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I Got Knee Surgery
7 months ago
We Have A Secret
8 months ago
Eh. -_-
Eh. -_- Hour ago
Ritaf Avlaj
Ritaf Avlaj Hour ago
Sana ol maganda
Acacia Rogers Art
"I only have great ideas. I dont know why you're surprised."
Veronika Scavacini
Literally Shakira is a wayyy better representative of South America and Latinx people. She is the queeeeen. Love J Lo but Shakira is the best.
aurora4218 Hour ago
All my life I thought girls have better butts than guys. One day I realized it's that women's pants are designed to make the booty look good, and men's are designed to erase the booty
Ma’am!StopItGorl 2 hours ago
Their fries are amazing!! Literally my favorite fries! How could you!😭
Poseidon Sκarus
Poseidon Sκarus 2 hours ago
XDDDD I laugh a lot
Chloe Rene
Chloe Rene 2 hours ago
yall said pewdiepie once in the video and got at least 2 (so far) pewdiepie ads on the video XD
Fleurdeliz Gamban
Fleurdeliz Gamban 2 hours ago
noe 2 hours ago
okay but Zach really rocks that blonde wig, daaaaamn
noe 2 hours ago
Aleah Evans
Aleah Evans 2 hours ago
Keith about Alex: "I know your palette doesn't like to be challenged too much" Alex: bakes lemon and rosemary cookies
Madeleine Rodriguez Marshall
I love how Ned is alway concerned about his butt looking good lol....🖤🎃🖤
Nina Sya
Nina Sya 2 hours ago
LMAO WHY WAS HIS RAPS SO GOOD DOH ? 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 Absolute favorite video !
Ashly Marie
Ashly Marie 2 hours ago
I was Bob Ross last year for Halloween and trying to teach 3rd graders while wearing that fake beard was difficult
1337azaltuth 2 hours ago
whelp this was the most cringy thing i've seen in a long time i'm gonna go wash now cuz it made me feel dirty.
Emily Balan
Emily Balan 2 hours ago
Edit to Barbara Streisand's fun fact: she's one of three*! (Mike Nichols and Rita Moreno)
Mary Louise
Mary Louise 2 hours ago
This was great
Christina JKH
Christina JKH 2 hours ago
VanessaJune 2 hours ago
Asia Augenti
Asia Augenti 2 hours ago
this is something no one wanted but everyone needed (¬ u ¬)
Extinct 157
Extinct 157 2 hours ago
Aleksandr Smolnikov
Can you do Carl's Jr?
S.WES.R 2 hours ago
that Bicentennial man music while eating the beignet lol nice love that dolly suite by gabriel faure
Roycen Madamba
Roycen Madamba 2 hours ago
My Chinese grandma beats me wit that spoon
karen please bring back the kids
*“i’ve had four knee surgeries...on my knee”* oh, i thought you had your knee surgeries on your arms
Jason r Rich
Jason r Rich 2 hours ago
How did he survive that
Sofia Galati
Sofia Galati 2 hours ago
Keith:minecraft is building and shooting me:that’s fortnite
GabbyLolz 2 hours ago
*The try guys totally getting Minecraft wrong* Kids: *TRIGGERED*
Hana Elizabeth
Hana Elizabeth 2 hours ago
The great *Clam* has evolved into a great *French Squirrel*
KTL17 2 hours ago
I would love to see a full episode of all of Eugene's past Halloween costumes, those were freaking incredible! Also, the thing I take away from this is that the Try Guys need to try Minecraft. :P
Isa Ayad
Isa Ayad 2 hours ago
i have a google home so when ever you said hey google it would talk 😂
Thea Kristine
Thea Kristine 2 hours ago
IT charter two was actually a pretty good movie, scary af but good.
Liz Camp
Liz Camp 2 hours ago
Oh, Eugene looks so sad :c
???????? 2 hours ago
2:06 You 20x more light?! No wonderful my mom's phone looks like the fucking sun!
