What I use:
I draw my pictures on Paint Tools Sai and I edit it all in Adobe Premiere. (Really? You don't use any animation software??) (Yeah, I know it's ''''not real animation''''')
I have a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24
a Smudge Guard Glove.
I record on a Shure sm7b,
I have an Scarlett 2i 4 Audio interface
and this thing called a 'Cloudlifter.'

If these items are out of your price range then this is what I use(d) (The cheaper stuff)
-My first tablet was a Bamboo Create for ~$100. Really good tablet 5/7.
I know alot of people like the intuos's
-A good Microphone that a lot of people use is a Blue Yeti (keep in mind where you record is important.)
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Edward Orbe-Galvan
Edward Orbe-Galvan 6 seconds ago
Buy 33,333.33 sprinkles
Megan Mart-Kirven
Who else was just looking at Floof the whole time because she’s so frickin cute!
Samantha J
Samantha J Minute ago
jaiden; braws me better than me james; all so braws better than me me; how to fuge bid u bo that
Laney Daniels
Laney Daniels Minute ago
Nice shovel Love you James!
Bryan Simeon
Bryan Simeon Minute ago
Because now there is a lion scout
the sour lemon goober
the sour lemon goober 2 minutes ago
I like the new ppg reebot Thank god i grew up enjoying the things life gave me
Rainbow Barf Gacha
Rainbow Barf Gacha 3 minutes ago
Bryan Simeon
Bryan Simeon 3 minutes ago
Now today you could do it when your 5
Guinea pig Mom
Guinea pig Mom 4 minutes ago
TWIX. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corbin Danger
Corbin Danger 6 minutes ago
Same I dont understand why people spend some much money on shoes
Super Mario Sonic
Super Mario Sonic 6 minutes ago
Can you review Sailor Moon season season 1 and 2
Legion Hacks
Legion Hacks 6 minutes ago
“Like if You did”
Vsco Peppa Pig
Vsco Peppa Pig 7 minutes ago
OMG u were right about the loud screaming rock music! I saw the video
ramoncastro73 7 minutes ago
No one... Absolutely no one Me: Monopoly is now Moply and Sorry is now Soory
Broomstick Production
Broomstick Production 7 minutes ago
James pays more for sprinkles than for the electric bill.
caranguej225 8 minutes ago
And the Portugal viewers
alaor junqueira filho
alaor junqueira filho 9 minutes ago
6:07 Luccas Neto, a brazilian youtuber do this, but with nuttela
TOSplays Roblox
TOSplays Roblox 10 minutes ago
I have arachnophobia
Don Milton
Don Milton 10 minutes ago
It take a real man to do it
Adventures with Endy!
Adventures with Endy! 11 minutes ago
Emily Colbert
Emily Colbert 11 minutes ago
Is no one going to make a grand speech on the fact that one of the pieces of fan art was of James hugging jaiden from the back? BF GF?!
21Stephen12 11 minutes ago
Lol 😂 I do that sometimes, try to be like all I have is instead of I have none
Broomstick Production
Broomstick Production 14 minutes ago
I got a sprinkle in my boot.
Team 34
Team 34 14 minutes ago
Can you make a video about what you think about hockey
The Sophie Things
The Sophie Things 14 minutes ago
James: “she was really good at screaming” Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez 15 minutes ago
😭😭😭 i lovely dogs so sad that your dig dead😭😭😭😭😭 i was in kinder grander. When he die😭😭😭😭😭
DisneyDucksAndPie 16 minutes ago
Humans: Hairless animals are so ugly! *Takes razor into bathroom and begins to shave*
My name is Food
My name is Food 16 minutes ago
lOl he is funny!!
Bomby 16 minutes ago
I know how to play Pokemon cards
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 17 minutes ago
And me shoutout
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 17 minutes ago
So he. Said paste and the tooth paste was huge
Toccara Lybrand
Toccara Lybrand 17 minutes ago
The starting of the video is HALARIOUS!my friends at lunch always copy that and we LOVE it!
