Zbo Lean
Zbo Lean 19 hours ago
More like clobbering hrs in may lol had 12 in may and 19 all year
MTB Express
MTB Express 19 hours ago
Honey wears my super suit!!!
Javier Astacio play
Javier Astacio play 19 hours ago
Virtual season
Zack Schultz
Zack Schultz 19 hours ago
One of the best days of my life
kseries1981 19 hours ago
Fan cheated
ACommon1 Connectivity Llc Robert N Johnson
Bob Uecker. Truly enjoyed every minute of your speech. All the best.
Exotic butters
Exotic butters 19 hours ago
imagine the freeze was just some murderer and he was chasing you with a knife
StratoScopes 19 hours ago
Troy Hunter
Troy Hunter 19 hours ago
amir sounds like a white person, couldn't tell who Trevor was playing against
Raymond Calitri
Raymond Calitri 20 hours ago
Paddack crushed like always
David Camilo Mendoza Blanco
I think pentagon should use bottle cap in their doors, literally no one can open it
Fsn1280 20 hours ago
The amazing thing is Hank Aaron never had a 50-homer season yet he still managed to hit 755 home runs throughout his career.
nymets1104 20 hours ago
Dear God: I will never take Baseball for granted again.
Chris H
Chris H 20 hours ago
I don’t like baseball at all but this was a great video. What a moment!!
Brandon Stanley
Brandon Stanley 20 hours ago
Dylan Cease starting for CWS? Where’s Gio?
AIDOS 20 hours ago
I wonder who won
de todo un poco
de todo un poco 20 hours ago
Broke him in half.. WHOOOS NEXT!?
Scott Duffin
Scott Duffin 20 hours ago
That was a good one.
Steelmage99 20 hours ago
Irrespective of which team you are rooting for, you gotta love a game, whose structure allows for such come backs.
CinemaDemocratica 20 hours ago
Thumbs up if you're here in 2020 because of Jon Bois.
EET FUK 20 hours ago
6:25.... that looked effortless
My Nintendo Gaming Feed
Matt Vasgersian in the booth! It's a shame that this game doesn't have his *"Santa Maria!"* phrase whenever someone scores a Home Run, or a Grand Slam...
Max London
Max London 21 hour ago
Go braves
Jaq Kraft
Jaq Kraft 21 hour ago
muscle man: *years of elementary training... WASTED*
gffpau 21 hour ago
who needs reggie !
Danté Parman
Danté Parman 21 hour ago
My favorite player as a kid
gffpau 21 hour ago
the great curt gowdy !
Karan Phull
Karan Phull 21 hour ago
This is smart AF. It's funny how the world needed a pandemic for people to do "normal" things and come together, somewhat. Lol other players in other leagues should do this or have a tourney. That would be epic.
My Nintendo Gaming Feed
It's faint in the game, but do I hear Matt V. in the Commentator Booth? His signature phrase is "Santa Maria!"
Paul Specht
Paul Specht 19 hours ago
My Nintendo Gaming Feed I think it does for walk offs, but I may be wrong
My Nintendo Gaming Feed
@Brittain Travis It's a shame that this game doesn't have his *"Santa Maria!"* phrase whenever someone scores a Home Run...
Brittain Travis
Brittain Travis 20 hours ago
Yes he’s the commentator in MLB the show
That boi that likes memes
This is the only sport content I have
Inquizition 21 hour ago
Lind was the reason we didn't see a Blue Jays vs Pirates World Series that year. If he handles that grounder cleanly, the Braves lose before they can score the tying run.
itzxgohanx 21 hour ago
my social anxiety could never
Ben Mollitor
Ben Mollitor 21 hour ago
I watched him play in high school.. He threw it to first base so hard, the first baseman couldn't even catch it most of the time. They would drop it..
Ryan Cartwright
Ryan Cartwright 21 hour ago
Thank you mlb not just for bringing games over to the uk but you gave us one of the biggest rivalries in sport
Young Chris
Young Chris 21 hour ago
Legend has it.He is still trying to open that water bottle.
EET FUK 21 hour ago
Twins unis are nice
Giovanni Cusatis
Giovanni Cusatis 21 hour ago
No one: Blake Snell: PUNCHING SEASON
Peyton Dowling
Peyton Dowling 21 hour ago
Aaron Judge is a very respectful guy. Not show boating, not bragging, just putting the head down, running around the bases like he was trying to get a double. This young man is going to be a legend!
Ryan Cartwright
Ryan Cartwright 21 hour ago
To our american bothers and sisters you will always be welcome in the uk
12ThugTM 21 hour ago
Really like crowd reaction
J T 21 hour ago
Farmer on the call. GOAT
Marlon Levin
Marlon Levin 21 hour ago
And no bat flipping and acting like a hotdog...wonderful
TLI 72
TLI 72 21 hour ago
Haha I watched this live there so funny haha go cubs and hey kris you better stay 👍
mike west
mike west 21 hour ago
What could’ve been....
DuraDigi 21 hour ago
Dat Fat Cat
Dat Fat Cat 21 hour ago
Thanks for this. It’s a bright ten minutes in this awful time
steve vermillion
steve vermillion 21 hour ago
Bill Buckner grew up in my home town. He was our hero. Such a tragic legacy for such a talented athlete...
Rip The Ripper
Rip The Ripper 22 hours ago
Karma on Red Sox after they were down to their last strike vs Angels. The late Donnie Moore gave up the game winning homerun to Dave Henderson. Bill Buckner didn't deserve that. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Wide World of Sports couldn't have said it any better.
majer gamer505
majer gamer505 22 hours ago
yay. im the 2nd comment, 10thy like, 1,271 view
David Smith
David Smith 22 hours ago
I am in shock! Joe Buck didn't talk for almost a minute. That must have been difficult.
