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MLB Swift Justice
5 months ago
Superman Catches!
8 months ago
MLB Bloodshed
8 months ago
The Ball Is Juiced
9 months ago
MLB’s Angry Thumb
10 months ago
ᗰIᘜᘜY 3 hours ago
3:02. that shit was recorded on a potato 😂😂😂😂
ZAYNE UNKNOWN49 3 hours ago
This is the reason to wear cups. You may get shit from your teammates but at least your not the one going down with a busted nut
theking74111 3 hours ago
Joe got ejected because of those ugly ass jerseys
Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky 3 hours ago
Jom boy needs to commentate the first clip
Andrew Harig
Andrew Harig 4 hours ago
Anyone watching this in 2020 and really hate seeing the Houston Astros Replays?
chase Allen
chase Allen 4 hours ago
🎵take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd. Buy a cup and a good ice pack. Why? Because I got hit in the sac!🎵
Noah Ballou
Noah Ballou 4 hours ago
3:50 that is totally worth the ban from the stadium in my opinion. That fan deserves a fucking medal
mike hunt
mike hunt 4 hours ago
Throw the ball boy out of the game.
VOID SkYzZ 4 hours ago
That happened then i hit a walk off the he threatened to punch me smh
Joey Barz
Joey Barz 4 hours ago
2021 "War of the chairs: last chair standing" starring Steve Wilkos.
Schnaq 4 hours ago
That was weird that guy at 3:21 tried to block the camera after Chipper Jones got ejected. I've never seen that before.
Mr unknown nobody
Mr unknown nobody 5 hours ago
You should do Anthony Rizzo gets mad
Blake Sustaita
Blake Sustaita 5 hours ago
that lady said she was 23 i thought she was 63
Plxzma Gaming
Plxzma Gaming 5 hours ago
00:28 magget no gokui ultra instinctu
OrangeAzzClown 6 hours ago
These are Fights? WTF dude?!
Jake Stoller
Jake Stoller 6 hours ago
He’s an angry elf
OrangeAzzClown 6 hours ago
Ive never seen a bunch of grown men acting like a bunch of babies in my life! OMG I laughed the whole way thru this video! All I heard was "Wah Wah Wah, Bippidy Boppidy Boop" with a few legible curse words from time to time. LMAO! Pure Gold!
Joseph Pacelli
Joseph Pacelli 6 hours ago
He is managing the Phillies now
Jason W
Jason W 6 hours ago
Near the outside corner? More like a foot outside
Jedidr 6 hours ago
Wasn’t harrison technically out of the base path or am I being dumb?
Joe Baldwin
Joe Baldwin 6 hours ago
3:23...a bit of Jerry Lewis with that "wasn't even close"
D Lopez
D Lopez 6 hours ago
Angel what a name for this bozo says Joe West taught him everything he knows. Didn't think anything could embarrass West but that probably would
Jonqen 7 hours ago
What does that afro american say?
Michael Siraco
Michael Siraco 7 hours ago
Funny when I saw the title of this video I thought “Ortiz grand slam”... sure enough it’s number one haha
Thomas Maletic
Thomas Maletic 7 hours ago
3-0 in the ninth? No bunt. 2-0 or 1-0 ? It's still a game, everything is on the table and fair game..
Thomas Odetto
Thomas Odetto 7 hours ago
It’s a game boys! Bring it on!!
liveclassictunes 8 hours ago
Machado is a dirty prick
Troll Mctrollerson
Troll Mctrollerson 8 hours ago
All the racists make it a bang bang play on purpose because theyre racist againts hernandez
CodyOsteen5 8 hours ago
Last runner did touch the bag. Toe dragged.
J Middleton
J Middleton 9 hours ago
I can just hear the guy RECORED IT!!
Ryan Eglinton
Ryan Eglinton 9 hours ago
MLB - Sponsored by Charmin and Friends
Brandon Tizeno
Brandon Tizeno 9 hours ago
Loving your vids dude. Suggestion: MLB Ballpark Damage (Hits that damaged lights, scoreboards, etc.)
Majoris 9 hours ago
Hol up.
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight 9 hours ago
I am a life long Cardinals fan and when I die, I will be a Cardinals fan. But Mike Metheny, was a total joke of a coach. He showed no leadership, encourage other team mates to degrade and humiliate other team mates. What kind of coach or human being does that? No Cardinal that I know of. Glad he is gone and good riddance.
Kibble Racing Team Turbo R6
Damn I wish I would have took my ex on this show so he could of fried her ass
Steven Miller
Steven Miller 9 hours ago
He doesn’t get really pissed off.
