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JOKERS - Trailer
8 months ago
Keanu Reeves
11 months ago
Year ago
Infinity War
Year ago
Year ago
The Joker
Year ago
Alina Timmer
Alina Timmer Hour ago
Why hasn't this like a few million clicks?
Xev Eleve
Xev Eleve 4 hours ago
Amazing job!
Arsh Gill
Arsh Gill 11 hours ago
It's been 9 years ago.. After all this time?
Faseeh Ullah
Faseeh Ullah 18 hours ago
This song and video ACTUALLY upgraded my favorite Star Wars character. Especially the beginning.
Haley _429
Haley _429 23 hours ago
This “Suicide Squad” trailer version of Infinity War is better than the Suicide Squad movie itself
Daniel Pena
Daniel Pena Day ago
that wonder woman shot was gold.
Alex B Johnson
I want to be a director and and an actor I will become one
suzy vassiliu
Riker Bucci
Riker Bucci Day ago
1:05 was done so good
Dollar Money
Dollar Money Day ago
Amey Lokhande
I genuinely felt like Tarantino directed it! Amazing man!
DudefuseTIB YouTube
I think this movie was great even if you only saw this one alone lol
damnnnnn!!! this is awesome! such an amazing concept
“It’s not about giving the guests what you think they want. No that’s simple. The titillation, horror, elation-they’re parlor tricks. The guests don’t return for the obvious things we do, the garish things. They come back because of the subtleties, the details. They come back because they discover something they imagine no one had ever noticed before… something they’ve fallen in love with. They’re not looking for a story that tells them who they are. They already know who they are. They’re here because they want a glimpse of who they could be." - Dr. Robert Ford, Westworld
Omair Khan
Omair Khan Day ago
oh it's before Civil War
Kamryn Grayson Reed
Thor was so smug until Rogers moved the hammer a smidge
murat karakuş
murat karakuş 2 days ago
this had such potential...
Audi Audi Audi
Audi Audi Audi 2 days ago
Great job!
MCP/ChronicBuzz 2 days ago
Maicol Peralta
Maicol Peralta 2 days ago
CD Project Dank
CD Project Dank 2 days ago
0:45 Just beautiful
Albert Gajudo
Albert Gajudo 2 days ago
Now that ending feels real.
Parameswari Primadita
Voldemort : "avada kedaa..." Stephen strange look at Harry : "One..." Harry Potter : Using Infinity Wand. "And I....Harry Potter..."
Parameswari Primadita
Waiting for Stephen Strange invited to Hogwart as a professor to special Class. "CLASS SURVIVE AND STAND AFTER DEATH"
GGzeMAN1 3 days ago
Plz do Incredibles 2 endgame edition!
Bahodir Rahimov
Bahodir Rahimov 3 days ago
Hey. Make vice trailer about Donald Trump by vice trailer style
Austin Triebe
Austin Triebe 3 days ago
“Oh, it’s beautiful.”
Lucario Pokemon
Lucario Pokemon 3 days ago
Last Jedi (El Camino Style)
Brandon Forgione
Brandon Forgione 4 days ago
We could really use one of those amazing speeches from Steve Rogers right about now...
Tpc_ Starlord
Tpc_ Starlord 4 days ago
Seeing this it makes me realize u should do a peter quill one like solo pls that would be good
Jaimie Lee
Jaimie Lee 4 days ago
Austin Legg
Austin Legg 4 days ago
can we appreciate that transition at 1:55
MonopolyMode 5 days ago
RUvid's algorithm has reached god mode lol. Someone with a captain america avatar commented on another video saying how it would be cool if hunt & bond teamed up. Now I see this in my feed lmao. That universe now exists.
Lance Awesomeness 2
Please do Thor: Ragnarok (Wonder Woman 1984) style please
Ricardo Monteiro
Ricardo Monteiro 5 days ago
오딘선토르 5 days ago
SCP 682
SCP 682 5 days ago
0:54 Epicness starts here
2023harley 5 days ago
What was the music in the background? It has to be the link that wasn't working
Meme Lord
Meme Lord 5 days ago
U have done a disservice to joker by cutting jokers 1.85 aspect ratio into a CinemaScope ratio, which degrades from the amazing cinematography. I hate that you do this.
Ryan Cox
Ryan Cox 6 days ago
-Are you guys okay? - Yeah but fucking Thanos ain't, that's for goddamned sure..
Natan Lopes
Natan Lopes 6 days ago
Just this video is better than entire endgame
Victor Hinz
Victor Hinz 6 days ago
Will you make one for Endgame as well?
Coconut32 7 days ago
Perfection 10/10 XD
Aidan Fernandez
Aidan Fernandez 7 days ago
HOLYY SHITTT This was the greatest fan made trailer I have ever seen!!!
Prakash Bishnoi
Prakash Bishnoi 7 days ago
This is the shortest cool edit I have ever seen till now
MIGZ GAMING 7 days ago
Marvel or star wars i prefer marvel
Mason Sumi
Mason Sumi 7 days ago
Please do Avengers Endgame with Power is Power song by The Weeknd
Daughter_of_ Skywalker
Star Wars have the highground
Arvind Tripathi
Arvind Tripathi 7 days ago
How you manage to upload with out copyright
Mukesh Prajapati
Mukesh Prajapati 7 days ago
God's righteous man.
AlexGamingz YT
AlexGamingz YT 7 days ago
Ginny: Black widow🕷🕷🕸🕸 Dumbledore: Thor Hermione: Scarlett witch Ronald weasley: Spiderman Harry: Captain/ironman Voldemort: Thanos Bellatrix: Dark proxima Draco: Nebula Wow They combined my 2 favorite Movies😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
AB - Edit
AB - Edit 8 days ago
Duarte Vader
Duarte Vader 8 days ago
This is amazing.
K!D MORRELLI 8 days ago
does anyone know how to like get the trailer music from the trailer?
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 8 days ago
Hey everyone, i’ve just posted my REACTION to this video on my channel. If you like reactions, go check it out please!! ❤️
Emily Dawn
Emily Dawn 8 days ago
imagine if this was the actual trailer we got after infinity war
Jay 8 days ago
This honestly feels a lot like a real trailer because of all the effort you put into it. It's amazing, cheers mate.
Sohaib Mazhar
Sohaib Mazhar 9 days ago
I laughed out loud
Angello Gonzalez
Angello Gonzalez 9 days ago
Tonks and lupin remind me of Wanda and vision.
zoinks 9 days ago
Sergej Keser
Sergej Keser 9 days ago
Other people: " The best house is the House of Stark/Lanister/..." Me: *laughs in the House of fookin' Blackwater*
jjboy157 9 days ago
I’ve loved your channel for years, and I’ve loved the Glitch Mob for years and have always choreographed fights in my head to their music. I just noticed this today and I’m fucking ecstatic man, this is awesome
zoinks 9 days ago
this is so fricken good
JyS Brothers
JyS Brothers 9 days ago
Amazing, just Amazing
Johannes van Urk
Johannes van Urk 10 days ago
Goosebumps, best one so far
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange 10 days ago
you could honestly put Deadpool into any trailer format and it would make sense
Stephen Strange
Stephen Strange 10 days ago
We need a space comedy version of this movie
Montaholic 10 days ago
Damn man, you had to not have Christopher Nolan's Batman? Other than that, amazing video
dflowers30 10 days ago
P_Sher 12
P_Sher 12 10 days ago
*Mr Krepshus a don wanna deal with business agyen*