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Ethan Cabrales
steel is th th th th th e is stronger
J D Hour ago
Thanks for showing us how to not land an orbital rocket, ill know what to do nextime!
Ethan Cabrales
i have a studder too that means we're twinzies
HUEGENS Theo Hour ago
when you think about it, this has to be the most expensive youtube video ever XD
Vinita Didwaniya
Amazing.... 👌👌👌
Akhil Chennu
Akhil Chennu 2 hours ago
Music made it very funny 😜
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons 3 hours ago
Should just get the blueprints from the rockets in the 1950s. They seemed to work just fine. Or whatever year man was on the moon.
huong tran thanh
huong tran thanh 3 hours ago
elon: well if the landing must fail, make it go boom boom so it will be camera worthy
huong tran thanh
huong tran thanh 3 hours ago
the Monty Python feels makes the video even greater
Carlos Nandez
Carlos Nandez 4 hours ago
Bravo! Bravo! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Plasminium 5 hours ago
15:48 that camera reminds me of the Apollo launches.
Matias 5 hours ago
Rocket that costs millions of dollars: explodes SpaceX: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH what a noob
j. doh
j. doh 6 hours ago
So now we can bring water to mars?😂😂😂
Bhima G
Bhima G 6 hours ago
Wow teleport
Hakan Uysun
Hakan Uysun 6 hours ago
Türkiye'deki faiş fiyatlardan ve üzerine taş devri hızındaki internetlerden bıkıp biran önce kullanıma geçmesini bekleyen türk gardaşlarım burdamısınız
web2yt 8 hours ago
Using starlink for your internet....is funding SpaceX innovation to change the world and our future. Powerful brand story!
Ayaz Bahar
Ayaz Bahar 8 hours ago
Isn't it the coolest thing anyone would ever see? Of course we are the only one of our kind...
The dum gamer !
The dum gamer ! 8 hours ago
Since when did space x have a sense of humour
Ridhwan Hardy
Ridhwan Hardy 9 hours ago
Falcon = fala contall
Zero One
Zero One 9 hours ago
Ketmo785 9 hours ago
One thing I don't understand is why the launch rockets close to sea levels. Wouldn't it save a lot of fuel to launch from some high altitude place?
psycleen 11 hours ago
cow and bull ship
psycleen 11 hours ago
how do rocket engines work in a vacuum
BlackWater Surfer
BlackWater Surfer 11 hours ago
Before you send people fill Mars with satellites that can communicate and drop supplies for people if needed and when needed
caav56 43 minutes ago
Kinda the plan already. First launches to Mars will be cargo ones, in order to establish infrastructure before human colonists arrive.
Rusty Mand
Rusty Mand 11 hours ago
These ladies soothing voices that are doing the commentary are a wonderful touch to this amazing event.
postgames minejjchase
With Russia planning to create their splinternet, this could save Russian people their freedom of communications
Laughing Unicorns
Laughing Unicorns 13 hours ago
Starman 2020, uug i feel like im the only one keeps watching this, :(
NotReallyMy Name
NotReallyMy Name 14 hours ago
In before free internet to all tesla cars..
Dan Tran
Dan Tran 14 hours ago
This is exactly the info I needed for my day to day life
MegaControl 15 hours ago
nobby styles
nobby styles 15 hours ago
fuck me hes no tony stark is he..... "so.... er.... well...... you see... the thing is.......er......" you sure hes not british?
MostlyAmethyst !
MostlyAmethyst ! 16 hours ago
If you get to mars but don’t bring a rover modeled after Wall-E I am suing.
Harry Castro
Harry Castro 16 hours ago
So sick
River Shellston
River Shellston 17 hours ago
The future is now!
PPP 17 hours ago
Great presenter. Enthusiastic yet clear and articulate, and seems passionate too. Good job on having a diverse range of presenters, from different ages, genders and ethnicities.
{ Phoenix; }
{ Phoenix; } 17 hours ago
When it landed properly for the first time I smiled and was like: *that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.*
Cast Boldly
Cast Boldly 17 hours ago
I guess a pig is next!
