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H K 8 minutes ago
How ANY member of the police from Rotherham has the gall to stand up here after the number of kids they've allowed to become abused is beyond belief. I don't care about you 'Una' - I care about the hundreds of abused children you failed. You FAILED.
makaiah smith
makaiah smith 8 minutes ago
I made it to the comments 😂
Dev Copper
Dev Copper 8 minutes ago
Drag is like beer, for 21 year olds and up only. Abominations.
Roland Montemayor
Roland Montemayor 9 minutes ago
same :-)
Jung Bálint
Jung Bálint 9 minutes ago
Of course you husband is patient. If he wasn't patient, he would have broken up with you 10 year ago.
Nida Guzon-Palmore
Nida Guzon-Palmore 9 minutes ago
I feel sorry for these young minds who cannot think for themselves and get fed with this lifestyle. I do not mind if they are adults and can make the choices for themselves. May God's grace and mercy be all upon us and that His light shine on all of us. God bless you. ❤🙏
Kevin Guzman
Kevin Guzman 9 minutes ago
Es lo peor que han subido... $¡#*$*$*#.
Carmen Ibarra
Carmen Ibarra 9 minutes ago
excelente, buena proyección de voz,,,ÉXITO MUCHACHO!! DIOS BENDICE TODO TU BIEN.😇👐 Ah! Y shulisimo, dicho sea de paso🙈👏👏👏👏👏👏
Greg Urbanek
Greg Urbanek 10 minutes ago
Simply amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience.
lauren kane
lauren kane 10 minutes ago
All thanks to Instagram, models and social media! What a world, everyone has to look dying to fit in
johnspartan98 10 minutes ago
The industrialized world has lifted BILLIONS of People out of poverty. This kid is BRAINWASHED and part of the left wing hive mind globalist collective. Carbon is greening our planet as it should. Carbon is not a major player in climate change....the sun is....and that is a proven fact. The maunder minimum (1645-1715) that brought us the last mini ice age had nothing to do with man's burning of fossil fuels and neither did any of the other ice ages. 400 ppm C02 doesn't do a damned thing to change the climate. Stop blaming fossil fuels. Mann's hockey stick graph has been proven a fraud in court. I bet 99.9% reading this didn't know about the August 2019 Supreme Court of BC decision in which Mann was proven a fraud and ordered to pay Prof. Tim Ball's legal costs of over a million bucks. Wake up dummies.
Yoni Kircheva
Yoni Kircheva 10 minutes ago
I agree with this person on acting with kindness even if you don't agree with each other. But still I don't agree with the whole concept of drag and especially exposing little children to it. I don't think "becoming a drag queen" should be a child's dream job. Can you imagine your child coming to you one day and saying"I want to become a pole dancer.". It's the same. Drag teaches children that it's okay to dress with inappropriate clothes( short skirts etc.) no matter if they are a woman or a man.
kelvin monteiro
kelvin monteiro 10 minutes ago
is eng is so clear to understand (keep in mind my mother language isn't eng)
Abhishek Saxena
Abhishek Saxena 11 minutes ago
what now? the US moves out of syria so that erdogan can finish them off, or force them to side with assad!
Elvis Chuks
Elvis Chuks 11 minutes ago
It’s shii like this that makes me take ted talks less and less serious
SHINES 11 minutes ago
We KNOW what you are Mr. "CUMMINGS" GTFOH
EnRocko 12 minutes ago
"a lot of these kids wanted to be a drag queen" ...ok
Me parece muy buena la manera en la cual explica el desarrollo de una empresa ya que da ejemplos claros y entendibles ademas de darnos algunos consejos y reflexiones las cuales te hacen pensar en que podrías hacer para poder administrar tu dinero y también en que invertirlo ademas de explicar los estilos de aprendizaje y como influyen en las personas y su entorno
Surprize Toyz Collector
7:40 Meet the new city council member in The 7th District of New York...
Özge Kulak
Özge Kulak 12 minutes ago
Bence 20 Eylül kanser ile mücadele günü olmalı
Emmanuel21 12 minutes ago
Tanya Singh
Tanya Singh 12 minutes ago
its cool what she stated,but many of the things she said were underestimatin' the very power and the changes feminism comes with
Shiro Emiya
Shiro Emiya 13 minutes ago
jajajajaj los chilenos, si Caral quedara en Chile ya Pinochet lo hubiera desaparecido. Hay Salvadorcito, serán tus hermanos los chilenos wevonazo, no , como presidente tu entregas el culo a Chile, y cuidado con lo que dices ahorita, Chile agarra el vídeo lo edita y pone Ministro peruano dice que Caral es chileno. Me pregunto si todas esas cosas geniales propusiste cuando eras Ministro y Premiere, ¡a no!! te enfocaste más en los trans y la ideología de genero, eso si ayudara a construir nuestra identidad jajaja. Haz hablado de todo lo que aman los turistas actualmente pero cambien hay cultura y arquitectura que se esta cayendo en el centro histórico de Lima, cerca de donde el Ejecutivo y Legislativo trabajan, ¿acaso tampoco no valen? Esa también es parte de nuestra identidad, buen floro pero incompleto y como siempre, puro floro, cero voluntad política.
merlin the skeleton
merlin the skeleton 13 minutes ago
Thanks, but no thanks...
