King FireMan
King FireMan
King FireMan
Hi everyone!
I'm King FireMan, I'm 23 years old and I'm french.
Thanks for the support, it's a pleasure! :)
American Sniper
2 months ago
Vikings || Raid
9 months ago
Vikings || Paris
4 years ago
Regal Pea
Regal Pea 15 hours ago
The Farmer, The Earl, The King, The Viking Legend. Ragnar Lothbrok
skullduggerygillen 15 hours ago
You need to admit, hes the best character of the show
Praneeth P
Praneeth P 16 hours ago
He’s the rightful heir to the Iron throne😭😭😭🔥🐉
BubbaHuf 16 hours ago
he and naruto are the goats
Abhinav Hellfire
Abhinav Hellfire 17 hours ago
Wowww.. Very well edited 🔥💖 I'm in tears 😭 I miss this show soo much
AVK 18 hours ago
fucking traitor
Video Apocalypse
Video Apocalypse 19 hours ago
If you want you can check out mine as well ruvid.net/video/video-woSR7KFNtRI.html
Claudia Farr
Claudia Farr 20 hours ago
That was so beautifully done Bravo 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Hussein Kj
Hussein Kj 20 hours ago
Heartless Madness
Heartless Madness 21 hour ago
I don’t know what’s more underrated this show or knightfall
Ruthless Mayhem
Ruthless Mayhem 22 hours ago
Mürtapot Gaming
Mürtapot Gaming 22 hours ago
Richard Rummage
im so confused...is there really time travel involved here like somewhere in time or back to the future....can someone explain the whole story in 2 sentances?
Stepen Muthuo
He would be badass joker.....
This show was so ahead of its time and so good a lot of people blinked and missed it...
greis greis
greis greis Day ago
No quiero un final triste, por favor basta de tristeza ya está covid-19 para estar mal 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
greis greis
greis greis Day ago
Estoy enamorada de ésta serie 😭😭😭😭
Paul Day ago
This man’s blood ran through the most powerful rules back then and his blood still runs through the blood of many European royalties.
Isabella Cruz
Best Tv series ever, I’m crying 🥺
Gurita Cristian
Vlad. Day ago
this is epic
marilou roble
I was about to live in my car & this web-site saved me *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
Sueli Liberatori
Amo essa série amo amo
《 Danavak 》
Pitty to see the fucking piece of shit Nazis using the Algiz rune for their bullshit now.
Elizabeth Forest
Floki is underrated
Lazy Jhun
Lazy Jhun Day ago
Their gestures prove they loved each other.
bogen Day ago
Who’s still watching this in 2020?
neil anthony Wallace
Powerful Real masculine role models
cplmo Day ago
“There will be no peace, Lady.”
lla zar
lla zar 2 days ago
Who want's to be a king !?
*_I Wish I'd never left the farm !_*
Raúl Caselles
Raúl Caselles 2 days ago
Fenna Franssen
Fenna Franssen 2 days ago
i'm crying this edit is de best!!
l J
l J 2 days ago
The best Viking TV show ever. Ragnar 😍
Musical soul
Musical soul 2 days ago
His character portrays that It really doesn't matters whose genes run in your blood, whose name u carry, who raised u with what qualities....but what you REALLY ARE ... JOHN SNOW...THE REAL YOU ! KIND yet brave.. INTELLIGENT yet modest CHARMING yet a true lover❤
Jami Smith
Jami Smith 2 days ago
01:38 01:48 03:08
Baetiful96 2 days ago
Best bromance in TV history in my opinion Two very different people with different beliefs love each other despite all that
Jovan Radovanovic
Despite all these comments, i still think that Rollo ia bigger than Ragnar in so many ways. And i don't think he betrayed Ragnar, i think he reached out to claim his destiny.
Ö.baver Yıldız
JDvisualz 2 days ago
Probably the most pure platonic relationship I've ever seen in film or tv.
Massoud shodja
Massoud shodja 2 days ago
I love it , what for disslike
lojik 2 days ago
Hi.Can be will do Collab ? One half me the other you ? I don't particularly count on your consent but perhaps if you choose. my nickname in Discord Mr.robot#8062 . I already have a song for which a video will be shot :)
Zetolo Rio
Zetolo Rio 2 days ago
Always my #1 show
Irma Rabinovich
Irma Rabinovich 3 days ago
Vi las 5 temporadas durante la cuarentena en Argentina. Me encantó .Espero la próxima 💕
Veronica DaVanzo
Veronica DaVanzo 3 days ago
I can’t not like Rollo, no matter what he did to his own people. I hope Gisla doesn’t leave him after he goes with Bjorn to the Mediterranean. Would be such a loss on her part.
Lourdes Silvina Travi
Excellent history very sensitive and beatifull
Your Rescuer
Your Rescuer 3 days ago
Rollo = traitor
memories spectre
memories spectre 3 days ago
i never liked series but 2 of them makes me watch and enjoy it ... the punisher & narcos 😎🖤🖤👆
fou don
fou don 3 days ago
Rollo great son of a bitch
GavinALB 3 days ago
Please translate in french
Rubén Sanz
Rubén Sanz 3 days ago
Great video, I loved it.
Ahmad Alomar
Ahmad Alomar 3 days ago
One of the best characters in the history. Travis fimmel 👌
Mr Killer Bee
Mr Killer Bee 3 days ago
Why i am criyng?
