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5 months ago
5Y Official
5Y Official 2 hours ago
It’s just 2014-15 phone with a strap
Bhushan Waingankar
Bhushan Waingankar 2 hours ago
Apple have black magic those products are shitty but you need it
Michał Surdacki
Michał Surdacki 2 hours ago
pip-boy from our flat screen timeline
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 2 hours ago
The screen is basically the same size as the original iPhone 4
Đức Nguyễn
Đức Nguyễn 2 hours ago
Made in việt nam :)))
sergent popoy
sergent popoy 2 hours ago
wow iphone 11
Trini Chinese
Trini Chinese 2 hours ago
wow was not expecting you to review the Lemfo lem t . cool .
David K
David K 3 hours ago
I had one of those cables.. lasted a week.. F-OFF!
Carleton Baily
Carleton Baily 3 hours ago
the device on its own with no wrist band would be sweeet
Bharath Bhararh
Bharath Bhararh 3 hours ago
keawaa Claire
keawaa Claire 3 hours ago
Hey unboxing therapy if you saw this comment.. give me a google pixel 4 😁❤️
Nikhit Adibhatla
Nikhit Adibhatla 3 hours ago
kinda looks like nexbit robin
weird* safa
weird* safa 3 hours ago
Still can't afford it............................
Julio Rivera
Julio Rivera 3 hours ago
Where can I buy that?!
samz daking
samz daking 3 hours ago
*tapes my phone to my wrist* smartwatch di..did i do this right?
CarlGaming _YT
CarlGaming _YT 3 hours ago
This costs Php150,000 for me.. thats the equivalent of a small house xd
Love his reaction to the finger print scanner.
The Noob
The Noob 3 hours ago
Please review (realme 5 pro)
Nulibrium 3 hours ago
I'm still waiting for a pip boy 3000 style device, this is a step in the right direction.
stefal22 3 hours ago
pixel 4 looks like the excrement of a woke postmodern neo-marxist
sreejith Rajendran
sreejith Rajendran 3 hours ago
Can you review realme x2 pro
Matthew Wayer
Matthew Wayer 3 hours ago
Now if it would flip open to a larger flexible screen.....
instrumentality82 3 hours ago
Happy I didn't wait and got the OnePlus 7 Pro instead, great phone!
Bartosz Rygielski
Bartosz Rygielski 3 hours ago
here we go predator gauntlet ;)
FlickRandom 3 hours ago
can it run mine sweeper?
Branton Hudson
Branton Hudson 3 hours ago
What an awful looking device. Google should be ashamed. Straight up copying Apple. Also, their implementation of face unlock is extremely insecure. It doesn’t even check to see if your eyes are open. Someone could literally take your phone while you’re passed out drunk, scan your face and unlock it.
David Guymon
David Guymon 3 hours ago
I totally would have this sit and say “F U” (spelled out of course) as I’m walking down the street, or even better would be walking through the grounds at Temple Square (where Mormons are). 🤣
J Kyungsoo
J Kyungsoo 3 hours ago
Baka naman po regaluhan niyo ako ng iPhone 11😂🇵🇭
SinGy 3 hours ago
They could make it a foldable watch to make it expand
Kunal Mazumdar
Kunal Mazumdar 3 hours ago
$1300 for that shit peace of toy? Damn that is way costly. It is the 13 months salary in my first job!
Kyo Wentz
Kyo Wentz 3 hours ago
I can build a house with price that phone..i so poor to have that item..honestly
Alonso Alcantar
Alonso Alcantar 3 hours ago
I wish companies could just create a watch with only the bezels, so when you turn on the watch those bezels projects a screen. It would be pretty futuristic
Bunnin Sov
Bunnin Sov 3 hours ago
U better give me the just black one Unbox Therapy
David Guymon
David Guymon 3 hours ago
You suck at Tetris.
Rabix 3 hours ago
" " Willy Du -2019
Rabix 3 hours ago
Willy Du -2019
郭泰龙 3 hours ago
Linda Tate
Linda Tate 3 hours ago
Meet George Jetson
Joseph Guzman
Joseph Guzman 3 hours ago
They should of have a 4 g version of this phone . the 5g hype is to launch phones past the 1k price mark. A 4g version would bring the price to a reasonable 600 plus the 200 dual screen would be 800 total. They would sell like hot cakes ! Many People who are on the fence shelling out 1 K for a phone would be looking at this. Would be even better if the v50 had a removable battery like the v 10 so u never have to plug your phone . Oh well. Gonna wait 4 years to buy this one
Malik El Omar
Malik El Omar 3 hours ago
This phone has an ugly ass front.. sorry guys.
David Guymon
David Guymon 3 hours ago
A fake dong probably would be more effective.
Michael Linda
Michael Linda 3 hours ago
Lew is wearing an apple watch instead of his polar watch
BlazzyBIazzy 3 hours ago
Bro thats not s smartwatch thats a Tv
هشام أيمن
هشام أيمن 3 hours ago
دي قناتي ادخلو شوفو المحتوي بتاعي هيعجبكم
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay 3 hours ago
Ok still waiting on an actual iPhone 11 review
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay 3 hours ago
How did this review come out before the iPhone 11 review?????
rubikon 3 hours ago
it's cool but tooo big...
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay 3 hours ago
When are you actually gonna do a iPhone 11 review??
Nick Brown
Nick Brown 3 hours ago
Slot cars are back
Daniel Ramsay
Daniel Ramsay 3 hours ago
Why is there no actual IPhone 11 video with camera demonstrations and such like usual?? Why just this so far??
Nickodarius 3 hours ago
Gorilla glass 6 I think...?
