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Yvonne Addison
Yvonne Addison 5 hours ago
Dime that song was 🔥
Mary Green
Mary Green 5 hours ago
How can u call him your brother? But in the clip before you said he ate your pan-cakes every summer day n u kissed his pee-pee? Idk how you were raised but umm that’s not a brother!!?🤔🤮
Ashley Rosegirl
Ashley Rosegirl 5 hours ago
Tamar is the bid on this show with her hair looking like that
Mrs H
Mrs H 5 hours ago
And then it came out that she actually did get in after cameras left. Oop! 🤭
Nubia Supreme
Nubia Supreme 5 hours ago
they are all fire signs... thats why its so much drama
Londiwe Sishi
Londiwe Sishi 6 hours ago
Dutshess handled that convo like a boss🔥
Javier Guevara
Javier Guevara 6 hours ago
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 6 hours ago
When she screamed , i know that feel . You wanted to let go all of your anger and pains but you can’t punch him , you can just scream until your throat hurts . Meanwhile , he as a father that abused them for a long time , still making excuses to say that he is innocent . Damn now i feel like i want to scream and cry 😭
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae 6 hours ago
Lily said " pulling the black card" like those racist white people do lol. You'll be surprised how many hispanic people think like that too.
paige daviess
paige daviess 6 hours ago
Donna looking like a highlighter
Miss Proverbs31 Lady
I’m over here with tears in my eyes Lol! She has been thru so much and she’s a beautiful person inside and out! Congrats Toya!!!! We love you girl! 🍾🎊🎉🎈
Porche' 6 hours ago
That was so real, raw, and sad I feel him though I wanted a phone call that's deep
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez 6 hours ago
this week got my dream sports car with help of this system here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Olive D above
Olive D above 6 hours ago
Ok I don't think it's the producers place. It's not their party to go uninviting people. Filming or not she was asked to be there & they shouldve just kept her out the scenes.
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
She is toxic very TOXIC
Kaif Sayyed
Kaif Sayyed 6 hours ago
Cardi b is savage 😂😂
Dejah Gray
Dejah Gray 6 hours ago
The moment they kept hugging n kissing wtf
Shiny D
Shiny D 6 hours ago
I agreed with Dez when said he's pity Sky for multiple reasons. Even though she verbally has mental problems. I believe Sky has a disability: ADHD or Verbally Bipolar or Mentally Autistic.
Tiffany Harris
Tiffany Harris 6 hours ago
Best thing Tami ever did was walk away. She has done more than glow up she is a beaming crystal light right now.
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 6 hours ago
Congrats Toya!!
LENNY aaron
LENNY aaron 6 hours ago
There's actually a permanent cure for the herpes virus which most people don't even know only cause they never heard of Dr.ademiso on youtube
MULTI FANDOM 6 hours ago
Dutchess is whack To buy a wig that’s not even the same as the one that was Donna’s
ISSYAGIRL ZEE 6 hours ago
I’m the only one who thinks it’s irritating to have a camera on me 24/7 ?
feitras pace
feitras pace 6 hours ago
That’s for getting kicked off😴😴
Certainly Cee Caldwell
Proud of Can staying in his daughters life. Thank you Can we need to see more of a positive role models like Van.
Mirabel Fredua Agyeman
That hole Video Shows me That ceaser Fires People for no reason
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
Tooooo much fighting,, too much, its played out, there is no positivity .
Cooking diary gameplay
Their foundation be looking lighter than their body
Marie Edmonds
Marie Edmonds 6 hours ago
Charmaine seem cool but she know she not bout that fighting life lol
Victoria Miranda
Victoria Miranda 6 hours ago
They really care about who said this and that I guess that’s reality tv
Jenna Carter Jenna
Jenna Carter Jenna 6 hours ago
I love me some Lily idc 😭 plus she spoke F A C T S S 💯
Deai Salvador
Deai Salvador 6 hours ago
The is getting worst thanvever and why is the host is not naked its naked show or not its worst sorrry lord i will cancel it to my library
3riczzap v
3riczzap v 6 hours ago
I have one thing to say to young bae, is to be the Bad B!tch you are, be the queen you are, and keep being yourself!
