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Devante Green
Devante Green 5 hours ago
This a good ass song to run to. I was running to the beat 🔥🔥
Kaden Bell
Kaden Bell 6 hours ago
Pocket the guys
Rinsanity 6 hours ago
Uzi looking comment section crying of laughter and ill bet money on it.
Mavel D.
Mavel D. 6 hours ago
Pippo Sowlo from Torre Gaia, Famo un bataclan!
Red Soulsz
Red Soulsz 6 hours ago
Bro really put hentai on sn offical vid
Tomy Vasquez YT
Tomy Vasquez YT 6 hours ago
Lmar Tvincen Osila
Lmar Tvincen Osila 7 hours ago
Numb and pain Xxxtentacion:(
olaf fischer
olaf fischer 7 hours ago
How is for you're the best Rapper
Santiago Murillo
Santiago Murillo 7 hours ago
Seriously who likes this shit
ninjaz 7 hours ago
ninjaz 7 hours ago
yuh yuh
yuh yuh 7 hours ago
First uzi song I heard🥶🥶🔥🔥
DollaWave 7 hours ago
Can we take a minute to see how sexy The weeknd looks here!!??
MONTANA 7 hours ago
just leaving this comment here so i can prove to my future kids i BIN an Uzi fan.
UzzY_ BMT 7 hours ago
Lil uzi is 🔥🔥🔥
UzzY_ BMT 7 hours ago
Here before lil uzi dies
UzzY_ BMT 7 hours ago
Here before lil uzi dies
UzzY_ BMT 7 hours ago
Here before lil uzi dies
Mercy 8 hours ago
crazy how we all agree our lives peaked in 2016
Dani Ro
Dani Ro 8 hours ago
Non m'importa niente se piangiiii
Jack 9 hours ago
The start of Uzi ruling 2020
Christian esquivel 1993
Naruto mfs in this bitch
Raw books animator
Raw books animator 9 hours ago
Sounded like Howard the alien lol
xLS DUBST3Px 9 hours ago
family guy
mary alvarez
mary alvarez 9 hours ago
"All my friends are dead they pushed me to the edge" what a deep lyric
team Horses
team Horses 9 hours ago
team Horses
team Horses 9 hours ago
my favourite song 🤩🔥
derek unknown
derek unknown 9 hours ago
Xxx juice and uzi never get old
Jayroshmusiq 9 hours ago
Back here again in 2020, feels like this was released yesterday 😭🔥🥶
Aanchal W
Aanchal W 9 hours ago
i love this robot .
IcyRotation 10 hours ago
I remember always listening to this song. Now I can’t listen because it’s a tik tok song
Jedidiah 10 hours ago
Wait, this is a lyric video?
eden 10 hours ago
How is this not copyright of backstreet boys
krisha claire
krisha claire 10 hours ago
This kind of music is sucks I should probably listen to pop punk rock instead of this nonsense music ..l..
EDaBeast 11 hours ago
Not a fan of mumble rap, but for some reason this song hits different
Jedidiah 11 hours ago
He's hacking
skyhighmuzikkk 11 hours ago
So smooth so its all nair lol 👍🏽
Young Creed gaming
Young Creed gaming 11 hours ago
Brings memories
Brenda Hughley
Brenda Hughley 11 hours ago
seven months ago uzi changed tha world
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 11 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ErxlQXEbNWc.html Halloween 🎃
Danny Boi
Danny Boi 11 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-ErxlQXEbNWc.html Halloween 🎃
flfl composer
flfl composer 11 hours ago
Wtf with this caption in Arabic and it's wrong
Cole Allen
Cole Allen 11 hours ago
October 2020 and it still slaps
Kimo ComeOn
Kimo ComeOn 11 hours ago
Lol @ blow up your whole vicinity
Ruud Est
Ruud Est 12 hours ago
Multi bitch, multi, multi, multi, multi, multi🤣
Samuel Rodriguez
Samuel Rodriguez 12 hours ago
This beat do be slapping my literal brain tho
Gabe Sanches
Gabe Sanches 12 hours ago
Tic tok was the imposter
One Depression
One Depression 12 hours ago
all he's mates are daed they are daed juice wrld xx RIP
One Depression
One Depression 12 hours ago
demon lol
Zues Chalmers
Zues Chalmers 12 hours ago
Been searching for 3 months😭😭😭finally
CantBoxGidy 12 hours ago
Who in there feels listening in 2020
kkokoko 12 hours ago
vHxpnoticツ 12 hours ago
I miss 2016
Moto 257
Moto 257 13 hours ago
0:36 Me and the boys playing Just Dance
j.a yt
j.a yt 13 hours ago
2020 wys
Fapur Vs No Fapur
Fapur Vs No Fapur 13 hours ago
Wtf now hearing it
Conner Stoll
Conner Stoll 13 hours ago
i need more uzi and metro
Ur Boi
Ur Boi 13 hours ago
When you don’t want it that way 👁👄👁
world wide handsome you know
wtf is going on in here
allen hui
allen hui 13 hours ago
uzi we need the god dam album now!!!
Slacks Fast Time
Slacks Fast Time 13 hours ago
How I feel coming outta the house after quarantine
Nina DaRasta
Nina DaRasta 13 hours ago
“Before you say that you MADE ME, go ahead and make ANOTHER ONE” felt that 💯
Mythical CR
Mythical CR 13 hours ago
Favorite uzi song
john amande
john amande 13 hours ago
who else just realized that the “dootdooloodo” was from nardwuar?
ORLANFREY 13 hours ago
I bumped this to school 😂 🔥
:/ 13 hours ago
Why the hell does this only got 720k
Dewayne Snelling
Dewayne Snelling 13 hours ago
You are right about the double ads
Andrea 80x5
Andrea 80x5 14 hours ago
Damian Wayne
Damian Wayne 14 hours ago
" I Ask Her Why She Keep *callin* "
External KiD
External KiD 14 hours ago
Whoever made this video should get a drug test
HYPiE 14 hours ago
People who liked this song before Howard the alien are g’s
HYPiE 13 hours ago
@Caleb Dinius ye
Caleb Dinius
Caleb Dinius 14 hours ago
Yo bro im looking at all the old classics bro this memory lane bro
help me reach 50k without any videos
I said girl y u keep calling
Safraz theyoutuber
Safraz theyoutuber 14 hours ago
Boo who else wnat back the old one back
NACHX 14 hours ago
help me reach 50k without any videos
There's no emotion in my face bc im numbb 😶
Tyler Hatler
Tyler Hatler 15 hours ago
When your 21
Victor Lozano
Victor Lozano 15 hours ago
Good song i feel it should have been Mexican people instead of Chinese or Japanese whatever.
《 Eduazzevedc 》
《 Eduazzevedc 》 15 hours ago
فگا ىشبي تة اَََََ!ََللإ ئإًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًًّ ڨچ
Kaegan Newsom
Kaegan Newsom 15 hours ago
2020 is the year that is just shooting us in the head am i right?