Formulitis aguda
Formulitis aguda
Formulitis aguda
Random Stuffs
Random Stuffs 2 hours ago
Makes me glad to be driving an F1 on BeamNG.Drive, if I crash at 180mph I can just reset the car hahaha
Bbush 3 hours ago
Why do I get
Ze Rubenator
Ze Rubenator 9 hours ago
Oh yeah haha! I had completely forgotten that farce at Monaco. A proper comedy of errors is not too common in F1 these days.
Carbon One
Carbon One 11 hours ago
most embarrassing crashes: 5. grosjean 4. grosjean 3. grosjean 2. grosjean 1. grosjean
method789 23 hours ago
Kub/Gio wasn't embarrassing, the same with Gasly. Vettel/Leclerc crash in Brazil or Hamilton crashing and his chaotic pitstop in Germany was embarrasing.
Fel24 Multigaming
Diogo Pinto
Diogo Pinto Day ago
Gunther : you ok, romain ? Le grosjean: yeah Gunther: ( in thoughts ) damn it ..
Diogo Pinto
Diogo Pinto Day ago
Le grosjean
Dionysusnu Day ago
The chicane claims another victim!
Jenson Chandler101
I love your vids keep going
Nx Doyle
Nx Doyle Day ago
In terms of copyright infringement, there is no difference between sharing seven seconds and sharing 30 seconds. So, if you're going to upload illicit clips from testing, you might as well give us the context around the incident. I don't know one true F1 fan who loves it because of spins and crashes.
Formulitis aguda
What kind of context do you want?
MH_ biscotti
MH_ biscotti Day ago
Is Magnussen's career over?
a a
a a Day ago
Nordine José
Grosjean il faut qu il arrête
Reihan Falsabila
Where is the live stream link?
Trap Town xyz
Goob job! :) Keep it up! Would you like to be RUvid friends? :)
Orange Boi
Orange Boi Day ago
he hearted ths bot lol
yammmit Day ago
Kriss047 just report it for spam and hopefully their channel will get taken down because it’s all botted. their views, comments, everything, just to try to get money.
Kriss047 Day ago
yammmit Yeah looks so, all the Trap town stuff are really weird..
yammmit Day ago
Kriss047 they probably have a comment bot
Kriss047 Day ago
Trap Town TWC Can you actually shut up? You write this to ALL simracing channels on earth..
Dionysusnu Day ago
Was this due to a rear puncture? If so, what caused the puncture?
64 Day ago
@Dionysusnu yeah i guess, unlike monaco which is nightmare. No space, no high speed corners, track 2 cars wide. There is no even space for weaving for goddamn sake
Dionysusnu Day ago
@64 I would think front tyres get more worn in Barcelona with all the high and medium speed corners. But maybe.
64 Day ago
I believe so, maybe did too many laps on that tyres? But thats just thoughts
Rallye Sport
Rallye Sport Day ago
Are Aero Rakes Over in 2020?
Rémi W
Rémi W Day ago
I think Ericsson it us
I think Ericsson hit him
Dionysusnu 2 days ago
Rear of the Haas looks quite unstable, just like last year.... Or Grosjean is just being his usual self
Alex O'Grady Racing
Carbon copy of what Magnussen did.
Thi Hai Hoa Duong
This prove that Super Aguri is a very weak team this year
Tech UX
Tech UX Day ago
Thi Hai Hoa Duong yeah, suzuki need a boost
Xbox: purtzel2017 Rocket League, Minecraft
That is 180 but ok
Lins Lins
Lins Lins 2 days ago
Gasly is such a disgrace in the sport.
yellow_X Day ago
@Azka '02 the engine sounds are a different story though.
4539s 2 days ago
you are a complete cretin
JAto 2 days ago
I just love it how some people went crazy over a mistake in testing, where the track temperature is a few degree above zero... GaSlY iS SuCh A dIsGrAcE iN tHe SpOrT
Azka '02
Azka '02 2 days ago
You lot are the disgrace to the sport. Twats who talk shit on the internet being all "hurr he cant drive for shit" Bet ya $5 you also complain about engine sounds
Hunter Walker
Hunter Walker 2 days ago
You are so fucking stupid🙃
Chris D
Chris D 2 days ago
Where's the Crashstappen Videos? He was the only driver to spin twice in Day 1 Testing .
Juan Pedro Pedrosa
It was taking too long actually...