Naresh Nagpure
Naresh Nagpure 13 minutes ago
Aprendendo a Aprender Inglês com a Tassi
so many people here missing the point.... I do not see a drag pushing anything whatsoever onto a child, I see two humans having a joyful and innocent interaction. And I love it! Besides, a drag queen must look not very different than a clown to the very young children and to them it is all fun. The drag queen was just being an entertainer, not naything else other than that. It's all alright to me.
smart healthy cooking
smart healthy cooking 14 minutes ago
Now im going through these domestic voilence. Hav a three year old kid. Dont know what to do..
Joe Nuxhall
Joe Nuxhall 14 minutes ago
I watched this twice for laughs
Geetar Bear
Geetar Bear 14 minutes ago
Yeah no, sexualizing kids is never ok.
Эйдос по Платону
Well... It’s time for a nuclear ending
Hexagon 15 minutes ago
Co to jest za zwierze
E Cox
E Cox 15 minutes ago
This was hilarious. Why are women taking advice from a 30 something with a boyfriend? She has failed ladies. She's an entitled brat who didn't want to support a man when he was working his way up and now that she is past her prime, expecting "Mr. Right" to fall over himself to get an overweight, attitude ridden woman who is desperate for children... not "Mr. Right". This is not how life works women. Men want to chase women and only CHOSES to give up the chase when a woman actually provides value to a relationship. Men saw through her BS and said no thank you. I guarentee you, if the boyfriend asks her to marry him, their marriage fails. She is not getting what she actually wants because what she actually wants doesn't want her back. She's settling for beta bucks.
Steve Perez
Steve Perez 15 minutes ago
This is great
Keneking 16 minutes ago
That is a friend
jay collins
jay collins 16 minutes ago
DoctorHver 16 minutes ago
Instead of Ted talks just google George Carlin you will be much better of.
Mark El-Masry
Mark El-Masry 16 minutes ago
Oh God, even Tedx supports this drag queen nonsense now.
Whitney Lee
Whitney Lee 16 minutes ago
What was the pupose of this talk? Leadership? Ok then make a point! The LGBTQ community needs some great speakers to open minds but this was so scattered...
AC DC 17 minutes ago
You should've stayed away from kids. Faqqin herpes queen.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson 17 minutes ago
Just here to get my daily dose of triggered reactionaries.
Lisa Luther
Lisa Luther 17 minutes ago
Bless you for all that you do for you community.
Pedro T.
Pedro T. 17 minutes ago
Enough! We need stop these guys. Enough! Enough! Enough!
Gracias, muy buena informacion para mejor mi empresa !!
Geethanjali 18 minutes ago
how to do a ted talk ?
daniel 18 minutes ago
here before the comment section gets closed
Yusuke 18 minutes ago
This is subliminal gender dysphoria on the kids. Not right.
Z M 17 minutes ago
Thank you!!!!!
ltrizzle12 18 minutes ago
GTFOH!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Brahimi 125
Brahimi 125 18 minutes ago
Imma have to give this one a no
Andres Eduardo Serrano
Andres Eduardo Serrano 18 minutes ago
Haha no se que hacer, tengo TDAH y Dislexia Me es muy dificil estudiar, en estos momentos deberias de estar estudiando Agh tengo 17 porcierto El TDAH y la dislexia me la detectaron a los 5 años Mi vida ah sido cuesta arriba siempre Pero siempre logro sobrevivir Mis calificaciones son pesimas (apesar de intento hacer mi 100%), mis compañeros aveces me excluyen Es dificil Hace 3 semanas volvi a estar medicado y me siento mucho mejor Todose dicen que si puedo Que soy capaz El video solo me hizo reflexionar Talves tengo que esforzarme mas Luchar 1000 veces mas fuerte contra mi mente y asi lograre mis metas
Completely Neuronic
Completely Neuronic 18 minutes ago
Another wolf in sheep’s clothing. Self attributed ex-environmentalist is actually Lobbyist of the nuclear power industry aiming to sell non-sustainable and expensive energy
Gracias por la expilcación de como una empresa puede crecer atraves de deciciones que tomamos dentro de esta.
Steve Matatahi
Steve Matatahi 19 minutes ago
Karla Feliz Sanchez
Karla Feliz Sanchez 19 minutes ago
Inspirador. Gracias.
Mariachi Ingles
Mariachi Ingles 19 minutes ago
Another option is to wait until you become wiser, more educated, more skilled in your area of expertise...and then give a TEDx talk.
Vaibhav Gurav
Vaibhav Gurav 20 minutes ago
And you nominated for marathon 2019......
Ton pere a le cancer
Ton pere a le cancer 20 minutes ago
Poor humanity dont tuch the childrens
Simon Sentamu
Simon Sentamu 20 minutes ago
Powerful mesage, thank you Sammy!
