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Himanshu kulkarni
Himanshu kulkarni 23 hours ago
mervelii günleeer
mervelii günleeer 23 hours ago
Amelia's g ma spreading Rett awareness!
Dedicated to my beautiful girls" Leslie, Amelia and Zoey' remember, there's a song to help every moment in life, know "YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE' MY ONLY SUNSHINE" YOU MAKE ME HAPPY WHEN SKIES ARE GREY!!! ❣️💓💋
Muhammad Parlaungan
Muhammad Parlaungan 23 hours ago
2020 indonesia
Надежда Волобуева
Dayanna Tellez
Dayanna Tellez 23 hours ago
"La vida es para dejar huella", Este vídeo me permitió llegar a grandes reflexiones, ademas de esto me aporto a mi crecimiento personal ya que es valioso saber que para ser alguien en la vida no se necesita dinero o grandes lujos para sentir que eres alguien, o que importas dentro de esta sociedad tan diversa y compleja. Mi carrera la elegí pensando en un bienestar colectivo, en niños, niñas y adultos que muchas veces se les vulneran sus derechos por encontrarse en zonas difíciles y marginadas, es de entender que mi carrera y profesión no me dará muchos lujos económicos, pero si tendré la oportunidad de decir con orgullo que deje huella y seguiré construyendo futuro, bienestar y sueños con las personas que mas lo necesitan. Compartiendo demasiado la voz y el mensaje que nos deja Ivan Triana, la fuerza por generar cambio, la ilusión y las ganas de transformar esta dura realidad que cada día nos daña mas.
Ishita Humnabadkar
Ishita Humnabadkar 23 hours ago
Do you know You know what the problem is ? Leadership is associated with masculinity Whyyyyy? Why is feminity looked at as weak
John Daniel Hubbard
John Daniel Hubbard 23 hours ago
How do you mend all the worldly problems? Exterminate Humans.
Brianna Prugh
Brianna Prugh 23 hours ago
Watching this during recess at the school you, Dr. Lamb, first introduced me to on our missions trip in 2014. The education system and the culture our students have been brought up in can feel a little chaotic at times and can be a test of patience. However, amidst the chaos I believe those are the three best pieces of advice for any teacher: 1. Serve others 2. Empower others to dream 3. Help others know they matter Awesome insight!
Randall Porter
Randall Porter 23 hours ago
Timing. It has always been about timing when attempting to detect a signal. But no-one ever discusses the factor of an advanced civilization that no longer uses the signal we are trying to detect. Our planet is 4.5B years old. We've only been around (technologically) for several centuries. An advanced civilization may be only 10 light years out but stopped using the signal we are trying to detect, millions of years ago.
Nia Jones
Nia Jones 23 hours ago
Shouldn't they be called HIPerinas?
Trap Town SIC
Trap Town SIC 23 hours ago
Good! Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :)
pankaj singh
pankaj singh 23 hours ago
I have an incredible talent of lying in bed and sleeping very fast.
Shopna Kalam
Shopna Kalam 23 hours ago
Hello You are amazing do you have anything in the UK. ? Many people will benefit from this. Please do something for the people in the UK. Thank you
Cupcake Cottage Studio
I’m not a doctor and I’ve been saying this for years. Listen to your own body. You can tell which foods don’t really agree with you.
Bass Town Ncs
Bass Town Ncs 23 hours ago
epicly awesome
Bass Town Ncs
Bass Town Ncs 23 hours ago
amazing video
Gabriel Ferreira
Gabriel Ferreira 23 hours ago
5:20 kono Giorno Giovanna yume ga aru
Romain Sayd
Romain Sayd 23 hours ago
Génial bravo et merci.
John Daniel Hubbard
John Daniel Hubbard 23 hours ago
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi 23 hours ago
O título tinha que ser: Aprender a enganar as pessoas
Shankar Das
Shankar Das 23 hours ago
I feel you man
Said Özyol
Said Özyol 23 hours ago
Çok akıcı, tatlı ve yumuşak konuşuyor, gereksiz samimiyet yok. bravo 1 saat konuşsa dinlerim
rosieos 23 hours ago
Someone’s been listening to/reading Abraham Hicks. 😊
Vedant Deshpande
Vedant Deshpande 23 hours ago
I don't know why but I really can't lough at this 🤔 she is hot though🔥
jSUN 23 hours ago
STOP EATING! save some food for other ppl.
dolearning 23 hours ago
Love this guy! Well done, Joss!
Karena Lindell
Karena Lindell 23 hours ago
Thanks for sharing your story. What beautiful insight you share!
Jennifer Neal
Jennifer Neal 23 hours ago
nur ain
nur ain 23 hours ago
Malaysian stewardess?
Aditya Niyogi
Aditya Niyogi 23 hours ago
Heard her for the first time charismatic, filled with posetivety.
The Study Budy
The Study Budy 23 hours ago
Someone take me to a concert
Abin Baby
Abin Baby 23 hours ago
Good speech by BJP spokes person..