3riczzap v
3riczzap v 6 hours ago
And also, always remember... you have rights to show emotion and aggresions to evil people, so this is the right thing to do! May his father get bad karma, since i know.. KARMA IS A BAD B!TCH
Consuelo Yanez
Consuelo Yanez 6 hours ago
Kats boyfriend said go get her baby
Cycl0n3 Sword
Cycl0n3 Sword 6 hours ago
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
More positive things & less fights the fights are getting boring
Tisha Faruk
Tisha Faruk 6 hours ago
who still watching this
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
Too much drama cant this show be more about other things than fighting
Jenna Carter Jenna
Jenna Carter Jenna 6 hours ago
Idk why but when Ryan said ”Hello Paris” I died 😭 I never even heard cease call her that
Crome Stryker
Crome Stryker 6 hours ago
Toooooo much black ppl fighting eachother toooo much drama
Jenna Carter Jenna
Jenna Carter Jenna 6 hours ago
They at the Sugar factory they food & drinks be good af 😍 #ChicagoLife
Stacy B.
Stacy B. 6 hours ago
If you pay attention to the first season for wanted to be in a relationship with cat but she brushed him to the side because she thought he was Square and once he was able to get a bad chick like Nikki then she wanted him
The Wanderer Me
The Wanderer Me 6 hours ago
Why Jackie always wearing black though I haven't seen her wearing other colour clothes
Breona Hawkins
Breona Hawkins 7 hours ago
I Love You Donna !!!
Clover Snyder
Clover Snyder 7 hours ago
Alaska: good lyrics Detox: good outfit and flow Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova: chef's kiss Roxxxy: Andrews
Jon Denver
Jon Denver 7 hours ago
Ha ha. Let me guess. His parents are also racist. Lol.
Cutie Chewchew
Cutie Chewchew 7 hours ago
Draya’s face at 13:31 when they didn’t chase after her sendss!🤣
Bhad Bitch
Bhad Bitch 7 hours ago
Cardi Hispanic says n word- everyone’s fine Lily Hispanic says n word- OMFG 🤬 SHE NEEDS TO GO MAKE 👏🏽 IT 👏🏽 MAKE 👏🏽 SENSE 👏🏽
Jeff Cockmann
Jeff Cockmann 7 hours ago
damn, did they invite Charles Cosby at that party?
trúc linh Mai
trúc linh Mai 7 hours ago
This couple s too beautiful it hurts !
NYCPrincess 7 hours ago
Jackie is so damn childish. Like girl grow tf up pleaseeeeee. All these women are too damn grown to be acting a fool.
Molincy Avery
Molincy Avery 7 hours ago
The wan at 1.30 and 1.25 we're so sexy
Matt Tyler
Matt Tyler 7 hours ago
Shaunie is is very messed up person, but she well get her share
Big red Mckibbens
Big red Mckibbens 7 hours ago
Hey everyone
Luvenia Cook
Luvenia Cook 7 hours ago
OMG I love Major 😆
Diamond Ahsi
Diamond Ahsi 7 hours ago
I’m late , but we aren’t going to talk about how’s she uneducated & ignorant?
Princess. Nasiaa
Princess. Nasiaa 7 hours ago
"That's why ur babyfatha want meee" *I died*
Lift1One 7 hours ago
Jenn was looking good. Van plays too damn MUCH.
zombiecartel13 7 hours ago
Cardi: "White boiis like us" Hennessey: "i love white boiis" Cardi B: "you do? 😕" *can't relate* I knew i was more like Hennessey!! 💗💖💕
Breona Hawkins
Breona Hawkins 7 hours ago
KITTY YOU DESERVE BETTER SIS MOVE ON !!! YOU ARE CLASSY. They trynna bring you down to their level of low vibrations!
s_xoxo 7 hours ago
Brooke is such a bad friend 😤
Isabelle Beauchamp
Isabelle Beauchamp 7 hours ago
why isn´t he in jail
Neha Misra
Neha Misra 7 hours ago
Please bring Katya back, even if she's a judge. Imagine Katya as a judge? AMAZING
DW DW 7 hours ago
Tiny sitting there quiet asf 😂
Zanny Fang
Zanny Fang 7 hours ago
Funny how most of them barely lipsync..they backface the camera and hold their huge wig for it not to fall...idk seems to me like they didn't learn much since...
