WT Grand-Slam
WT Grand-Slam
WT Grand-Slam
Vishal Chaturbuj
Vishal Chaturbuj 3 hours ago
Unique 🤗👌🤗👌
Life is game try it.
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Sou faixa preta
Apple Dae
Apple Dae 2 days ago
First time dae hoon lee lose..but im sure he will win the next competition
Apple Dae
Apple Dae 2 days ago
2 great athlete...that is how game/competition is...their is always win/lose...anyways congratulations to both of u...
bobby Ilham
bobby Ilham 4 days ago
bobby Ilham
bobby Ilham 4 days ago
Ken Hernandez El Guerrero
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Ken Hernandez El Guerrero
Dae Hoon Lee ,The best in the world 🌎👌👏🏻
Hadriii Gaming
Hadriii Gaming 5 days ago
14cm difference, and the Russian used the chance wisely 👏🏻
Rich Marchiano
Rich Marchiano 6 days ago
What the hell happened to this sport? So boring to watch
Heymin Wolver
Heymin Wolver 8 days ago
Disappointed with Cheick Sallah
Heymin Wolver
Heymin Wolver 11 days ago
Seems like Anton doesn't even wants to fight him. But the fight with Aaron Cook was so cool to watch
Heymin Wolver
Heymin Wolver 11 days ago
Beautiful Fight Old School Taekwondo
tri prasetyo
tri prasetyo 12 days ago
Adem Absi
Adem Absi 13 days ago
phitaya tongdee
phitaya tongdee 13 days ago
Adama KANATE 19 days ago
I Really appreciate !! But, Many points of Ruth had not been scored, it's desappointing😢
Ricardo Rico
Ricardo Rico 25 days ago
Que luta top hein.
Zapas 342
Zapas 342 26 days ago
Que pena, cada día son aburridos los combates de Taekwondo!! Donde esté la década de los 80!! Que se quité todo lo demás
Alpha 27 days ago
Maksim ✊✊✊
Jordi Edmond
Jordi Edmond 28 days ago
Sad from red much talent but second round he was to tired
ruvid.net/video/video-2xcjV3vbdW0.html nice vidéo
jong perez
jong perez Month ago
fish kick applied but there's no violation declared ..
Jordi Edmond
Jordi Edmond Month ago
Really bad match from both players there is no entertaining in here
Mr Obvious
Mr Obvious Month ago
Korean boy got destroyed
Kimlikli Yabancı
Kuralları bilmem ama İrem yürüyor hakem bu nEce yürümektir deyip puan yazıyor karşıya.
Alun Gray
Alun Gray Month ago
The scoring is ridiculous flush shots don't score wtf??
Олег &&&
Олег &&& Month ago
Лезгин хорош
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara Month ago
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara Month ago
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara Month ago
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Month ago
What a 2nd round by Lee! That was awe-inspiring.
Hbb man
Hbb man Month ago
Pasta la vista baby
Sadia Yasmin
Sadia Yasmin Month ago
love you zeliha❤
Enes By
Enes By Month ago
Hakanin hakki yenmese burdaydi suan o
Sude Arı
Sude Arı Month ago
Nurla biz ayni salondaydik sonra o gitti ama
Emiliano Huerta
Emiliano Huerta Month ago
Hacer Ytkl
Hacer Ytkl Month ago
Fernando Torre mora
Busca el puño
Carlos Gustavo Obregon
que asco de tkd.. tkd era el de antes !!!
Amaliavin Month ago
First time
CRicKet2 Month ago
Chinese niqqa gets wasted and has his revenge in 2020 #corona
ツNeKros Month ago
Minin sucks
Sifo Dyas
Sifo Dyas Month ago
5:30 : Most racist comment ever ahahaha the asian fighter is Korean, the crowd is chinese
Francisco Fernandez Lopez
del asco ese irani
Will Stiehl
Will Stiehl Month ago
This is a cool format how it goes by how many rounds they've won
Will Stiehl
Will Stiehl Month ago
this is taekwondo at its finest
Eric Chen
Eric Chen Month ago
Congratulations you found an english comment 🥳
Opus Dei
Opus Dei Month ago
Occasionally I see a cool kicking video and start thinking about taking up taekwondo again. Then, I see this mutilated form of a once great art and suddenly I remember why I quit...
mohd ubesh
mohd ubesh Month ago
aron cook always best
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson Month ago
New TKD has no skills and the rules are made for scoring points. Really sad.
val Month ago
I dont understand why they went to GDP or why they had 5 rounds :v
Aidan Nedd
Aidan Nedd Month ago
all of you speaking ill of bianca should really take a turn.... at the same time you talk of her she is still one of the world's top athletes in taekwondo and is very much a complex fighter
sheng287 2 months ago
Korean coach sounds like if he is saying Gucci 🤣 .. I love the Korean fighter smart techniques!
