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Vito Naga
Vito Naga 2 minutes ago
I don't have much friends that's a very depressing statement. My dear how you must have cope with the pain and loneliness when he left you. I feel so bad for her😢 that dude is so bad. Just because you are not happy doesn't mean leaving her will give you back the happiness. He is very mean, selfish and a coward! How can he only think about himself and his mental state and being. Was he single! Hell no! He really ruined her life and took her happiness and joy. That's not how you treat the person you love knowing how vunerable she will be alone in her own dark world struggling with negativity and depression. I really detest guys and men who take women for granted. You don't money to live a happy, healthy and blessed life. All we need is someone who can love us and we need to make sure that she is loved too and cherished.
Unikatie 4 minutes ago
Hatsuri Hachaki
Hatsuri Hachaki 4 minutes ago
*Is it weird I’m eating an apple right now?*
Bharath Ram
Bharath Ram 5 minutes ago
This is made-up for sure!
Victoria Robertson
Victoria Robertson 5 minutes ago
I actually think he'd look good with completely no hair, just facial hair.
NG Max
NG Max 6 minutes ago
sock shoe
Jasmine Dodd
Jasmine Dodd 6 minutes ago
I worked Black Friday this year and let me tell you, I could tell you a story or two
Skullcrusher XMonster
Skullcrusher XMonster 6 minutes ago
I spelt it as Meryl, Janna, Rachel, Destiny, Destinee, Merray.
The Smasher
The Smasher 7 minutes ago
Why the hell does this video have so many likes...
heather lynn
heather lynn 7 minutes ago
Is this just legal in Las Vegas or everywhere in the United States?
Garydos 8 minutes ago
I'd love to do that
Alex Nicol
Alex Nicol 10 minutes ago
0:54 imagine if she said black
R.Meera Sri
R.Meera Sri 11 minutes ago
Excuse me... I'm offended that there's no Heath Ledger's The Joker
Abhinav Kara
Abhinav Kara 11 minutes ago
Chinmay Sardesai
Chinmay Sardesai 12 minutes ago
@buzzfeed calls the same people posing as uber drivers, airline attendants, restaurant servers and make up stories to fool us making fake content to get views.
Rihah_Editz 12 minutes ago
I knew it was her.....Do you?
Loyal 152
Loyal 152 15 minutes ago
1:28 does she get fucked by other dudes? Is her boyfriend seriously okay with this??
sophhdophhh 16 minutes ago
Ify is single :( That's so sad!
Anoop Gill
Anoop Gill 17 minutes ago
Why are they all black?
Daniel ダニアル
Daniel ダニアル 18 minutes ago
I've never drinking alcohol in my life, PROUD
Ocelot The taco
Ocelot The taco 19 minutes ago
Why’s it gotta be black?
Plant Lover
Plant Lover 20 minutes ago
Okay they r really brave I am very shy I will never do that haha
LazerCherg 22 minutes ago
Y’all hating on buzzfeed for anything at this point, this is a good video
Toddobvious 23 minutes ago
I thought his movies were all Disney already
Ruiners GT
Ruiners GT 23 minutes ago
Bro all those StockX prices they said are wrong who tf paying 1,000$ for v2s hell naw max is like 600
Tyler Kegger
Tyler Kegger 23 minutes ago
I thought DMX was in the thumbnail
01havic 24 minutes ago
Rie marry me
Marquis 25 minutes ago
3:52 👀👀👀👀
Diana Janna
Diana Janna 26 minutes ago
he's very lukewarm and doesn't truly understand Christianity. that's why their relationship "works"
Callie Kamai
Callie Kamai 26 minutes ago
I hate Lina so mean and Judge mental
ElementalHeroJoe 26 minutes ago
After 20 years dad returned from buying those cigarettes
Mickleon 26 minutes ago
Does Jason ever draw off the face?
Mile Pavlovic
Mile Pavlovic 27 minutes ago
my question would have been, are you going to do it again (climb free solo El Capitan)?