AyeThats Jada
AyeThats Jada 7 hours ago
If a deaf girl was “yelling” at me I would just tf out laughing😂😂
Andrew Pearson
Andrew Pearson 7 hours ago
Like out of all the final challenges music videos this has to be still one of the best and one of the hardest for them to do. Still can't believe they did that to shangla like so shitty
Charlene Morris
Charlene Morris 7 hours ago
It's both
faith_000 7 hours ago
I think tami always had a small feeling that shaunie picked or favored when it came to her or evelyn no matter how tami has been good to shaunie and i think the last strike was that reunion where tami walked off cause shaunie swore “she didn’t remember the conversation “ between her evelyn and tami when she remembers everything else anybody else says 🙄 and tami realized shaunie gonna always be one sided and I understand tami if we both tami and evelyn make jokes or comments shaunie should be even she goes along with evelyn but dry with tami like she wont dare be seen making fun of evelyn her friendships to ppl are all one sided and all over the place
Takila Huney
Takila Huney 7 hours ago
Thats too much‼I'm so thankfullll to God I have a peacefulll life. Yes Lord‼‼‼ I couldnt c myself in alllll this messss allll the damn time🤪
Diana Jones-Ramos
Diana Jones-Ramos 7 hours ago
Awww father and daughter moment, priceless
Lift1One 7 hours ago
July 2020, why is this clip in my feed? 👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁👀👁
Sweet Listenings
Sweet Listenings 7 hours ago
"Don't talk about my dawghter!"
Ta'naia williams
Ta'naia williams 7 hours ago
Wow I’m speechless . It’s crazy I grew up in New York every Dominican, Mexican, puertorican and black person has used this word , besides taking into consideration that all of y’all are BLACK. The n word was oppressing to y’all too . Butt if we (black ppl) had a problem with Mexicans, Dominicans and puertoricans using this word then we should have never spoke this word around them because now they feel comfortable to use it.
madi j
madi j 7 hours ago
Cardi be like help may help mayy
Sheronda Thompson
Sheronda Thompson 7 hours ago
Beautiful...enjoy ya'll life together
Aquira Nixon
Aquira Nixon 7 hours ago
Uhmmm he apologized for saying it not apologizing for doing it. He still won't change
Michael Canales
Michael Canales 7 hours ago
Lily vs charmaine made the show. Kinda boring now.
Lihle Ngxaza
Lihle Ngxaza 7 hours ago
Domani - alright major this is what you suppose to do Tip - that's the first 1 you don't listen to 😂😂😂😂😂
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar 7 hours ago
Jadon Fields
Jadon Fields 7 hours ago
Why suge knight son look so nervous lol
Leanna Wolfe
Leanna Wolfe 7 hours ago
Janieaca Kerns
Janieaca Kerns 7 hours ago
Kitty drags everything😂
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar 8 hours ago
Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar 8 hours ago
Alfreda Whitequills
Evelyn seem jealous of Tami. That's sad Evelyn 😢
Rashan Sankofa
Rashan Sankofa 8 hours ago
Shaunie is a class act ! I love the woman / mothee that she is with her family. A Good Look. Seriously.
E P 8 hours ago
I personally liked OG when she came onto the show. As the season progressed though she constantly inserted herself into people's business and family business at that. She was Cece's backbone and voicebox having only known her 5 minutes. She started with Kristen some of yall don't seem to remember and Evelyn liked her it was the constant making Cece's drama her drama that started a lot of problems with her and others. Stop making this a COMPLEXION ISSUE OR A COLORISM ISSUE OG rubbed me the wrong way and I can give detailed reasons why and guess what not one of them is because of her beautiful shiny never ashy skin. She came for Kristen's relationship and then wanted to get upset because her man won't settle down or propose or give her a baby. I think it was genuinely weak to make this a colorism issue when the girl she had most issues with was her complexion.
Allahjanae & Acacia
If vans daughter invited her let her go in
sarah boo
sarah boo 8 hours ago
Is there anybody who Donna didnt cuss yet?
Jessica DarknessTwin
I thought he said he met some ghosts .. lol and the mother sounds like a dude I'm just saying
Monique Walker
Monique Walker 8 hours ago
This is funny to me because there's no faking sleeping with someone's man, being a side chick isn't cute 😵
Egyin Ak
Egyin Ak 8 hours ago
A joke
Powerful Being The YouTube Review Queen
Lily 🤦🏽‍♀️
Stream Break Up Song
k zombie
k zombie 8 hours ago
Lily is just a crazy wack job!! The kind of bitch you definitely want to avoid
Mariela Hernandez
Mariela Hernandez 8 hours ago
I mean karen saw her come in it was for her to be ready 🤷‍♀️
Fina Rajao
Fina Rajao 8 hours ago
I can’t relate to her pain but I believe this encounter was meant to finally let it all out. So, I understand why she acted the way that she did. Forgiveness is the “release of resentment or anger” NOT reconciliation. This might be necessary for her to eventually forgive, not because he deserves it but because she deserves peace.
Needy 8 hours ago
Sky was jus mad disrespectful and for what tho?