Moni 2 days ago
Ericsson's fault.
BaRbIEe lOvER -_-
99% of chat WhAT r AeRo RaKeS
Aquber 2 days ago
pablo pedraja sanchez
The next grosjean
Tech UX
Tech UX Day ago
4539s bro, he is joking
4539s Day ago
pablo pedraja sanchez did you not see verstappen spin three times yesterday and tuesday and he even spun on the formation lap in silverstone last year so you’re just talking out your arse
Komandor Bentus
Komandor Bentus 2 days ago
He spun and damaged floor, but not crashed, he was able to continue drive. C'mon, don't spread false info. But that Guenther face at the end XD
Jean Niko
Jean Niko 2 days ago
New season officially open!
Claire Gorman
Claire Gorman 2 days ago
Gunther having a stroke at the repair bill already.
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze 2 days ago
Helmut will be looking at him. I am certain he doesn’t like poor Pierre. The poor lad is trying to prove himself and is properly under pressure.
EJ Tamayo
EJ Tamayo 2 days ago
I have a question. What do aerorakes do?
Jorge 2 days ago
There are a bunch of little tubes sticking forward that measure pressure and airspeed, the engineers then compare that data to their simulations to see if it correlates. That's what F1 testing is all about nowadays, they don't actually test the cars, they already know what results they should get so they simply confirm everything's working in a real world situation. This is the reason why last year's Haas was so inconsistent, the numbers didn't match up and it was very unpredictable. It's also the reason why top cars can get away with being in the middle during testing
EJ Tamayo
EJ Tamayo 2 days ago
@Mete Karabıyık ok thanks
Mete Karabıyık
Mete Karabıyık 2 days ago
EJ Tamayo it allows engineers to analyse airflow at different speeds and parts of the track
John Kurtz
John Kurtz 2 days ago
How did he get to return to this seat this year?
John Kurtz
John Kurtz 2 days ago
@Figis the team had a bad year, he was not good way too often...
Figis 2 days ago
He must have an affair with Gunther, I dont see any other reason :D
Darren Boston
Darren Boston 2 days ago
Standard from this twat!
W. H
W. H 2 days ago
I think Ericsson hit him
USMCLP 2 days ago
Magnussen almost hit him too, until Leclerc’s voice played his head. “Magnussen is and always be stupid. It’s a fact. A shame.”
SimKevDriver99 2 days ago
I've got more experience... :Gasly quote
Twandepan 2 days ago
SMEAJ it looked like the tires just forgot how to exist
SMEAJ 2 days ago
I mean look at the spin, little he could've done to be honest...
SwissStroke 2 days ago
ahh shit, here we go again..
Damien Ferrer
Damien Ferrer 2 days ago
Il est laaaaaaaa le champion !! Première sortie premier 360 on t’aime Romain 😍 ! Et vive la ffl
Wolf Motorsport
Wolf Motorsport 2 days ago
Afcorse Why am I not suprised
Why I'm not surprised...
achedrien snb
achedrien snb 2 days ago
Grosjean champion ffl pour la vie 😍😍😍💪
Spirituu 2 days ago
Ouais romaiiiiiiiiiiin !
colymoliTM 2 days ago
he just tryed the "classic vettel move" :O
Firstname15 Lastname
well at least the team now knows the aerodynamics of th car
Dionysusnu 2 days ago
This chicane seems so tricky in testing!
MrKrepan_PT 2 days ago
bottas with black gloves heck yeah
Hypersoft 2 days ago
Noticed that as well...looks very cool...
Rico adsds
Rico adsds 2 days ago
The drink is not on”-
kubasssZ 2 days ago
Orlen tea xD
PEREZTurbo games
PEREZTurbo games 2 days ago
You will not have the drink
KandZ 2 days ago
What are these bars for?
Carl Hughes
Carl Hughes Day ago
So you can pretend to be the international space station
Bilal Khalid
Bilal Khalid 2 days ago
It's a fence to stop flies getting to the driver.
Scott Leighton
Scott Leighton 2 days ago
They rake leaves off the pavement
Martin C.
Martin C. 2 days ago
@64 Well, they are called "aero" so of course it is.... lol
emirhan bilici
emirhan bilici 2 days ago
Pitot tubes to collect data on airflow
AdamBacho 2 days ago
Wtf is this
Robb 2 days ago
Vettel used uno reverse card to Gasly too, not only Max... WHO WILL BE THE NEXT!?
