George Carlin Official YouTube Channel
George Carlin Official YouTube Channel
George Carlin Official YouTube Channel
Denise McDougal
Denise McDougal 53 minutes ago
He preaching the truth
Landekar Hour ago
Can't believe that at first hearing this was a shock. Now it's a reminder...
philip shim
philip shim 3 hours ago
George to Jon at the very end" You are going to show us a lot and I look forward to it" Cut to yesterday when Jon called Congress out for not supporting first responders. George would be proud.
Ashley Melanson
Ashley Melanson 4 hours ago
“You’re all gunna die. . . didn’t mean to remind you of it, but it is on your schedule.” - George Carlin
Ashley Melanson
Ashley Melanson 4 hours ago
This gets more and more true every year.... We need George now more than ever.
Kurtz Kaan
Kurtz Kaan 7 hours ago
It is a big club it's true. You ain't but i will be in Mr. Carlin
Ananthan K.r
Ananthan K.r 8 hours ago
If george was alive , he would have eaten trump alive. 🤭😄
Wayne 9 hours ago
Thanks George, RIP
tralfazruk1 9 hours ago
Carlin was great with observationist type humor in a storyteller like fashion. Stewart is a no talent pretender. Stewart reminds me here of Carl Spackler doing a talk show. Carlin loses all credibility when he mentions Andy Kaufman unless he means Kaufman being crazy. I still think Kaufman wasn't crazy just an obnoxious a hole. Im so glad Stewart isn't on any tv shows.
harley9967 9 hours ago
What a condecsending asshole.
55DepotStreet 12 hours ago
He’s better now than he was 30 years ago! The beauty of video. God Bless George Carlin.
F U 15 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Malter Dwight
Malter Dwight 15 hours ago
We didn't steal it we CONQUERED it. Like every piece of land on Earth has been since the beginning of time. Sorry not sorry. Otherwise I'm with you.
Jon Gee
Jon Gee 17 hours ago
I guess you really do get stupider as you get older...
Ryan Albers
Ryan Albers 17 hours ago
Sept 2020 and his story is still relevant! Actually more true, so sad.
EnjoyPool 19 hours ago
Like George Carlin very funny, but he has no idea about the history of the world
Uzoma Ohadugha
Uzoma Ohadugha 20 hours ago
S. Gallagher
S. Gallagher 20 hours ago
The last part of this was not comedy, it was a manifesto. That's what I like about his work.
Kr Kindness
Kr Kindness 21 hour ago
gf.me/u/yrqxhm please help my dad
Albert Feibstein
George carlin was like fuck it ima let the truth out since I don't have much to live
N3on Cyb0rg
N3on Cyb0rg Day ago
Hm maybe that's why the media is so confusing because if everything is so polarized and conspiratorial nobody knows what choices to make and people end up doing nothing in their confusion.
William Borrero
Hope trump supporters are watching this today
dale gribble
dale gribble Day ago
he is so correct when they say the nicest things about you when you die, but in reality, they're mean the opposite or make things up, they say you're talking sick of the dead, how ? for telling like it is
Nathan Swann
Nathan Swann Day ago
Clearly George was a wise man.........
Darren Ediss
Darren Ediss Day ago
So glad I’m not American, but it’s the ones who are proud to be present date that are the problem. The ones who walk around shouting that it’s the greatest country on earth. It used to be. It’s not anymore. I’m all for patriotism - be proud of where you come from. But to shout about how your country is the greatest on earth when you get no free healthcare, minimalistic state education, massive homelessness problems, then on top of that all the racial problems in the most culturally diverse nation on earth - then to top it off you elect a massive racist to run the fucking country. You really couldn’t make it up. America when I was growing up in the 80s was a place everyone dreamed of living in. Nowadays it’s a total fucking mess and I’m happy I never moved there in the early 2000s, my wife who was my then girlfriend lived in Wisconsin & we were very close to deciding to live there. Ended up living in the UK - best decision I’ve ever made.
Darren Ediss
Darren Ediss 13 hours ago
@Ronald McDonald well we don’t shoot each other on a daily basis for a start.
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald 19 hours ago
Lol like UK is any better JFL
Abhishek Shukla
What can i say u should visit india one
Carmen Robb
Carmen Robb Day ago
George Carlin points out the the true "owners" of this country are the corporations. We have a party that is obsessed with lowering taxes for corporations and the 1%, and a party who will make them pay their fair share of taxes. Fuck the owners. Vote blue.
Emma Giering
Emma Giering Day ago
Describing the average Trump supporter.
C D Day ago
SO, people in the audience clap and the people out here comment and salute, but nothing changes.
Udonkuku Sam
Udonkuku Sam Day ago
The gospel according to Carlin.
Ramsey Ghunim
I like to think the last 15 years of his career was George's 2-minute warning speech. Sure it seems like more time than that, but George doesn't believe in time anyways 😂 (just look it up!)
Losaiko Vote!!!
Here we are 40 years later.
Edgar Bikermas
Democracy is like your next door neighbour,confidently you confess to him,where you keep your Extra Key Door for emerg3ncy,and around 2 oclock in the morning,he enters and steals your property ,only to return eqrly in the morning and says to you: I heard you got robbed!!
David Guapanese
Only thing that's changed is that the mall has moved to our computers.
Scott Bird
Scott Bird 2 days ago
So they dont want to put you in fear all of your life ? But they are that sick they want you to believe their sick rules follow you when you're dead. Evil at work
Stoned Gaming
Stoned Gaming 2 days ago
Rest in peace George. We all miss you.
