Simple and fascinating magic tricks, illusions and experiments for anyone to learn and perform.
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mirzazadeh arefeh
Priscilla R. Lightner
i had a stroke trying to read the title the title oml i had a stroke trying to read the title
Farzana Fardoush
nashra fatima
she is looking like dhavani bhanushali..
Sibani Singh
Sibani Singh Day ago
I have seen this...
Tim Day ago
nice content dude
Tim Day ago
amazing video keep up the amazing work
Srishti Tiwari
Make a vedio of corona virus
Scientific buddy
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Basudev Haldat
Who loves 5-minute magic like please 😭
Klisser _
Klisser _ Day ago
How is there 2 firsts??
Isabelle Bibby
So cool
Isabelle Bibby
i love u all
Meghna Sadhukhan
I love you 5 minute magic 😍😍😘
Sangeeta Tiwari
Make a Video of coronavirus
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Please give me a heart💗
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it is so good
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Dayami salazar
Очень класная идея
Hasimah Amutha
Bhawana Singh
I love camping hacks
Lyudmila Goncharova
Lilly Gacha
Lilly Gacha Day ago
A 3:30 en gros t’a plus de chaussettes🤣🤣
My birth on 11/97 i chose for number 4 it shows iam only 17😇
What I don’t have an ex? I can’t make the T-shirt cat house then
_emmaren 44
_emmaren 44 Day ago
guys, honestly what did you expect. it's an associate with 5-minute crafts.
Vĩnh Vũ Duy
Người Việt điểm danh
Kate Quidato
Kate Quidato Day ago
It didn't work because I didn't try it 😂😂😂😂
Jing Xu
Jing Xu Day ago
I mean makers might make things same like that idk why people sell it so expensive
Jisoo Myeon
Jisoo Myeon Day ago
" your ex's tee shirt " really hot me doe
Isabella Merrigan
all of these are ok but the fish ones are horrible the fish would live a week and that's pushing it. the spay paint, no filter, no air pump, and i don't think they even used treated water, and most of the plastic toys and hot glue are making it worse. some of these are sorta cool, some are a bit sketchy but ok if done a bit differently, the fish ones are terrible, but i think the first one was kinda cool like i would do it a bit differently but its the first time iv'e seen one like that and its a good concept.
Sa Sa
Sa Sa Day ago
eh that's me
eh that's me Day ago
... I am not putting deodorant on my face and neck..
Itz delilah
Itz delilah Day ago
1:08 you ex t shirt 😂😂😂😂
Shawn’s lil muffin
Who just has activated charcoal laying around?!😂
Hannah Alexandra
wait how does hanging a tablecloth by a spiral help w spilled wine
*’Dragon Tales’*
4:55 lol
*’Dragon Tales’*
4:57-5:03 she looks so weird 😂
push channel
push channel Day ago
Yes it was lock down we are bored
Nafisa panchedwala naffu
Your nails are so beautiful...i love your nails..
Hopeless Girl
6:41 The way she petted that dog
Tetyana Shefer
When she uses the condom 3:14 you can see her hand turning purple
AdARSH zx Day ago
He is copying 5 minute crafts
Hopeless Girl
"your ex's t-shirt"
zainab mohi
zainab mohi Day ago
2020 زمن الكورونا لغيت الفيس صارلي يومين بس انا كلش ضايجه
Pluto isnt a proper planet, its miles away from the other planets in the solar system
Madison Heilman
Not tryin to hate, but zooming in on someones vagina is uncomfortable.... just sayin
It’s cermit
Their debunking themselfs😂
UniformCast _YT
Dice que 5 minutos y duro 12
Aris Babu
Aris Babu Day ago
How u make all things perfect but u r so cool
GachaDJ_ Panda
1:12 ummm... why does it have to be your ex's shirt?
Midori Gurin
Midori Gurin Day ago
ex's tee shirt 1:09 Just fuckin SNATCH my wig. im bald. i need rogaine. XD You aint smart sometime on the other channels but at least this one gt me laughing.
JayceJax1107 Day ago
Bro 5 minute crafts y’all is copy right to bright side and your content is trash
Faith Haney
Faith Haney Day ago
Play at 0.25 speed at 7:52 at you'll see a heart :)
JayceJax1107 Day ago
Who was that stupid to think it’s not possible 1:15
JayceJax1107 Day ago
Bruh y’all know for sure there is no five
Mafatih Kalibata
7:59 We tried the one battery TV remote but didnt work.
NK - 05JS - Agnes Taylor PS (1526)
I thought 5-minute crafts was supposed to be easy and simple but I have to cut this whole piece of wood?😕
زينب CNIpo
Isabella LaVoie
Haha I’m in bed at midnight on my birthday watching this yes queen yes
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Day ago
Wait what ex’s t-shirt I have a ex?!?! 😱
Gracen McBride
Chickens are pets too!? I demand a chicken video because hounding think all animals are pets!? Edit: SPRAY PAINT is harmful for pets so these people if following their directions you will kill your pets
Thank you for listening my idea , Colorful nest
Maria B
Maria B Day ago
6:42 7:29 is it just me or do those look like the same color?
Pepita bonita
Algunos están horribles pero ay unos que si están como chévere xd
Rhino òwó
Rhino òwó Day ago
Bold of you to asume that ive ever had a date more or less an ex.
JFlo 2934
JFlo 2934 Day ago
We have a nail file and it started pelting off and guess what it’s just sticky under there who would’ve known
Frances Grigsby
Liked the lighthouse 😊😉
Labh Vinay
Labh Vinay Day ago
Kitna Ganda Hai
Alex and Yana
When one of the hacks said "your ex's shirt" had me wheezing
Carlette Rice
Joe Boys
Joe Boys Day ago
Did he heat the egg
Joe Boys
Joe Boys Day ago
I will try it again again again again again again again and again
Panda&Carli Playz
These hacks must be dangerous. They tested them on fruits and not on an actual person. 🤔 They were probably afraid to test them on themselves 😂
Ajitbhai Gamit
તો મામા સારી ગાડી તુમ્હેં ભેજ દેના
Ajitbhai Gamit
અભી કે અભી તુ મારી સારી ટાટા મુજે ભેજ દો
Blueberry Otter
1:10 *Um, what?*
Zahoorul Islam
Where is the magic
Ikapoti Taui
Ikapoti Taui Day ago
Title: when you have the same dress as someone make em jealous by adding glitter
Fawnstep Of Skyclan
All these actors look like they’re being held at gunpoint lmao
The Grim Reaper
2:22 she bends the spoon like its clay 5:06 that is the worst prank you can pull on someone that loves ice cream 10:26 the dragon looked like it was plastic so by the time the candle melted the toy also melted
Alejan 1512
Alejan 1512 Day ago
Hamster ideas
Oh Look it’s a Burrito! 3,000
0:30 : “Play and eat!” Me: and also clean up when the pet only wants to play so they just play with the ball, and guess what? Some pets eat as much as they’re served so we might end up with some ‘cubby’ pets. (And if a dog rips that ball straight off... guess who has to clean up?!)”
Muhammad Sohaib
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Muhammad Sohaib
Wow amazing
Malak Elhoty
Malak Elhoty Day ago
You could spray paint the egg not waste nail polish
Elena Sanchez
0:19 that kinda looks like toothpaste
Elena Sanchez
@The Kitty Cats thanks
The Kitty Cats
Your so right
Ahmed salahaldin
jhenifer Gabrielle
Foi muito bom
Itz Selena
Itz Selena Day ago
Who pressed the video because of the cover page or whatever it’s called (# I’m the 12th to comment)