Shubham Nagarji
Shubham Nagarji 3 hours ago
Wow Peter on channel 😎
Laone Moalosi
Laone Moalosi 3 hours ago
Lew international shipping link
Jayan Kumar
Jayan Kumar 3 hours ago
Nice specs and technology surely samsung mind blowing love it
Yihan Zhao
Yihan Zhao 3 hours ago
the camera is like: O 。O
Born Boy
Born Boy 3 hours ago
That forehead is unacceptable. I'd rather have a fingerprint scanner at the back or under display. Heck I'd accept PIN or those old ass pattern stuff rather than Roman Pearce's forehead.
Michael Kayseryan
Michael Kayseryan 3 hours ago
I love lew but I think he’s gay with willy do
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 3 hours ago
Why is this fake reviewer still making videos.
Jesse Van Den Broek
Switching to the watch phone?
aero telugu
aero telugu 3 hours ago
it seems there is a room for foldable watches
Angelo Icertube
Angelo Icertube 3 hours ago
You mean world's biggest iPad Pro 2019 38493849GB/32GB Ram rose gold 34' Quad AMOLED display 67000mAh battery $5395939483948558?
Jess Dala
Jess Dala 3 hours ago
I hate how all the new phone have the edge screens, which are absolute garbage! They crack so easily...I've been loyal to Samsung for a long time...but with the new screens and the phone prices...and the garbage new plans for phones...I probably going to look for an alternative on my next purchase...6 months that's how long my screen lasted...absolute garbage!
Yee boi juice
Yee boi juice 3 hours ago
"Hm hm yes yea oh, yep" -Will 2019
CoDKilliK1985 3 hours ago
Worlds smallest smartphone with an watch strap
LiVin 3 hours ago
Do check out the REDMI NOTE 8 Pro
Eth Nick
Eth Nick 3 hours ago
Seems pretty forgiving. “Practical”? Having such a forehead/chin makes the phone less practical/ergonomic.
Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy 3 hours ago
This is the high qualty gadget gue i have seen him befor rewieing high qualty mobiles and labtops and other gadgets.
COHCO BULLET 3 hours ago
Willy Du 2019 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee 3 hours ago
I really hope that’s a fake black card you’re using in the video. Just saying! Pretty much gave away all the numbers on the card
Sweet Trap Magi
Sweet Trap Magi 3 hours ago
I should invent a necklace , that has a small but nice pendant , that has a small camera in it recording when I feel like I need it to , for witness
Glad ._. TM
Glad ._. TM 3 hours ago
Pls stop with the quotes pewds killed it already
remconet 3 hours ago
Anyone know if the Z20 has NFC? Different websites disagree on this point. Some say it does some say it doesn't. I prefer to hear from people who actually have this phone, because googling I can do myself ;)
Ali 3 hours ago
Shit phone. It can be unlocked by anyones fingerprint lol
Ahsan Naseer
Ahsan Naseer 3 hours ago
This watch contains play store!!! Is this really powered by android??😱😱
Nova 256
Nova 256 3 hours ago
Honestly I first thought it was an iPhone 2G/3G with a wristband.
amantalas 3 hours ago
I owe that phone. My display broke and they ask me 306 euros to replace it. Why?
Ami Ami
Ami Ami 4 hours ago
Next video: I'm switching to Diamond play button
Skelet Nation
Skelet Nation 4 hours ago
dude i looks like the iphone 11/11pro
Jon Donnelly
Jon Donnelly 4 hours ago
My phone has a clock, it is my watch.
Hindustani Tube
Hindustani Tube 4 hours ago
Who is Best ✊ Technical Guruji Like 👍 Unbox therapy Comment ✍ 👇 👇
Peter Figueroa
Peter Figueroa 4 hours ago
Just ordered ONE!
ShaswAt RoUt
ShaswAt RoUt 4 hours ago
Do one on feb 2020 I bet Samsung and 1plus will be in as well, it will be fun
Siu BB
Siu BB 4 hours ago
I can do better: glue or tape a wristband to any smartphone, and then wear the whole thing.
საგიჯეთი D
Are you Canadian?
CyabuM Cyabu
CyabuM Cyabu 4 hours ago
Even be with watching this i can hear 👂 him saying this is better than Apple Watch ⌚️
Rynlight 4 hours ago
Unbox realme x2 pro
2 XStream
2 XStream 4 hours ago
Nobody Adidas: let’s put water in our shoes
Farish Faheem
Farish Faheem 4 hours ago
Black is completely wicked 😍
Don’t Click The Video
I love sony -_-
bamesh kumar
bamesh kumar 4 hours ago
U r geart
David Guymon
David Guymon 4 hours ago
It’s the hippie poopoo phone.
nirvana shears
nirvana shears 4 hours ago
samsung had all these features since the galaxy s4 , swiping and wat not . this piel is shit and samsung removed all those stupid feature cause people domt use it .
nirvana shears
nirvana shears 4 hours ago
why u guys think the large forehead on the pixel is ohk and normal and it been that way since day one . apple has a 10x better loooking forehead and the faceunlock has been better from apple for 3 years now . wow
MAJHARUL Ansari 4 hours ago
Kean Blanch
Kean Blanch 4 hours ago
5k as soon as possible
Peter Rafael
Peter Rafael 4 hours ago
5:03 "Perfect" - Willy Du 2019
Amy Lorenz
Amy Lorenz 4 hours ago
* Dycktaping my phone to my wrist * Done
awais qasim
awais qasim 4 hours ago
why you not saying about its not 855+? and its fu(kin high price tag? Because you are Google device fan. Holy shit
David Guymon
David Guymon 4 hours ago
Professor X cannot move anything with his mind. Not anything I’ve seen in any of the movies, or anywhere I have read in the comics. He is telepathic, not telekinetic. 😛
Alex Doge
Alex Doge 4 hours ago
This thing has a bigger battery than the pixel 4 announced today smh