SCL75 20 minutes ago
Values- “Situation independent decision helpers.”
Fawks Masters
Fawks Masters 20 minutes ago
Wow, wow. In closing, wow.
Beliasa 21 minute ago
I came here to unsubscribe
alarupala ́s Satire
alarupala ́s Satire 21 minute ago
Springt bitte vom, Hochhaus. Beschissene Satanisten.
Seppi Seppsen
Seppi Seppsen 21 minute ago
bravo glasklar durchdacht gut analysiert
Of Nightside
Of Nightside 21 minute ago
Yes, a man in misogynistic pornified womanface is truly the ideal role model for kids.
Z M 20 minutes ago
Shawn Hawthorne
Shawn Hawthorne 21 minute ago
Time to unsub
Marco Gil
Marco Gil 22 minutes ago
It's so depressing to see the public cheering and clapping...
Sufyan Farooq
Sufyan Farooq 22 minutes ago
She described it very well..Seeing all the offended people become Islamic Scholars in comment section is funny..
Martín Joya
Martín Joya 22 minutes ago
Sarah David
Sarah David 23 minutes ago
Way to go komal !! Glad i finally got to watch it 💕
Z M 23 minutes ago
Max Trash
Max Trash 23 minutes ago
How about fuckin no
daniel 23 minutes ago
no, not kids do your thing but please please PLEASE leave the kids out of it for christ’s sake
Khalid Abbas
Khalid Abbas 23 minutes ago
What about catalonia in spain.syk-pico is no more reliable to middle east.
Haitham Alahmad
Haitham Alahmad 23 minutes ago
you have the right to love whomever you want. BUT Keep children out of this. what's happening to the west!!!!!!!
Haitham Alahmad
Haitham Alahmad 18 minutes ago
I dont understand this really. I am supportive of any human to sleep with whomever he/she wants. If you want to become a trans it's your choice and right. BUT NO NEED TO INVOLVE KIDS IN THIS
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 23 minutes ago
The decline of the West right before our very eyes.
inata7 24 minutes ago
Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! I stand up !!!!!
Arthur O'neill
Arthur O'neill 24 minutes ago
0:50 Wey, que miedo.
Space Diva
Space Diva 24 minutes ago
Do whatever you want, as long as you don't hurt someone, or involve kids.
Space Diva
Space Diva 10 minutes ago
@Nymeria GRNLD *OR* involve kids.
Nymeria GRNLD
Nymeria GRNLD 17 minutes ago
How Is that kid armed by that?
Jim Bo
Jim Bo 24 minutes ago
Who is TED and why does he talk so much?
SeeItHappen 24 minutes ago
Copied from Joe Dispenza . . . . .
Excelente vídeo!! Me gusto la frase que dijo "Los arboles no crecen hasta el cielo". Un emprendedor tiene que invertir en capital de trabajo y como también tiene que tener un flujo de fondos y siempre debemos proyectarnos para no decaer como el Titanic. Muy buena información.
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler 24 minutes ago
I really _really_ can’t do anything. I’m so incompetent.
C J 24 minutes ago
What a sick society we have become to say that a drag queen is an example of leadership. Parents that allow their children to be subjected to this kind of abomination will be held accountable.
shadowdance4666 25 minutes ago
Doctors have a lot of work to do to update their education on this medicine. There’s much more to it than I fathomed and I used to use it a long time ago in a galaxy far far away
ami abu
ami abu 25 minutes ago
I love my goats what happened to them
Dakota Dragneel
Dakota Dragneel 25 minutes ago
Trading air for mars
StormShadowGFX 25 minutes ago
Life is the D R E A M of the spirit, Spirit is the dream of god.
Bukwas Sneakers
Bukwas Sneakers 25 minutes ago
Is this real?!?
Marco Gil
Marco Gil 23 minutes ago
Unfortunately, it seems like so
Asha Shabeer
Asha Shabeer 25 minutes ago
Von 25 minutes ago
Keep praying Keep voting Keep talking
Dominik J
Dominik J 26 minutes ago
Please kill it
Megami lloyd
Megami lloyd 26 minutes ago
Gemma Long
Gemma Long 26 minutes ago
Grant Bartley
Grant Bartley 26 minutes ago
So in my advanced country this is illegal
ThumperOne 26 minutes ago
Brainwashing kids at an early age before they even know what is weird or not. Just like religion.
Mark C
Mark C 26 minutes ago
Report this video.....
guillermo avilan
guillermo avilan 27 minutes ago
sean 27 minutes ago
remember when ted talks were about actually interesting topics and not a medium for a narrative to be pushed? Pepperridge farms remembers.
Jay Wilson
Jay Wilson 15 minutes ago
Remember when RUvidrs were smarter and could read video titles and select for themselves the content that was relevant to their interests? No, me neither.
Alex MW
Alex MW 27 minutes ago
Nobody care of what he is saying i hope
hrr drr
hrr drr 27 minutes ago
Remember why you subscribed to this channel in the first place? Me neither.