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Tawing dela Rama
Tawing dela Rama 23 hours ago
Michael Keaton!!!
Terrance Peterson
Terrance Peterson 23 hours ago
if you gone off of gangs of New York. you got to go stronger. this shit was like Teletubbies
Ale Persán
Ale Persán 23 hours ago
S1: Will Byers S2:Will Byers and Demo S3:Everyones puberty S4: Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova
Camden Jackson
Camden Jackson 23 hours ago
0:42 hopper sweating in almost negative degrees
ChrisT4 Edwoods
ChrisT4 Edwoods 23 hours ago
Looks lame 😬
James Hampton-Snow
James Hampton-Snow 23 hours ago
Incredibly boring.
Lafe Denton
Lafe Denton 23 hours ago
What is getting older clown or zombie movies? Please vote
Deidre G
Deidre G 23 hours ago
Aaahh that music gives me the chills.
Patricia Mullen
Patricia Mullen 23 hours ago
This movie was good and had a lot funny scenes.
Walter Xiao
Walter Xiao Day ago
0:35 imagine if he dropped that box
Ruru's channel
OnE of the best movie ever filmed ♥️ I first watched this movie last yr, and even though you watch it many times, the same feeling, the intense feeling will still strike you♥️♥️♥️ Kudos to the writers, director and the casts ♥️ I hope there's a sequel soon.. can't wait ♥️
Brü E
Brü E Day ago
Matilda Teen: the movie
rosalva medina
Más falso que mi tía bajando de peso
Asher Kumar
Asher Kumar Day ago
2019: What's he doing? 2020: Just wait....
Priya Karan
Priya Karan Day ago
15years back in tamil vijays minsara kanavu movie came.. Same story ...
rob mclaughlin
This movie was surprisingly awesome
Mary Coleman
Mary Coleman Day ago
Yes glad they didn't kill his character 😊
Isaiah Calzada
Why does the creature at 1:19 look exactly like Gremlin 2017?
John Dude
John Dude Day ago
Holy fuck did this movie fucking suck big time I just saw it wish I never did
୨୧ ʚ daisuki ɞ ୨୧
Anyone else think there was going to be a mega jump scare at the end
Are you gonna pick up the purple collection?
aadil zeeshan
Modern day peaky blinders 👀
Squim Day ago
SErA117 Day ago
Hello Max Caulfield?
Castelar García
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Jaden Wickham
Ad just told me what the whole movie about
Dum Nugget
Dum Nugget Day ago
*Frozen 3 teaser*
maniacal1 Day ago
So, I don't mean this in like a creepy way or anything, but Sophia Lillis is insanely beautiful.
zeroeman Day ago
I can already tell that lil bitch kid gonna get on my nerves... 😠 😂😂😂😂😎
Ace Mesubed
Ace Mesubed Day ago
Holy shit
Adam Sifford
Adam Sifford Day ago
Looks like a good movie but in 2020 we have run out of ideas. .
SnB Blaze
SnB Blaze Day ago
I’m watching this in class right now and it’s super good so far
Glen Balfour
Glen Balfour Day ago
Somebody turn the lights on please
JC Guzman
JC Guzman Day ago
I love scooby doo when watch mystery inc
Shanoi Lewis
Shanoi Lewis Day ago
First of all their two different movie so stop comparing them god .he have to different acting career
red eagle
red eagle Day ago
Finally. A fair fight against ip man.
Brii Bham
Brii Bham Day ago
Matilda spin off ?
groovass65 Day ago
She's so angry all the time because of her terrible hair cut.
Sergei Veselov
This seem very American-esque
Jiovany Reyes
Oh I get it their making frozen into a real movie
Yes Teen Wolf is my favorite show and yes THE Tyler Hoechlin is in this series.... however there are so many great things to watch on Netflix and on that account, I must pass. It’s hard but the show sucks 😫
Koenigsegg Agera R&S
Come down today, and try our corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn 2:10
Koenigsegg Agera R&S
Come down today, and try our corn, or we will sacrifice your newborn 2:10
Messiah Day ago
I want *tamale*
Weak compared to AMERICAN GANGS.
Cassandre Mijango
Olivia Rayner
Netflix you dumb bitch. What is the significance of having characters “die” if they don’t die?! Man up, kill Hopper off for good. Otherwise there are no stakes
DRIVER Day ago
Based off the Team Soho PSP game?
I think this movie can be lined with films like perfect blue and films alike. When I watched it perfect blue came to mind regarding the subject matter about stolen identity etc
Gary Bynoe
Gary Bynoe Day ago
Saw all the hype in the comment section. Never even heard of this before. I check it out one time. Wow...It was amazing. Had me at the edge of my seat. I'm gonna be the hardest critic here and give it a 8.9/10 because I feel like she held back too much lol CAN'T WAIT FOR PART 2!!!!!
