The Cryer Family
The Cryer Family
The Cryer Family
Renee Bonthrone
Renee Bonthrone 2 minutes ago
I have been following you from the start and you have never given me a shoutout or your son
ElliottTheIdiot 23 minutes ago
He back in Texas
Zena Sherrill
Zena Sherrill 31 minute ago
Glad you made it back home okay
Melissa Bailey
Melissa Bailey 2 hours ago
Team Darion
josiah money
josiah money 2 hours ago
im 16 years old 5'3
josiah money
josiah money 2 hours ago
bro i will ball darion up 😂😂 send him to california will bet 70 best outta 3
44 gabriel
44 gabriel 2 hours ago
Why you better then Damien like if darion should go back to Htown
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 2 hours ago
Subscribed since day uno and post notifications been on
Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels 2 hours ago
I missed this one also, I am not happy with youtube right now, This is the second video they did not notify me of yours, I found this one other one❤️ I can not miss A Cryer Family upload💜 I love seeing you and Darion together they are my favorite vlogs ever, Cherish it for real, even though I know you already do❤️ Much love as always ❤️ Keep doing what you are doing 💜 Much love as always from Florida❤️ Also shared By the way you do look just Damion for real, I have always though that.
Jaiden Burnette
Jaiden Burnette 2 hours ago
Michael Fields
Michael Fields 2 hours ago
Faze Zlan
Faze Zlan 3 hours ago
U should prank Damian and say u got robbed and pretend that his little brother is dead and see his reaction
Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels 3 hours ago
How did I miss this one, RUvid did not notify me for this one, Me and RUvid is fixing to fight, Lol, anyways glad I found it though, Much love as always ❤️ Hope y'all are doing well💜 Also shared❤️ I love seeing y'alls bond 💜,Darion has very grown up explanations just like A adult, He is A sweet kids, and is going to grow up A wonderful young man, for sure, Y'all have done A excellent job with him so far❤️
Sade Woodson
Sade Woodson 3 hours ago
Dobre brothers Dobre brothers
Oh no what happen
Dobre brothers Dobre brothers
Leave the prince family alone
Lizzy Beaulieu
Lizzy Beaulieu 3 hours ago
Subbed awhile back It would be cool to get a shoutout in the next vid.
Christal Jenkins
Christal Jenkins 3 hours ago
It would be better if u get her a harness
Abeerah Muhammad
Abeerah Muhammad 3 hours ago
Hey Damion
Kate Ford
Kate Ford 3 hours ago
i think your a great fur baby dad. xxxxx
Allysha Johnson
Allysha Johnson 3 hours ago
I’m glad you’re OK God bless you and your family
Jasmine J
Jasmine J 4 hours ago
It’s the bald spot for me 😒😴
Cherry pink pop
Cherry pink pop 4 hours ago
I feel like your using them for likes by reacting to there vids😒
Queen Baby Squad
Queen Baby Squad 4 hours ago
I don’t like you
Thank you I am 29 and this just inspired me of another meal to cook
April Gross
April Gross 4 hours ago
Thank you for the weekend I’m glad you made it home safely and everything is gonna work out with your blood work and you have a good night🙏
Isaiah Benjamin
Isaiah Benjamin 4 hours ago
It's in the bible
Kamari White
Kamari White 4 hours ago
What ur intro song its 🔥
Isaiah Benjamin
Isaiah Benjamin 4 hours ago
God doesn't want us to it lobster, shrimp, crab etc.
Isaiah Benjamin
Isaiah Benjamin 4 hours ago
Lobster is not good to eat
Ishera Risper
Ishera Risper 4 hours ago
Lavoris Broadnax
Lavoris Broadnax 4 hours ago
God bless Mr.cyer stay safe..😆😆
Tamara Dean
Tamara Dean 4 hours ago
Not to be funny! But you just did your son's about three months and got four tennis shoes and he's doing a again is he paying his friends or family for his shoes for money🤔?? He shouldn't be doing anything until Christmas🎅
Chaine M
Chaine M 4 hours ago
Who ever is watching this God bless you are you family 🙏❤
MDspeedstser 12
MDspeedstser 12 4 hours ago
Why u always gotta use they name in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO that u post tho 😑😐.
Young Picture
Young Picture 4 hours ago
Atleast you don't clickbait
Devo 68
Devo 68 4 hours ago
That oil change place is garbage. Run 🏃‍♀️ Never pay up front for car repairs.