Martin Kay
Martin Kay 3 days ago
Shit program...Why does Bjorn look like he has Down syndrome?????..Seriously doubt they had Vikings like that...
chancler 3 days ago
Best content ever made, love for ragnar >>
Patrick Lévêque
Belle video, mais très hard sans sous titres en fr 😩
Reddevil Gamer
Reddevil Gamer 3 days ago
The way how urhred was treated and the ones he lost made me so emotional at many scenes
Noble Tarkan
Noble Tarkan 3 days ago
It was a good death but I seriously wish that Beocca had not died, least until he had seen Beddenburg reclaimed... he was a priest who saw that "The One God" goes by many names and that Valhalla or Heaven are mirrors... ah well...
Chan Mark
Chan Mark 3 days ago
Mel TC
Mel TC 3 days ago
There is no chemistry between them, but the man who plays Lord John Grey with the simple look he gives Bree the chemistry is booming.. It's either there or NOT.
Erica Curly
Erica Curly 3 days ago
50% of viewers is crying. The other 50% IS LYING
Mohamed Hatem
Mohamed Hatem 3 days ago
When its available on netflex?!
Shadman Khan
Shadman Khan 3 days ago
Best king in the world
Konstantinos 3 days ago
Snow is in the pantheon of great heroes.
Lauren's Life
Lauren's Life 3 days ago
Eleven is badass and I freaking love her!!!!
YH 4 days ago
Vikings is the best show in my life. Mr. Travis Fimmel did act perfectly!! respect from South Korea
Bezhan Omid
Bezhan Omid 4 days ago
Jon snow supposed to kill the Night king
Valeria Jaroš
Valeria Jaroš 4 days ago
I was crying so bad when hopper died😭 I still cannot believe that he is dead. Without him it's not gonna be the real ST😭 rest in peace🥺
SameerSamon 4 days ago
When he died that's the saddest part
Bob Vance Vance Refrigeration
Wait so if Roger is the many great grandchild to Dougal McKenzie and Bree is the daughter of Jamie Fraser and Jamie is Dougals nephew, doesn’t that make Bree and Roger *related* ? 🤔
Adam Szmidtka
Adam Szmidtka 4 days ago
where can i watch season 4?
Виталий Николаевский
caleb 4 days ago
still my king
Ravi Teja
Ravi Teja 4 days ago
Believe me after Ragnar death i stoped watching vikings.
Eru Ilúvatar
Eru Ilúvatar 4 days ago
Lagertha was and still is a boss. She is the true definition of Warrior Queen. How epic she looked with her silver braided hair, with her armour on and her shield on her left hand and sword on her right... Oh dear, what a woman she was...
Miss Caliban
Miss Caliban 4 days ago
Using this video with my literature students as an example of what an incredible character study looks like. We craft them on paper, but what you've crafted with this video hits all the notes I want them to hear. This is amazing; thank you so much for sharing.
Arsenal 15
Arsenal 15 4 days ago
1:13 to 1:26 I can’t put my finger on the reason why I love that part so much
Kennyffer Carvalho
lergatha is loved and retaed
Kennyffer Carvalho
i don' t like lergatha but is so said that she sofer without sons
Uğur Korkmaz
Uğur Korkmaz 4 days ago
Kral adamdın Ragnar.
AdoreYouInAshXI 4 days ago
Man, this show was so good... it had the best first three seasons. Then it's like it just ended abruptly. There was so much left undone between Ragnar and Rollo. And then Rollo is still alive but he just ended up going to England and being forgotten. Such a disappointment.
Tamar Samawati A
Tamar Samawati A 4 days ago
I like it his accent ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕
Pacificdrop02 4 days ago
best scene in vikings is the last discussion between ragnar and egbert, so deep
Selmi Talel
Selmi Talel 5 days ago
Great traitor
Hp Haydar Hanoğlu
Four season is legend with ragnar. 5th and 6th are trash.
iakovojackgr 5 days ago
Ragnar: when everyone want you dead i keep you alive
Alfred The Great
Alfred The Great 5 days ago
One of the greatest tv shows of its genre ever.
Nighil Johnson
Nighil Johnson 5 days ago
Next season should show Raganar and Lagertha in Valhalla feasting with the Gods
AmirReza_TV 5 days ago
hello guys,please fallow me
tech cloud
tech cloud 5 days ago
Somebody tell me which disease caught ragnar i didnt understand.plz.
tech cloud
tech cloud 5 days ago
He chosses his death. Nobody killed him
Katiane Tobias
Katiane Tobias 5 days ago
Tem que voltar logo
Katiane Tobias
Katiane Tobias 5 days ago
Eu quero assistir mais mais e mais............
عالم دار اسماعيل
The actor is very similar to Brad Beth
Name a more iconic duo than this, I will wait
Rosa Roldán
Rosa Roldán 5 days ago
Esa gran amistad me encantó amigos hasta la muerte
wzero07 5 days ago
Fuck Rollo
Tas Oo
Tas Oo 5 days ago
5 seazoon???
Laura Gomez
Laura Gomez 6 days ago
Amo la serie Outlander la mejor historia de amor de Jamie y Clare muy bonita pareja
Kátia Rangel
Kátia Rangel 6 days ago
Amor...que interpretação...👏👏👏♥️