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10 days ago
Zoey Hall
Zoey Hall 21 hour ago
James: do you have snow where you live?? Me: here in West Virginia we have snow but we are definitely freezing our tail feathers off
Ayaana Ahmed
Ayaana Ahmed 21 hour ago
The frogs are in the basket,I have no idea why I’m doing this or how I’m still watching this
Yaz Queen
Yaz Queen 21 hour ago
I love u James ur sooo talented!
Tegan Sherlock
Tegan Sherlock 21 hour ago
Yeah I live in New Jersey and winter time gets really annoying for my family but only because we can only supply heat by a wood burning stove and we are always running low on wood haha 😔
Bręñdå Ç
Bręñdå Ç 21 hour ago
I live in Wisconsin and it snows but it’s a meh for me
MGA 21 hour ago
Paris Hilton is so sweet and kind
Victoria Pawluk
Victoria Pawluk 21 hour ago
Hi James Charles can you please make me a special video for me and say happy birthday to me? My name is Victoria and I’m your biggest fan
Kierra Lewis
Kierra Lewis 21 hour ago
Anna Plays
Anna Plays 21 hour ago
Wow I love This video
Madison Quatermaine
Soo cute
Trinity Pelster
Trinity Pelster 21 hour ago
OH MY GODNESS the look that looks so good
XXXjosieXXX 21 hour ago
i know that he seems all happy and stuff......but WOW this looks like it hurt. luv u james and dont let anyone tell you that you arent amazing😁❤👑💄
eniii —
eniii — 21 hour ago
there should be a part 3 PLEASE
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez 21 hour ago
OMG hablas muy bien español 👁👄👁💞
Lauren Kropp
Lauren Kropp 21 hour ago
I live in Toowoomba 💥
Amylienne Dirksz
Amylienne Dirksz 21 hour ago
james:does it snow where u live? me:living in Aruba where it NEVER snows so ivy’s never seen snow🙂😭
Sofie Malfoy
Sofie Malfoy 21 hour ago
How did emma get last hers was so goodddd
Addi_vlogs !
Addi_vlogs ! 21 hour ago
Nikki making it on her phone be like 👁👄👁 James: nope mee: hhngytftffnfcdfdghmk
SiimplyKiyomi 21 hour ago
If I trick you pin me Read more
rikka takanashi
rikka takanashi 21 hour ago
2:44 is it just me or does James sound like Miranda Sings-
Éléonore Fiset
Éléonore Fiset 21 hour ago
I live in Canada and rn there’s like 30 cm of snow...
Agata Pająk
Agata Pająk 21 hour ago
yes, poland
Milana Vujkovic
Milana Vujkovic 21 hour ago
Doja is everything lmaoo
Sophie Huber
Sophie Huber 21 hour ago
yeah it snowes here and i love winter :)
Layla Evans
Layla Evans 21 hour ago
James, you should do a red and black eye with red contact lenses 😍
Sincere Perry
Sincere Perry 21 hour ago
why dose Charli & Dixie look like twin any won know that 🤣
Rosanny Canela
Rosanny Canela 21 hour ago
no. I live in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic)
judi 21 hour ago
Canada lmao i hate snow
Fay c
Fay c 21 hour ago
James your eye makeup is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dill’s YouTube account
So much
Rhsb Alharbi
Rhsb Alharbi 21 hour ago
Hunter Watson
Hunter Watson 21 hour ago
Liz Weimar
Liz Weimar 21 hour ago
James while I was watching this video my phone fell into shower..’
Dill’s YouTube account
I love you
Leah G Henry
Leah G Henry 21 hour ago
who be watching this in 2021~
Sara Cojocaru
Sara Cojocaru 21 hour ago
omg sooooo coollllll😍
Jade Goodiel
Jade Goodiel 21 hour ago
Let's face it. James Charles is the next winner for glow up.
