOOFS ciao JoEy
Zoran Philippaerts
Zoran Philippaerts 11 hours ago
I love this car its the best out of all i woud love to do a widebodey on it so maybe ask everyone in one of the next vids i you guys one to woud look sick dont you think
dale haggart
dale haggart 11 hours ago
That Musty-stang is a real must have !!! I think Danny has one as well. I started watching with the stolen jeep.
Shardixx 11 hours ago
What happened to the Camaro?
Dayton Villarreal
Dayton Villarreal 11 hours ago
Get a full corsa extreme exhaust
Keegan Rupert
Keegan Rupert 11 hours ago
You’re going to want to oil pump gears if you’re going to be pushing the power. At high RPM’s with power they could break and then it would cause other problems. A lot of other problems.
Richard Mather
Richard Mather 11 hours ago
R P 11 hours ago
Kings of Dodgy. Do everything back to front, run on brain farts. Can't believe you can get away with backyard welding a tow hitch on, nothing done correctly about that.
John Ocampo
John Ocampo 12 hours ago
Pls boost the GTR that would be fast
Richard Mather
Richard Mather 12 hours ago
Wow sketchy really u need to know what sketchy means lol
Sa20 Irmãodosa10
Sa20 Irmãodosa10 12 hours ago
Gente rico é outro nível
SS RG 12 hours ago
Or is it both
SS RG 12 hours ago
Well that's a turbo not a procharger
Crystol Bracey
Crystol Bracey 12 hours ago
I think I found your channel a year or so ago. I always wondered how did you guys obtain so much knowledge on cars since you guys are so young?
William Raively
William Raively 12 hours ago
I’m not a big mustang guy but I like seeing the cervini hood They were a big name in Vineland New Jersey for the mustang community
Remco Leenders
Remco Leenders 12 hours ago
Why is the bed of the dodge truck? Why isn't there a video about it?
Amanda Scott
Amanda Scott 13 hours ago
After this Grand Cherokee build can you build a another Lamborghini from logan
gege gege
gege gege 13 hours ago
I'd love you guys get a real tune made by a tuner on a dyno, the difference between box tune and real tune is mind blowing, the difference in number is thin but the drive is really on a nother level
125 Southern NH
125 Southern NH 13 hours ago
A little wax and some elbow grease and that thing will buff right out.