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2 years ago
Samwasfound 24 minutes ago
This was incredible
Lofi Wurld
Lofi Wurld Hour ago
Where them hearts at Kennedy ♥️
ari’s true love
ari’s true love 2 hours ago
REGINA GEORGE!!!! please do her <3
Elite-tactical Force-squad
your the goat out of your whole family. i love your channel and your energy you really helped me thru a lot thankyou!! also very funny the mcloving one was to funny lmao...
Jessica C.
Jessica C. 13 hours ago
So creative! Please do the twilight series!!!!!!!!!
Qbqjbswj Shwsbjwbe
Qbqjbswj Shwsbjwbe 14 hours ago
Khushi Singh
Khushi Singh 15 hours ago
Omg this is insane!! I was just wondering what if Kennedy also like Ariana Grande like me! And I found out this video 😭omg I love you ❤️
Gary Gilgen
Gary Gilgen 18 hours ago
Your dawg filter looks better than hers. Your eyes are WAY bigger!
Gary Gilgen
Gary Gilgen 18 hours ago
I would rather be dead than be a woman! Fuck! Looks like misery... Constantly comparing and beating yourself up. Fuck that!
Thaly Roger
Thaly Roger 21 hour ago
Part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6.......
Thaly Roger
Thaly Roger 21 hour ago
Courtney Bonnick2
Courtney Bonnick2 21 hour ago
You look like a cross between Elle Fanning and Kate Upton.
Courtney Bonnick2
Courtney Bonnick2 22 hours ago
Kennedy: Is my RUvid content family friendly. Me: No because you curse like a sailor.
L Clark
L Clark 23 hours ago
The Superbad scene and the clueless scene were IMMACULATE
Renata C.
Renata C. 23 hours ago
lmao that depressing ass song while they were eating the breakfast
Joseph Yang
Joseph Yang Day ago
You have a good potential to be a great actress ...Try Hollywood..
Bella Schoenborn
Her:makes movie in 24 hrs Liv and Maddie episodes:1 week
Arianna Plays roblox
Your literally so cool
bitch I'm a queen
your mom is beautiful
Nicole Salazar
red head kennedy looks like claudia for a sec
Akankshya Barua
The Legally Blonde enaction slapped
Mia Mars
Mia Mars Day ago
The fact that Brandon knows her so well
Meagan Day ago
idk how to tell you this but you are, in fact, a cute boy
bunni luvs
bunni luvs Day ago
how do your eyelashes look so amazing with ONLY mascara pls tell us ur secrets xx
Britta Nieto
Britta Nieto Day ago
Yooo you could cosplay a cute Suki from Avatar js
bunni luvs
bunni luvs Day ago
i love how she’s not being annoyingly self deprecating, she’s being honest and is good with how she looks :))
Hillary Bright
This is a work of ART
CC daughter of MA
8:40 : and my natural musk...... i'm blushed and kind of turn on when kennedy said that......?? :)
fani correa
fani correa Day ago
dress like enola holmes. you should do that one two yay i love enola holmes and stranger things
fani correa
fani correa Day ago
Kennedy wash you should be cinderella
sunny days ASMR
i needed this
nisa hussain
nisa hussain Day ago
Cecilia xoxo
Cecilia xoxo Day ago
can I just have her fucking eye lashes?
Helena Hallstrom
Kennedy thought she could put in the actual movie and think we wouldn't notice
Bernard C
Bernard C Day ago
Don't wait for me Kennedy... 🍉
Natalia Campos
It couldn’t be a Kennedy Walsh video if she didn’t have a random middle finger thrown at us😂😂
Aliza Khan
Aliza Khan Day ago
stacy badham
stacy badham Day ago
The accuracy 😂👌
Haley Blattel
Haley Blattel 2 days ago
Holy shit the clueless one (and all the others) was amazing Kennedy!!!!!!
Angela ZS
Angela ZS 2 days ago
Twilight and Harry potter pleaseee
RSD Kun 2 days ago
Jimena Acosta
Jimena Acosta 2 days ago
Great acting Ken!
kelsey 2 days ago
you and Brandon should write and produce another song
IMmature 2 days ago
Sexism, really?????
