Family Fun Pack
Family Fun Pack
Family Fun Pack
Hi guys, I'm Kristine, and I invite you to follow my journey as a mom. I have been documenting my life as a mother since 2011 here on RUvid. I have 6 beautiful children, including identical twins, and a wonderful husband. We love to travel and spend as much time together as we can. We usually travel about half the year. We love to be creative! Our motto is "fun with the family, every day", so if someone's having fun, it's our family!
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People have been asking the kids sizes. Bigger is better if you're concerned. Here are some guidelines: Alyssa 14/16, David 14/16, twins 12, Michael 7, Owen, 3.
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Valerie Calorie
Valerie Calorie 10 hours ago
Zac&Chris are so cute! Could you ask the twins to do a room tour but... during the tour u could be filming a cursed babysitter video...?
Valerie Calorie
Valerie Calorie 10 hours ago
I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS I WATCH THEM ALL THE TIME ASAP I'M A HUGE FAN! Some of my favorite videos are.... Twins Grandpa and Granny Skit. And micheal's slushies video. Could you please ask the kids if they would rather watch survivor or AGT.
kpretzel 10 hours ago
Atia Unicorn
Atia Unicorn 13 hours ago
Maybe we can get a room for the night and I was right there with you on the beach
Jerrick Bugg
Jerrick Bugg 18 hours ago
Hey you got a new baby
flamingo meh
flamingo meh 19 hours ago
I moving until june so tomorrow is my last day in my house :(
gewar1986 19 hours ago
The awnser was bryton I know the ninja kids there voises
gewar1986 19 hours ago
Was it Ethan or bryton
Magda Masri
Magda Masri 19 hours ago
Andrea Waers
Andrea Waers 21 hour ago
In your 24 hour challenge eating the color food that you’re wearing Alyssa was wearing the pineapple shirt that’s the hidden pineapple please tell me that’s right are you meaning I am a real pineapple I didn’t see that I am white I’m not lying
Andrea Waers
Andrea Waers 21 hour ago
Your the best are you have a good baby girl
Jaleo Bracken
Jaleo Bracken 21 hour ago
The Hidden pineapple is on Alyssa she always wears a pineapple shirt I’m true this video she’s not wearing the pineapple shirt in one of the gymnastics videos to you❤️❤️❤️❤️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻In your next video can you play texting mafia
Abbigayle Blocton
Alyssa did you get taller
Avy Vlogs
Avy Vlogs Day ago
I found the hidden pineapple
Preston Troumbly
F I’m not a.
Aliserenee Day ago
Hi I love your voice.you are my favorite RUvid.
Fiona Violette
I think I want to make it
Denis Regudon
I can’t even tell the twins apart?
Rebecca Campbell
miriam guzman
I love the beach
Reena Almeida
Reena Almeida 2 days ago
Come to Dubai
Akar Beston
Akar Beston 2 days ago
For the past two decades it is a member
Akar Beston
Akar Beston 2 days ago
Akar Beston
Akar Beston 2 days ago
Akar Beston
Akar Beston 2 days ago
Akar Beston
Akar Beston 2 days ago
Vanessa Valentin
Vanessa Valentin 2 days ago
i saw the ninja kids TV.like if you saw it to
Stephanie Bui
Stephanie Bui 2 days ago
Hi famliy fun pack l all ways like too wacth you guys you guys or good
Arianna Yañez
Arianna Yañez 2 days ago
I agree with mama I don’t like pineapple ob everything
Harper Weiss
Harper Weiss 2 days ago
Mommy Monday question what’s your favorite sport. What’s your favorite dessert
Harper Weiss
Harper Weiss 2 days ago
Pineapple sauce yes
Harper Weiss
Harper Weiss 2 days ago
Looks so good and I made it for dinner once it’s the one right Alyssa
Evelyn Pavia
Evelyn Pavia 2 days ago
Miguel Magic
Miguel Magic 2 days ago
Don’t put any pineapple 🍍 Alyssa me not like it 🤢🤮
Daniel Taveras
Daniel Taveras 2 days ago
If you guys know ninja kids tv I saw there dad
Eli Martin
Eli Martin 2 days ago
mommy monday qustestion what grade are you guys in
Gigi Asmr
Gigi Asmr 3 days ago
I’m sorry this had to happen 😭😭
journalis bae
journalis bae 3 days ago
finnaly the comment is not off🥳🥳
bella ramos
bella ramos 3 days ago
pineaple definitly
Mr. Wolf
Mr. Wolf 3 days ago
Nice work and good job
Saahil Ahmed
Saahil Ahmed 3 days ago
How do you know who Chris and Zach are
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 3 days ago
love you guys
Steven Martin
Steven Martin 3 days ago
mommy monday qustestion . what is your favorite cursed babysiter.And why are you moving back to calaforina.
Jasmine rafeequl
Jasmine rafeequl 4 days ago
I have a question for every family members : wher is the galamping pleas that got a toys ?