Roger Graw
Roger Graw 17 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-4I2c9vlpb9Q.html how’s the bio sphere going
RedemptionBlade69 -
RedemptionBlade69 - 18 hours ago
Go Spaceman, you are the World's mascot
Michael Vallin
Michael Vallin 18 hours ago
the shot at 23:56.. I believe this to be a shot from inside the landing first stage liquid oxygen tank. Anyone else?
Sebastian H.
Sebastian H. 18 hours ago
Dieses Video symbolisiert alles wofür Elon Musk, der grösste Visionär unserer Zeit steht... langfristig zu denken, sich für das grosse Zeil aufzuopfern, Menschen zu motivieren zu inspirieren und mit Emotionen mehr Kraft zu entfalten als mit irgendeiner andereren Strategie je möglich wäre... man kann von ihm halten was man will, bzgl. Arbeitszeiten & Leistungsdruck, Kaltherzigkeit gegenüber Mitarbeitern und unmoralischer Geschäftspartner. Die Fähigkeit das grösste Potential aus einem Menschen herauszuholen. verborgen hinter Emotionen, sorgt dafür dass alles Gold wird was er anfasst, sorgt dafür dass Tesla & SpaceX Vorreiter in ihren Bereichen bleiben werden egal was die Presse schreibt, & sorgt dafür, dass wenn man diese Denkweise auf seine eigenen Probleme projeziert, man sich über alle Schwierigkeiten Hürden und Probleme hinwegsetzen kann, und am Ende mit positivem Mindset siegen wird! Dies werden leider nur wenige Menschen verstehen. Danke Elon. Erst jetzt habe ich begriffen... Es geht in diesem Video viel mehr als um das was es scheint... "Wenn es nicht dein Herz berührt, hast du es nicht verstanden."
Michael Harris Vlogs
The people that thumbs down r flat earthers
Jolly Jack'r
Jolly Jack'r 19 hours ago
when elon gets drunk at a party before the landing
Ak yeil
Ak yeil 19 hours ago
So the sky from Digimon Tamers ... that's what we're getting right? Love that
emmanuel silvacaro
emmanuel silvacaro 19 hours ago
estan genial la nave bfr una ves la dibuje y me salio identica quiero trabajar en space X
Antflip125 Lowther
Antflip125 Lowther 19 hours ago
Elon make a skyhook
Starman 19 hours ago
I think static fire test is coming soon
MyNameIsNoName 19 hours ago
How dare u
Skywalkerkid260 19 hours ago
That F1 flight 5 booster was the one that sat next to starship during the 2019 presentation
Gaming Rusher
Gaming Rusher 20 hours ago
Thanks for the pollution👌🏽
Danilo Darmanović
Danilo Darmanović 20 hours ago
Thanks God ships don't make that giant smoke anymore
Katoollo 20 hours ago
Roberto Bacci
Roberto Bacci 20 hours ago
those who think it is better to preserve our sky seen from the earth than a faster internet . STOP STARLINK !!!!!!
Andrew Lipscomb
Andrew Lipscomb 21 hour ago
What is this music?
Aquiles Jasao
Aquiles Jasao 23 hours ago
SpaceX + NASA acordo comercial entre USA e brazil Centro de Lançamento de Alcântara no estado do maranhão brasil """ acordo comercial """ america do sul , a terra e plana ?? ou a terra e redonda ??
Мирон production
0:27 -rocket is fine -no but we can make funny video about it
Robert Murphy
Robert Murphy 23 hours ago
Moar rockets please. Thanks
James McShore
James McShore 23 hours ago
If it does not involve divinity, truth, god etc. I want nothing to do with the slow material world of the bullshit Earth race.
karim adel
karim adel Day ago
how it's happen this rocket arrived space in 100 km but they say the space station in 400 km out the Earth how that's happening
nddragoon 21 hour ago
well first off this wasn't a mission to the space station, this was a test mission with a tesla as a dummy payload to test if the rocket works second, in missions that are supposed to go ti the ISS, there's still propulsion and travel in space to arrive there. the rocket isn't just like a missile pointed right at the station lol
Snwoabla Day ago
Now THATS how you do a launch and get the public excited about space!
anthro ponym
anthro ponym Day ago
I really hope that ESA will take this as an inspiration.
