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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.
Month ago
Sky RSx27
Sky RSx27 8 minutes ago
How is she alive
Your Moments
Your Moments 9 minutes ago
Waiting for it
kaleiamar 10 minutes ago
Anmol Mishra
Anmol Mishra 10 minutes ago
Rdj camio here's
Bakhteyar Ali
Bakhteyar Ali 11 minutes ago
She is gonna rock the theatres. The superb Scarlett.
Savage 12 minutes ago
2sisters turn me on so much oh my god
Rocky Ugsod
Rocky Ugsod 14 minutes ago
Wow, Marvel always does it right. Hands down.
jlwk55 14 minutes ago
So happy to see Asian representation 😆
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 17 minutes ago
We all know Hawkeye has to appear in Budapest so I really wonder what Budapest is gonna be about as it’s also going to be similar to the original Loki’s invasion in the Avengers as she stated to Hawkeye during the battle so we know two things, Hawkeye and other Shield operatives will definitely be joining Black Widow in an epic showdown of massive scale in Budapest
Robert Downey
Robert Downey 18 minutes ago
I changed locations of many countries including Pakistan, India, USA ,Australia, New Zealand, Egypt. All have this trailer in Trending
ldeliane 18 minutes ago
.(. Hollywood won$ over the terrifically talented, young Florence Pugh.. I hope, in the future, she will still want to give us more non-blockbuster work!)
Sikhdev Singh
Sikhdev Singh 19 minutes ago
We need iron man in you're next movie😭😭😭
Mayank freakinRollins
Mayank freakinRollins 20 minutes ago
Now i see where hopper went after stranger things 3
Jagadeesh Naidu
Jagadeesh Naidu 20 minutes ago
The movie story between 2016 & 2019 before Thanos entered
Robert Downey
Robert Downey 22 minutes ago
Hopper entry is awesome
tori michelle
tori michelle 23 minutes ago
the WAY she’s going to OWN 2020
Никита Чистяков
Me, watching Black widow trailer: "Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne! "
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 25 minutes ago
I was really wondering how David Harbour would play a Russian version of Cap but I’m really glad they used David Harbour’s big body frame/fatness as a comedic aspect as he looks so funny when he put son the suit while still looking badass enough
SuperEman YT
SuperEman YT 25 minutes ago
" Nothing last forever" -black widow " nothing last forever, we can change the future" -alucard
Bryan G
Bryan G 26 minutes ago
RUvid rewind: we got what you like this year Marvel: Hold our dislike button
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 26 minutes ago
Man I reaaaally hope we don’t get another disappearing Russian accent act like Scarlett Witch with these new characters
FootballKing _Taha
FootballKing _Taha 27 minutes ago
0:55 me and my gf's dad fighting over who is going to give her the salt during dinner
Shaun Bang
Shaun Bang 27 minutes ago
Anyone else get Storm stripper vibes when Black Widow wears her white costume?
Adam Olender
Adam Olender 28 minutes ago
චුට්ටා studio
I done subribe your chanal..help me to build my chanal friend..
Ancy Mathew
Ancy Mathew 28 minutes ago
Annabelle 28 minutes ago
I physically gasped when I saw this
ThunderLizardsRule 29 minutes ago
It's about time!
Bedul Riska
Bedul Riska 29 minutes ago
Stop killing woman
Daniel Hofbauer
Daniel Hofbauer 30 minutes ago
About time
Sybren Roukema
Sybren Roukema 30 minutes ago
David Harbour really looks like beta from the walking dead with that beard and uniform. Except beta looks badass and Harbour silly. Hyped for the movie tho
The siblings vlogs
The siblings vlogs 31 minute ago
Love the music so good
Your Pakistani Bro
Your Pakistani Bro 31 minute ago
Amanat Elahi
Amanat Elahi 31 minute ago
Who is most popular Hero Iron man fans (Like) Black Widow fan. (COMMENTS)
Your Pakistani Bro
Your Pakistani Bro 31 minute ago
Melly Mel
Melly Mel 31 minute ago
1:27 taskmaster?
shakti prakash Mishra
shakti prakash Mishra 32 minutes ago
aditya ndaru
aditya ndaru 32 minutes ago
it's be like james bond the movie
Pm Ryder
Pm Ryder 32 minutes ago
They said this movie will have more action scenes than other Marvel movies. I guest..... Even the walking scenes, they would rolling.. LOL
Manushri Balaji
Manushri Balaji 33 minutes ago
I really love the theme song! What is it called?
Gaming With Josh
Gaming With Josh 35 minutes ago
Son: DAD ARE YOU OKAY?? ME: I keep telling myself that I should move on son...some marvel fans do...*remembers ironman to Endgame* but not me son not me
L Hans
L Hans 35 minutes ago
Maybe Black widow was blonde in Infinity war because her sister died after civil war in this movie.
NoobieSnake 35 minutes ago
Why doesn’t this feel like her past? Lol.
afi azreen
afi azreen 36 minutes ago
Now we can see how thor and captain fushion look like..
Dean Pagliaro
Dean Pagliaro 37 minutes ago
Finally! Been waiting forever for this movie.
