Raj Patel
Raj Patel 4 hours ago
She needs a uncensored late night talk show like Chelsea handker did ...come on vh1
Blazing Blasian
Blazing Blasian 4 hours ago
I've had to scream like that at my own parents. You are supposed to be their everything EVERYTHING.
Franklin Auguste
Franklin Auguste 4 hours ago
Yo I just saw her at 10 .she grew so much .blessing from ny
Tammy Hawkins
Tammy Hawkins 4 hours ago
Don is so full of💩!!! When he gets caught he talks loud to make it seem like he is innocent. He is a liar and a cheat. He could NEVER climb back in my bed. All these std's out here. 😒
Diamond Perkins
Diamond Perkins 4 hours ago
Wait I though they was twins?!?! Are they?
Njm 34
Njm 34 4 hours ago
I love scorpios personalities 🤩💖
Eriana Vaughn
Eriana Vaughn 4 hours ago
Okay not y’all praising a bodyshamer?? I thought she was cool until she opened her mouth up to “correctively criticize” Meghan but whatever do y’all 🤣
Tianna Sweeting
Tianna Sweeting 4 hours ago
Sky is a terrible and pitiful mother. She has the whole motherhood thing backwards she wants her kids to chase her love when she should be the one doing that. And even then her idea of love is cars and money when they just want a real mom
Jeremy Hatcliff
Jeremy Hatcliff 4 hours ago
All of them should apologize to her they all did her dirty
GAVIN GAVALLI 4 hours ago
"Your talking about my mother's daughter"! when you need a reason whoop someone's ass.
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 4 hours ago
Gloria really got the best of Joyce, after sparring Gloria was still in her stance like what’s up
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 4 hours ago
Gloria got some hands
Wow its 2020 and im still a fan of this woman #RIPBIGANG
Fama Cisse
Fama Cisse 4 hours ago
Even though I don’t be feeling OG’s energy and I don’t like her that much she has great confidence and that is a great character trait it fits her well and i hopes she keeps that
Tianna Sweeting
Tianna Sweeting 4 hours ago
Talking bout u did the best u could do girl bye
Abriel Delaney
Abriel Delaney 4 hours ago
"I don't do all that talking!" ...proceeds to talk.
Tianna Sweeting
Tianna Sweeting 4 hours ago
Sky is pitiful af. I can’t even
Saucy'est 4 hours ago
Jackie with her evil-creepyass laugh😆
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez 4 hours ago
Exacccttltyyy ‼️ Sky: Shaawwtttuuuppp 😂
Shresea Hamilton
Shresea Hamilton 4 hours ago
This is why I will always question Drea story. When she was on Hollywood exs, she called r.kelly her family and was mad that he wasn't supporting her dreams. Now she say he the devil, which one is it.
Gifted Introvert
Gifted Introvert 4 hours ago
love how she answered the phone, Praise the Lord yaaaas
Anderson Silva CLUB
3:25 Sorry God forgive please i like-1 sorry
Anderson Silva CLUB
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja.
Johnny Chapoy
Johnny Chapoy 4 hours ago
Poor Donna I like Donna
Brie WB
Brie WB 4 hours ago
They’re honestly an adorable couple...I really hope they last together! ❤️
Ta Hay
Ta Hay 4 hours ago
cameron vega
cameron vega 4 hours ago
Caesar is so selfish he’s literally trying to argue why she shouldn’t follow her dreams
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 4 hours ago
Jackie shut Malaysia down lol
Brie WB
Brie WB 5 hours ago
Ceaser doesn’t know anything about respect or loyalty. If you’re not treating him like a king, he won’t even treat you like a person.
Queen A
Queen A 5 hours ago
Feelings IS very mutual. I get sick of unintelligent Malaysia and her Compton education. 💀
Adr. Nyy
Adr. Nyy 5 hours ago
*Why didn't sky drag shorty that jumped her* ? *Why sky laughed at Donna* ? Donna would've jumped in for her without hesitation. Lucky security was there, that snow would've been GONE due to Donna using her as a damn shovel AND the other shorty.
Jade Duckervil
Jade Duckervil 5 hours ago
Bruh I gained 30lbs and I’m depressed over it
Nani Pena
Nani Pena 5 hours ago
Nicki Minaj is so beautiful I really love her.
Ra-sone Rucker
Ra-sone Rucker 5 hours ago
I miss and love you so much Angie.
Eleny Lei
Eleny Lei 5 hours ago
Amina was so cute . I wish she focused on her career and not lame ass Peter butt head
Miss Lotta
Miss Lotta 5 hours ago
I know this show is old but I feel for Myeta and I think I understand why she adopted a girl. Because she forever wants to hold on to the few days she had with Boy Gregory ( and If I didn't get his name right I apologize but I know I'm correct because I'm such a Nelson Rogers fan) I pray for all the ladies, but exspeically her. When you care so much about life in general ( vegan life before it became popular) & you think your doing everything right when in fact, that's why your childs life was took from you, the lack of knowledge about veganism at that time. That has to be hard. 💕💕💕💋💋💋 all 💕💕💕
BeautifulCrazyy 5 hours ago
Ew that neon pink lipstick wearing pig thinks shes rocky but is a punk. Thought she was going to make someone flinch.
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 5 hours ago
Listen sometimes I forget my own kids birthday, it happens
Natasha Johnson
Natasha Johnson 5 hours ago
How did everlyn say she opened the door for Jackie when she’s been they’re from day one,
Kerri Frances
Kerri Frances 5 hours ago
OG is UGLY inside and out.
