Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson
Hi I'm Jarvis! I can't figure out how to upload videos to this website but i hope one day i figure it out.

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NN0101 Hello
NN0101 Hello 5 hours ago
Casually sneaking hydrochloric acid in a movie theater
JustGolden 5 hours ago
Tony was selling all of his shirts; that's why he never wore one.
Serenity Hamilton
Serenity Hamilton 5 hours ago
This video just brought up a repressed memory from my mind. My family used to watch gsn a lot and I would always be the last one up which meant I ended up watching baggage (hosted by jerry springer) in the middle of the night until I eventually fell asleep and I can safely say I’m glad I don’t remember too much do it
ewoz 6 hours ago
MenacingPylon 6 hours ago
Millionaire refuses to buy homeless man a trillion-dollar house INSTANTLY REGRATTTTSTS ITTT!!@#!@!@!@12121 ff#####
Xonk 6 hours ago
Awww dammit I missed crying my best
MenacingPylon 6 hours ago
Gravy that's it that's all you eat with mashed POTATOORS
MenacingPylon 6 hours ago
''we hurting heil'' Well dam now we know you can't speak English properly go
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki 6 hours ago
My sis make me pregnant My dog/cat made me pregnant.
Iris _
Iris _ 6 hours ago
It seems like that the richest is trying very hard to seem as if they're "home made" by adding "impromptu comedy" and the like.
C Ds
C Ds 7 hours ago
I think I vaguely remember seeing bits of this as a kid, and it hit me just how old I am (or at least feel) now when my first thought was, "honestly, that kid is gonna grow up to be the perfect househusband and would probably make his future career wife very happy".
clyde foster
clyde foster 7 hours ago
When's your first album coming out?
well hello there
well hello there 7 hours ago
it's worse when you realize this is a fet!sh for some
gbbazuka 8 hours ago
Hey Jarvis i went to tech too around the same time as you. Were you a TA for CS 1371 for fall 2012 by any chance?
Allison Castle
Allison Castle 8 hours ago
Not gonna lie, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is pretty good. And yes I agree the name is ridiculous lol
that_enbyleaf 8 hours ago
as a gay i'd like to state that we aren't like this-
your mum's new boyfriend
Sensitive asses
Wendy Elise
Wendy Elise 9 hours ago
fiercely and lavishly edited
Ott 9 hours ago
the little programming sound was very satisfying when you listen to it with headphones :]
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Word Smith
Word Smith 9 hours ago
This video was so funny! I laughed so hard I cried. 😂
cherri bomb
cherri bomb 10 hours ago
What if a RUvidr was a priest?🤔
HerRoyalHighness Mochi
How to understand a woman: 1. Treat her like a human being 2. You can’t
Courtney Hammett
Courtney Hammett 10 hours ago
When Jarvis put his teeth gap back in 🤣
HerRoyalHighness Mochi
I like how the intro to the five minute craft men’s intro is cars trucks tires tools and “men stuff” that obviously all men like right. I mean they are after all the same am I right.
Oliviadon 10 hours ago
Coin master is actually really fun.. and yes I may have found it through an ad 😂
The Bronx Boglehead
The Bronx Boglehead 10 hours ago
21:23 The security guard is looking like “yo is something about to go down? I did not prepare for this.”
Etta Shaw
Etta Shaw 11 hours ago
im etta. but that’s not me.
Almond Milk
Almond Milk 11 hours ago
How are you going to look at a photo if it’s in your glass eye
Chance Will
Chance Will 11 hours ago
If someone told Jake his shoe was untied, he'd probably say they're a bully too
NotAfraid280 11 hours ago
Jack black is the only celebrity that should be allowed to have social media
Filbie 11 hours ago
Oh my god thank you for Harry Potter joke, I needed that laugh so much
Asteroid VonRyker
Asteroid VonRyker 11 hours ago
I like how he wore Eddy Burbank merch, respect
Tanner George
Tanner George 12 hours ago
When they don't understand that you can't see with a glass eye meaning she has a family picture in her glass eye that she cants see because of her not having an eye lol
Nik Novak
Nik Novak 12 hours ago
Two years later. Where's that mix tape rap? XD
Sofia 12 hours ago
The "THIS" bit really got me
Elle Embee
Elle Embee 12 hours ago
I know I'm late to the party, but you put the milk in your mouth THEN the coffee. Amateur.
