internet person
Charity Thomas
Charity Thomas 2 hours ago
His audience seems to be the man child.
Mitja Hladen
Mitja Hladen 2 hours ago
I am very sad that I can say, that at first I also didn't see anything wrong with it (I was 14). But now I am so discusted at my own thinking at that time.
Katie Kyle
Katie Kyle 2 hours ago
Logan Paul = The ultimate Gaslighter
Meghan McAllister
Meghan McAllister 2 hours ago
The EDITING, the background! The intro!
UltraViolence 2 hours ago
I gotta give it to Logan, he has grown emotionally and I'm especially impressed with him using his platform to elevate civil rights issues. Could he have got some black voices on the podcast? Yes but I'm glad he at least used his podcast as a way to raise the issue.
Mizo animations
Mizo animations 2 hours ago
CarlyRoseBeauty 2 hours ago
This makes total sense. That’s why Justin also appeared in Logan Paul’s vlogs and was at his fight.
Veronica Wilson
Veronica Wilson 2 hours ago
Oh my god I can’t wait for the video of Jake
introvert 2 hours ago
God I remember when I liked Logan Paul... So disappointed in myself. 😞
JOKER BOY 2 hours ago
5:05 I have to watch another on of his video
Jai Singh
Jai Singh 2 hours ago
Pyrocynical isn't nominated?? D'Angelo is great but??? Both of them should be there
Slindile Qwabe
Slindile Qwabe 2 hours ago
Do I care about Logan Paul? NO But did I watch a 49 minute video cause it D'Angelo? Yes yes yes
ShanKat 2 hours ago
So proud to be an OG D’fangelo
Afrodisiac 2 hours ago
“Here is my Logan Paul video that nobody asked for” first of all I asked telepathically thank you very much
malachaibowlinggod 2 hours ago
looking sharp! love your videos.
Qpxe 2 hours ago
Just a heads up at 43:05 he ment to say Jake Paul for those who didn’t know
Ankita 2 hours ago
The *speed* at which I clicked on the notification made me light-headed
Keri Quite Contrary
I remembered that clip of him speaking out against police brutality and I was surprised at how well spoken and genuine he was in it. I'm glad to see he's done even more on his podcast and really seems to have grown
Earth Signs
Earth Signs 2 hours ago
me : gets notification also me : nice
James Jani
James Jani 2 hours ago
Love the fact that D'Angelo keeps these videos well-balanced and thought-out. Looking forward to the next part 🙏
IsThatAnime ?!
IsThatAnime ?! 2 hours ago
I think my favorite thing about you is give people room for growth or even a chance to be better. We’re in a society where someone is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If they’re good; we love them no matter what. If they’re bad; we hate them they can do everything wrong. There is no in between and no room for criticism. You have this gift for looking at an issue from all sides while having an unchanging moral compass. You provide the perspective everyone wants and needs. You make snap judgements about things that need to be made like Shane Dawson. Logan Paul is given the same treatment but you acknowledge his growth in very appealing way that isn’t forgetting what he has done. It’s a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing it with us❤️
i mean... the only logical reason for the laughter would be a nervous response, but knowing who it came from... i doubt
Sunn, The Emissary of Humanity
“I don’t work out during quarantine, here’s the problem... I still look good” Humble brag much? Also, no you don’t.
Saif 2 hours ago
43:06 you mean Jake Paul
Eric Payne
Eric Payne 2 hours ago
Y am I only just seeing this???
Farhana Safran
Farhana Safran 2 hours ago
love how i instantly recognized penguinz0 from a less than 2 second voice clip
god 2 hours ago
ffs let's just cancel them again 🙄
Gooseberryjam 2 hours ago
This video has been a long time coming.
DJ Party People
DJ Party People 2 hours ago
There is evidence that the suicide forest was fake. The dead body moves. Which means it was fake or it was EXTREMELY recent and was still barely concious or able to move. Or worse one of them touched it and it was swinging next to them.
Sonam C
Sonam C 2 hours ago
he's so AWESOME.
Mid Night
Mid Night 2 hours ago
I missed you 😩
Michael 3 hours ago
Wait... Why have I always thought Jake was the older one? Lmao
The Quantum Teacup
The Quantum Teacup 3 hours ago
Bruh this is edited so well
Burt Rango
Burt Rango 3 hours ago
If you make RUvid the money they want. They won't punish you.
らぎ 3 hours ago
Even if Logan's "the better one of the two", I don't think either of them deserve a platform after everything they've done. The Japan vlogs (including the forest) were it for me, even if he hasn't been problematic recently.
Yeet Haw
Yeet Haw 3 hours ago
D'angelo really out here pulling out a new profile picture every upload. We stan a photogenic king
Yumi Gorgi
Yumi Gorgi 3 hours ago
im a little sad that he's not talking about small things anymore but im still happy for his growth
Nathi 3 hours ago
Aye King D'Angelo's back! :D
Zara Cen
Zara Cen 3 hours ago
I legit couldn’t recognise Logan’s voice when he wasn’t screaming
Kendal Blake
Kendal Blake 3 hours ago
I've waited so long for this.... I have to comment before watching. I will not wait.
zSTGz 3 hours ago
18:52 KSI: Jake pole, Logan pole, any of the poles I don't care xD
Destiny Aerial
Destiny Aerial 3 hours ago
Chad wild clay is really unkidfriendly
Charlotte Turner
Charlotte Turner 3 hours ago
I didn't realise how excited I would be to see the next video out!
