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MrTheFitt 2 minutes ago
I know you're here for this 1:54
Shy Lon
Shy Lon 6 minutes ago
jalen tesers
jalen tesers 8 minutes ago
I don't like the movie because Cruz took lightningmqeen place
R - JET 12 minutes ago
I was not ready for "My House" In this trailer 🍁
Cecilia Lara
Cecilia Lara 12 minutes ago
Woow! Definitely I will see it! God Bless you Jim!!!
Huu John
Huu John 22 minutes ago
nobody: Lets put a token Asian woman in there for the white dudes.
fonua lolohea
fonua lolohea 23 minutes ago
Um I've only seen the 1st one Now this is here I want to watch it.
Mike Lowrey BB
Mike Lowrey BB 30 minutes ago
Only Shia Muslims.. So I don't feel that bad about how Hollywood depicts them.
Nurul Kabir
Nurul Kabir 33 minutes ago
This is really a dangerous scene
Haytham Lafi
Haytham Lafi 34 minutes ago
One of the best films in 2020 💪🏻❤️
SilentWarrior 11Six
SilentWarrior 11Six 49 minutes ago
He's gonna build His Church. ruvid.net/video/video-2oE2hSr5BPQ.html
Edward Tulfo
Edward Tulfo 50 minutes ago
This movie is a tribute to the bravery and sacrifices of Nationalist China. And where was Mao Zedong during this time. Sitting idly while the Japanese crush the Nationalist army of Chiang kai shek. The Japanese invasion allowed the communists to defeat the nationalists after the ww2. China would have never been a communist country if Japan never invaded. If the CCP has something to be thankful for, its the Japanese invasion. And where did the nationalists go after fleeing China? To a country called Taiwan (officially Republic of China). Taiwan is the successor of the legitimate nationalist government of China pre ww2. This movie honors them. Not communist China.
Boog S Reviews
Boog S Reviews 51 minute ago
Not impressed with what I’m seeing so far. They messed up his birthmark which should be a pentagram. I guess they couldn’t call the show hellstorm or his sister Satana either?
SilentWarrior 11Six
SilentWarrior 11Six 52 minutes ago
Pray for the Persecuted ruvid.net/video/video-n9CXwOe9m5o.html
Rizal Bagus
Rizal Bagus 56 minutes ago
yang baca dalam hati . . . . . . . . @jC3A bahagia terus ya.
Ardian H
Ardian H Hour ago
What the point from this movie?
Wulfrune Hour ago
So, the Aussies save the World huh? no doubt they'll tamper with the equipment as they do in Cricket to get the results they want.
Vincent Tapia
Vincent Tapia Hour ago
We need. The. Joker. Back. I. Swear.
p B
p B Hour ago
Where i can see this serie????
Nuclear PCS GT
can I have Jericho 2 ?
Isabela Licame
so excited for black and red Harley Quinn
Whey don't they just call Clark ;-P
Five nights at Freddy’s gamer Or FNAF
I loved the first one
Murderous Kitten
So , lets place a bet , how will disney screw this up 😂
Murderous Kitten
dam this look like garbage
HIT musics
HIT musics Hour ago
A girl has no name😇
Luca Ferri
Luca Ferri Hour ago
Saxi Reaper
Saxi Reaper Hour ago
2:30 on that day, humanity received a grim reminder
Deanna Thompson
This is gonna be SUCH a good moovie
monk goku
monk goku 2 hours ago
Howcan i watch this film from India??
Jasmin ibrahimovic
Jasmin ibrahimovic 2 hours ago
Paintball training, this guy who spend money to make this movie I Don't understand him, you should chose better way to investment.
Mitanshu gaming
Mitanshu gaming 2 hours ago
Is this a horror film???
TheMemeing Drawer
TheMemeing Drawer 2 hours ago
When I clicked on this I got an ad for croods 2
Moessacre Rex
Moessacre Rex 2 hours ago
American family dad : "weird shit always happens in the US, meteors, volcanos, alien invasions, Godzilla...." the mom : "Godzilla is from Japan..." *emergency broadcast* *outside* HUUUUUUUARRREEUUEUUEUURURURAGGG The mom : "called it." the dad : "oh shit." the mom : "Let's go to Japan Barbara, they're not going to get you there Barbara, everything gonna be fiiiine, our kids are gonna have fun visiting Harajuku Barbara" The dad : "..... sorry".
azrielic_ 2 hours ago
ooh lah lah...