Robert Caffrey
Robert Caffrey 23 hours ago
WOW what a fantastic real person.
jyoti vig
jyoti vig 23 hours ago
Excellent talk, way to go Atishi. It's a pleasure listening to you.
kaifi7 23 hours ago
I just came here to say I don't want a long life I just want a short but healthy and prosperous life.
Cesar Herrera
Cesar Herrera 23 hours ago
Se te nota emocionado y nervioso. Eres talentoso mi hermano Bendiciones.
Al Ameer Marco Lawan
"Let's Gooooo!"
Meenakshi Lad
Meenakshi Lad 23 hours ago
After Roadies 😍..... HATTS OFF Dear 👍👌👏👏👏👏👏
Lord Maximus Farquaad
I do not believe in democracy, because it is controlled by money. And corporations do not have the good being of a country in their mind. Also, Western civilization culturally is not even a shadow of it former self from 100 years ago.
Rea Ality
Rea Ality 23 hours ago
Interpretation of religious writ always determines the actions of its believers. This is evident in the U.S. by over 1600 different Christian faiths alone. When interpreted the same way his opposition judges President Trump, God Almighty Jesus Christ is Satan.
cafer kılıçaslan
cafer kılıçaslan 23 hours ago
Oradakiler buna inanıp gülüyor
jhacad are
jhacad are 23 hours ago
Todo el mundo piensa distinto, todo el mundo tiene horario propio para amanecer y anochecer, las ideas no se imponen, tampoco los amaneceres y anocheceres.
David Inchcliff
David Inchcliff 23 hours ago
What fake news. Lies. A. I will be used against the people. Matrix......
Kumar Thankavel
Kumar Thankavel 23 hours ago
I am delighted to view this video and found that there are number of Jems in our country who are confident of making India a well deserved developed country.
Shankar Das
Shankar Das 23 hours ago
That's the best and most perfect Ted talk I ever geard
/Abandoned|Planet 23 hours ago
Should be passionate about getting a sound guy that cuts the high end of that lip smacking.
khia P
khia P 23 hours ago
goal : being king of self-trust great talk thank u so much !
254JROCK 23 hours ago
16 /8 fasting intermittently is the one thing that helped my health more than anything else its hard for about 3 days then its great 👍🏻 try it
Ratana Dabs
Ratana Dabs Day ago
First time I heard and see him on American Idol I thought it was horrible but now he voices is that of an average Karoake singer. I couldn't sing like that, could you?
Anthony Norton
It's not just Germany, but other countries have humaner prisons all with lower recidivism rates than ours. If you privatize prisons in the U.S., you incentivize those companies into higher recidivism rates and lobbying for longer prison terms.
Katherine Masis
Not a very original topic...what's wrong with TED these days???
Gaberal Day ago
rename it as "waking up as a meme-lord"
UK Night Hunting Vision
No longer are Universities or Colleges in the West places for freedom of debate..................................... therefore they are not safe spaces for liberty and freedom of thought! No longer are they places of intellect but places where controlled thought, speech are forced upon students............................ strong debate has gone from these places, unless you adhere to Leftist Ideology, without any morality or sense! No parent should finance or encourage their children to enter such places where 'Safe Spaces' are the norm and reality of challenge is removed!
Kernel Kaos
Kernel Kaos Day ago
Love this guy. Whoever called ADHD an illness couldn't have got it more wrong. His message couldn't be clearer: Don't let what you think you have to do (society) get in the way of what you know you need to do (furbies).
Santri Avecenna
Senengnya fuuul...
Gijs Dj
Gijs Dj Day ago
I've never ever met an chess expert that "almost" remembers all pieces positions, they know exactly where and why.
Roger Bass
Roger Bass Day ago
You had me. Right up to when your political agenda began.
djm9276 Day ago
Amen ! I love the speech!
Bros I need some support, I'm gonna go ask my crush out next week before she goes away for college
Merve ,
Merve , Day ago
Muhteşemsiniz ❤️💯
Rara Khawlhring
Sung Ji Cho
Sung Ji Cho Day ago
This girl is on a rocket ship of life. very curious where she will be at in life in ten years
Chris Aubrey
Chris Aubrey Day ago
Once you break the conditioning of Disney then been child free at 40 was the right decision for me, planning a road trip around Europe next year for a month, wouldn't be able to do that if I had kids or was paying child support, loving my freedom and exploring the planet, to me that's the best and most fulfilling way to live this one life.
Loool, thry can create male simps...ppl who have kids should do something
cata mircea
cata mircea Day ago
so many words! in fact, you either eat too much for how much movement you make, or you make too little movement for how much food you eat. you are young. you won't be all the time. Excess weight is not a choice. but it will be a burden.
Kiara principessa Oxley
i like this woman at least she is smart. the reason why some hate it is because women are disrespected that is why i should be proud being a woman.
