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Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of over 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing.
A Box Of Brix Studios
A Box Of Brix Studios 44 seconds ago
2:21 Here we see The Hulk fighting a flaming demonic Mr Krabs
kitta tobiáš
kitta tobiáš Minute ago
is this before thanos? or someone took her from the past to the future or somethin?
Mike Castro
Mike Castro 3 minutes ago
I think May's LMD gave them away
ReaperXC 17 minutes ago
Marvel - you need to slow down these event and do them less often to have them mean something. You’re doing two a year pretty often now and they have so little impact.
giuliana cesca
giuliana cesca 24 minutes ago
Thank god that finnaly women got costumes that are not tight af, neither have high heels or loose hair (whitch is absolutely stupid for fight scenes btw)
Kolade Fagbemi
Kolade Fagbemi 40 minutes ago
One of My favorite series..... I love y’all too much.... hope y’all come to the knowledge of Christ
PlushPower 45 minutes ago
I showed this to my dog. Now she’s a wolf.
Erikaspencer82 49 minutes ago
He drinked a big pot before mini
KRaZzy KaTT 52 minutes ago
So they really are the legends of tomorrow now
Salmaan Shah
Salmaan Shah 54 minutes ago
*sees comic book character with 6 pack:* 'I was intimidated...' Welcome to masculinity in 2020, folks!
zahra pandie
zahra pandie 54 minutes ago
Can we all appreciate how nat's superpower is being a badass and that immediately makes her superior, I rest my case😌
P Świerczyński
P Świerczyński 59 minutes ago
im gonna miss that so much
Sinn Ψ
Sinn Ψ Hour ago
Hoppers superhero name is Alexia we gotta love that ❤️
Eko Mojo
Eko Mojo Hour ago
Natasha listen to ur mother
Gustė Dzežulskytė
Albert Kayed
Albert Kayed Hour ago
One question: Why?
Alex Morgan
Alex Morgan Hour ago
Yelena: enough Drumming intensifies
tompparaideri Hour ago
This is the greatest thing ever!!!
Senile_ Peanut
Man we made so much fun of Natasha with her gun that she killed herself
Senile_ Peanut
Gah it seems like a thousand years ago...
Llama Boy76
Llama Boy76 Hour ago
My children in 10 years: daddy! What is the story of the avengers?! Me: There was an idea...
Senile_ Peanut
Man remember when we were all so hyped for this movie? Those were good times
Llama Boy76
Llama Boy76 Hour ago
Let's be honest, this was probably the most hyped film ever created, and it was certainly one of the best.
Jordan Bruce
Jordan Bruce 2 hours ago
Adam Warlock is going to be The Avengers Next Big Villian
come back when you sober
I'm watching this movie right exactly now
Cataclysmic Cosmo
Cataclysmic Cosmo 2 hours ago
Skrulls, Galactus, Kang, Battleword, Hydra,
Gasparin 2 hours ago
This could have been a good iron man movie bad thing he is dead
Rolls That Movie
Rolls That Movie 2 hours ago
What? 1:59 Hulk is here ?
miranka Nobre
miranka Nobre 2 hours ago
Daddy long legs
Daddy long legs 2 hours ago
*experimental internet gas*
Abbos Muxtorov
Abbos Muxtorov 2 hours ago
Iron Man😉
isaac 2 hours ago
Lauren Edwards
Lauren Edwards 2 hours ago
i love the dark costume
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 2 hours ago
That ratio 💀
HYPER GAMING 2 hours ago
0:06 *SPOILER WARNING! Me: Are you serious 🤨🤨
liam smart
liam smart 2 hours ago
It’s sad to think we’ll never feel this kind of hype for a movie ever again, this was a once in a lifetime experience and I am thankful I got to experience it :))
Eda Rrushi
Eda Rrushi 2 hours ago
I cry everytime I watch this ...!!😭
marshmallow 115
marshmallow 115 3 hours ago
All their powers are weirdly vague or oddly specific
Golden Pandemonium
Golden Pandemonium 3 hours ago
The characters are so plain, not soul, not personality, not connection with the audience... even the Dog looks Fake...
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard 3 hours ago
Well can’t they try to reason with their kids?
Paul Derham
Paul Derham 3 hours ago
Disney won't allow smoking but they will film a scene where a torture device is called "erotic"
Golden Pandemonium
Golden Pandemonium 3 hours ago
If someone told me this is a pornhub parody I will totally trust them...
Genesis.3xe 3 hours ago
Rdj realmente é o Tony stark
Bini Pajaziti
Bini Pajaziti 3 hours ago
After i watch this movie my life will change.
Axle Avalanche
Axle Avalanche 3 hours ago
You know Marvel and comic books were made as a thing for kids these days I can’t find a single kids comic book from Marvel like the good old days. So much so that I have never bought a Marvel comic and yet I am a fan of Marvel.
Enggels Sebiatako
Enggels Sebiatako 3 hours ago
Nobody say about Rachel Weisz, I mean she's not aging
James Scott Jr.
James Scott Jr. 3 hours ago
These guys are the worst! Why are they on the official Marvel channel?!
Babu Frik
Babu Frik 3 hours ago
Can’t wait to see Kang the conqueror
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard 3 hours ago
Well I say becoming a vigilante.
seanpaul vc
seanpaul vc 3 hours ago
Song name?