София Мотлох
не стыдно котков не влез в категорию 10 грамм
Jess penny
Jess penny 2 months ago
Captain!!!!!! Wiam ahhhh
Sunset Dusk
Sunset Dusk 2 months ago
That match is so unfair the china girl got a head shot at golden point and it didn't count
FABIO LANDER 2 months ago
No que transformaram o taekwondo Deixou de ser marcial faz tempo
shellbr3ak 2 months ago
this is not TKD, this is absolute shit, only one kick was used in this match
Davis Mas
Davis Mas 2 months ago
Thai loser Thai King of copy Thai very weak 🤮🖕💩
Kaf Kef
Kaf Kef 2 months ago
Vur şu yarasalara be
sahra sahra
sahra sahra 2 months ago
O S 2 months ago
under every new taekwondo video people complain how shitty taekwondo became. it's a well-known fact that even taekwodno people don't like the new style. Please WT - bring old taekwondo back. People need to see KOs, courage, powerful kicks.
O S 2 months ago
honestly, i hope no one watches this sport, cause i would be embarrassed to say i used to do it seriously.
Mu Kwan Sports
Mu Kwan Sports 2 months ago
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MrOzfidelio 2 months ago
Şu maçları görünce utanıyorum, Eski sisteme göre bu vuruşların hiçbiri puan değil sadece ingilizin surata vurduğu puan, sporcular çakma karateciler gibi dokunma uğraşında müsabaka müsabakalıktan çıkmış heyo huyo hiçbir vuruş yok önden sadece yopçagi ile dokunmaya uğraşıyorlar...
Mind N.
Mind N. 2 months ago
Yassine Samti
Yassine Samti 2 months ago
Cheick Sallah Cisse worst fight ever
Aldar Nimaev
Aldar Nimaev 2 months ago
Gay Taekwondo
Vijay Shinde
Vijay Shinde 2 months ago
Nice fight
Nuray Kalyon
Nuray Kalyon 2 months ago
Türklerin gücü adlı çalışma 👌👏❤
Hasan Kaya
Hasan Kaya 2 months ago
İngiliz bandalçaģilerinini tutarak atıyor.
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara 2 months ago
Francis Deschamps
Francis Deschamps 2 months ago
Hé bien c est pas très beau comme tkd
Francis Deschamps
Francis Deschamps 2 months ago
Bjr. C est quoi ils ont le niveau mondial ?
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara 2 months ago
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara 2 months ago
Carolina Cartens la mejor en esta disciplina🔡🔠
Ala'a Samara
Ala'a Samara 2 months ago
Gary Hu
Gary Hu 2 months ago
Michelle Michelle
Michelle Michelle 2 months ago
Everyone who's saying Bianca cant play cuz she keeps pushing clearly doesn't do tkd. When u get in a clinch it normal to push to make space for a kick . However, shes heavier then her other opponents making it easier to push them. And madelynn has no balance after kicking and she keeps her leg up in the clinch which is why shes falling over so easily.
C L 28 days ago
And did you know all other people beside her are made out of paper? That’s why everyone else cant push people only her
C L 28 days ago
Yes coz this is not a level based on their weight and she’s DEFINITELY a thousand times heavier than everyone else coz she’s the only one doing that so
Chris Walker
Chris Walker Month ago
Take a look at section 4.1.4: 4.1 The following acts shall be classified as prohibited acts, and “Gam-jeom” shall be declared. 4.1.1 Crossing the Boundary Line 4.1.2 Falling down 4.1.3 Avoiding or delaying the match *4.1.4 Grabbing or pushing the opponent*
renkli videolar
renkli videolar 2 months ago
helal azeri kardeşime
Sümeyra Kara
Sümeyra Kara 2 months ago
O kadar emeğin, zahmetin ve terin karşılığı 👏
CS Tkd
CS Tkd 2 months ago
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iammai sapiens
iammai sapiens 2 months ago
Where is wenren now? I never see her again.
Wise Man
Wise Man 2 months ago
World taekwondo should change there armor into more sensitive and easy to score so taekwondo players can be free again in what they should be doing in a fight instead of doing the same technique over over again
Patryk Krawczyk
Patryk Krawczyk 2 months ago
I think the opposite would happen if you make it more sensitive
Luis Rodrigues
Luis Rodrigues 2 months ago
Mint Tony
Mint Tony 2 months ago
mal consejo del coach al final, viendo lo que paso con el puño anteriormente
Светлана Бровикова
КРАСАВА!!!!!!! 🤩
Ostia Cook es el mejor, me vale una ostia si es que perdió pero en serio ¡Dios! peleo como un verdadero campeón, Mil aplausos para ese ídolo ¡Sos el mejor Aaron! Grande boludo.
Laarnie Bigwil
Laarnie Bigwil 2 months ago
Lauren 😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aldar Nimaev
Aldar Nimaev 2 months ago
Gay Taekwondo style
O S 2 months ago
you can't say that, but you are right about it
Naf Li
Naf Li 2 months ago
What happened to oh hyeri. She used to be the best
Cookierun 2 months ago
Valeriya Life
Valeriya Life 2 months ago
FABIO LANDER 2 months ago
Prefiro o Taekwondo Old school
บุศรา ศรสลักศิลป์
piphat fungjai
piphat fungjai 2 months ago
น้องพี่เห็นนะ ผ้าเช็ดหน้าน้องแมนยู ช๊ะ