Samyra Benbachir
On est là et on a tellement de belles raisons d'espérer
the avian guy
Does anyone know why we have not tried this "experiment ". Its because our economy and lives aren't experiments...most of these experiments have been tested in ancient times. There is a reason it never caught on. We are not experiments we are human beings with souls...careful with what kind of experiments are run..its not safe to run an experiment you may not know the outcome too. Its like experiments with chemistry if you dont know what you are mixing and dont know the outcome you can hurt yourself...and others. So once again careful because an experiment like that...would be funded by people who work too damn hard to watch money be given out unconditionally while they had to struggle in all kinds of ways to build what they have. Its sad. We need to get away from this idea. It will screw the real people with ambition.
kofopoulou paraskevi
Αρκετά συνειδητοποιημενος!
Be Simply Better
Achievement is a natural byproduct of FLOW! 💙💙💙
Joseph Figueroa
Wow that was an awesome talk! The end part about "what other limits" we believe we have, was mind blowing.
sara jay
sara jay Day ago
Nice Dr. Thank you!
Rea Ality
Rea Ality Day ago
Today, in 2020, former Democrats have come to realize voting against Trump is voting against tax cuts, deregulation, low unemployment, a strong military, a more fair US world trade, exposing corruption and the double standard in the government, DOJ, FBI, and media. It has come to the point where what is good for America is bad for Democrats and what is good for Democrats is bad for the US Constitution. Trump's actions literally strengthen and defend the Constitution by transferring power away from the government and back over to "We The People". This is closer to the way the founding fathers intended our "Representative Republic" government to be! Trump's enemies do the opposite.
Jason Tan
Jason Tan Day ago
9:18 the speaker himself is nervous, but he's managing it, it's all about managing your anxiety
Wilson Javier ROCHA VERA
Este video nos deja un mensaje positivo para nuestra vida , un mensaje en el cual nosotros somos los encargados de correr la voz , de correr por nuestros sueños luchar por ellos y cuando lo logremos dejar una huella imborrable y que las nuevas generaciones lo tomen como ejemplo , para poder construir un mejor futuro en nuestro pais.
nishant choudhary
It's really necessary to make big ambition in life
Kai Day ago
If only boys could dress like her though, her fashion is amazing.
Best ever in every way ever Forever
Wait why is this in my recommendation ? So, anyways if you feel alone I can be your friend if you want to take the offer then give a reply
alli cdrn
alli cdrn Day ago
Je me sens moins seule 😅
biera23 Day ago
Świetne przemówienie, poświęciłem 3 minuty życia, żeby dowiedzieć się co ludzkość wyprodukowała. Po raz milionowy, bo zaczęli mi to wpajać już około wieku przedszkolnego wraz z bajką "Był sobie człowiek". Wtedy nie zapamiętałem, teraz znowu nie zapamiętałem i będę ostentacyjnie opuszczał salę wykładową za każdym razem gdy ktoś znowu spróbuje mi przypomnieć jak wielkim osiągnięciem było okiełznanie ognia, wynalezienie narzędzi, maszyny parowej i mikroperforacji w papierze toaletowym. :/
aimanfali Day ago
The photo on his T shirt is the cover of BIG's Ready to Die album.
Crystal Ybarra
Wow! I absolutely love this! Delivered with Courage, grit, and grace. You did great! Well done! Congratulations!
Aristotle McDonald
I tell my clients often, you don’t have a savings problem the real problem is an income problem. By not pursing your inner dreams and demonstrating that value that is unique to you in the open market you can earn what you need and want, and the fulfillment inside keeps you from wasting on consumer goods. Find your purpose, monetize it, be honest, work with others who want the same thing, never give up = grateful content heart and better family life. Don’t be a sucker and spend your time online or in a job you hate. Remember you are the LeBron James in this job market, go negotiate a better deal learn to sell your best self and make that sale everyday. Love all y’all who are trying to make something of yourselves in a world of lost sycophantic fools. Financial philosopher out!
Jan Mark Odones
This guy can be a good rapper
Татьяна Гончарова
Seun Akioye
Seun Akioye Day ago
men, i would love to meet you
Gunsmaa Otgonbayr
это я
это я Day ago
doug stine
doug stine Day ago
Traveling cheaply by dumpster diving does not sound like fun.
Kunuthur Srinivasa Reddy
The quantity of water is constant on the planet Earth. Essentially, the most of the rainwater is derived from clouds which in turn from evaporation of water from seas and oceans and least from terrestrial origin due to evaporation from lakes, rivers and ponds and transpiration from vegetation. However, sea/ocean water evaporation is highly energy intensive process since it is highly salt laden. Whereas, transpiration from vegetation results in water vapour coversion to cloud formation using less energy. Therefore, wisdom lies in greening the land surface of the Earth and global networking of water bodies to offset desertification and floods across the world. This measure eventually lead to restore peace, progress and prosperity of all living resources as it drives out hunger on Earth forever.
Akeia James
Akeia James Day ago
My brother die 4 year's ago I miss him so much my best friend
Always Sunny
Always Sunny Day ago
Thankyou beautiful lady I needed to hear this. You are a light to this world.
Petter Valderhaug
Jeet Singh
Jeet Singh Day ago
I am jeetsingh
mirye kim
mirye kim Day ago
love you
Havva Karaali
Allah razı olsun 😔
Tedd Gz
Tedd Gz Day ago
Hale S
Hale S Day ago
Aeeaahhh diye bir giriş ...😕