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Andrea Celine Villasan
I'm curious on how spicy it really is but at the same time I'm scared on how spicy it really is
ESTREYA464 16 hours ago
Has someone tried green tea and red fruits ? .... I can explain how good that tea is 😍😍😍😍 and I hate apple and cinnamon it tastes like a candle...
Raylee Kuhn
Raylee Kuhn 16 hours ago
But you guys are my favourite
Amber Hill
Amber Hill 16 hours ago
you guys should watch evan and katelyn. they are a smaller channel but they are great
A B 16 hours ago
This was the perfect video to watch in the morning as I’m waking up, having breakfast, etc. (:
Scraprz Polyglot
Scraprz Polyglot 16 hours ago
Eugene: Koala Zach: Kangaroo Keith: GORDO
Jade Crowell
Jade Crowell 16 hours ago
I don't really get astrology because I'm nothing like ANY of my signs. I'm a Leo, but then my rising sign is Cancer, and my Moon sign is Aries which means I should be like really emotional and like always wanting to be the center of attention, but I'm like the opposite. Idk it just doesn't add up for me...
Maui Sanchez
Maui Sanchez 16 hours ago
no shit bro
SuperGirlyVulpix 16 hours ago
Claire Vander Ploeg
Claire Vander Ploeg 16 hours ago
I’m seriously impressed by how far Keith got 😊 I’ve gotten better at spicy food but I probably would chicken out on level 2 😂 also Zach starting to basically hallucinate was funny but worrying lol
elijahnator 16 hours ago
Why does the hair stylists client have a mullet.
Nat Kuhn
Nat Kuhn 16 hours ago
I love Becky so much 🥺🥺🥺
Heartless 16 hours ago
I hate Coca-Cola
Avalon Project Wildfire
Oh, but now I have to work out whether I want to be reincarnated as Matt so I could date Eugene and bask in the light of his mad skills, or whether to be Eugene so I could date Matt and *his* mad skils...! I'm assuming I come back as a guy. Or maybe I need to reincarnate into your next dog so that I get to hang out with Eugene but also be fed Matt's cooking...! Hmm...! This is confusing content for your fandom.
Avalon Project Wildfire
I'm assuming you let the dogs have some of the delicious scraps when you have dinner? My cat shared some roast duck leg with me last week!
Sarah 16 hours ago
You can make vegetarian pulled pork with Jack fruit Zach you should try it its sooooo good
Sydney Bethea
Sydney Bethea 16 hours ago
Matt is like a professional chef!!!!!! Make me rum cake Matt ❤️❤️
Han Bi Park
Han Bi Park 16 hours ago
Matt is so cute omg y'all should include him in more videos
Danielle Dewees
Danielle Dewees 16 hours ago
I adore the try spouses!
talie 16 hours ago
EUGENE! You should try recreating Claire's gourmet makes
Arshad Hoque
Arshad Hoque 16 hours ago
why are you geh?
Catherine Elena
Catherine Elena 16 hours ago
We need more of Matt. For real
Allison Wildeman
Allison Wildeman 16 hours ago
I will never forget the voice crack at 0:23
Avice abbey
Avice abbey 16 hours ago
Well...my vision sucks, I have no muscle whatsoever, my hearing is kinda bad...oh my god I'm 59 even though I'm 13..
Kaitlynn Kelley
Kaitlynn Kelley 16 hours ago
You little weakling. I'M DIED
That Animator
That Animator 16 hours ago
Me a aries: I'm not a baby!!! Also me: MOM GET ME A ANOTHER SIPPY CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eugenia Zeeva
Eugenia Zeeva 16 hours ago
Brooklynn Kisby
Brooklynn Kisby 16 hours ago
i cant be the only one that was slightly disturbed on the intro song and how its different
Laura Hanna
Laura Hanna 16 hours ago
Was Maggie tested for Corona? Losing sense of smell and taste is one of the very unique symptoms of the virus. 😧
Bebhinn Lombard
Bebhinn Lombard 17 hours ago
RUvid channels I am binge watching during quarantine: All try guys food videos Safiya Nygaard’s weird science Simplynailogical
Yasmine Es Saadi
Yasmine Es Saadi 17 hours ago
Maggie has my heart
hoi 17 hours ago
Me from the northeast India not even one dish was there argggghhh
Kaitlynn Kelley
Kaitlynn Kelley 17 hours ago
So did Keith keep training?