Anja Heggom
Anja Heggom 21 hour ago
I live in Norway, and its freezing cold here, we have winter half of the year, I don’t like the cold but I love skiing and sliding down with my “akebrett” and driving a snowmobile
Jaide Armentrout
Jaide Armentrout 21 hour ago
He said dethawed it’s just thawed
Beenzu Mungalaba
Beenzu Mungalaba 21 hour ago
Calise McKenzie
Calise McKenzie 21 hour ago
Hi bro’s
Unknown Destiny
Unknown Destiny 21 hour ago
Lmao when james called Sienna this add popped up and said "Life doesn't always go your way?"
D Stars
D Stars 21 hour ago
Omg this made me cry so bad ❤️❤️❤️
tamyll Howard
tamyll Howard 21 hour ago
James. Is there snow where you live Me in Alabama. Idk kinda
Ynhan Ynhoon
Ynhan Ynhoon 21 hour ago
"Where you live, is there snow?" Well... In Brazil it's kinda... hm, idk if... No.
Errika Ceresole
Errika Ceresole 21 hour ago
everyone 1000+$ gifts james with his printer be like✌🏼
angeline rodriguez
angeline rodriguez 21 hour ago
I just realized I have the same bday as James parents
Lexi Bower
Lexi Bower 21 hour ago
2021 anyone
Catalina Arraya Guillén
Here in Bolivia there's no snow, but we have a lot of different climate changes throughout the country
JodieeXO 21 hour ago
1:06 "Fucking shut up...." *dies inside* 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ammya animates
ammya animates 21 hour ago
oh my god James i remember this channel called "123 go" it showed me that I had to make the jumper into a dress so I used my green jumper and got stuck in it for 3 hours. HAHA
Mijal Arwas
Mijal Arwas 21 hour ago
Omgggg I laughed so hard 😂🤣😅🤣
edits_charli_addison_ 08
Por favor otro video hablando español pero un tutorial y noche yo te los ojos por favor
moon in the clouds
moon in the clouds 21 hour ago
Has anyone else watched this video about 100 times??
Lilah Patmore
Lilah Patmore 21 hour ago
Irelyn Bever
Irelyn Bever 21 hour ago
All the comments: "James: does it snow where you live? Me: (laughs or lives in ______)"
C K 21 hour ago
Its ok....
Louis Vuitton Msp
Louis Vuitton Msp 21 hour ago
Why’s no ones talking about James asking if he’s dying 😭😭😭🥲🥲
Snow Ray
Snow Ray 21 hour ago
i wish i had a mom like james charles mom
Valerie Nichols
Valerie Nichols 21 hour ago
i don't understand why James is getting so much hate on his cover its not perfect but yours wouldn't be perfect either if you covered this. all that matters is that he has emotion and enjoyed singing :)
Juan Estrada-Medina
Hi sisters
Nathalie vlogss
Nathalie vlogss 21 hour ago
It's always cold in the UK but we never get snow. And yes we do have a summer
Lilah Patmore
Lilah Patmore 21 hour ago
Sara Colv
Sara Colv 21 hour ago
James you should do a video without blending
Alejandra Michel Calderon Alvarado
Ellie St Jean
Ellie St Jean 21 hour ago
i live in Delaware and there is no snow and we cant sled because we dont have hills
Serenity Bernard
Serenity Bernard 21 hour ago
Yes sisters
Jodi Floyd
Jodi Floyd 21 hour ago
I’m only here because of Noah Miller 🦫
Anni_lilpoop Follow me on Tiktok
Omg I love the red lipstick you always have the best makeup James!
SHAYAN OMG 21 hour ago
James: Very happy:) His mind: why are we here, just to suffer every morning, i can feel internet being crazy
Autumn Plays Roblox
No I live in Taylorsville Georgia
Brooke Border
Brooke Border 21 hour ago
It literally snowing here in pa
Leticia Guimarães
Leticia Guimarães 21 hour ago
you guys are not gonna talk abt that millie uses samsung but she answered james on face time
Mark Sandy
Mark Sandy 21 hour ago
James please do a replying to weird comments if you do here is mine. You know dobby from harry potter have you made out infront of Dumbledore yet? Xxx