Grzegorz J
Grzegorz J 3 hours ago
I watched
Coltafanan Studios
Coltafanan Studios 3 hours ago
Next big villain? Maybe Brie Larson...
Pixel Wizard
Pixel Wizard 3 hours ago
Lia Isabella
Lia Isabella 3 hours ago
Black Widow: You took everything from me! Coronavirus: I don’t even know who you are...
wuillan jhonzon
wuillan jhonzon 3 hours ago
I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Ezekiel Jackson
Ezekiel Jackson 3 hours ago
Hopper got fat
Siylence Dogood
Siylence Dogood 4 hours ago
You do realize Marvel that pandering to less than 1% of the world population in order to appear "woke" is going to backfire in your faces...
claire jinks
claire jinks 4 hours ago
Yes it has David harbour.
Brayden Keel
Brayden Keel 4 hours ago
I still get mad goosebumps watching Cap vs Thanos 1:44
Raj 4 hours ago
Goosebumbs everytime Tony: Whatever it takes BGM Rolls..
eyeless Jack
eyeless Jack 4 hours ago
"she's pretty much better than you in every way" Never before have i been offended by something i 100% agree with
Big Booler
Big Booler 4 hours ago
What about galactus
Eliseo Torres
Eliseo Torres 4 hours ago
I love the Avengers will always be in my heart! ❤
Pranav Mistry
Pranav Mistry 4 hours ago
This is interesting.
Current 4 hours ago
Cap looks like a stay at home dad, widow looks like a mom with a long head, iron man looks like the annoying kid from polar express except with black hair, thor looks like he’s getting his end game body back
sion bitton
sion bitton 4 hours ago
Guys this is for the marvel COMICS not mcu
Mione134 4 hours ago
I'm not ready for this show to end 😭
Super Mario Martínez Salinas
I hope Marvel can release an Official Theme Soundtrack for the Empyre event just like they did with War Of The Realms.
Hammad Islam
Hammad Islam 4 hours ago
Skrulls or Galactus........ Who agrees 👇👇👇
AestheticBiker82 4 hours ago
The only Marvel movie trailer that wasn't in a whole other league from the movie was Infinity War. Man, these trailers are epic.
AFTMOST GLOBE41 4 hours ago
What about galactus
Cowboy Boy
Cowboy Boy 4 hours ago
I rather stick to well written straight white male characters. And the sad thing is these people are in charge on making heroes of color, I'm embarrassed that they think this is what we meant.
gabe_liu 5 hours ago
May, you look best all the time, free to choose
Michael Thomas Ireland
"A magic backpack." Alright, I'm out.
Rose Stephanie
Rose Stephanie 5 hours ago
I was about to live on the streets and this system saved me, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Dylan 5 hours ago
Guys I think Thanos released his biggestmaster plan I think Thanos caused the coronavirus
Break Rank
Break Rank 5 hours ago
We need unity and more community responsibilty. Our borders are closed off, family and friends dying from a virus. No more branding or politics. We need each other more than ever.
ChequeMate 5 hours ago
0:04 I could ̶d̶o̶ watch this everyday ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
beti wulansari
beti wulansari 5 hours ago
Is this on ps5?
90AMason 5 hours ago
That dislike ratio gives me hope
Tanvir Niaz
Tanvir Niaz 5 hours ago
Quest X panda
Quest X panda 5 hours ago
It pisses me off when people just call him black spider Man, and I even saw someone trying to get a marvel and don't sponsor for BLM. It bugs me that they are calling him black Spiderman, like he's taking Peter's role they are literally in different universes.
Jean-Baptiste Dupont
I upvoted it - just to feel unique and special 😂😂😂
Christopher Cano
Christopher Cano 5 hours ago
*A hero will betray them all* Please tell me Wiccan's going to betray everyone for Teddy. I dont care if they both do a heel turn, I just want them to still be together by the end of this.
FIRE DEMON KILLS 5 hours ago
1:53 why wasn’t there any skin
Ori No Game No Sekai
Toon Sandwich :)
Becky Arteest
Becky Arteest 5 hours ago
Fun fact: that’s Wendy Corduroy from Gravity falls
Yoni Dan
Yoni Dan 5 hours ago
paradise Nyna
paradise Nyna 5 hours ago
The wolverine and the x-men suit Is my favourite
Will Mac
Will Mac 5 hours ago
These videos are so bad. How are these clowns still working at Marvel?
Jawad Ahmed
Jawad Ahmed 5 hours ago
Came from The Punisher Still Daredevil has the best theme imo.
Warmer 6 hours ago
It is clear that Doony Cates is the 1ª fan Venom ... It almost seems that he wants to be what Chris Claremont was for the Xmen :)
Joseph Thomas
Joseph Thomas 6 hours ago
Dil bechara 10 million likes🔥🔥
Shaahid 6 hours ago
Anybody know the song used??
Sansan Bams
Sansan Bams 6 hours ago
Why time travel on SHIELD doesn't work the same as MCU?
raevir 6 hours ago
This has been a very fun season.
Ariel Jacob
Ariel Jacob 6 hours ago
so thankful I can now support my family thanks to this web-site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Cavahir Azimzada
Cavahir Azimzada 6 hours ago
OMG Fitz!!!!!!
W.G-gaming 6 hours ago
Frankly I don't think either the kree or skrull would make a compelling villain. If anything introduced dr doom or modok or hell even the hell fire club
Chandrakant Jain
Chandrakant Jain 6 hours ago
What about doctor dum