Lvki 2 days ago
and kimi removed the steering wheel from mercedes
Leo Mello
Leo Mello 2 days ago
@SERGEJ MAX YT and grosjean
SERGEJ MAX YT 2 days ago
Bottas and kimi
IGet Wicked
IGet Wicked 2 days ago
Lol im amazed haas havent kicked off grosjesn off the team he is such a child blaming his faults on someone. Thry need a solid average driver not a world champ but someone that get from start to finish with no crashes at best. Feels for me grosjesn is always in major crashes he is always psrt of some shit each race
Mr deuplay
Mr deuplay 3 days ago
WHERE we looking the pre-seson of f1 2020
Ali Mert Önal
Ali Mert Önal 3 days ago
Xbox Player
Xbox Player 3 days ago
So many fucktard haters in this comment section
Yung Han Huang
Yung Han Huang 3 days ago
XXX 3 days ago
Fun fact, from 22 weekends in 2019. Verstappen crashed in 9 of them. xD Fun fact no 2 .... , he had 3 incidencts in 1 race - Mexico. xD Champ my a55 ......
XXX 3 days ago
@Nicolas I bet he will crash at least 10 weekends in 2020. xD
Nicolas 3 days ago
panmpap 3 days ago
Look at those armchair experts in the comments. This is testing folks. He had completed a 1.5 race distance at that point. It isn’t Q3.
Desi Car Guy PK
Desi Car Guy PK 3 days ago
Imagine crashing the car in test sessions
Xbox Player
Xbox Player 3 days ago
No need to imagine. Vettel did that last year
Pete Christdisciple
Jesus loves you reader, God bless you and have a blessed day
my brain is super small but
I'm not Christian but same to you mate
Pete Christdisciple
@Pan Cytryna God bless you Pan
Pan Cytryna
Pan Cytryna 3 days ago
Well that's nice but ok
Roland Frei
Roland Frei 3 days ago
Omg he spun!!!! Who gives a ....
Nishiwakiayaka 3 days ago
His season is over.
Victor De Jong
Victor De Jong 3 days ago
Just a little overstappin'. No harm, no foul.
matthew fitzgerald
He sucks 😂 he always makes mistakes just like his dad. Lewis is king of F1
Formula lol
Formula lol 3 days ago
Lewis crashes allot as well. Max has to push allot because of the car he has.
Formula lol
Formula lol 3 days ago
Ok boomer
CraftRacer44 CR44
Skysportsf1 > F1TV
Liju R
Liju R 3 days ago
Soo satisfying
F1fanboy 3 days ago
Does f1 tv have replays of testing days?
Do the commentators realise that it is just testing
Φωτης Γεωργιου
Φωτης Γεωργιου
@Jemie Hooglied its aint much..but its honest work....
Jemie Hooglied
Jemie Hooglied 3 days ago
Φωτης Γεωργιου that’s just a bad joke. It’s like crashvettel and lecry. Just so bad...
Carlos Andres Medrano
max is turning into vettel
GreekGamer Obiora
Where you can see the testing?
Nick Bainbridge
Nick Bainbridge 3 days ago
F1TV, it’s broadcast live
I am Connor the android sent by CyberLife
Verstappens car:Hey Max guess what. Max Verstappen:What? Verstappens car: *Y E E T*
Not Sosig Ramsey
Not Sosig Ramsey 3 days ago
Vettel is known for spinning the car allot Vettel won 4 world titles.... So Max 2020 world champion confirmed
Not Sosig Ramsey
Not Sosig Ramsey 3 days ago
Neil Caunce It’s a yoke
Neil Caunce
Neil Caunce 3 days ago
Errrr-bit early chaps !!!
ShineStreet 3 days ago
What happened to Martin Brundle?
heyAcee 3 days ago
He just tried taking the esports line
Robb 3 days ago
Vettel used: Uno reverse car *Max has entered the chat*
Thai Fighter 94
Thai Fighter 94 3 days ago
Pronto Versgapenh- Versfain Verstpaghhb Max
Yes Taxi Yes
Yes Taxi Yes 3 days ago
ByGabox -
ByGabox - 3 days ago
Verstappen not being crashtappen
D Troncho
D Troncho 3 days ago
ProfAAm 3 days ago
S🅱️INALLA VERSTAPHJEN S🅱️INALLA VERSRAPHJEN this post was made by Legleg fanbois gang
ProfAAm 3 days ago
@Bice Ali Lando drinks milk haha funni family friendly content has arrived
Bice Ali
Bice Ali 3 days ago
Lol u are crazy
C Man
C Man 3 days ago
Christian Horner will back up this spin as Max Planned it and it is Red Bull Design Team Strategy .