Mi'Audre Harris
Mi'Audre Harris 5 hours ago
Mo can sing. She had her meds changed and still getting use to them. I didn't like this with Brooke being mad petty
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez 5 hours ago
I wanted to save it everytime but he left yesterday I moved out today 💔😔 i can't stop crying I haven't ate in 2 days i missed work I just cant.. im falling apart 😞 the worst part is we work together I cant work and have to watch how i dont have the loml anymore it's too dam painful 😣🥺☹️
Antoinette Gibson
Antoinette Gibson 5 hours ago
She definitely OVER shades her work 🤦
Harry Purcell
Harry Purcell 5 hours ago
I think shaunie is jealous of Evelyn and jennifers friendship and she wants Evelyn all to herself
Melyssa Revilla
Melyssa Revilla 5 hours ago
Evelyn looks like she has been smelling a fart forever. She always has this face that says: who did it? Is it me? Where does this smell come from?
Melyssa Revilla
Melyssa Revilla 5 hours ago
They weren't trying to bring her back to earth, they were trying to drag her through the dirt the whole season! When she stood up I was like wow! Beautiful black, natural, curvy, strong woman! She is black and proud of it, she has black features. She probably looks at the mirror and can recognize herself, most of those "ladies" look so different from when they were younger their family probably can't recognize who they are anymore.
Phi Day
Phi Day 5 hours ago
Very nice….
Hai Tran to
Hai Tran to 5 hours ago
Melyssa Revilla
Melyssa Revilla 5 hours ago
Can someone tell me what "to double sword" means? I'm Peruvian and don't understand why it is a childish thing to say.
Tendra Hall
Tendra Hall 5 hours ago
Stephanie looked so scared when Betty waked up to her
P&JLivingLife 5 hours ago
If Phor would have swung on everybody I wouldnt have blame him!
Aries22 6 hours ago
Yeah Malaysia is a sell out I would’ve never joined forces with shaunie and Evelyn
Bo Nhu
Bo Nhu 6 hours ago
Is my is my mother goose club out.
Nakiah Cumberbatch
Nakiah Cumberbatch 6 hours ago
London's make up doesn't match her face bahahaa
Deja Kidd
Deja Kidd 6 hours ago
m.ruvid.net/group/PLC_YedeWG1_3kiqFCrl39caQyG3OYR9bJ go listen to snake way out by dslow
theofficial_loverr theofficial_loverr
I hope this happen to me only because when I get yelled at I cry so he will feel bad
Deja Kidd
Deja Kidd 6 hours ago
m.ruvid.net/group/PLC_YedeWG1_3kiqFCrl39caQyG3OYR9bJ go listen to snake way out by dslow
Nakiah Cumberbatch
Nakiah Cumberbatch 6 hours ago
no one's talking about how Ryan stood up for kitty
youarenota otaku
youarenota otaku 6 hours ago
Lili like bruv represent latin culture bruv be respectfull puñeta
PrettyBlackAGE blue
All of them should apologize to her they all did her dirty
Kaitlyn Black
Kaitlyn Black 6 hours ago
Is she prettier than you YES
Gretcheline Mccollough
Love TI and tiny parenting and friendship with there kids The kids know how far to go I have a lot of respect for the Harris family I still miss precious being on there
Tracy Martin
Tracy Martin 6 hours ago
Yes brother are very tight. Love you man
Shelena Gibbons
Shelena Gibbons 6 hours ago
How can talk to a cheating ass pastor who doesn't know nothing about love marriage and how to be a man ijs
Julia D.
Julia D. 6 hours ago
Sky is an agent of chaos. Dinner #2 was proof. It made me think of the Greek goddess Eris. Laughing at the discord.
Scotti Moss
Scotti Moss 6 hours ago
@32:42, that girl with the dark hair at the convention was HATING!!!! She was back there flipping her hair & rolling her eyes BIG time. Sorry, had to bring that up.
Dafina Cullens
Dafina Cullens 6 hours ago
Shaunie:😑 Evelyn:I swear on my kids I would never do that to you😭 Me: Shaunie was staring like she was planning a funeral for Evelyn in her damn head lol
Nakia Corbin
Nakia Corbin 6 hours ago
I wouldn't let anything go that's attached to Prince. She can move on without getting rid of his stuff. To me that's kinda like throwing away pictures of them together. Move on but keep the memories.
Apiphany J
Apiphany J 6 hours ago
PHOR IS ZADDY OMG 😩😩😩 his personality make him the best looking on the show 😍😩
mi Ben
mi Ben 6 hours ago
Drita is the baddest
Natasha Cheyenne
Natasha Cheyenne 6 hours ago
Charmaine look so pretty and natural in this season
Notorious Ice
Notorious Ice 7 hours ago
So we not going to talk about how security didn’t set in
Dinda Aila
Dinda Aila 7 hours ago
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latasha brown
latasha brown 7 hours ago
So glad that they both are grown now and respectful for each other 💪 I have much luv for y'all
Bry 7 hours ago
Fakest reality ever
Camille Anderson
Camille Anderson 7 hours ago
Best sense of humor
ging arban
ging arban 7 hours ago
Tati Kay
Tati Kay 7 hours ago
Or a true Aries moon lol
Mongulian Ybarra
Mongulian Ybarra 7 hours ago
I ❤️ This Show!!!!!!!! Nothing but R E A L support for this show The cast is Great I’ma Big fan and Supporter of Pure Blanco it’s Great
Cece Giles
Cece Giles 7 hours ago
Lord Jesus