Simple and fascinating magic tricks, illusions and experiments for anyone to learn and perform.
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Sachika Singh
Sachika Singh 16 hours ago
Kindness is the most important thing
Zero Two
Zero Two 17 hours ago
My brain: Ooooo this looks fun! My hands: *no*
Hadley Slagle
Hadley Slagle 17 hours ago
6:54 is not it
Rajat Sud
Rajat Sud 17 hours ago
Oho Veeery bad internet connection 👎🏻😕
e-kanal VIDEO
e-kanal VIDEO 17 hours ago
Miriam Yañes
Miriam Yañes 17 hours ago
Hold godizgucjishuf
Rosey Plays
Rosey Plays 17 hours ago
Litterally just STOLED Anne Reardon's recipe she worked days for it and you litterally there STOLE it you didnt envent it you litteraly just copied her #Cancel5minecrafts theyre taking over and these hacks are not real and some are dangerous
erik yogaswara
erik yogaswara 17 hours ago
Miriam Yañes
Miriam Yañes 17 hours ago
Miriam Yañes
Miriam Yañes 17 hours ago
Kaustubh Sathaye
Kaustubh Sathaye 17 hours ago
I was not able to stop crying when I saw the dog but when she helped the dog I was really happy. Guys never look away from something that is poor or is not beautiful the real beauty is in one's heart and be kind to everyone
FyreForce 1600
FyreForce 1600 18 hours ago
Some of these look bad... and you waste a whole tube of paint
kizhi zana
kizhi zana 18 hours ago
MMM Experiment
MMM Experiment 18 hours ago
The best idea
Neha Shaily
Neha Shaily 19 hours ago
Really mind bloowing
ulker kazimova
ulker kazimova 19 hours ago
hello my dears
Sally Vaughan
Sally Vaughan 19 hours ago
parvathy koottala
parvathy koottala 19 hours ago
ruvid.net/video/video-6IucW0zbQxE.html Mini house book
sreharshini thilak
sreharshini thilak 19 hours ago
I have short curly hair....😭
Spyder GOG
Spyder GOG 19 hours ago
Dancers: Actually dance but make tiny amounts of money Tik Tok dancers who become millionares:
lulu thecla
lulu thecla 19 hours ago
Why does that boy carry a Sanitary towel??
Nirja Varkute
Nirja Varkute 19 hours ago
0:57 she is not even touching the mirror .. its her other hand ...
Wgdhj Wgshj
Wgdhj Wgshj 20 hours ago
Inakali Aomi
Inakali Aomi 20 hours ago
pinky Sharma
pinky Sharma 20 hours ago
Why don't they do the things shown in thumbnail😢
avni scatting and masti chandra
Zea Mais
Zea Mais 20 hours ago
I may never try them, but I will always love watching
Varshu my heart the frozen hell
Girls life 😭
Ujwal Gowda
Ujwal Gowda 21 hour ago
You will like and you will come and leave their only know the dog
Sapna 21 hour ago
Amazing l so happy
Ram Kishan Yadav
Ram Kishan Yadav 21 hour ago
『ABN』 SARAQIB 22 hours ago
جميل جدآ اشتركو بقناتي
dashbibhudatta878 22 hours ago
well you are helping bad spies too..for seeking our personal information
itsss Someoneee
itsss Someoneee 22 hours ago
0:45 u know that have the same markers like that with the actually stamps
Damanjit Kaur
Damanjit Kaur 22 hours ago
It's very amazing 👍👍👍👍
Maha Garaween
Maha Garaween 21 hour ago
Damanjit Kaur kk
Damanjit Kaur
Damanjit Kaur 21 hour ago
@Maha Garaween ok it's you're choice 😞😞
Maha Garaween
Maha Garaween 21 hour ago
Vikar Xperience
Vikar Xperience 22 hours ago
Mona Slime
Mona Slime 22 hours ago
When ur so early and there is a lack of funny comments 😘
Asad khan
Asad khan 22 hours ago
Sandra AL . .
Sandra AL . . 22 hours ago
Omg. False information toothpaste are just for tooth not skin that might be the cause of skin inflammation and infection. You can use eucaliptus if you want
Craft Genius Ideas
Craft Genius Ideas 22 hours ago
I really want to see more Wanna be Friends ?
shreya pathak
shreya pathak 22 hours ago
Nonsense 😞😞😞
Dharati Nyaichyai
Dharati Nyaichyai 23 hours ago
316th views yay
Meenakshi Dhikav
Meenakshi Dhikav 23 hours ago
You are makeing ly this video
Maja Sz
Maja Sz 23 hours ago
19 min temu a widziałam ten film wczoraj. XD
Miss Aditi
Miss Aditi 23 hours ago
Prasanjit Mitra
Prasanjit Mitra 23 hours ago
How beautiful is she like a unicorn 🦄
Zahra K
Zahra K 22 hours ago
Mind Games
Mind Games 23 hours ago
Hii friends, I love you all. Enjoy your life and watch mind games❤️❤️
Lea Clark
Lea Clark 23 hours ago
Great channel Mind Games 😍😍
Emily Bennett
Emily Bennett 23 hours ago
I joined your channel Mind Games. Awesome channel🥳🥳
Mannat B
Mannat B 23 hours ago
A tribute to that lady , thank god some kind people are remaining in our mother earth.. Lots of love from a little girl Lots of love from India 🥰🥰🥰😍❣
Shama's Kitchen
Shama's Kitchen 23 hours ago
Whoever reading this comment I pray that you always stay blessed with your lovely family and may your all good wishes come true.. I work hard for my food channel but I'm sad because i dont get much views, I don't want to be disappointed,,,....😭
Ka Jube
Ka Jube 23 hours ago
So good
Tasneem Siddiqui
Tasneem Siddiqui 23 hours ago
Iove this channel ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😜😜
S.B LAKSHMI 23 hours ago
S.B LAKSHMI 23 hours ago
MMM Experiment
MMM Experiment 23 hours ago
Wow so fantastic idea
LuisPieHunter 23 hours ago
soo,all the food tastes like shit but is good to see
Sonia Roshan
Sonia Roshan Day ago
RIP agent teddy
1:07 so Intelligent
Renuka Davu
Renuka Davu Day ago
Our lips die if we keep crayons
Crafty DIYs
Crafty DIYs Day ago
The dog would rip apart the tennis ball in seconds.
Crafty DIYs
Crafty DIYs Day ago
If your pet smells bad GIVE IT A BATH!!!
Crafty DIYs
Crafty DIYs Day ago
Mud paw prints are NEVER that defined.
Gabi Margan
Gabi Margan Day ago
Batool Wael
Batool Wael Day ago
love anime
love anime Day ago
plssss tell me what kind of thread is thatttt plssss