Neil Caunce
Neil Caunce 3 days ago
@Scott Gaming44 quick learner -then????
Scott Gaming44
Scott Gaming44 3 days ago
C Man he spun twice same thing same corner
S R 3 days ago
Now he is the spinner and Vettel is free from this
Akim Nubi
Akim Nubi 3 days ago
Best driver on the grid who you’re kidding
Formula lol
Formula lol 3 days ago
@appie it's because of lewis' car
appie 3 days ago
@Gurbir S You are a idiot! That you cant see that . Look at Lewis how smooth he drive without overdriving the car. ALL facts.
Gurbir S
Gurbir S 3 days ago
@appie you can't compare two drivers that are in two different teams with different machinery with different stratigies and different levels of experience, saying one Is Better than the other is simply idiotic.
appie 3 days ago
He is not the best! ,Lewis is the best. Look at Lewis .Clean and fast
Formula lol
Formula lol 3 days ago
@Gurbir S whaaaaaaaaat?? Ok nvm
MC SHOTT 3 days ago
Charlie Kelk
Charlie Kelk 3 days ago
Who's KUB
TNF1 NoName
TNF1 NoName 3 days ago
Bloxy Village
Bloxy Village 3 days ago
@Friso Flor yup, it's Kubica
Friso Flor
Friso Flor 3 days ago
Kubica cuz he is testdriver for Alfa Romeo
MajorNL 3 days ago
The bottom of the car was on the curb, then he steered to the right which caused the rear to slip away
Wolf Motorsport
Wolf Motorsport 3 days ago
Not once
Adolph the Muller
Hass 2018 v:
yammmit 3 days ago
Adolph the Muller Hass?
Pedro Salvatori
Pedro Salvatori 3 days ago
Verstappen being Verstappen
Martijn 3 days ago
@Pedro Vettel sucks
Maxie071 3 days ago
@Flight during May's weather facts
Flight during May's weather
@Pedro salty vettel fan
Pedro 3 days ago
@Humpty verstappen being your degenerated brain. That how your brain spins when you try to think. Advice: better let the others to think for you
Humpty 3 days ago
you mean verstappen being vettel xD
Varun 3 days ago
So quick
Gian-Luca Nardini
Hahaha what a loser
I'm Your Waifu
I'm Your Waifu 3 days ago
it surprises me that Vettel hasn't spun yet
Sergeant Supreme
Sergeant Supreme 3 days ago
@Lars yawn at the repetitive joke instead of the actually decent reply
C Man
C Man 3 days ago
News Flash Vettel is back at the Hotel watching ....claims the Flu
damysusans2001 3 days ago
@Joao Belo S🅱️INOTTO
iliovecaRS 3 days ago
Lars yawn that a driver is sick? F1 fans are trash
Joao Belo
Joao Belo 3 days ago
I'm Your Waifu S🅱️INALLA
Grosjean is the worst driver of the grid so far
Balnazzardi 20 hours ago
Agreed its amazing how he still managed to retain his seat. Hulk would have deserved to get that seat but Im not sure if the reason he and Magnussen are not exactly best buddies that he never got that seat.
William Beard
William Beard 3 days ago
I dont understand how torro rosso got any downforce from that front wing
11:23 "I get so close to the barriers. I want to try it again" 11:29 "Too fast"
Wanderson M. Silva
no one to crash into... boring lap for him u.u Jokes aside, I really wish a good season for Haas this year! :D
Drake Tamer
Drake Tamer 4 days ago
That was a nice lap, a good, simple test of the car. I hope to see a good deal of racing and performance from Grosjean this year.
SwissStroke 4 days ago
His achievment: Trying to spin/crash the car before the season started
yammmit 3 days ago
SwissStroke his achievement or his goal?
danny Dts
danny Dts 4 days ago
Jonas 4 days ago
Surprised he didn't spin in the pit lane
Sam .S
Sam .S Day ago
Hypersoft 4 days ago
Mate i spun in the pit lane mate