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runnerdude360 4 hours ago
No way this was getting cut for time! 🤣😜
Wolfie Blues
Wolfie Blues 4 hours ago
_"The artist capture his look right when the ball hit him in the face."_ 😂 Omg! I can't! I'm on a Kate update spree! She's hilarious!
Zaiah's CarVlogs
Zaiah's CarVlogs 4 hours ago
I love Lindsay!!!!
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 4 hours ago
Sweet niblets
U Dz
U Dz 4 hours ago
SNL you are so naughty!
Bizmo Funyins
Bizmo Funyins 4 hours ago
0:53 yikes
richard Turk
richard Turk 4 hours ago
That was supposed to be funny? That show was funny the first two years but after that it sucked really hard.
Stephen Napier
Stephen Napier 4 hours ago
This video is still mad good! Justin Timberlake is a musical genius! No doubt he produced this.
Mutar Fuqueer
Mutar Fuqueer 4 hours ago
I do think they captured the pandering spirit of modern advertising very well.
Hamed Esmaili
Hamed Esmaili 4 hours ago
Sorry it didn't work in 2016 and will not work in 2020.
Be1smaht 5 hours ago
This was goooooold. I didnt realize at the time. " candy is he bothering you? " " c'mon sparky" " dad, let me at him"
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 hours ago
I love how every time Micheal has a little comment and Kyle looks at him you can see him break character for a Split second😂 like when he says mini mall
To Be Honest
To Be Honest 5 hours ago
LOL - she was right about Scalia !
Blue Mustang
Blue Mustang 5 hours ago
This Biden is much too lucid.
A J 5 hours ago
Ahh you were all so naive eleven months ago.
jack mayhoffer
jack mayhoffer 5 hours ago
Now what is the name of that car wash Leila works at? I just got a bonus at work.
Wolfie Blues
Wolfie Blues 5 hours ago
_"I have permission from Jesus." "His enormous round monkey face"._ 😂 _"I don't ask him though, it's not my place"._ 🤣 _"Now gimmie MeMoney"_ Lmao! I just can't with her! 😅
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen 5 hours ago
I'm just gonna say, this is cringey, but to true LOL
zeppo shemp
zeppo shemp 5 hours ago
Yelling is not comedy
Be1smaht 5 hours ago
Wow.... this was the craziest thing happening during election back then. This was like nothing lol
2ManyLayersOfIrony 5 hours ago
She's dead now HAHAHAHAHA
Di KyngPyn
Di KyngPyn 5 hours ago
Am here in 2020 watching this legend speak, and I remember when he came back from his well needed break from the show business. People said that they had cloned him, and that he wasn't him self since his return. Lemme tell you. We all go through changes, and looking back Dave has changed From a "stand up comedian" to something the show business has ever seen. No one can do this like him. He a master of his craft. He ushered in a new age like Richard Pryor Redd Foxx and moms mabley did before him. One love from Jamaica Dave. ✊🏿🧑🏿🇯🇲
Sharose h
Sharose h 5 hours ago
They couldve gone way funnier with this
LOS ANGELES - 144 mm
Hahaha. I will hire chocolate lady
A. Nelson
A. Nelson 5 hours ago
What kind of bass is Horatio playing?
EliteReon 5 hours ago
2020 anyone still hate trump and honestly hope this comes around with Biden and trump
nonabliss 5 hours ago
Kate McKinnon is simply brilliant.
ImInfinite MidWest
ImInfinite MidWest 5 hours ago
Em da *GOAT*
kambermusic 5 hours ago
his kids look maaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen 5 hours ago
I would've broken character to many times!🤣🤣
Stu Mountjoy
Stu Mountjoy 5 hours ago
Always thinkin of Married with Children, when I see Christina, she was excellent, in this and that.
Sarah Pitzen
Sarah Pitzen 5 hours ago
BTW it's not coucheo, its accio couch
Isa V
Isa V 5 hours ago
Che: roast me justice! 😃 RBG: i don't have time for you don lemon Che: 😐
Ricky Dick
Ricky Dick 5 hours ago
Imagine if Black Tony from Ricky Smiley as the inmate talking.
skidd rowe
skidd rowe 5 hours ago
T3 Productions
T3 Productions 5 hours ago
Low Key, other than political skits, the songs are carrying SNL.
NateBoy 123
NateBoy 123 5 hours ago
Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
Black Tiger
Black Tiger 5 hours ago
So Sam Jackson really didn't know what was going on.