Ana Maria
Ana Maria 3 hours ago
D"angelooo I LIVE for these album reviews, make some more!!!! <3
Mina Stickley
Mina Stickley 3 hours ago
Our savior has returned
Love yourselves
Love yourselves 3 hours ago
Your voice give me goosebumps 🤭🤭🤭
Matthew Carra
Matthew Carra 3 hours ago
I don’t want to sound extremely picky or anything, but I was a huge fan about your scenes depth with previous videos, and the blur is just a little too extreme to the point where I’m getting green screen vibes. Just a small thing I noticed, don’t know if anyone else noticed it, don’t wanna sound like a nuisance, your videos are the most professional on this site by far.
Kokichi simp
Kokichi simp 3 hours ago
Your content is getting better and I love it
Barbara Hayes
Barbara Hayes 3 hours ago
Well done, as always!
Amy P and Dirty too
This is how I feel about Logan Paul: he started out his late teens/early 20s like many other "bros", obnoxious and selfish with just no clue. But like many "bros" thankfully do, he grew up. I'm glad. And I really had to applaud his actions fallowing the George Floyd murder.
Dragoneta Slayer
Dragoneta Slayer 3 hours ago
I always wonder why people forget Tana also posted a video laughing at a dead body. She found someone who OD’d in a bathroom. I’m not saying Logan’s good I’m saying she’s also bad.
nobody I
nobody I 3 hours ago
I love your videos
A W 3 hours ago
Being on RUvid is like being in a cold dark void wandering around. Then I find D’angelo’s channel and it’s like being welcomed into a safe and funny family and each video is like a warm hug 😂 You’re audience is kind, silly and respectful, and your content is insanely good. The maturity here is refreshing. I know you are willing to own up to mistakes and take accountability. You’re going to go far my guy, you’re going to go far.
Terry Moore
Terry Moore 3 hours ago
Enjoyed your commentary!
Aisling Beare
Aisling Beare 3 hours ago
“Without further ado-“ *immediately gets hit with mid roll ad*
Erika Ferrell
Erika Ferrell 3 hours ago
Your content is such high quality. Plus, you seem like a lovely person. Thank you!
TAVJ - I do stuff
TAVJ - I do stuff 3 hours ago
As one wise tank engine once said: “ Logan Paul could rape an aborted fetus and still be monetized”
Juliette Macron
Juliette Macron 3 hours ago
I love how Dangelo is his own biggest stan
Story Of Another Us
MichaelCeratops 3 hours ago
I really don't like Logan Paul.
Alec 3 hours ago
no you didn't
Alec 3 hours ago
but you did LOL
Big Lover
Big Lover 3 hours ago
Evelyn Preston
Evelyn Preston 3 hours ago
Woow the quality on this is amazing good sto see you didn’t waste the money from your blow up to put back in to RUvid this is amazing I love these vids especially how much effort you put into the,
Nina St.
Nina St. 3 hours ago
One of the MANY things I appreciate about this vid (and the others like it that D'Angelo has done) is that I get an overview of a person I've always been unsure of investigating myself for not wanting to support their enterprise with my views. Yay for getting a glimpse of the content of a potentially problematic person while supporting our boy D'Angelo 🥰
Naturally Chic
Naturally Chic 3 hours ago
how much did Logan pay you for this? You know that crossed your mind...
laur 3 hours ago
am i the only one who thinks jake might be worse than logan lol
sArCaSm & IRONY 3 hours ago
Evelyn Preston
Evelyn Preston 3 hours ago
Pls Do James Charles
Karo K.
Karo K. 3 hours ago
When I was a child/teen I used a similar website called gyazo and I did not realise the danger Good thing it was mostly screens of skype convos
Vivacious Lotus_retrograde
9:52 There was a break-in incident in my school due to students beefing and getting their families involved, and after being threatened by an older guy throwing chairs at her, one of my classmates started laughing, while others cried. The teacher explained that everyone reacts to things like that differently, some laugh some cry. To clarify: girls school. Students have been arguing with eachother (forgot why) so one student decided to tell her brother, who then broke into the school (by going through reception and running past the doors) Then he proceeded to go into each class and threaten every girl that upset his sister and threw chairs at everyone. Even the teacher was scared.
KSI literally hit Logan so hard that he actually started making decent content
Tales of a Lazy Overacheiver
I'm always here for your emotional maturity. Anytime I'm expecting you to bash somebody you bring in nuance and make me think. Keep up the good work!
Unruly Crow
Unruly Crow 3 hours ago
The interesting part with what he did in Aokigahara, is that the expat RUvidrs in Japan immediately called him out - it's in fact how I even learned about his existence, because my Euro-ass was never interested in Vine before that so I had no idea who he was. So seeing the expats I follow being either scandalised and emotional (because the shit he pulled was seen as ruining their own good work to integrate - especially the expats in more rural areas, where foreigners are a rare sight), or stern and quietly annoyed. The Japan Expat community as a whole was so pissed... But it's good to know he's trying to break his image and go for something more mature! Always nice to see people change in a good way.
Topher J.
Topher J. 3 hours ago
Burt Rango
Burt Rango 3 hours ago
Jake Paul is WAY worse than his brother Logan. Logan is becoming more mature whilst Jake is staying the same childish selfish prick.
Ashley Rivers
Ashley Rivers 3 hours ago
Side note, I love this new set up!
Nothing To See Here
If there is one thing that makes me think the future is bleak, it's the popularity of the Paul brothers. Two of the most self-centered, and privileged aholes to ever exist. They are the embodiment of everything the "woke" generation complains about, but are insanely popular for being cool-guys. Young people were always dumb, but this is a whole new level of stupid.
Vanessa Censi
Vanessa Censi 3 hours ago
I was confused as I didnt see the usual white and blue profile pic and then I was like... OH. OKAY
Me Soi
Me Soi 3 hours ago
That's absurd...you look amazing with glasses