Music is Win
Music is Win
Music is Win
Guitar Players Will Get It.
The Guitar Diva
8 months ago
sean ferguson
sean ferguson 58 minutes ago
I’ve always been an acoustic guy, so I don’t know much about pedals, except for what they do. I’m curious if you ever had to do a repair on this guy, it would lose a significant amount of value if you had to remove any of that black goopy material? Can anybody enlighten me?
Rodnitez 58 minutes ago
We want Tosin abasi next
Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan Hour ago
.. really hate this guy.
Azib Hazim
Azib Hazim Hour ago
4:40 my fav
Boosted banana
Got the opportunity to play a OG KLON a few years ago.....which i ended up purchasing. I see both sides of the spectrum. These are AMAZING an NO clone compares imo. I dont feel they command the price ppl charge. I paid 800 for mine about 15 years ago.
Meren Longkumer
Can I get the guard I know it's already 4years
Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace Hour ago
Honestly this is really obviously but get a stand, if you don’t see your guitar you’ll be less likely to play and their normally pretty cheap by guitar standards
Anonymous Hour ago
Sweeping..... I need to learn that
Kenneth Rivera
My acoustic guitar hero <3
Timothy Wright
ZOOM 505!
GuitarGeek Hour ago
Wow! She is beautiful and her voice and smile are awesome, you are very lucky man!
thrash metal headbanger
We need to get steve vai
Taylor Hawthorne
Hey man, at the end you talked about guitar picks... I feel like this is the first time anyone is truly to be offended. Not cool. You know everyone loses them, You drop it... Its gone, the void. Never to be seen again for six months to one and a half year/s. It the perfect circle.
Ralph Do
Ralph Do Hour ago
Goshhh this podcast is seriously awesome!
Nolden Hernandez
The last one that he did iz kinda like thedooo screaming into the ukelele HAHAHAHAH
josephcrsn Hour ago
Hendrix in 2020 is a guitar god. can you imagine what it was like in 1960's, nothing like it had been heard before..... Prince is a god on guitar but without Jimi Hendrix. Prince wouldn't be anywhere near as good
William thurman
I'm tired of hearing it myself
mrssriplo1 2 hours ago
This makes me so darn happy!
Jakov Finderle
Jakov Finderle 2 hours ago
Just leaving this comment so u get on recommended easier
The F-35 Lockheed Martin Lightning ll
We need takanori goto!
Al Occleshaw
Al Occleshaw 2 hours ago
Awesome Tyler....loving all your interviews .. Tommy is my fav acoustic player,and as you said "His playing always puts a smile on my face" :)
josh flores
josh flores 2 hours ago
Ekin Can Kollu
Ekin Can Kollu 2 hours ago
Steve Lukater would be an amazing choice for this podcast imo.
Bob Hewitt
Bob Hewitt 3 hours ago
You can buy a Rolex or a Timex ... they’ll both tell you the time. But which will give you the most pleasure of ownership - and which will elevate in value over the years ...? Same with this Klon ... keep it mint - it’s an investment and it sounds fabulous.
Toni 3 hours ago
So what's the story for today, still married happily? still pissed off wife? This is still kinda hilarious video eventhought it's nearly 2 years old :P
Tom 3 hours ago
Sounds like he was doing that Hendrix/ Frusciante thing, where you strike a bunch of strings at once, but you mute most of them, and only let one string at a time ring out. Seems like this guy and this guitar would be good for playing the proper version of Can't Stop by the Chili Peppers, which is actually really difficult. There's a simplified version that people play, but it doesn't sound right.
justforFUN 3 hours ago
I would love to see synyster gates here
A Rocc
A Rocc 3 hours ago
I shit you not I found that exact pedal being sold on eBay for £38 or about $50. Uh yeah I don’t think they’re necessarily real but the name is the exact same and it has the horsie and everything so
plou0018 3 hours ago
Your "Sick Sad Little World" needs some work. Fun rendition, though.
Emily Duncan
Emily Duncan 3 hours ago
..hope you lose your ass,..if not on this then somehow..
Johan Harris Zain
Johan Harris Zain 3 hours ago
I’m a violinist and a guitarist so this should be easy... Wait..
вrчαnprσ lσngσѕ
I enjoyed every part of the video
Radiance. 4 hours ago
Tommy is the best
Guitar_Boi05 4 hours ago
I'm probably classic rocker
day 2 day
day 2 day 4 hours ago
Jimi , thats all we have to say. But , God damn , EVH sure gave him a run for his money. I love how Dylan gave him props for now owning " all along the watch tower " . But in saying that. I to also believe SRV took ownership of Voodoo child , at least in my opinion.
Punished Aniquin
Punished Aniquin 4 hours ago
You could probably write this off as a business expense
Overdrive Media
Overdrive Media 4 hours ago
I would be very curious to know what the 7’s sounds like on the Aluminium neck! I bet it would be absolutely insane.
The Music Machine
The Music Machine 4 hours ago
crazy stuff in the wuld 1:37
daletwin1 4 hours ago
Next Video: I pull this stunt again and my wife surprises me with a hidden hammer that she pulls out and immediately proceeds to smash my cute little amp into a thousand pieces. Next Video after that: Wife surprises me with divorce papers.
Absolute Absurd
Absolute Absurd 4 hours ago
Am I the only one that doesnt know freebird..
5 Guys in canada
5 Guys in canada 4 hours ago
No Albert Hammond jr or Nick Valensi?
mpo admin
mpo admin 4 hours ago
You know what they say. It's the pedal that makes the musician
Ken Miles
Ken Miles 4 hours ago
Do more tham wow or wah. Listen to Peter Frampton's Do You Feel.
