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plague the spider
plague the spider 15 hours ago
first song: random farts Second song: WOBBLE **machine gun noises**
Antonio Asenov
Antonio Asenov 15 hours ago
did you know that actually pico in week 3 should hold 2 of his uzis that means that the remastered edition is actually the idea of the original one
Troy Vince Fidel
Troy Vince Fidel 15 hours ago
Its hd not anime
Lol 15 hours ago
You forget the Ugh arrows the officially one is right arrows but the mod is changed arrows
Ephrem Tayeh
Ephrem Tayeh 15 hours ago
bro if i played agoti sings ugh i would never play it again ;-; ..... ....... ... like seriously the thing i said is true lol
DANCLASHER 15 hours ago
To be honest, the only thing they really revamped was the right animation, the rest is just the regular animations but the mic is his second UZI (pico remaster) Edit: they put Pico's feet up in the up animation, but left and down are the same but double UZI
̇ 15 hours ago
I preffer remaster sorry OG pico 🤡 but HD is good too
Just2Idiots 15 hours ago
Kapi taught BF well.
Timya Horn
Timya Horn 15 hours ago
I like pico 2 the gun be spinning
Priscila Gimenez
Priscila Gimenez 15 hours ago
Love Me Pls
Damian Diaz
Damian Diaz 15 hours ago
Honestly anime
Pico 15 hours ago
is hd not anime
CubicMC Gaming
CubicMC Gaming 15 hours ago
their getting a divorce... IN STYLE 😎
among us
among us 15 hours ago
I like when he say tree train deldeldeldeldeldel
_TheSoldier_ 15 hours ago
pico after week 7: +1 spinning gun :D
MasterBro Network
MasterBro Network 15 hours ago
I personally prefer the Original, Remastered kind of messes it up for me (idk why) and HD has Pico with freaky eyes in the dialogue that just puts me off.
On dream
JULIANA AGUIAR 15 hours ago
I love the pico anime ( the pico anime is HD)
RebootKING_RGM E̶x̶i̶s̶t̶e̶n̶c̶e̶
The remastered one sounds like a pencil ✏️ I mean the remastered one is cool but the noise is more weirder than usual
bits :D
bits :D 16 hours ago
Sketchy remaster is the most strange remaster because rip and tear
Justin Gamer Too
Justin Gamer Too 16 hours ago
the necromancer knight
Dude that meow just blew me away
CaptainCrevice97 16 hours ago
Cool Bruh
Mr Goose
Mr Goose 16 hours ago
Your pc will definitely lag if you put this mod on lmao
Samuel L.
Samuel L. 16 hours ago
I thought tankman was a sticker
Itzrub playz
Itzrub playz 16 hours ago
wow remastered got some dance moves
rowan sloan
rowan sloan 16 hours ago
Jecel Ventura
Jecel Ventura 16 hours ago
Poor daddy dearest he so sad 😿 hope he be happy
Rhys Kern
Rhys Kern 16 hours ago
Regular is the best
FarahQyz 16 hours ago
plot twist : gf is not playing
Pedroepaigames 16 hours ago
I love how anime is hd
Pro Brawler Osman
Pro Brawler Osman 16 hours ago
orginal tankmasn idle is slower then fanmade
gusgus animz
gusgus animz 16 hours ago
to be real, i didnt like the remaster, sorry
King Games
King Games 16 hours ago
Og pico is the best .
AAAAAAAAAAAA 16 hours ago
Angry boi
CreeperX_gamer 16 hours ago
Sooo SUS
mario 16 hours ago
Eliana Hanniel Dulfo
I like how the guy can understand boyfriend and I like when he start singing cus I like his voice it's kinda coollll
Jake Jacob
Jake Jacob 16 hours ago
It's hangman he won
Liamduplo6 16 hours ago
7:12 MISSED 1 Edit: Missed 3 lol
supercool_gamer10 16 hours ago
Hi communitygame this is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devil Piggy Bacon
Devil Piggy Bacon 16 hours ago
Why the heck does Vs Tomato Dude remind me of Vs Tord???
Slowbro 16 hours ago
its lost object style
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Don't know anymore references
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
And i think the little foam cereal guy in Phineas and ferb
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Sketchy himself and sonic
Dylandale Tiu
Dylandale Tiu 16 hours ago
When Tankman wasn't included Tankman: Man, I'm sooo hurt right now.
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Peashooter from plants vs zombies
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Tankman. The computer guy that gets a virus and likes basketball.
Yanis Hermanus Bate
Yanis Hermanus Bate 16 hours ago
Fan made is even hardest,and crazy
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Pin for bfdi. Super edd from eddsworld.
RobertSmiles 16 hours ago
The Indonesia Subtitles be like: hihihihihihihi meong hahaha hihihi auhulu hihihi enak Read more...
Geozii 16 hours ago
Nobody gonna talk about how he looks like the flinstones?
silly game player
silly game player 16 hours ago
Bfdi. bendy. undertale. troll. blocky from bfdi. plants vs zombies magnet shroom. tom from eddsworld. coiny. tricky. dream. cuphead. henry stickman. society of the blind eye. That's a whole lot of references
E 16 hours ago
Ok let me get this straight, I’ve see. The Pico School gameplay AND I THOUGH CASSANDRA IS A GIRL-
beh games sudden changes
hey i heard a DABABY wait....DABABY!??!?!?!
night owl
night owl 16 hours ago
Looks like a animation then a mod
Roblox Gaming
Roblox Gaming 16 hours ago
The remaster one is Cute but the original is better
Yodha Atman
Yodha Atman 16 hours ago
『Kïm』 #SaveWorld
Normal sketchy’s voice is more better but remastered sketchy’s animations are better so Idk who to choose
Jerome Villamor
Jerome Villamor 16 hours ago
Then your playing in android 6:30
manytoq Roblox
manytoq Roblox 16 hours ago
manytoq Roblox
manytoq Roblox 16 hours ago
the 1st part
KarakatiZa - Каракатица:D
I love normal shaggy💕💕💟💕💟💟💟💘💘❣️❣️
мирослав тимчук
Е то снизу ето не аниме ето HD мод!!!
Je L Oo
Je L Oo 16 hours ago
10:18 i can not, the meow 😂
🥀AbbyXyriel🥀 16 hours ago
HD Pico: Shoots and has smooth moves* Remastered Pico: has two guns and spins it* OG Pico: *hey thats unfair*
morp 16 hours ago
I like original best
Epicman epic
Epicman epic 16 hours ago
смилл 16 hours ago
Atharrizkisatria official Turn into car
David Priala
David Priala 16 hours ago
that what u say is anime is HD
Daghan Yilmaz
Daghan Yilmaz 16 hours ago
Why Bf make rap battle,just call Pico
Brinn TDS
Brinn TDS 16 hours ago
Is she ok?
Xosmik 16 hours ago
Sketchy remaster is just Ruv and Whitty combine
Naura Athaya Valensia Tanjung
why nooo mom dad!😭💔