Alex Ho
Alex Ho 27 minutes ago
4:07 mans is special forces
Zach T
Zach T 28 minutes ago
Also I would full do this if I ever lost my hair.
Skye Botha
Skye Botha 28 minutes ago
It was so adorable at 14:07
Bryant Pineda
Bryant Pineda 28 minutes ago
All these thots in the comments lmaoo I got some coochie spray for y’all whores
Trynathinka Suttencul
Trynathinka Suttencul 28 minutes ago
I always thought it was some actor in a movie. I never realized it was just some random dude lmao.
Zach T
Zach T 29 minutes ago
It looks great but I didn’t like the haircut. It made it look like a hair piece
LayLay N
LayLay N 29 minutes ago
I wanna go to marques bbq
akdeniz aslan
akdeniz aslan 30 minutes ago
Dani Munif
Dani Munif 31 minute ago
I kinda like this mom, because see is just chill her daughter became a meme lol
Emily Moser
Emily Moser 31 minute ago
Jenny is SMOKIN HOT leaning against that chair *I see you Jenny*
Sub 2 LazarBeam
Sub 2 LazarBeam 34 minutes ago
American idiots
Paul Orlando
Paul Orlando 35 minutes ago
He looks younger because he shaved the beard, not because of wig.
Slappysan 35 minutes ago
Took forever to try the Popeye's chicken sandwiches and I was kinda underwhelmed because nothing could live up to the hype. I've also had it multiple times the last few weeks so....
Parysatis Shahrokhi
Parysatis Shahrokhi 36 minutes ago
Love my beautiful people!😙🇮🇷❤ 1:37
Paul Orlando
Paul Orlando 37 minutes ago
He said like too many times, so his hair follicules decided to leave they were getting a headache!
Ikan :D
Ikan :D 38 minutes ago
2014 : no 2015 : no 2016 : no 2017 : nope 2018 : maybe 2019 : *Yes*
Yuvna Pal
Yuvna Pal 38 minutes ago
Eugene is Rosa Diaz in an alternative universe.
Mister Shambles
Mister Shambles 39 minutes ago
The wendys girl is the most biased person ever with the worst roasts aswell as that goldey locks hairstyle
Autumn Rodriguez
Autumn Rodriguez 40 minutes ago
Okay but he’s so handsome
CapriicornSlayiss 40 minutes ago
The Wendy’s girl is kinda annoying me
marskhairul 40 minutes ago
14:39 i thought sommer ray just came in 🤣🤣🤣
HMLVlogs 40 minutes ago
What’s the website
Meghan Lentz
Meghan Lentz 42 minutes ago
I want to see them have to do the chapstick challenge and kiss!!
Gorgi Stanojevik
Gorgi Stanojevik 42 minutes ago
Guy:*points to Macedonia* And this is uhhhhhhhhhh Me: *Cries in burek*
feebeci 42 minutes ago
How teachers don’t spend all day laughing at how silly kids are is a real talent .
Rashid Mulla
Rashid Mulla 43 minutes ago
I think the is won by cartoonist by 3/5
Nicholas Horton
Nicholas Horton 43 minutes ago
He’s gay guys
Sribas Chowdhary
Sribas Chowdhary 45 minutes ago
*Ok but why did she only have appetizers for dinner? Where's the main course?*
Ramen is bae
Ramen is bae 45 minutes ago
Steven: I just have a weak brain Also Steven: yea I studied chemical Engineering
Mary Joy Miguel
Mary Joy Miguel 46 minutes ago
when are we getting adam's favorite episode???
V 46 minutes ago
So story short, how did they both get AIDS?
Julia Curtis
Julia Curtis 47 minutes ago
WHO would EVER give this a thumbs down???