Stoned Gaming
Stoned Gaming 2 days ago
Rest in peace George. We all miss you.
Roslyn Aubrey
Roslyn Aubrey 2 days ago
I like him I don’t think he needs to swear. Especially this phrase mother.....f..ckers. How dare anyone use a phrase like that. A disgrace.
jab0076 2 days ago
The 3rd Jake From State Farm
turned it into the greatest civilization to ever exist. lmao this guy is a miserable, self loathing, clown
Faris Abuain
Faris Abuain 2 days ago
George Carlin is based.
DeepOff 2 days ago
DemoKKKrats killed George bec of this video. RIP George Carlin
fireboyisme 2 days ago
This man was so full of shit.
SevenWhitfield65 2 days ago
He was so funny, but he could never say half of this today. I guess he would just do a standup about that... I know he would.
michael rc
michael rc 2 days ago
Fuck. It's terrifying how true all of this is. If only americans could understand this fight back
Sandra Jovic
Sandra Jovic 2 days ago
George and me kind of think alike. Scary. No doubt he was a good person. I hope i can meet him in the afterlife.
1RadSuperJew 3 days ago
Who knew "Jesus" was a grumpy, wise, old white guy??? Love you Carlin & miss your insight brother... America has gotten even dumber since you left us...
chrislynch52 3 days ago
Is there anyone who can touch him today?
Brad Workmon
Brad Workmon 3 days ago
i always come back to this, and realize how true it is every time.
Johhny Stoka
Johhny Stoka 3 days ago
Only a moron like Carlin would think that the American people would create consumerism .
Troy D.
Troy D. 2 days ago
Johnny Stoka Shut the fuck up !!!!
Pushpdant Sharma
Pushpdant Sharma 3 days ago
Man this is as insightful as one can be . This man explained the mundane things we overlook each day . Everybody needs to be shown the mirror every now and then .
sibkiss2009 3 days ago
People are so fat they use a motorized shopping cart to shop for more food, pop, cigs and stretch pants. They are afraid 😱 of dying from a virus, though.
Sam My
Sam My 3 days ago
Am I glad that I'm not an American! But they're not all like that.
Jim Flagg
Jim Flagg 3 days ago
He has not talked to a Chinese about eating every thing. The Chinese just eat smaller quontities than Americans and they walk every were unlike Americans who drive.
miskatonic 3 days ago
what a bunch of lame commonplace. he's outdated as fuck, clearly from another era
JU5TNTIM3 3 days ago
I don't know anything about George Carlin, but he sure had some of that 70's blackman swag. Was this ...was he doing BLACK white FACE? or was this his personality? looks like lethal weapon mel gibson with black attitude up in here. haha!
Mark Piche
Mark Piche 3 days ago
This American comedian tries to make fun of Americans by saying they "took a whole continent" and made it worse... He makes his own point... Well done. Perhaps some remedial geography...what continent is he refering to? Look at a globe stupid.
simon dog
simon dog 4 days ago
Carlin description of trump supporters years before this shit happened to all of us.
Hon Kenny
Hon Kenny 4 days ago
Especially the people that think it matters to them who the president is with this goofy election going on and all these people so concerned who the president is as if it has anything to do with them
Dionte Hampton
Dionte Hampton 4 days ago
This makes me so mad because people just clap and cheer and forget about it as soon as they leave
Troy D.
Troy D. 2 days ago
Dionte Hampton Shut the fuck up !!!!
DB Cooper
DB Cooper 4 days ago
Great man would have loved to be his friend!
Kdecarlo 4 days ago
called the american dream, cus you gotta be asleep to believe it. double meaning, haha
Patrick Rumbu
Patrick Rumbu 4 days ago
One of the greatest interviews I have watched
Aaron Greenfield
Aaron Greenfield 4 days ago
Damn it, now I'm selling my stamp collection!
Fossey 420
Fossey 420 4 days ago
I find it funny that George was saying exactly what Trump is saying today....
Радио Предпринимателей
то есть Задорнову нельзя такое говорить, а Карлину - пожалуйста?
the mgtow artist
the mgtow artist 4 days ago
we need to bring back fat shaming
Christopher St. John
Only ten thousand fat people out there with the hands down? We are talking at least half the population. Too busy shopping and eating to even watch You Tube.
More Content Please! MCP!
That's why I don't understand people not wanting to quarantine. You're just going out to eat and buy crap. You can eat and shop online.
noah hecker
noah hecker 4 days ago
Holy jumping fuckin shitballs is one of my favorite sayings.
Sandra Jovic
Sandra Jovic 4 days ago
It's hard to say when a genius is at his best stand-up but he sure was at his sexiest right here 😘
Robert Dress
Robert Dress 4 days ago
It's a big club. And you ain't in it!!!!!
Ebony Fields
Ebony Fields 5 days ago
ZLR 5 days ago
I agree with some things he has to say, but that fat segment was just lame
Vitaly Denisov
Vitaly Denisov 5 days ago
Not only USA is like that. The same shit everywhere, in Russia in particular. A bit better, though, we move the same way(
Kris Tonner
Kris Tonner 5 days ago
The truth from the genius mind of G.C.!
Thimble Fire
Thimble Fire 5 days ago
"Margret, come wipe my ass" -- Oscar Wilde
MR.C&A Video911Game
he is right