Schoko Gun
Schoko Gun 2 hours ago
Honestly Elsa is so annoying I mean the whole movie she was just like „No, go away I have social anxiety“. The hole time she was sticking in her own shit. Anna tried anything to be with her and save her but Elsa didn’t give a fuck about all the things Anna had gone through just because of her. Girl just chill your power isn’t the center of the universe. ❄️🚫
S.WES.R 2 hours ago
Zuppa is like my favorite thing there lol Love that soup
Bk3krzy 2 hours ago
I love Wendy's fries
bubuc jackson
bubuc jackson 2 hours ago
His spit is really stringy
GabbyLolz 2 hours ago
I like how behind the try guys it said “my kids will see this one day”
TaintedPaperDolls 2 hours ago
Keith’s outtro was hilarious, he goes from 0-100 so fast! 🤣
OverHaluyu 2 hours ago
Keith's legs....damn
Jon 1212
Jon 1212 2 hours ago
Isn’t Eugenes mom old soooooo........ Min-ooooolllllddddd......
S∆N7Y 2 hours ago
They trained on a controller In a PC tournament
xxIndeed Abby
xxIndeed Abby 2 hours ago
dude i search up holloween costume and i saw a dick as a holloween costume i was scared
Neda Blue
Neda Blue 2 hours ago
Omg sis nice drag qween
Neda Blue
Neda Blue 2 hours ago
Hey I am gay too :Dd
PHIA CZAIZIA 2 hours ago
Eugene is to asian XD
Isabella santiago
Isabella santiago 2 hours ago
Im a pisces
Amy Castle
Amy Castle 2 hours ago
Petition for the guys to play minecraft 😂
Aubrey Oleandereie
Aubrey Oleandereie 2 hours ago
Is it legal to text and drive in US? IT IS ABSOLUTELY illegal in my country....
•Marie Mations•
I came here on 1 999 666 views. Interesting..
Alex Raileanu
Alex Raileanu 3 hours ago
Mkay, the only problem I have is that I hate people who chew loudly with their mouth open. I was raised to know that it's disrespectful to chew loudly at the table, so meh.
Katherine Cioffi
Katherine Cioffi 3 hours ago
Definitely disagree on some of these STRONGLY Christina > Britney Demi > Miley
LisaLuna Thorn
LisaLuna Thorn 3 hours ago
Nyke Daenerys jelmazmo hen targario lentrot, hen valyrio uepo anogar iksan!.... sad they didnt say that
Zip Zapper
Zip Zapper 3 hours ago
Five Guys Try All the Food at Five Guys
Wallace Phillips
Wallace Phillips 3 hours ago
My ranking so far. I hope to create more princesses with Disney in the future. 1. Elsa 2. Belle 3. Tiana 4. Pocahontas 5. Cinderella 6. Mulan 7. Moana 8. Anna 9. Jasmine 10. Merida 11. Rapunzel 12. Ariel 13. Snow White 14. Aurora Side note: Theres something I love about each of these characters, even the lower ranked ones.
No Chill Kowa
No Chill Kowa 3 hours ago
5:34 I get that Ned is a simple, content guy with very few wardrobe choices. But come on bro...
festus fire
festus fire 3 hours ago
Me waiting for Wendys to Tweet about this
Mapuleng Lydia
Mapuleng Lydia 3 hours ago
love all four of you..
Mary Rose Fontana
Mary Rose Fontana 3 hours ago
Why are there no sexy men costumes?
Nadiah Nordin
Nadiah Nordin 3 hours ago
28:56 ULTRA FLAKES (with All Might!!!)
ferlyne T
ferlyne T 3 hours ago
ok but lana del rey does exist
Bangtanasaurus 3 hours ago
Both scary🥺
Emlah9081 3 hours ago
travel with body paint!! not acryllic XD or mixed (which is shit btw)
Ruzette Borbe
Ruzette Borbe 3 hours ago
Is it just me or Ned looks like a professional Baby Bottle shaker? 😂😂😂
æ Øwenatør Gaming æ
the first two was sooo gross
mts2457 3 hours ago
The oven mitts are good, not sure why they call that a fail. Same with the couch
hen ko
hen ko 3 hours ago
“Minecraft is a kid’s game” Me, a college adult, that will spend hours at a time playing Minecraft: Y-yeah...
Alden Ostonal
Alden Ostonal 3 hours ago
the girl Hates me! I'm aries Im last in her ranking But at least Eugene likes me so yayyyyyyy!