Sugma Dickerino
Sugma Dickerino 47 minutes ago
Retail rly doesn’t count tbh
Tiffany Ko
Tiffany Ko 49 minutes ago
the most americanized asians were dissing the food, while the most mixed asian was like yeah i love trader joe's asian food. the ironyyyy like it aint dat deep its just food lmao
jo 49 minutes ago
i buy like 7 bags of TJ orange chicken for groceries, $5 for like 3 meals
zakattakist 49 minutes ago
U guys are doing chairs now really
Redrover 49 minutes ago
The girl I’m dating confessed that I took too long to kiss her. I couldn’t figure it out the first 4 dates, hell I didn’t even know they were considered dates.
Just Having Fun
Just Having Fun 50 minutes ago
Whatever, Batman. Is that a thing?
Second Breakfast
Second Breakfast 50 minutes ago
Pam Beesly?
Ftru 07
Ftru 07 51 minute ago
Keith would’ve loved this video
Surfing Kiwi
Surfing Kiwi 51 minute ago
When ur eating with non Armenians everything’s gangsta until the Chikofte and Garlic paste comes out
Paul Orlando
Paul Orlando 52 minutes ago
They should've shaved the sides before the rug! They purposedly showed him like that to sell the wig, his whole demeanor changed and gullible people think it's the hair.
Haya 2007
Haya 2007 52 minutes ago
Rifki Akbar
Rifki Akbar 53 minutes ago
Adiv Dholakia
Adiv Dholakia 53 minutes ago
Zach’s boots look the best because it matches his outfit
john tran
john tran 53 minutes ago
High school in the states doesnt even matter which school. The most famous high-school. There subject , homework. Everything is easy compare to korea. I been to both. School is damn easy in america. More break time. 8 hrs which is also less than korea. Korea pay and study more after school. SAT exam in high school is damn easy compare to the korean one. SAT even without studying at all you still have a 70% of passing. For the korea one you have to study a lot a whole lot to try and pass.
Cat 。
Cat 。 54 minutes ago
Ginas so cute 🥰 but J is 🙊
Taegu Taegi
Taegu Taegi 54 minutes ago
Annoying ...
blur omar
blur omar 55 minutes ago
I quit cigarettes 5 min ago. *Lit another cig
Black & Gold Events Ltd.
Like who is this guy 🤣🤣🤣
Mother Ho
Mother Ho 55 minutes ago
I would've cheated on the liver part with fois gras hahah
Sem 55 minutes ago
did he tell his grandmother that he was jerking off too?
Juris Hincenbergs
Juris Hincenbergs 55 minutes ago
Jackie will you marry me?
Eden Bayli Latour
Eden Bayli Latour 57 minutes ago
“I’ve always felt invisible with my blue eyes”. Bruh, I would kill to have anything other than brown.
Kathy Erickson
Kathy Erickson 58 minutes ago
Holy cats! This would be the most fascinating social experiment - mix and match these folks and you would get completely different results with every pair. I love it!..Just like I love a lot of TJ food, even if it isn't authentic. I'm pretty sure they aren't aiming for anything beyond good food at a decent price. I'm on board!
闫祺文 58 minutes ago
I love you
a.k.a cpt.a.k.a
a.k.a cpt.a.k.a 58 minutes ago
The disrespect for the sneaker culture is unreal fam
Surfing Kiwi
Surfing Kiwi 59 minutes ago
Every non Armenian when they eat with our family
I Love Arrma
I Love Arrma 59 minutes ago
I love the Woody Johnny Bravo
Nate Bent
Nate Bent Hour ago
You’re awesome. I’m glad you turned out awesome despite all the hate directed towards you
Janne Laitinen
46% is good? I'd say knowing 100% of US states is even better if you don't even live there.
Chisha Hour ago
Gif of the decade imo
She's CrownDav
let some white folks say “ this what them black people be eating” and yall gone go crazy 🤦🏾‍♀️ hypocrisy
Alexykay Archer
I’m black so racist title not really but whatever no hate
Camrin Hasbrouck
I eat cottage cheese with Doritos every time I’m pregnant
Lata Kirii
Lata Kirii Hour ago
no Elisabeth? no Rachel? why?
Boatie Hour ago
It’s just a cup...