佐原詩音 2 hours ago
Old T1000
Dhiman Rahul
Dhiman Rahul 2 hours ago
Netflix - No one can make better series than me. Apple TV - Hold my iPhone.
Swirl AndTwirl
Swirl AndTwirl 2 hours ago
I hope we don't cry in the end
Emmy D
Emmy D 2 hours ago
Is anyone here just for Anthony Ramos?
13th Evergreen
13th Evergreen 2 hours ago
My God... It's a vegan Movie lmmfao 😂🤣
Mikee Enriquez
Mikee Enriquez 2 hours ago
Rektem Rectums
Rektem Rectums 2 hours ago
Pretty sure that was the whole movie here. Then these time and abstract/psychological films always have some sort of ending that is open to interpretation. Next!
Joe Blogs
Joe Blogs 2 hours ago
Brilliant. About time we exposed truths
Peyton Soli
Peyton Soli 2 hours ago
The 1st movie was about: Caveman The 2nd movie is about: Bettermen What's the 3rd movie gonna be about Human?
Nathan 2 hours ago
Liam Neeson's name is a genre
Jruiz9400 2 hours ago
good movie nice ending
Zangetsu 3 hours ago
Bro finally they have a second movie we waited 7 years
Ozpez 3 hours ago
Dude I have been waiting so long to see the 2nd one
The Pinocchio
The Pinocchio 3 hours ago
We want part2 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ss Ss
Ss Ss 3 hours ago
أين العرب😂😂😘
Worti 3 hours ago
I hope i will make it in time for this one.
Gracy Sev
Gracy Sev 3 hours ago
This movie giving me vibe from potrait of a lady on fire
Aloha Jinny Park
Aloha Jinny Park 3 hours ago
downloading now. but a slasher movie? was hoping for a monster
Tahlia Sage
Tahlia Sage 3 hours ago
they really said bi rights !
gaira86 3 hours ago
this movie is disgusting is about a kevin chasing a karen in the woods, retard characters, retard plot, jesus fking disgusting
vel 3 hours ago
its just grandma eating kids
ramija ija
ramija ija 3 hours ago
Yang dari indonesia like dong
WINTERMUTE 3 hours ago
Nehemie Etienne
Nehemie Etienne 3 hours ago
Can't wait to watch 😍 🙂🙂🙂
Its not thruth its truth
OhNoMyBread 3 hours ago
eep and the girl said lesbian rights
Luke Severino
Luke Severino 3 hours ago
So I'm thinking this is going to be guy's family who he thought that passed away and Grug figure it out and was running to tell them when they made the kill circle and hit hem because he say guys you'll never guess what I found out then it cuts off
Brandon Jay Sturtevant
His Hair is Spot On! It’s driving the Sheep crazy, as evidenced in the Comments and the the bleats to defend!
CAN Mustafa
CAN Mustafa 3 hours ago
Glad to see a movie showcasing this disgusting evil religion
FlashYT_studios 3 hours ago
The welcome to my house part Damn brings back 4 years
dragon in winter
dragon in winter 3 hours ago
Hmm... I can't seem to find my vomit emoji.
Tokemo Toke
Tokemo Toke 3 hours ago
Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world but the media always shy away from the truth
Mike Lowrey BB
Mike Lowrey BB 26 minutes ago
Try being a Muslim. We're tortured, oppressed, killed and put in concentration camps. Don't go on about how you're persecuted.. You have no idea.
Ai Mee
Ai Mee 3 hours ago
Its a good one. I just watched it.
Whidia Shintia
Whidia Shintia 4 hours ago
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It'sMeAjay 4 hours ago
Waiting for this ❤️
BABY HOBO ORPHAN 4 hours ago
Popboy653 4 hours ago
Oh my god captain boomerang and king shark thats all i want to see
Ronald Lee
Ronald Lee 4 hours ago
He also should be a villain of Mission Impossible film franchise.
Putri Utami
Putri Utami 4 hours ago
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Sam Hof
Sam Hof 4 hours ago
Mimi 4 hours ago
The way I did not see the plot twist while watching this movie lol. 10/10
TACO 4 hours ago
I remember watching a video when I first got into stranger things I want to say it was 2018 where the person who plays Hopper said that he first tried out for 11 so I wonder if he's going to get what he wanted and he's going to have powers like 11 since he was near that thing when it exploded last season.