Casey Daniels
Casey Daniels 5 hours ago
Hope everything is ok, Everyone stay safe and blessed 💜 Much love as always ❤️ Shared, Sorry about you getting pulled over that sucks💯 Please be safe you are right about those points if you keep getting tickets, Especially here in Florida with just them two I would have already been in A class, it is real strict here in Fl about those tickets and points racking up, So be careful and slow down lol
Vibing with Arielle
I wish I could stop you from going to those people I went to them and they are a rip off I turned around and I told them no way Jose they are giving me Oil change for 60 $70 when you can go to your car dealership for that cheaper than that oh I wish I can stop you before smh sorry ☹️
zander hamoonga
zander hamoonga 5 hours ago
Does it matter if he cusses
DragonFly1621 5 hours ago
The 1v1 Game is Screwed?
Maria Rattray
Maria Rattray 5 hours ago
Love Cryer family
Naudia Diamond
Naudia Diamond 5 hours ago
the real noodles are on Amazon
Maria Rattray
Maria Rattray 5 hours ago
Click fast plz
Maria Rattray
Maria Rattray 5 hours ago
Sorry for that uncle
Antaniya Hicks
Antaniya Hicks 5 hours ago
Who clicked through it to see if it was real🤨
Darrius Brown-Harper
Dang man
Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller 5 hours ago
can u do a prank on damien 👀
eric robinson
eric robinson 5 hours ago
Naudia Diamond
Naudia Diamond 5 hours ago
My Favorite Channel
IREEN RIVERA 5 hours ago
Wait I thought he just took darion back
Barbie girlz
Barbie girlz 5 hours ago
Soooo nice cryer family
Kynnedi Glass
Kynnedi Glass 5 hours ago
Billy Trevino
Billy Trevino 5 hours ago
Ma dawg damion Is like family 2 us👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone 5 hours ago
I get my cigs hamburger too from mc ds
Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone 5 hours ago
Logan C
Logan C 5 hours ago
That’s great 😃 video
Jessica Stone
Jessica Stone 5 hours ago
Hey damion, good video and we understand that you had to get back to Houston. Things happen hun❤❤❤❤❤💯💯
Shayla Dorsey
Shayla Dorsey 5 hours ago
I don't !like him cuz that car so unsubscribe now
LiLone4 5 hours ago
Well instead of 30 sponser interruptions on this video now u need to put 60 to pay for ur ticket and just don’t care about ur subscribers how any of them feel u never did on this interruptions
Shirley G
Shirley G 6 hours ago
Yep, those are original! We call those little fishes spratts in U.K.
Stacy Conklin
Stacy Conklin 6 hours ago
When I have McDonalds, I always get my dog fries (I call them “good boy fries”) and a cheeseburger with just the cheese on it, and sometimes chicken nuggets!
Bruna Melo
Bruna Melo 6 hours ago
Love your videos
Dazir Frazier
Dazir Frazier 6 hours ago
Wassam I just got a question
Rose-Quartz 6 hours ago
I live in Indiana, these cops don’t play😂
orean green
orean green 6 hours ago
Glad you made it back to houston Safe. please be careful that could have gone way worst then just a speeding ticket. I am glad you enjoyed spending time with your baby boy we enjoyed seeing him as always.. Love you always
Game whith Eric
Game whith Eric 6 hours ago
telll darion to keep on posting
Stacy Conklin
Stacy Conklin 6 hours ago
Shouldn’t be speeding in the rain especially! You are putting others in danger! Smh that’s not something to be bragging about either!
Ronnell Rogers jr
Ronnell Rogers jr 6 hours ago
Vibes with Riahanna
Even tho I’m late i clicked fast🙅🏽‍♀️🥺
Bruna Melo
Bruna Melo 6 hours ago
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NaNa Taylor
NaNa Taylor 6 hours ago
Deion Thomas
Deion Thomas 6 hours ago
Show Mia more plz
Brandon Spencer
Brandon Spencer 6 hours ago
I salute you for doing your job 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Roshi K
Roshi K 6 hours ago
Download the Waze App & never get a ticket again. I haven’t in 10 years
Charisse Johnson
Charisse Johnson 6 hours ago
Flying would of been cheaper. Don't you drive with GPS or wavy? They tell you when the police are in the area. I do 80 and above from Georgia to Florida. Get the app or turn your GPS on. That doesn't make sense. You surprise me.
Charisse Johnson
Charisse Johnson 6 hours ago
Mr. Cryer I look forward to your vlogs.
Alayjah Brunson
Alayjah Brunson 6 hours ago