Veronica Frechette
Veronica Frechette 18 minutes ago
I know someone named Hunter:/
Doot/Ari 19 minutes ago
Eli Nelson
Eli Nelson 19 minutes ago
Unique Skyz
Unique Skyz 19 minutes ago
7:05 “Devil is beating his wife.” “Devil is beating his wife with a walking stick.” “Devil is kissing his wife.” ☺️ “Devil is beating his wife and *marrying his daughter.* “ “Funfair going on in hell” “D devil a bang he wife”. ?? “The devil is fighting with his wife *over a chicken bone* “ 😂😂👌
Hey Bee
Hey Bee 20 minutes ago
4:53 is that Jaden Animations in The back?
chiichiish ishkuess
chiichiish ishkuess 21 minute ago
Lily Brown
Lily Brown 21 minute ago
I have a question for a video for you to do What happens when I die
lazy potato
lazy potato 22 minutes ago
Oki so "what's ur toothbrush color?" Is now MY conversation starter ( BTW mine purple 😝)
Hector Rojas
Hector Rojas 22 minutes ago
3:38:-) on manager's cheek
Enrique KENOBI
Enrique KENOBI 23 minutes ago
I remember watching The Penguins of Madagascar with my grandpa in the movie theater, it's still my favorite.
Daniel Vila Seca Medeiros
I watched the whole video, and it was worth it....... Ok, kind of
Tricia Combs
Tricia Combs 24 minutes ago
MY favorite candy bar is HERSHEY’S and I can’t be wrong so since you like KIT KATZ I am the superior human.
John Mastin
John Mastin 24 minutes ago
James I am only 8 years old and I love your videos
Corpus Yael
Corpus Yael 24 minutes ago
TheOdd1out Theodd1out my brith day is 5/ 17 its kind of close to yours
Artuchu 25 minutes ago
So noone in the comments is gonna talk about the tv show that came out before the movies...
Kiley Sanchez
Kiley Sanchez 25 minutes ago
Are you a furry james!!!!
It’s Ailime
It’s Ailime 25 minutes ago
It takes a real man too actually dig it
scribblerz Stuff
scribblerz Stuff 25 minutes ago
But was it a electric tooth brush hmmm what else could it be :/
Valerie Young
Valerie Young 26 minutes ago
Uh actually 6+6 is 12
Camila Martinez
Camila Martinez 27 minutes ago
Boi your parents r lame my parents get me laguose
Jackson Tremblay
Jackson Tremblay 27 minutes ago
What about Oregon
Adelyn Yim
Adelyn Yim 27 minutes ago
James in 2016: HEY I HAVE 1.8 MILLION SUBS ON RUvid!!! James in 2019: HEY I HAVE 13.2 MILLION SUBS ON RUvid!!!
Dust!Sans 28 minutes ago
1:47 " I think there is a other way to make *your* *wishes* *come* *true* " aSriEl dReEmUrR
little end fan of all
little end fan of all 29 minutes ago
O or is it just James
Natalie Juan-Navarro
Natalie Juan-Navarro 30 minutes ago
Dr Phill
Dr Phill 34 minutes ago
Sorry guys McKenzie isn’t commenting because I SENT HER TO THE RANCH!
Michael Barber
Michael Barber 36 minutes ago
James: Life is fun!!!! Boyinaband: Life is MEANINGLESS..... Me: Shut up dude. Life is FUN AND Beautiful!! Me and James: LIFE IS FUN!!!!!
