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We'll Be Right Back in Minecraft
This video will make you uncomfortable
Very Satisfying Things in Minecraft
Gabriel Dias
Gabriel Dias 6 hours ago
Marzena Kuczynska
Marzena Kuczynska 6 hours ago
Oreo oreoreo oooooooooo RRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dylp1ckl3 6 hours ago
This can’t be real...
Mario Herrera chacon
Michael Guastella
Michael Guastella 6 hours ago
Is nobody gonna talk about how he got 26 goal and 53 bones from that first wither skeleton
amorosa4life 6 hours ago
No way in hell I’d go down there without a water bucket.
Michael Guastella
Michael Guastella 7 hours ago
The dungeon is a paid actor. U can’t get diamonds from those chests Oh yea also the stronghold, u can get Ender pearls but not eyes
Yoniel _pro
Yoniel _pro 7 hours ago
Jorge Martín
Jorge Martín 7 hours ago
1:00 :(
Jorge Martín
Jorge Martín 7 hours ago
1:00 *B R U H*
Cazm_Ham7 _
Cazm_Ham7 _ 7 hours ago
The world was a paid actor
PANDA _ GAMING 7 hours ago
Seed ?
Србски Родољуб
Am i the only one watcing it and crying while listening backround music?
Boston Sanborn
Boston Sanborn 8 hours ago
He got so lucky that I think he was hacking
epicplayer 0
epicplayer 0 8 hours ago
I am just gonna cry from this video
Tiano Serra
Tiano Serra 8 hours ago
First to finish the game in 20 minutes
Kats Lifestyle
Kats Lifestyle 8 hours ago
1:59 Oh no it’s going to be ugly Oh
Katelynn Do
Katelynn Do 8 hours ago
Minecraft boss
Minecraft boss 8 hours ago
Nub Studios
Nub Studios 8 hours ago
Minecraft but it’s the best speed run seed
pablesm 8 hours ago
Today I fished out a mending book
Berenice Lopez
Berenice Lopez 8 hours ago
No manches
pablesm 8 hours ago
And I found an activated end portal and 6 witch drops in this world
pablesm 8 hours ago
I found a baby pink sheep,a full diamond zombie and a minceraft screen in the same world
#UR - KE#
#UR - KE# 8 hours ago
u are so good youtuber please like coment
Todoranin 9 hours ago
faggy cream
faggy cream 9 hours ago
this is fake btw
Nathlil Lugo
Nathlil Lugo 9 hours ago
Just to make life easy for y’all the Minecraft wiki tells you everything about the game. Diamonds only spawn in max a batch of 8 per chunk & chunks are 8x8 of blocks for 1 chunk
Nathlil Lugo
Nathlil Lugo 9 hours ago
He simply either load up a new work on Java with modifications or edited the achievement pop ups over his video which is simple but 100% debunked.
Nathlil Lugo
Nathlil Lugo 9 hours ago
Nether portals work by chunks. Each block in the nether is one whole over-world chunk. So 1 block traveled in the nether is 8 over world blocks or 1 chunk.
Roméo Jacquemin
Roméo Jacquemin 9 hours ago
I still want to think there is a mod ;-;
ᴇ ʟ ʏ ᴀ ᴛ ʀ ᴀ ꜰ ᴇ ʟ ɪ ᴢ ᭄ᯓ
I'm sorry bro but no Is true 🤬🤬
ItZ clan
ItZ clan 9 hours ago
Well he does have mods because of the torch in lights in his hand but maybe their is a luck mod idk but still very easily possible
Kody Wolf
Kody Wolf 9 hours ago
Don't be shy what the seed?
akob 9 hours ago
What’s the seed though?
Shayaan Ali
Shayaan Ali 9 hours ago
Big Flopper
Big Flopper 9 hours ago
My favorite part was when he got something lucky
TTVLavakid9 Playzz
TTVLavakid9 Playzz 9 hours ago
The only unlucky thing is him breaking a chest with his pick axe
hi can you plz sub to me plz I have kids
im willing to push my 2- brain cells to the limits
Саша Самбур
Luis Henrique Leite de Lima
Obviously this is fake
Gamer Fire
Gamer Fire 10 hours ago
How did you do this in 8 min
jomarvilla 0647
jomarvilla 0647 10 hours ago
cual es la semilla
Bart Bezdelnik
Bart Bezdelnik 10 hours ago
1/610 chance for meet pink sheep
T0ASTY1 10 hours ago
Minecraft speedrun no deaths
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 10 hours ago
Rbufuf Rhufyr
Rbufuf Rhufyr 10 hours ago
JoshyGutierritoz 10 hours ago
6:35 sacrifice? is that the trick?