Filbie 12 hours ago
A historical take on TikTok! So interesting what this app morphed from 🧐🧐
Karina Hunter
Karina Hunter 12 hours ago
ahhhhh! :D 21:20 is toooo cool! Are those Drake's sexy eyes? (no shade, yours are great too Jarvis)
King Hines
King Hines 12 hours ago
Bruh was lowkey spitting ngl
Caarline 13 hours ago
Jordan is definitely there to BE the joke
Caarline 13 hours ago
Some of these are absurdistly hilarious
thexbigxgreen 13 hours ago
When they put a percentage on milk, it refers to the fat content, not how pure the milk is.
Katie Tree
Katie Tree 14 hours ago
Theres a youtube version too, pretty cringey stuff
gray’s kinda blue
gray’s kinda blue 14 hours ago
Petition for “suck it Tony Stark” merch
Dane Shoemaker
Dane Shoemaker 14 hours ago
I want a Sunny D so bad now
Colton Hebert
Colton Hebert 14 hours ago
This jaystation vid is offensive
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 14 hours ago
Who the eff is Jake Paul?
Ott 14 hours ago
me who kissed my friends on the lips last year (it was right before covid hit, we are all ok!): what in the homophobic christian mom 😀
Ott 14 hours ago
ah shit… i think that water i drank was actually a diluted gay potion… now i’m bisexual… fuck… /s (i am actually bi and im also enby! y’all are valid and loved 💕)
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 14 hours ago
I don't not "love" love, but I don't necessarily "love" love.
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. 14 hours ago
This may sound racist, but all of the "most eligible bachelors" all look the same.
Max H
Max H 14 hours ago
Ok, who told them about the handshake? There’s a reason it’s called the *secret* gay handshake
Noah 14 hours ago
Why are you wearing a beanie inside
Alex Stephens
Alex Stephens 15 hours ago
"Women don't go to therapy" the irony of a man saying that
Kya B
Kya B 15 hours ago
I'm not sure how anyone was surprised he was faking. He literally has his beard shaped to give the illusion that his jaw is bigger than it is.
Nat Colita
Nat Colita 15 hours ago
Im actually surprised that he didn't try to make the potion rainbow
Perri Lewis
Perri Lewis 15 hours ago
Those poor animals. Not only it's creepy to sexualize real animals but there's real abuse going on.
Humpy Dumpy
Humpy Dumpy 15 hours ago
This is the best dance video on RUvid
thexbigxgreen 15 hours ago
Tyres is the European spelling for tires
Michael Bachrodt
Michael Bachrodt 15 hours ago
PUNCH IN THE GROIN! apparently you punch with your knees now.
Dat 1 snivy
Dat 1 snivy 16 hours ago
But as soon as he finished, he committed a suicide, jumping off the train *Clown music plays in the background*
Durandus 16 hours ago
I’ve seen the spaghetti beef one, she stole it from one of those weird RUvid cook reaction videos
loko asmr
loko asmr 16 hours ago
Ahstories ep 4?
Asteroid VonRyker
Asteroid VonRyker 16 hours ago
Jarvis after hours
Nick P
Nick P 16 hours ago
The first 10 seconds is what I always knew my love of RUvid would lead to
Meridian Luv
Meridian Luv 17 hours ago
Little did they know, that boy grew up to become famous science man Elon Musk.
HappyAndSadBoi 17 hours ago
it hurts my bones knowing they are using kermit like this
StarDust Stables
StarDust Stables 17 hours ago
the white dude sounds like how LuketheNotable (a gaming youtuber) narrates his 'surviving mc hardcore' videos and that is only meant to belittle the other dude (not luke) but wtf??? they have the exact same intonation and pacing but luke makes it sound decent bc he's not trying to win a racist yo mamma battle...
pasketiii 17 hours ago
why is this even a thing man what GOOD comes out of this
kristin a
kristin a 17 hours ago
matter of fact i love A-1 sauce anything ☝🏽🙂
Leland G.
Leland G. 17 hours ago
OOH! They have a two year anniversary follow up on Netflix! I hope you do a follow up video!
El Anon
El Anon 17 hours ago
"in motion it looks fake" "it looks like tom cruise" "uncanny valley" do i have some kind of face blindness because no matter how much i looko it just looks real to me.
Margiem 18 hours ago
Mr clean
Wylie Tharp
Wylie Tharp 18 hours ago
I have raycons, and my only gripe is that they don't auto skip raycon ads
ChippewaPrincess 18 hours ago
“Goofy men are not attractive” LIES
Erik Kick
Erik Kick 18 hours ago
Lord Of Bananas
Lord Of Bananas 18 hours ago