Anozira Erised
Anozira Erised 37 minutes ago
Why was the full clip never posted??? 😭
Mutant in this trailer 😮👌💥
IncredibleMatt1 Gaming
IncredibleMatt1 Gaming 39 minutes ago
Can’t wait for this movie. Looks way better than Birds of Prey. Suck it dc you suck
King Clan
King Clan 39 minutes ago
KiLL DEVIL 40 minutes ago
man marvek is just killing it with the music
GRIDLOCK 40 minutes ago
Looks like this movie might be on winter soldier level of fight scenes
Bayu Nugroho
Bayu Nugroho 41 minute ago
This is awesome
Slepster 41 minute ago
I thought this movie would come out this month.. what?
Akshaya Bala
Akshaya Bala 42 minutes ago
Black widow is awesome 😍😍in each and every scene..
Jess jms
Jess jms 45 minutes ago
Russians, how are the accents?
Aizo Bells
Aizo Bells 45 minutes ago
😱 omg
Hitesh Malhotra
Hitesh Malhotra 46 minutes ago
While everyone is excited for her next adventure or anything else??? Bt i want to know why does she changes her hair colours or styles... there is any reason behind this???
Kel y Bee
Kel y Bee 46 minutes ago
I wanna see what happened in Budapest.
Kenny K
Kenny K 47 minutes ago
Marvel Studios: On 4-1-2020 you will ALL understand. P.s. Thank you Scarlett for having a good sense of humor.
그한마디때문에 47 minutes ago
I was kinda expecting a movie talking more about the sadness andthe abusive, harsh environment Black widow had to overcome but I forget its marvel action. :( hope some part is featured there. I am a huge marvel fan but I wish it had more story then heros saving the day. Something that makes me think for a while after the movie is over. Something like dark knight or Joker. I dont really like DC movies but the features in these two movies are something to learn.
YoUrS tRuLy MR sCrUbB FaCe
This looks mad
Saloni Desai
Saloni Desai 49 minutes ago
awesome trailer...
Thrillchiller 49 minutes ago
What’s the point if she died in the movie?
pahhh .h
pahhh .h 49 minutes ago
“ But nothing lasts forever “ 💔
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan 50 minutes ago
chae poopsie
chae poopsie 51 minute ago
i love the music omg ok bye
The last Thunder Warrior
MAN!! So I’ve honestly gotten tired of the MCU but I do enjoy when they use lesser known characters like Red Guardian and Taskmaster and give them new life. So this might be fun!
Doll Kyuri
Doll Kyuri 52 minutes ago
Finally! ❤️😍😍😍
God Gamer
God Gamer 52 minutes ago
Didn’t black widow die?????in endgame
Kyisla Kissida
Kyisla Kissida 53 minutes ago
Wow took y’all long enough 🙄
klloyd plata
klloyd plata 55 minutes ago
The question phrase, "is that what we are?" is soooooooo very useful and reusable sentence question. It has said by some famous, popular and fan-favourite Marvel characters such as Captain America, Mary Jane Watson and now had said by Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh). I really really enjoyed and loved Marvel movies especially how intense the plot twists and storytellings are.
Hasham Ali
Hasham Ali 57 minutes ago
1:50 This reminds me of Just Cause 4!
Nick Sapora
Nick Sapora 58 minutes ago
I'll check it out
hayeck38 58 minutes ago
i'm sooo glad they let scarlett as Black window. I can't see anyone else but her for this role
Yiğit Sezgin
Yiğit Sezgin 58 minutes ago
Nice music
Multitaskers 58 minutes ago
She died lol
Cullen Kiefer
Cullen Kiefer 59 minutes ago
Omg that audio tho
Stark Akademi
Stark Akademi Hour ago
Marvel Editleri Ve Daha Fazlası Bu Kanalda
Rezowana Islam
Natasha : Nothing lasts forever Me : yeah I know... I know T.T
_KAALI VIDHWA_ *now playing in theatres near you* .
Samantha Piape
It feels like a trailer. Lol😂
Sam Grey
Sam Grey Hour ago
I wonder if Black Widow'll fight a demogorgon.....
Sam Grey
Sam Grey Hour ago
Wow, a couple of months in Russia sure changed Jim's opinion, he looks like he's having fun!
Looks kinda lame TBH
TJPhoenix Hour ago
Finally it took them long enough to make black widow film and already looking better then the Captain Plank film.
Hiren Solnki
Hiren Solnki Hour ago
Super se Bhi uper
Josh Reynon
Josh Reynon Hour ago
hopper's name in the movie is Alexei omg Marvel your the best (Stranger Things Fans only understand)
WWE Fever
WWE Fever Hour ago
Unckle WHO looks Like that Captain America gOt Uptaded in Old age.....
rjohnson7416 Hour ago
a waste of money
kavin legend
kavin legend Hour ago
😮 Wow
Bungas Halidi
Bungas Halidi Hour ago
0:21 alucard voice
ComiXProvider FTW_02
The culmination of 2000’s era Marvel
Mainak Sen
Mainak Sen Hour ago
1 year
Sean P
Sean P Hour ago
Thought it was a new Avengers movie legit
Rae Lynn
Rae Lynn Hour ago
What a brave girl with such a beautiful soul
Ayhan Turan
Ayhan Turan Hour ago
Film miraz basit kalmış gibi avengers ten sonra çıtayı yüksek tutması gerekirdi marvel lin çünkü beklenti yüksek seyircinin
ComiXProvider FTW_02
Shame they don’t make trailers like theses anymore
ivan sanchez
ivan sanchez Hour ago
At least we know she won't die
ComiXProvider FTW_02
We’ve come a long way