Movies & Co.
Movies & Co. 2 days ago
Kennedy's gifts made me cry 😍😍😍
Movies & Co.
Movies & Co. 2 days ago
You're a Capricorn and an introvert? Those two things don't even go together. HOW? I'm January 10th and I LOVE OUTSIDES 😍😍 still love you tho
Mariana Resende
Mariana Resende 2 days ago
samee kkkkkkkkk
Alloya Patterson
Alloya Patterson 2 days ago
Mclovin was so perfect x
shahd mansour
shahd mansour 2 days ago
can i join your family
Nadia Wagner
Nadia Wagner 2 days ago
9:37 I thought it was Selena Gomez talking omg
felitassone 2 days ago
Riley Winograd
Riley Winograd 2 days ago
This is SO good!!! Your mannerisms are PERFECT for each character
Adien Galuh
Adien Galuh 2 days ago
Kennedy you’re hilarious! I love your videos they make me laugh 😂😁 hope to have that kind of followers on my channel! ❤️
Alai Caputo
Alai Caputo 2 days ago
now I wanna watch all these movies lmao every scene was spot on
Julie Ye
Julie Ye 2 days ago
wtaf your lashes are AMAZING
bubble lemon
bubble lemon 2 days ago
HI I'm Jared I'm 19 and i never learned how to fucking read
ptevesvegan 2 days ago
sam flipping austin off is iconic
-Stranger- 2 days ago
Stranger things is my favorite show ever
Lee B
Lee B 2 days ago
The first girl describing your painting was spot on lol
Lee B
Lee B 2 days ago
Girl I relate I’m terrified of driving to the point where I bought a cheap shitty car 4 years ago and I’m just now starting to drive it lol
Sibree 2 days ago
Ah so you have a rich school
Hero 2 days ago
I see Billie eilish and her brother
Nina Eliza
Nina Eliza 2 days ago
loveeeeee this
Peyton Parrish
Peyton Parrish 2 days ago
this was amazing! can you do this with One Tree Hill????
Emily Morgan
Emily Morgan 2 days ago
I would love to see Kennedy on tv show or movie oh my god she's amazing! I really do love her. I'm SO proud of you Kennedy 💗
Nihad rebbah
Nihad rebbah 2 days ago
What i learned from this video is i will never ever trust pictures on instagram!! Like what the hell she can edit her pictures and add anything she wants !
all about bts jams
2:56 girl your voice wow!
Courtney Bonnick2
Your so awkward, adorable and pretty.
typical _taź
typical _taź 3 days ago
OMFGGG YOUR NEED A ACTING ROLE ASAP 😍😍😮 Halfway through I forgot it's a remake literally felt like I was watching the movie. Maybe you could do part 2 ahh with the movie like 13 going on thirty, 27 dresses, The devil wears Prada, and princess diaries the hair scene aha just names every one of my favs
:3 3 days ago
When you all started singing in the car 💀
Aviana Lozado
Aviana Lozado 3 days ago
Bruh Clueless is literally my favorite movie, you did so well on the clueless scene
joseph adel
joseph adel 3 days ago
that's so cute :) also in the legally blonde reenactment scene you look like hilary duff
milana bergantz
milana bergantz 3 days ago
it's so good!!
Who knows
Who knows 3 days ago
Omg please do twighlight with brandon as edward
Κωνσταντίνα .
I've been trying to watch her videos for a few years now but I think I'd be a big fan if she wasn't so apologetic & more confident in what she's doing
Bilal Dahhouch
Bilal Dahhouch 3 days ago
Movies & Co.
Movies & Co. 3 days ago
2020: did you say you were bored in 2019? Well try this *throws everyone in quarantine for most of the year*
Renate Tuinenga
Renate Tuinenga 3 days ago
When do u get Merch girl :)
Bilal Dahhouch
Bilal Dahhouch 3 days ago
hannaanakapiten 3 days ago
this is the 3th time i watch this.. i love kennedy so much