Zahab Lootfun
Zahab Lootfun 3 hours ago
leos are definitely true. including when i thought i was gonna be number 1! don’t tell me i’m right and don’t fkin tell me to shut up
Ella 3 hours ago
“Keith if you were my cousin I’d still let you fuck me” HOW WAS THAT JUST BRUSHED OVER
ya gurl Jada#gacha-panda des peeps
I understand dat I'm very emotional P.S I do agree but I wouldn't change my zodiac sigh.UwU
Potato PusheenCat
Potato PusheenCat 3 hours ago
ya gurl Jada#gacha-panda des peeps
Ayeeeeeeeeee i'ma pisces and ya know I be thicc lol
Ella 3 hours ago
My child will see this one day
Anette Avenido
Anette Avenido 3 hours ago
You guys are HILARIOUS!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
hen ko
hen ko 3 hours ago
Zach as Buzz Lightyear is soo cute
Alexandra Ghobadi
Alexandra Ghobadi 3 hours ago
the ABSOLUTE ARETHA FRANKLIN ERASURE IN THIS VIDEO!!!!! i will not stand for this
Antique Coffin
Antique Coffin 3 hours ago
Rio Aguirre
Rio Aguirre 3 hours ago
I wonder how eugene lost his verginity
Jessica Cavitch
Jessica Cavitch 4 hours ago
I have to say this. This is meant as the best compliment on the highest of levels. But the cheese dude sounds like Mr Slave 🖤🙈🙉🙊
Bricks 4 hours ago
I swear EVERYONE says they would only be friends with Geminis and never date them, whyyyyyyy 😂
TheRoyalGallade [TRG]
Is that Grant O’ Brian?
J Ware
J Ware 4 hours ago
Eugene is a gay man who appears to have a foot fetish and that fact makes me feel things that are weird and good and pleasant and gross
Sasha Jneinati
Sasha Jneinati 4 hours ago
Alex’s sighing made me click off the video
Breanna Garner
Breanna Garner 4 hours ago
The Crimson Knight
The Crimson Knight 4 hours ago
The new forza horizon 4 intro is sick
David Mccormack
David Mccormack 4 hours ago
Any one else want to see this whole thing re done with a matched voice over of Roger from American dad
Nadiah Nordin
Nadiah Nordin 4 hours ago
[sipping tea] I would genuinely love to see a Boyband Madness, but the comments gon' get ugly with salty ass ARMYs. Just saying. (fwiw imo the Beatles are the OG ultimate boyband)
Estelle Curiel
Estelle Curiel 4 hours ago
I need to know how eugene makes such great halloween costume
Keiyato 4 hours ago
I love soggy cereal so my best would be so different. But fruit loops would be dead last because when I was growing up we were really really poor because of medical debt and all we could afford were those HUGE bags of the knock off fruit loops. It was like that for years, now every time I eat them I want to vomit.
Marisa Hentry
Marisa Hentry 4 hours ago
zach has discovered his sexuality. bae's a holo sexual now UwU
Danielle Hollis
Danielle Hollis 4 hours ago
Unpopular Opinion: I am a huge Stephen king fan but IT was one of my least favorite books. Dark Tower? Masterpiece. Needful Things? Great. Doctor Sleep was pretty okay. Even The Dark Half was alright. But I didn't like IT. Took me forever to even get semi-into the storyline. & the fact that they chose to REMAKE it made me confused.
Joshua Brinkhuizen
Joshua Brinkhuizen 4 hours ago
ned is turning super sayian
UH OH STINKY 4 hours ago
Lori235 4 hours ago
you mean men v. women costumes. because they never have "sexy" anything for men. its only for women.
Thib ault
Thib ault 4 hours ago
Excuse me but Ariana Grande made history who beat the Beatles with her top 1-2-3at the same time ARIANA GRANDE who sing for the president of USA ARIANA GRANDE she should have won And I ain’t gonna shut up bitch 😂😂 I just think that it should have been Ariana Grande at Beyoncé’s place like number two
Aaryan Mehta
Aaryan Mehta 4 hours ago
If you combine both of their lists Scorpio would be first (also didn’t expect to be this high in the list but finally some appreciation).
H E N T A I 4 hours ago
they’re all having so much fun... the energy throughout this entire video is AWESOME
Slimeinator3000 4 hours ago