Sebastian Gordon
Sebastian Gordon 5 hours ago
i have a super talent too, ... i can play in the right key make you sound bad.
Ken Miles
Ken Miles 5 hours ago
You don't use your voice, you talk by using your throat to mimic words or do a wah with your lips. The mic goes to another amp or pa.
Tyler Hardin
Tyler Hardin 5 hours ago
Come on Tyler. That battery riff is so wrong! How do you not hear that?
Ken Miles
Ken Miles 5 hours ago
It goes on a mic stand.
Paul Plack
Paul Plack 5 hours ago
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Born on the Bayou. Yeah...it's old, I'm old, but what great tone Tom Fogerty had!
Tyler The Guitarist
SeanIn60Seconds 5 hours ago
I was the only kid that brought an electric guitar to Guitar class in highschool and the school had a line 6 that I would plug into and I would always put it on “insane” during recitals 😂
American_Psycho11 5 hours ago
Imagine listening to the guy that made that completely laughable track "Have Heart" try and tell anyone about being great. This guy is a pretentious clown and proves that money and gear can't buy talent
Yudhistira Melody
Yudhistira Melody 5 hours ago
Beast and the Harlot by A7x is the first song I play in drop D tuning.
Undergroundwalker Isback
Clapton. Dew eet.
American_Psycho11 5 hours ago
Genuinely one of the most uninspired and soulless songs I've ever heard. This is seriously awful.
Luke Is God
Luke Is God 5 hours ago
2:01 while buying anything on fb marketplace and the listed price is $1,234,567
Ken Miles
Ken Miles 5 hours ago
That Hendrix chord is actually an old blues chord.
Nathan Mang
Nathan Mang 5 hours ago
Is it bad I tried to play Oroborus first?
The One True Mokuba
First Drop D I played was “Thnks Fr the Mmrs” by Fall Out Boy
pablo roastz
pablo roastz 5 hours ago
Bucket head 4 life
AnticommentWarrior 6 hours ago
I get so much joy watching tims face after he hits a sick lick...so contagious.
Mohammad Rafi
Mohammad Rafi 6 hours ago
this mere youtuber now became big enough to have a conversation with legends... what a guy
Yourlocalweirdo Spill
Actually thank u for this video now I know what to do when I buy my guitar
Davy Holden
Davy Holden 6 hours ago
Hey Tyler, I've gone back to watch some of your earlier videos because I want to work on my own RUvid channel. Any recommendations on a camera for a beginner? Thanks man 🤘
Fender Style
Fender Style 6 hours ago
Now you can form a band with that pedal.
William Phillip
William Phillip 6 hours ago
Music is win: PRS fanboy
Jonah Hallquist
Jonah Hallquist 6 hours ago
The real question is, “What is worse: this or Lulu?”
jopageri1964 6 hours ago
His takes to camera after the shut downs were hilarious. Only Page should ever be allowed to play that lick. Not even any Zep cover bands. It's that cringy.
Higzy Teflon
Higzy Teflon 6 hours ago
lol.. I just had a John Petrucci moment: Hearing the story behind "Ruby's Eyes" had tears welling up in mine. That's one of the best things I have ever heard in all my life. What a humble man! Great interview.... very well done.
Nik Kremnev
Nik Kremnev 6 hours ago
What is the song and 18:26 ?!?!?? It’s killing I know I have heard it before!!!!!
Billy Jordhamo
Billy Jordhamo 6 hours ago
Helmet in the meantime was my first drop d
Ryan Chaney Golf
Ryan Chaney Golf 6 hours ago
This is great; thank you. Would love to see Guthrie Govan if you can get him. Thanks for the content.
Sadie Adler
Sadie Adler 6 hours ago
hehe I learnt About a Girl (Doesnt count its two chords), then Polly. Still haven't learnt their super popular ones yet.
MK Sounds
MK Sounds 6 hours ago
1:03:20. Best advice I have ever heard. 30 years too late. Had I only known this at 15. Thank you, Joe, and thank you, Tyler. MK
patrick farley
patrick farley 7 hours ago
Rome would take WAY LONGER to build today even with all the latest and greatest tools and materials. One word. UNIONS! The Empire State Building built in 14 months, finished in 1931. The ORIGINAL Yankee Stadium built in 1 year in 1923. The World Trade Center replacement took 5 years to finish one small unit and some are still not finished 19 years later! Yankees New Stadium over 3 years. Boston's "Big Dig" project? 15 years and $15 Billion over budget (Adjusted for inflation)! Why so long? Because of one thing that wasn't around in the early part of the 20th Century. UNIONS!
SuprChickn 77
SuprChickn 77 7 hours ago
Lincoln Brewster, played with Steve Perry's band at 19. Also, Linc has his own Aztec Gold Signature Series Fender Stratocaster.
David King
David King 7 hours ago
Stairway Denied 😇 your just not worthy .....😂
Hashim Rahman
Hashim Rahman 7 hours ago
So many of the comments are lefties trying to rationalize why playing right handed is somehow better. It’s not. There is a reason 99.999% of right handed people play right handed guitars and it’s not to intentionally gimp their fretting hand.
Misty Morris
Misty Morris 7 hours ago
Every body knows thoes jems with disappearing pyramids inlay practically shred themselves so it's real. Your so jealous lol. Those metronomes are clicking away so fast it sounds like thousands of marbles raining down and is actually how I quantized my rehearsals back in the day or at least until I got good enough to speed it up from there. I warmed up to around a million bpm so I know what I'm talking about .