Neta B
Neta B 17 hours ago
Anytime someone makes a joke or pun Ned: *snaps*
Ashish Magar
Ashish Magar 17 hours ago
Can we talk about what a ZADDY Matt is and ooh girl those cooking skills... TURNED. ME. ON. Eugene, that lucky bitch 💗
Logan Smythe
Logan Smythe 17 hours ago
i’m disappointed that when eugene was talking about how younger generations like more feminine males and they were putting up celebrities and they didn’t put up timothée chalamet...how dare they he is like the definition of saying fuck you to toxic masculinity and i love it :)
• i m a g i n e • Ruhana
Oh my god I just realized we saw Matt in a BuzzFeed video the title is eight types of guys I've dated the is the sophisticated one is matt in that vid I never realized untill today
Nina Lucel Gulle
Nina Lucel Gulle 17 hours ago
Ned + Ariel= Neriel Zach + Maggie= Zaggie Keith + Becky= Beckeith Eugene + Family= Eumily ;-)
Karusu .smiley
Karusu .smiley 17 hours ago
Eugene is just the best. I love him so much🖤
Yee Yee
Yee Yee 17 hours ago
How come when Zach bites his lips it looks like he is grinding on a sandwhich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Angelia Lollyta
Angelia Lollyta 17 hours ago
we share the same zodiac Eugene
Annie Hancock
Annie Hancock 17 hours ago
Can you do Chick-fil-A?
Tabitha Sinclair
Tabitha Sinclair 17 hours ago
they thought we'd be quarantined for 2-3 weeks lmao
Adriana Pereira
Adriana Pereira 17 hours ago
Zach, the diarrhea wouldn't happen you were Mexican and you ate like this every day but not from chipotle, it's your mom's food.
Toni Browder
Toni Browder 17 hours ago
I don't care if he is coming out neither should you! We should be happy he is happy
Jayden Perez
Jayden Perez 17 hours ago
The amount of work Keith did for this was amazing
Melissa 17 hours ago
Matt’s gonna see these comments and get mad and jealous.
Georgi Kostadinov
Georgi Kostadinov 17 hours ago
I appreciate the Duel of the Fates
angelgonebad 2
angelgonebad 2 17 hours ago
Am lio and I Don’t give a fuck because your opinions is nothing I’m right you’re wrong
Yu Seon
Yu Seon 17 hours ago
Kieth was really feeling himself this video
gwarbled 17 hours ago
I've never been so happy that my mom can do haircuts
Ashley Nelson
Ashley Nelson 17 hours ago
I think Matt definitely won. Making food out of four different kinds of alcohol is hard 😂
Samia Ali
Samia Ali 17 hours ago
I Stan the try wives
Paulina3721 Williams
My sister cut my pixie cut using a RUvid video... it wasn’t hard 😂 I look great
Georgia 17 hours ago
Why is Eugene and Matt like the perfect couple . They’re both just accidentally good at everything
Kimmberly Ann
Kimmberly Ann 17 hours ago
Yea choosing chloe ting is a bad idea
wasabi peas
wasabi peas 17 hours ago
Keith eat the menu subway but he’s dressed as a rapped subway sandwich
Koalas krypin
Koalas krypin 17 hours ago
Perfect friday evening: eating popcorn while watching a man in labor pain. Thumbs up for that one.
Aubrey Garcia
Aubrey Garcia 17 hours ago
Use the teriyaki sauce for the noddles and the rice it’s a game changer.
Zay Onre
Zay Onre 17 hours ago
This is not a try guys challenge this is Matt’s cooking show 😂
wasabi peas
wasabi peas 17 hours ago
Keith redoes eat the menu Taco Bell but he’s stoned
Kaitlynn Kelley
Kaitlynn Kelley 17 hours ago
All the time Eugene
rosette 17 hours ago
jade: you should have the word 'darkness' on it zach: oh where's that from jade: *hello darkness my old friend*
Addison Beck
Addison Beck 17 hours ago
I love the im sorryyyyyyyy sooo sorrrryyyyyy at the end
weronikashysha 17 hours ago
Matt is so professional, he’s a natural cooking youtuber !
Sophie Hannah
Sophie Hannah 17 hours ago
Matt calls him Gene 🥺🥺
Suheir Maarouf
Suheir Maarouf 17 hours ago
"BtS iS NoT OvErRaTeD" Eugene, I purple you💜
Sarah Evers
Sarah Evers 17 hours ago
Eugene was definitely showing off Matt in this video. He made it look hard but I think it was to show just how good Matt is. I love these two! ❤️❤️
jikookedt. 17 hours ago
finally, unity.