john perkins
john perkins 36 minutes ago
Woah 9/10
Edita Vaisfeld
Edita Vaisfeld 37 minutes ago
HEY i can only draw stick figers and its called stick men
gamingwithkolby 37 minutes ago
yes i would like to listen to your mix tape
Timothy Blackwell
Timothy Blackwell 38 minutes ago
I did
DarkMaster 39 minutes ago
Anyone can dig a ditch but it take a real man to Not ditch poetry and stay for the whole semesters
Abi Morataya
Abi Morataya 39 minutes ago
I love the voltron reference XD
John Lee
John Lee 39 minutes ago
bruh make a video james
Buster_ Bryce
Buster_ Bryce 39 minutes ago
Do you know all I eat at Souobway is a plain white bread toasted just white bread toasted
GD Schmu Boy
GD Schmu Boy 41 minute ago
Me: watches video late Theood1isout: I hope we hit 1 million subscribers Me: looks at the amount of subscribers RUvid: 13 million subscribers
Amanda Hilliard
Amanda Hilliard 41 minute ago
It's a tooth brush and not a pea
Crimson Master
Crimson Master 42 minutes ago
0:36 That's Blocko from Life Noggin
Hayley Child
Hayley Child 42 minutes ago
was the girl.. tabbles?!
Corrupted 0909
Corrupted 0909 42 minutes ago
Wow well played
Clara Alcantara
Clara Alcantara 43 minutes ago
I like soobway
Challenge Squad
Challenge Squad 44 minutes ago
xLTx Primal
xLTx Primal 44 minutes ago
My fav candy bar is a Kit Kat
Adan Valladares
Adan Valladares 45 minutes ago
Have you seen oddsquad I saw them as a kid IT was my fav show and i love all the shows you just said
Axel Mafias
Axel Mafias 45 minutes ago
I hate. YOu
cotton candy sweet
cotton candy sweet 46 minutes ago
Katie Escobedo
Katie Escobedo 47 minutes ago
Well little story :) I am in 6th grade speech because I can't pronounce my "R's" and I couldn't say my "Th's" but now I can :D I can't say my "R's" right Now sometimes I get made fun of ;c That's my story! Like to know if you go through the same pain like j do UvH
cotton candy sweet
cotton candy sweet 47 minutes ago
cotton candy sweet
cotton candy sweet 47 minutes ago
24 Hour Challange
24 Hour Challange 47 minutes ago
Correction 13 million subs
Erica Foster
Erica Foster 48 minutes ago
Iam sorry but I couldn’t buy the game I just have the book and I love it
Axel Mafias
Axel Mafias 48 minutes ago
I am. Subscryib
Sheryl Dantes
Sheryl Dantes 48 minutes ago
My friends are actually called Braxton as well
declan mcrae
declan mcrae 49 minutes ago
soobway is the best sandwich place
Ians gaming
Ians gaming 49 minutes ago
7:52 she’s a pretty cool dude Lol
Marco Richard
Marco Richard 49 minutes ago
I'm just like the odd1sout I wach mario and think it's wierd (I only wach ruykahr )
Axel Mafias
Axel Mafias 51 minute ago
No more. Jokes
prrethi shijo
prrethi shijo 52 minutes ago
James stands for J-ust A-a M-an E-ating S-ooubway
Chubby Budgie
Chubby Budgie 52 minutes ago
5:15 -belle (beauty and the beast) -marceaile (spelled wrong sorry) (adventure time) -toriel (UNDERTALE)
Duxito 52 minutes ago
lol u have a too weak arm to throw back, but u won the mr beast airsoft royale
prrethi shijo
prrethi shijo 54 minutes ago
Scams stand for S-tupid C-ertin A-s M-oo This was bad ik
Vanessa 54 minutes ago
His flaffy looks like a mareep and a mew combined
Jos Draws
Jos Draws 54 minutes ago
Frozen 2 is coming out in a few months...
Vsco Peppa Pig
Vsco Peppa Pig 56 minutes ago
great acting
Blastoise 123
Blastoise 123 57 minutes ago
I do not like that Joke
sami estik
sami estik 58 minutes ago
Arizona is like México?
Mara Berkhout
Mara Berkhout 58 minutes ago
I’m watching this is in 2019 Like if you are too