JoshyGutierritoz 10 hours ago
the most incredible part is that it's possible
Danilo T
Danilo T 10 hours ago
There is no way the librarian gave him that deal! He cheated 100%
M4TE 4NDR4D4 11 hours ago
What Is this seed?
Edgar Perez
Edgar Perez 11 hours ago
This is sad video
Siro [GD]
Siro [GD] 11 hours ago
Why do you bring the tik tok curse intO YT?
Can I have this seed?
Bandit 11 hours ago
This makes me mad
Fire Spider
Fire Spider 12 hours ago
You took the same thumbnail as phoenix yt
Fala ai duda
Fala ai duda 12 hours ago
tão natural quanto a luz da noite
jamsD 09
jamsD 09 12 hours ago
I once spawned beside a village AND beside a cave full of iron AND beside a forest
Outdoor Joe
Outdoor Joe 12 hours ago
I was confsed cause it’s may not April
The Pablo Squad2
The Pablo Squad2 12 hours ago
This is why I will not play Minecraft
Robo Hacker
Robo Hacker 13 hours ago
3:99 what Game is this?
Robo Hacker
Robo Hacker 13 hours ago
5:38 this is FAKE!
EZRA ESTRADA 13 hours ago
So much diamonds
Young Cash Register Aka Lil Broomstick
I refuse to believe this
Apple tips
Apple tips 13 hours ago
He does some stupid stuff
Kyansan 13 hours ago
*Falls down Fall: I’m about to end this whole man’s career Cobweb: No. I don’t think so
BD ZzWaZezZ 13 hours ago
//replacenear 10 stone 1%diamond_ore,99%stone its a worldedit command people
Job Rosenboom
Job Rosenboom 13 hours ago
Probably faked in creative
Jeewansh Arora
Jeewansh Arora 14 hours ago
How you come outside
მარიამ დავაძე
Wow! this is amazing
Daniel Porcayo
Daniel Porcayo 14 hours ago
La actualización no es cierta
cydi ayrel
cydi ayrel 14 hours ago
1:41 *everyone gangsta until the stick show of
شروحات ماين كرافت و ببجي
منو يعرف اسم البرنامج بالدقيقه 1:33
Silver fox
Silver fox 15 hours ago
Most satisfying thing: finding your home after u get lost
Davi Antunes Onofre
Davi Antunes Onofre 15 hours ago
Você não viu o diamante no chão
No.1 Player
No.1 Player 15 hours ago
Whan i was watch roller coaster part I was like is dream. Its was a good video
Antonio - Cowboy
Antonio - Cowboy 15 hours ago
Brasileiro fedido
PlayWithMe 15 hours ago
The suspicios thing is that, there were no achievements in the chat or in top right screen..... Hmmmmm 🤔
Ishaan Khandekar
Ishaan Khandekar 15 hours ago
Mandeep Singh Arora
Mandeep Singh Arora 15 hours ago
*Button exist* Him: Nah man am gonna break it out
MW SN 15 hours ago
The ores are upside down most likely from Optifine now please hush about it.
Simon cristianghost Valenzuela
I need that seed
Aaronmarq 15 hours ago
so this is unintentional speedrun?
Diaz Family
Diaz Family 16 hours ago
This is how many times is said “we’ll be right back” ⬇️
Mew2Dash 16 hours ago
Where are the mod links?
Jungkook biased
Jungkook biased 16 hours ago
Wahh it really helps me go to sleep
Dark D’artanyan
Dark D’artanyan 16 hours ago
No way that’s legit
Weegoku 22
Weegoku 22 16 hours ago
I’m scared
Íñigo Álvarez De Ron Sobrino
Menudo speed run
SamovroX YOUtube
SamovroX YOUtube 16 hours ago
Weegoku 22
Weegoku 22 16 hours ago
I’m happy Minecraft is not round
Rizalina Magat
Rizalina Magat 16 hours ago
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 17 hours ago
هتلر الما لكي 711
هاذا الي ماخذ حضنا
Tyler Bailey
Tyler Bailey 17 hours ago
That wus more epic than epic games
EvilDwarf 18 hours ago
The seed? Haha😂🔥
MaganLal Joshi
MaganLal Joshi 18 hours ago
Seed pls
crouchypotato 18 hours ago
as soon as see saw the skeleton he was like: *um nope-*
elaine figueroa
elaine figueroa 18 hours ago
The airplane is so sick
Furios Sats Game
Furios Sats Game 19 hours ago
Русские не не слышали