Blake Hearn
Blake Hearn 5 hours ago
_Colin can _*_never_*_ ride the subway again._
Ganu Rocks
Ganu Rocks 5 hours ago
T3 Productions
T3 Productions 5 hours ago
A Bootlegged version of Helicopter Dick was my ringtone for 3 Days when my phone rang and my mom was in the car.
CJ The rapper
CJ The rapper 5 hours ago
Gone but not forgotten
NateBoy 123
NateBoy 123 5 hours ago
That’s Michael Scott
Kay Tel
Kay Tel 5 hours ago
"This diner has incredible set design" 😂
Lucy Rattner
Lucy Rattner 5 hours ago
how did they manage to so accurately capture the gen z editing style
Lucy Rattner
Lucy Rattner 5 hours ago
there is something so inexplicably and oddlt hilarious about this i love it
KL MJ 5 hours ago
I think Jason may have hemophilia.
Jada Jam
Jada Jam 5 hours ago
As a middle school student I can confirm this
Joseph French
Joseph French 5 hours ago
Chapelle and Rock are funny as fuck. SNL is the most un funny fucking shit fuck i have ever watched ever.
James Gautreau
James Gautreau 5 hours ago
presidential debate...GET UNDER TRUMPS SKIN ...Biden touches his nose when Trump exaggerates...Biden pulls on his ear when Trump lies..
Sam Bur
Sam Bur 5 hours ago
RIP a hero to all RBG
NateBoy 123
NateBoy 123 5 hours ago
2:49 I thought it was going to be Leonardo DiCaprio
The One And Only Shell
They should have had someone play Keenan. It would be crazy.
Lucy Rattner
Lucy Rattner 5 hours ago
this is an avant garde comic masterpiece.
CPandABfangirl 5 hours ago
This is how many times Taylor bit her lip | | |
Lighthouse coffee co
Guilty as charged
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 5 hours ago
I want to see Pete as a guest judge on Rupaul’s Drag race
abdullah salman
abdullah salman 5 hours ago
Eminem as simba would be lit
konohamaru77 5 hours ago
i got the feeling the elder would think amazon echo silver as their true grandchildren.
jrootabega 5 hours ago
Ellen Cleghorne for Best Supporting Pudding
David Osborn
David Osborn 5 hours ago
Back when SNL was funny..... nevermind
Claudio Rodriguez
Claudio Rodriguez 5 hours ago
This is so, so funny !!! Love when he can barely talk holding his laugh.
Vexor 5 hours ago
Sketchy, creepy and hilarious! Never change SNL.
James Hogan
James Hogan 5 hours ago
Nice backhand satire on the whole gay proclivity of wearing their sexuality on their sleeve, but when you question as to why they do it, you are shut down and censored by being labeled 'homophobic'. Why is homosexuality put forward as some sort of C.V. qualification equivalent to a degree or career experience?
The World Famous Ali
"Im payin for em, we're gettin the cup grade."
Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons 5 hours ago
Linda Moody
Linda Moody 5 hours ago
Cold open SNL Jeff sessions
Jake C
Jake C 5 hours ago
You mean Joe didn't always sniff hair?
BloodSugarS3XMajik 5 hours ago
buying two loose cigarettes of different brands was the most ghetto thing by far.
NateBoy 123
NateBoy 123 5 hours ago
3:15 A Jewish sword?
Detroit Pistons
Detroit Pistons 5 hours ago
David Morgan
David Morgan 5 hours ago
Quid Pro Joe! My buddy!!!
Charles Goehring
Charles Goehring 5 hours ago
Hybräu 5 hours ago
Written by Bob Odenkirk.
Stoop_Kid 5 hours ago
0:57 something my mother would do 😬
Cecily Erker
Cecily Erker 5 hours ago
Two scoops, two terms!
smellycrevice 5 hours ago
Does anybody remember Samberg's earlier work skewering Mark Wahlberg (Talks to Animals, "hey goat.... you're a goat.... say hello to your mother for me") that prompted him to also come on SNL in response? Lol.
The One And Only Shell
"That ain't the heart playa!" I couldn't stop laughing.
graces gonzalez
graces gonzalez 5 hours ago
Daniel Radcliffe:EXPECTO PATRONUM Boggie: Have u seen a tall guy with a mustache eating a hot dog
Ms. R
Ms. R 5 hours ago
This is Jake Peralta's real Dad.