CrimsnTide77 H
CrimsnTide77 H 10 hours ago
She didn’t do NOTHING to her daughter
Taylor Davis
Taylor Davis 10 hours ago
1:35 poor Greg
yee haw and yee yee fishing
Why is Joe Gibbs racers always involved in taking victories from other racers. I'm a Kyle Busch fan so I'm fine with it but 100 feet away man dad gum spun him out. Usually its ahhh denny... well this time its.. poor Newman
Tony Feira
Tony Feira 11 hours ago
Best part is Lamb of God at the end.
Ty.Trending TV
Ty.Trending TV 11 hours ago
So I’m the only one who peeped that cartoon version? Yeah I’m logging off 😂😂😂😂
The Skewbicle US
The Skewbicle US 11 hours ago
You came for 2:46
Paul LaRue
Paul LaRue 11 hours ago
God won't like that!
Tim Lettiero
Tim Lettiero 12 hours ago
I hate the hate base runners get for not sprinting out every single play. Santana literally did what EVERYONE else in he video did he’s just slower. Calling him a lazy dumbs is just unfair to him if no one else is called one smh. I know everyone that would say "he needs to run that out" knows damn well they wouldn't in that position either
johnny wires
johnny wires 12 hours ago
And the meme lives on
Caleb Nelson
Caleb Nelson 12 hours ago
Love your videos and this apex community. Been here since day one
ahaha 12 hours ago
"get the hell off my stage" -steve wilkos
bearmassaro 12 hours ago
Yankee announcers talking about bush league. Hello pot? This is kettle!
Kiki 12 hours ago
Carlos Guillen belongs in the Hall of Fame for showing up Jeff Weaver like that. Wowwwwwwzer. 🏆
Detective Chrome
Detective Chrome 13 hours ago
You know when Steve Wilko is pissed when he throws a chair at them or anywhere.
Matt Frickenstein
Matt Frickenstein 13 hours ago
When he went over to the Astros dugout to get patched up, the Astros were prolly crapping their pants he didnt catch their cheating lol.
adrock1011 13 hours ago
Joe west should have been fired by 1990
YYaLLMaD 13 hours ago
Damn.. rip Ventura
Pixel Boxer
Pixel Boxer 14 hours ago
You know its bad when they start rolling.
Nicholas Meyer
Nicholas Meyer 14 hours ago
Little known fact, the Ray's guy got laid that night by the reporter.
Owen Traina
Owen Traina 14 hours ago
6:14 but does this really count?
Tony Kim
Tony Kim 14 hours ago
"ruin a no-hitter?" JFC can professional athletes be this sensitive? Run quickly around the bases after a hr, don't admire it too long, never bunt when when the pitcher has his sights on a no hitter, don't steal a base late in the game when you're up a lot, don't hit too awesome of a homerun otherwise the next batter might get plunked, any other rules they should know about so no one's feelings get hurt? I'm also amazed at the number of injuries suffered in this sport where they're either just standing there or sitting in the dugout.
Audreyjanepage Page
Audreyjanepage Page 15 hours ago
Oh boy! Steve Wilkos is amazing when he is pissed! I wouldn't want to be an arrestee on his watch. I couldn't control my rage standing so close to these tapeworms
Henry Rivers
Henry Rivers 15 hours ago
Glad your back👍
Ashvith D
Ashvith D 15 hours ago
I wish the twins vs chi sox rivalry was still big
PETER MAINWALD 15 hours ago
Joe West and ASSHOLE have the same amount of letters.. coincidence? i think not
JCPOTATOBENJY Ya 15 hours ago
Lol so there was like one moment
AJA Music
AJA Music 15 hours ago
The MLB really ought to be able to review an incident where an object hits an umpire and determine whether it was intended to be thrown at him, or just ricocheted like the catchers mask. That one cant seriously be a suspension and fine
Sammy 15 hours ago
Baseball needs to go full digital. Stop paying people like West and Hernandez to blow calls and want to be reality tv stars. There should be the technology, one official, and one replay official. That’s it. And if the technology is done right you won’t even need many replays except for things like running outside the baselines, impeding runners, balks, etc. Many tech schools have already tested and proven so much baseball technology it’s not even funny.
NNB Smalls
NNB Smalls 16 hours ago
One of them had the nose of a who bruh..,
newmexrob99 16 hours ago
Go get it out of the ocean
Telecat Johnson
Telecat Johnson 16 hours ago
Go fuck yourself.
Bubo Media
Bubo Media 17 hours ago
"Rarely do you see Joey Votto get outraged" - Here's a compilation of Joey Votto getting outraged
M R 17 hours ago
First two calls were very close, easily missable..not watching the rest. Thumbs down.
Hayden McElmon
Hayden McElmon 17 hours ago
7:39 Idk bro the way he just stands there after hitting it looking cracks me up every time
DaRealAIDS 17 hours ago
Wait a minute. Who noticed that Adrian Beltre was on here twice? For two different things? Guess he really was that legendary