Logan 1771c
Logan 1771c 4 days ago
now people love mondays because of lockdown
Nebiat Eiman
Nebiat Eiman 4 days ago
Look how dig got in own such a cut kids you have
Cleiorn's Fun Tube Channel
Hey guys when you vlog in Quarantine day life you dont have mask and even the baby i think you to you are not proctective!!!
Nicole Evans
Nicole Evans 2 days ago
Cleiorn's Fun Tube Channel says you little kid
Andrea Long
Andrea Long 4 days ago
Hi fan fun pack you r helping me through this time right now my mom works at a hospital and had to move out and your family is really helping me through it thank you
Andrea Long
Andrea Long 4 days ago
* fam
Shewaye Aschenaki
When is the cursed babysitter part 8 coming
sahra Aden
sahra Aden 4 days ago
Mommy MONDAY question: how old are you guys
Lee Capenhurst
Lee Capenhurst 4 days ago
I love your beaches
Can you please put an end to baby sitter series because I feel like ur extending it to much
Stephanie Humble
Stephanie Humble 4 days ago
I love Family Fun Pack
Hafiz Lopudin
Hafiz Lopudin 4 days ago
I like dis vidou
Miley Oconnor
Miley Oconnor 4 days ago
Pls keep the comments on:)
Evangelica Evynia
stephen wakefield
When is your birthday and Matt's birthday what is your best video Chris Zac David Alyssa and Michael and Owen
stephen wakefield
Chris Zac and David what was your best soccer game
Hanoon Ali
Hanoon Ali 5 days ago
sanaedaaa //ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄
why did everybody say goodbye to cona???
skylar hubbard
skylar hubbard 5 days ago
Amyah Marie
Amyah Marie 5 days ago
Is Alyssa ever gonna grow up?
Isha Patel
Isha Patel 5 days ago
Pineapple lover
Jozelle DeGuzman
Jozelle DeGuzman 5 days ago
I live in Hawaii and my aunty works at a hotel in Waikiki
Trumpy 5 days ago
Jayson Norman
Jayson Norman 5 days ago
Omg i ws just searching fami and then you guys popped ip and i watch yall when Alyssa was a baby and now this :o
fortnite KK gamer
Hi family fun pack! I love your Channel soooooooo much! I follow you guys on tik tok! You guys are Great!❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jamal Ch
Jamal Ch 5 days ago
One video new
Jamal Ch
Jamal Ch 5 days ago
I love family fun pack One live at 12:00
Jasmine rafeequl
Jasmine rafeequl 6 days ago
Can you guys make some more baby sitting job
Zaynab Wade
Zaynab Wade 6 days ago
what are your favorite kind of shoes😄
Vitou Gaming
Vitou Gaming 6 days ago
i saw them meet ninja kids tv byton have a snake
Randosh Dhand
Randosh Dhand 6 days ago
What is your favorite song and music video on RUvid
Skir 978
Skir 978 6 days ago
Mommy Monday question: when are you moving back to California
Fiona 4 days ago
Yea same
Timberthedarks 6 days ago
I haven't been watching them for months but now i Just wanna check them out again and they kinda growed so I guess it's cool to see them again.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 6 days ago
For my daughter she loves you guys
iara Clemente
iara Clemente 2 days ago
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 6 days ago
Alyssa do you have any craft ideas that don’t involve paint
Bella Zam
Bella Zam 6 days ago
Bella Zam
Bella Zam 6 days ago
can you guys have last one to learn win 1000
Bella Zam
Bella Zam Day ago
I mean can you guys play ho leave out the pool win 1000
ABP ToysHere
ABP ToysHere 6 days ago
Why is there only 34 comments?
Zoe Butcher
Zoe Butcher 7 days ago
Cris is so cute 💏
Evangelica Evynia
Evangelica Evynia
Evangelica Evynia
Julissa Contreras
Hi I love this famliy on RUvid my favorite plz shout me out 😋🥰
Princess Ocampo
Princess Ocampo 7 days ago
This looks super good
alissa sanchez-then
Lah Htoo
Lah Htoo 7 days ago
So much fun I wish I could go outside even if we’re not even on lockdown I still miss my friends at school
Athif Human
Athif Human 7 days ago
I totally agree
『Avxni 』
『Avxni 』 7 days ago
I'm legit so happy that u liked my comment in tik toc :D
Nicole Evans
Nicole Evans 2 days ago
『Avxni 』 same they liked mine too
Iscreamadventure c
I love your Cursed Baby Sitter Series. Keep them coming! I am on the edge of my seat! Do not stop making them!
Ghost Xisuma
Ghost Xisuma 7 hours ago
I’m guessing
Ghost Xisuma
Ghost Xisuma 7 hours ago
Safa Khan
Safa Khan 15 hours ago
Me to
sbshah87 6 days ago
Like who is in side the suit
sbshah87 6 days ago
Me too i love them but when are you guys going too show the black guy