Jc Denton
Jc Denton 22 hours ago
What do you win?
Gary T
Gary T 22 hours ago
Joe Buck noted how many firsts happened in this game 7... it was quite unbelievable
lasvegasrockero 22 hours ago
That dude was slow
Connie Wagner
Connie Wagner 22 hours ago
I loved baseball since a small child. Became a Mets fan
Marcus Cheng
Marcus Cheng 22 hours ago
Umpire get mad!!!!! 3:08
Mason Letander
Mason Letander 22 hours ago
I missed this bluejays😭
Mark Burch
Mark Burch 22 hours ago
Punish the Astros....worldwide plague that shuts down baseball...just saying
Johnny the Boy
Johnny the Boy 22 hours ago
Did Brett get tossed for that?
Tamer Bekir
Tamer Bekir 22 hours ago
This is so good.
Marcus Cheng
Marcus Cheng 22 hours ago
Umpire mad!!! 4:00
tommyc12159 22 hours ago
McCann is forever a dirtbag, cheated with Astros and acted like the noble baseball police his whole career. Hypocrite
Doyle Loves Guns
Doyle Loves Guns 22 hours ago
When baseball was great
Gio C
Gio C 22 hours ago
They won cause they had the trash can and buzzers
Michael Dunahee
Michael Dunahee 22 hours ago
One forgotten item that makes this homer even more significant is that the nearly unbeatable Orel Hershiser did not pitch in this game. He was scheduled to pitch Games 2, 5 and 7, so this homer practically guaranteed that the underdog Dodgers would win the World Series.
bruh Man
bruh Man 22 hours ago
*WhErEs mY suPerSuiT*
Aidan McAvoy
Aidan McAvoy 22 hours ago
I love the fact the MLB is doing this i Would like if the NFL did too but i gladly tune into this
RVRS_Bot 22 hours ago
Aidan McAvoy it’s probably Bc it’s not nfl season
Valentin Quiroz
Valentin Quiroz 22 hours ago
7:26 james harden and russell westbrook
Brandon Day
Brandon Day 22 hours ago
Gotta guess Verlander's fastball is the most valuable pitch of the millenium thus far.
King Boo
King Boo 22 hours ago
I'm doing the same thing too! I have three parts of FULL games up on my channel!
Vim Alcel Naraga
Vim Alcel Naraga 22 hours ago
Zack Hample was THERE
daniel Anderson
daniel Anderson 22 hours ago
Why is nobody talking about the fact that he went from gold glover to common fielder in mlb the show
Andrew Hicks
Andrew Hicks 22 hours ago
It's certain God had bigger plans for him
Baseball Incorporated
Check out the home run derby rematch between Vlad Jr. and Joc Pederson! ruvid.net/video/video-2u-qGBQhGas.html
el mas duro andre
el mas duro andre 22 hours ago
Altuve Loke Es Un Tramposo
Dee Ell
Dee Ell 22 hours ago
Jack Bucks radio call of I don't believe what I just saw is great......But then Vin says hey. Hold My Beer
Alex Kraeft
Alex Kraeft 23 hours ago
If you have to choose from Michael Kay John Sterling, Ken Singleton, and Paul O'Neill, who's on top and who never gets to announce another game in their life?
killoreo 23 hours ago
Why have I not seen this in todays game????
Lady Vengeance
Lady Vengeance 23 hours ago
And the stands are nearly empty. They deserve better fans.
The Show
The Show 23 hours ago
I keep watching this over and over again
The Show
The Show 23 hours ago
This guy
majer gamer505
majer gamer505 23 hours ago
We Cardinals fans are very classy. Cardinals are one the most classiest teams in baseball
Nicole Breu
Nicole Breu 23 hours ago
this is the best thing in my life during this time lol
ART EFX 23 hours ago
17:40 infamous cheating whistle
Juan Melendez
Juan Melendez 23 hours ago
Sweet Redemption for the Dodgers after losing in 1977 and 1978.
Landing Lover
Landing Lover 23 hours ago
He may try it with a rubber band under the cap,it will make easier to open
Will Reap
Will Reap 23 hours ago
What were those balls made of?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis 23 hours ago
And Marcell left the Cards for the Braves 😭
Michael Carrillo
Michael Carrillo 23 hours ago
Ahh Muncy crushing the Giants classic.
ajg617 23 hours ago
Houston Cheatros!
Tim 23 hours ago
awesome content bro
Caden Bolin
Caden Bolin 23 hours ago
Who else was watching the stream. I’m sad hunter pence lost but I had a great time watching. I love mlb so much that no matter what team wins l always have fun watching the game. My dream is to be a MLB baseball player and hopefully I will be in the hall of fame. Love the videos MLB. BEST SPORT EVER!!!!
Caden Bolin
Caden Bolin 21 hour ago
Thx guys
Dalton Bolser
Dalton Bolser 21 hour ago
keep grinding bro and keep spreading the love of baseball!
Caden Bolin
Caden Bolin 22 hours ago
Thanks bro I have been playing baseball for 8 years. I am 12 right now
Wyeth Purkiss
Wyeth Purkiss 23 hours ago
Hey good luck man, hope you make it to the big leagues and achieve your dream
joaago1 23 hours ago
such a dumb sport..
Comatose 23 hours ago
Guy looked like he was running in slow motion.
Will Reap
Will Reap 23 hours ago
Please do this every day. I really loved this, and I’m heartbroken without baseball. I’m begging you! Please! 🙏🏼