Jae The don
Jae The don Day ago
I like the humor
Okay Day ago
I thought this was a GTA video
Ohhhh okay, I get it. I’ll land my orbital rocket boosters correctly from now on.
Goldpenny1 Day ago
I'm not a rocket scientist, but that is NOT the way I would try to land a rocket - EVER!!!
X Mixes
X Mixes Day ago
I just imagined an animation like this but in Christopher Columbus' time lol
khoirul yaqin
John theux
John theux 11 hours ago
jimmyfly 20 hours ago
khoirul yaqin - you’re an idiot
snuffeldjuret 23 hours ago
not really :P.
Doctalight Day ago
Doctalight Day ago
wow it was chinese or some sht they would try to hide it but u guys are showing it as a funny video subscribed already ahaha.
Beyond Backwater
Wouldn't be showing this. Lots of pollution into the sea
Nice!!!! Please Elon make my actual internet service provider obsolete!! Please!!
Sra. Bovina Gadosa
23:57 The liquid fuel floating on the rocket inerce!
David McAlpine Cunningham
So... back in 1955, Ian Fleming imagined a billionaire industrialist with an ICBM and all the dangers that might entail. It seemed fanciful at the time. And now Elon Musk has the Falcon 9 Heavy. Erm.... time for a “realistic” Moonraker remake?!
HawaiizFX Day ago
Now That Is Sexy
Еvgeniy 585
Еvgeniy 585 Day ago
De Evolve
De Evolve Day ago
Can anyone link another presentation of this launch? Without the show ponies and cheesy comments they come out with? ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz
Dallen Studholme
Who ever is a flat earther here's your proof it's not flat
谢俊 Day ago
Remigio Maccanico
I m shocked that i didn t know nothing..
The Elder
The Elder Day ago
EXTRAORDINARY. I was fortunate enough to watch a Saturn V launch back in 1973 and this launch and landing was JUST as exciting!
Sachin S Arkasali
The 4g network I have now is good enough. There is no need for starlink , don't ruin the space. . .
Jeffry Syam
Jeffry Syam Day ago
23:57 What's that?
SSnoX Day ago
when you realize that one of those rockets costs more that your lifetime earnings
Valentino The Gamer1
Who wants this to happen? 👇🏻
Todd Arnold
Todd Arnold Day ago
That is some great CGI...... especially a rocket landing in the water on a floating landing pad.. hahaha.. man that is some funny stuff!
Twolfos Day ago
I mean, sometimes they land on a platform near the launching site and you can watch it yourself, but... Sure
Joey Soprano
Joey Soprano Day ago
i never get tired of watching this video.
Juan Camilo muñoz
SpaceX losing millions of dollars and laughing at it
anh duc
anh duc Day ago
I think they should have made the landing pad small like the last one. So if leg collapse or anything, the eocket will just fall to tge sea and not explode in a ball of fire
L Faker son
L Faker son Day ago
I love how every explosion burns more money than you’ll ever earn in a lifetime of work...
Mija The pupper
“With 250,000 pounds of thrust.” “Lip smacks”
FBI — Federal Bereau Of Investigation
Ah finally i know what that fast light crashing into earth was 1:50
michGPAA Webwrangler
I'm curious for how one can start using the service. Starlink's website doesn't show how that will work.
Oh Hello
Oh Hello Day ago
*See y’all again in 8 years*
TheSimba86 Day ago
I hope musk puts every last telecom company out of business, I have been waiting for 20 years for high speed internet at my house. and literally everyone around us has high speed internet . but Armstrong and the others have left us high and dry for decades. and satellite internet companies want $100 a month for internet that's slow, limited, throttled and goes out when it's a little cloudy. give them hell Elon!
Rudy Rauda
Rudy Rauda Day ago
Worst cgi ever
Forest Coe
Forest Coe Day ago
Dislikes are also the people who know Elon musk is a hack
Forest Coe
Forest Coe Day ago
First this will be the first time for the fourth time
Александр Фролов
летающая пороховая бочка
VC 23
VC 23 Day ago
Great video, now I learned how to not land a rocket. I'm ready for the next try.
larden Friund
Revert to Vehicle Assembly Building