Salty Banana
Salty Banana Day ago
Looks awesome. Can't wait
Caleb RamX
Caleb RamX Day ago
Me: scrolling from twitter to look at new post, Also me: looks at the teaser Me and the boys: OMG HE IS ALIVE I KNEW IT WHAT I KNEW HE WAS ALIVE i CALLED IT Other people: yay new season and Chief hoppers alive
Ashley Lentz
Ashley Lentz Day ago
I laughed in my family’s face when hopper showed up none of them believed me
MuggleCake Day ago
Wandavisions looks trash (So do the rest of these movies)
ol capone
ol capone Day ago
TLD Mind Power
This movie looks amazing
Duckbyteplayz -
Nooooo he has no hair
TLD Mind Power
ok what is sky
james Deer
james Deer Day ago
This film can't make up it's mind if it is LGBTQ or what?
Dominion UNPHAZ3D
This looks like the movie artificial intelligence meeting I robot and machina exdous with SPLICE lmao is this dren the Droid version
John Martin
John Martin Day ago
Good to see John back!
Dominion UNPHAZ3D
Hollyweird running outta horror ideas AGAIN😑
Just Me
Just Me Day ago
No Muslim gangs? Ya, they are all angels.
Zimm Can
Zimm Can Day ago
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eca icaro
eca icaro Day ago
im here because of copycat
X F Day ago
Hopper ❤️
J Hg
J Hg Day ago
Muy buena hace algunos meses la vi...
lacari0 Day ago
I miss the days when people actually died in shows and films 😔 🤦‍♂️
kenny omega
kenny omega Day ago
Glitchy_Nani 1
Me:cant for season 4 and see my boy hopper;*sees hopper bald*WhAt-
Camden Smith
Camden Smith Day ago
The frozen 3 trailer is so cool, can’t wait till it comes out!!😆
RussL Day ago
The main character should be called Ronnie Pickering
Horror GoreHound Game's & Movie Review's
Awesome took me back to the 1980s. Amazing Stories was always great and this looks just as good as it was originally.
The Messenger
I hope Nicolas cage love interest is not some 17 year Girl in this movie to .. or a Women waaaaaaaaay out of his league. His love interest in movie are either waaaay to Young or waaaaay out of his league. hope the casting have givin him a proper love interest or a Women macthing his age, which us movie Goers find beliveable.
mixflip Day ago
Aren't guns banned in England after the 1996 Dunblane school massacre? How can people have guns and commit crimes?
ElectroWxlf Day ago
The fact that this isn’t a movie by now is beyond disappointing.
Caden Hinton
Caden Hinton Day ago
say ong😂🗣
Kate Rose
Kate Rose Day ago
Anyone who wants to watch go on lookmovies.com it’s free and hd
Rahma Bourayou
Hollywood horror films : "00:00 ..so we moved to a new house "
Melissa Leon
Melissa Leon Day ago
Okay okay... we got the "IT " Loser club ON THIS NETFLIX FILM. I just don't like the fact that they're type casting the actors from IT. Come on the kids are way much more brilliant if you let these young actors challenge themselves.
Thod Stagshorn
Spielberg is a pedo.
dandelion mari
0:34 hahahaha!
div47 Day ago
Bad...real bad.
Iovalin 2017
Iovalin 2017 Day ago
People possessed by demons m.ruvid.net/video/video-k319TldczaU.html
神谷ん Day ago
Worst trailer I’ve ever seen this year
Dont Worry about it
My nigga hopper is 1 hard mtha fucka to kill. Bet he lost all that weight working out there too. Got big af for hellboy. They have to explain his physique changing... so itll be from russisn slavery 🤣🤣🤣 Hopper officially is welcomed to the blk community now 🤣😂🤣😂
Jaron Mitchell
This isn’t accurate....Where’s 21 Savage????
kenny omega
kenny omega Day ago
Yea ill wait for a movie review on. This. Looks to predictable
3ds max
3ds max Day ago
Fucking jackoff
Abby H
Abby H Day ago
Why shaggys voice sounds so weird: Zac Efron is doing the voice 😬
Fintan Woods
Fintan Woods Day ago
looks ABSOLUTELY shite
Raptor Jesus
Raptor Jesus Day ago
Since it's in the UK i imagine there's going to be a lot of stabbing like in real life.
Cass Day ago
But when it’s a predominantly black cast there’s uproar. Blue story 🤷🏾‍♂️
Big Beast Baller
was anyone else scared that there was like 20 seconds of blackness lol
Shottay Nang
Shottay Nang Day ago
I flooded my house when Nairobi got shot she was my second favourite
how come theyre showing us these shows!to show how bad ass you have to be in that environment?pretty damn boring in my opinion!glorifying peeps that messes up families for a living!
Prometheus 21
2020 year is a shitty horror movies year