Ashley Reusora
Ashley Reusora 17 hours ago
Abbie Rose
Abbie Rose 17 hours ago
I did this as a Brit with no previous experience at all and I also hadn’t studied any kind of maths in 2 years as we don’t have to here and got 1200😂
Dusty Bennett
Dusty Bennett 17 hours ago
all of these couples are so perfect together
Ashley Reusora
Ashley Reusora 17 hours ago
I Love Maggie's impression 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kaitlynn Kelley
Kaitlynn Kelley 17 hours ago
I've seen a cat give birth and a giraffe along with a elephant
Ffe1 1106
Ffe1 1106 17 hours ago
Zach did you really time your tea brewing? Amateur. My mom owns a tea place and restaurant so hit me up and I’ll send you some tea’s. We got some good shit.
jyothirmai pagadala
jyothirmai pagadala 17 hours ago
How many of u tryfans watched this video more than once? To feel the love in this video 😍😍
Layla Rodriguez
Layla Rodriguez 17 hours ago
Taylor P
Taylor P 17 hours ago
Eugene....such a good sport. Totally should've won the nedward art but was still such a good sport about it! Good role model.
Precieux Muamba
Precieux Muamba 17 hours ago
Old people like you are asking a stupid question like that.
JHS31 Vlogs
JHS31 Vlogs 17 hours ago
Albert Dillion
Albert Dillion 17 hours ago
Eugene wasn't impressed
ATIQAH PUTERI 17 hours ago
u shoud try malaysian ghost paper. it is the spiciest instat noodle in the world
roni Mitchell
roni Mitchell 17 hours ago
Zach is always killed during the fuck marry kills😂 like with Eugenes mom and when Ariel did it on the buzzfeed channel. Hes always killed
ellisse 17 hours ago
If your religion don’t accept you as who you are. I think you need to reflect if your religion’s midst is God. You know, God accepts us no matter who we are so who are they to not accept you?
Tom Sink
Tom Sink 17 hours ago
my skin is crawling because he takes a bite in the exact spot the other guy does on the chicken sandwiches lmao. NOOOO
Lorenzo Valdez
Lorenzo Valdez 17 hours ago
Keith sounds like an intro to a slow jam 90s RnB song 😂
The Kent Family
The Kent Family 17 hours ago
Lol I think we can all agree that we need more Maggie reaction to Zach’s cheesy jokes. Zach: “you’re crushing it....you get it...?” Maggie: “no, I really am thank you”
sydney gillum
sydney gillum 17 hours ago
If Keith and Zach were gay, I think they would be gay for each other. 😂 but their relationships with Becky and Maggie are amazing
Diana Sarasa Borraz
Diana Sarasa Borraz 17 hours ago
I kinda like chloes workout better than any other not just cuz they’re intense, short and get results, but also the way she does it and explains everything. I’m not really a fan of the motivational ones, it annoys the s*** out of me to be dying there and focused on my muscles and have something keep on talking to me!!!!!! Like shut up already we’re working out not having coffee, stop complimenting me 😂😂😂😂 I do love yoga with adriene for that reason though, she makes me relax and like I’m doing it with a friend. I do love them both!
RustyGamer 17 hours ago
Wtf how
fruitbythebecbec 17 hours ago
ok ngl Zach looks SOOOO good in this video. the floral shirt? the French tuck? we love to see it
Mad Max
Mad Max 17 hours ago
Idk why but Alex pissed me off so much when she cheated
JJCC Meador
JJCC Meador 17 hours ago
I love rasin bran and im 11
Wei Long Lee
Wei Long Lee 18 hours ago
13:58 Zac's sister:"I love you" Zac:"I love you"(Wait is it true tho?) Me:Awwww John:I love her too Me:😦
Jasmin Hernandez
Jasmin Hernandez 18 hours ago
maggie ciuldve made a salad or smth oo
Gayle Time
Gayle Time 18 hours ago
This reminds me of when the impractical jokers did the same thing like 5 years ago
Amanda Allison
Amanda Allison 18 hours ago
It’s so amazing that each couple seems so perfect for each other
khadijah zaman
khadijah zaman 18 hours ago
Felicia Stevens
Felicia Stevens 18 hours ago
Can we just get more Matt cooking videos. He’s so calm and informative.
Joey L
Joey L 18 hours ago
Need a cheesecake factory one of these.
Riley and Thea K
Riley and Thea K 18 hours ago
7:12 no a full cast is not necessary I had a broken pinkie and got a molded slpint fore my pinkie