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Aimee Meleo
Aimee Meleo 6 seconds ago
It actually hurts so bad it does make you crazy laugh just like they're doing 😂 I love these guys
Keaton Hill
Keaton Hill 38 seconds ago
Lexie Giang
Lexie Giang Minute ago
Vietnamese coffee! YASS! I drink that too if you didn’t know-*
chatgirl8 2 minutes ago
It’s comforting to see others talk about their experience of losing a parent. Sometimes I feel like I’ve got no one to talk to.
Alex J. B.
Alex J. B. 2 minutes ago
ASMR is anything you can get pleasure of, wich can be a picture, music or touch something that relax you, like petting your dog. So pleas, stop leaving hate coments.
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross 3 minutes ago
At my school they have a rule saying that you HAVE to have a tray in front of you but you dont HAVE to eat it? So I spend money on food I'm not gonna eat cause I have to
N-Step 4 minutes ago
Why did the officer first pick the black people and then white???
CallM3Trump 4 minutes ago
*points at the northpole* "this is norway" me: cries in browncheese
hubba bubba
hubba bubba 4 minutes ago
Can someone please punch her? She is so annoying
Shavonne Tonnes
Shavonne Tonnes 6 minutes ago
O I thought this was 2020 and I was like “Why are they going to school?”
slamer 7 minutes ago
no wendy’s girl nobody knows “what you mean”
Oliwia Kinga
Oliwia Kinga 8 minutes ago
Plot twist: the results were swapped
wetalktoGIRL STARZ
wetalktoGIRL STARZ 8 minutes ago
“Have you killed anyone? “ Him: terms and conditions may apply......
ThaCHUBBmonster 8 minutes ago
Stephen: I’m leaving bread Also Stephen 2 minutes later: * takes hug bite out of beef sandwich
Petter Hart
Petter Hart 9 minutes ago
very grateful I can help my family thanks to this web-site here, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
FL 12 minutes ago
Its hard to believe that he is a real human being
J W 12 minutes ago
Girl:flirts on me Me:confused screaming
saheliah spence
saheliah spence 12 minutes ago
Try Caribbean food like Jamaican food
Guillermo Cantú
Guillermo Cantú 12 minutes ago
Each generation had an historical moment that defined them, some had Vietnam, some Berlin Wall, etc... Gen z has the coronavirus, protests, climate change and Instagram.
III lll
III lll 13 minutes ago
Let see month 9 Day 28 Year 2004 Add all 9+(2+8)+(2+4) =9+1+6 =1+6 ="7"
Cara Chamberlin
Cara Chamberlin 14 minutes ago
As a Louisianan, I’m very content with your gumbo recipe. Good job!
JTP 17 minutes ago
Inga is a food princess
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 17 minutes ago
I'm glad I deleted my instagram!
Krissy 18 minutes ago
only reason i dislike cats is that they aren't as chill as dogs
slushpuppie19 18 minutes ago
Why are they all so damn lovely and precious?
Jen Joseph
Jen Joseph 19 minutes ago
Idk y tis had me dying
Nani V.
Nani V. 19 minutes ago
Brent is so cute I’m dying
Maya Naumov
Maya Naumov 20 minutes ago
1:05 "I don't know how to do cats I don't know how to play with them" 1:31 literally the same person "this is the cutest cat I have ever seen in my entire life" Kawasaki analysis this don't make no season