Snowy Lion
Snowy Lion
Snowy Lion
kimberly cox
kimberly cox 13 days ago
Mark Kellett
Mark Kellett 15 days ago
Disney are all slapping there faces right now after hearing this…
RDD ART 21 day ago
Dhyna Aprilia
Dhyna Aprilia 22 days ago
Baby lion soo cute A LOVE
Union Pacific Railfan
I was born in 1998
Kelvin Yap
Kelvin Yap 26 days ago
No more beautiful circle of life on mother earth. Fucking greedy human destroying it .
mayla eka
mayla eka 27 days ago
Taehyung so like this song alright?. I know that:')
Maico Dayan Hermans
Why do i feels like that this is fake
werewolf avakin life
The lion king
Elijah Whittier
Elijah Whittier Month ago
Srividhya Jayaraman
Names individuals Rhode Island ABC Axe Rock cheetahs Animal kingdom planet Mouthfeel wildfire growing Founder and CEO greatest Circle of Life short of Azerbaijan and so forth Films drama circumstances of Life lion elephant idle and Grundy management system Flame fresh its the circle in life Antelope attack Elephant trumpet Monkey zebra
Daphina 'Aini
Daphina 'Aini Month ago
Aku penggemar beratnya lion king. Semua film lion king udh kutonton ❤️
VINGGA JR Month ago
Naaaaasiiiii leeemaak
Maul hq2
Maul hq2 Month ago
0:31 hanphone nya maling punya mamanya
Yash Jodahsing
Yash Jodahsing Month ago
Scar death was so painful 😭😫
Ahmaddd Dani
Ahmaddd Dani Month ago
Nasiiiiiii lemakkkkkkkkk
Maico Dayan Hermans
These first seconds made me cringy😄
KenzOu Month ago
Handphone nya maling punya mamanya
Sven Thiele
Sven Thiele Month ago
Diese Töne kann man sich nicht anhören....wer wirklich ein gehör hat und musikalisch was drauf hat sagt das es wirklich schrecklich ist.....
Adolfito Thesinister
1994 version>>>>>>>>>>>>>>2019 version
Bessy Graham
Bessy Graham Month ago
Always loved this song but definitely cant compete with the original of course 😂😉
UFC DICK LONGFLOP 2 months ago
Maybe good music to torture people to but that's about it
Dextro Lux
Dextro Lux 2 months ago
HandPhonenya Maling Punya Mamanya
Tommy Lertvilaivithaya
Voice sounds weird
xxHAXBOYxx 3 months ago
Niceee remix
Indria Happy
Indria Happy 3 months ago
Mzanzi's EyesT news
Mzanzi's EyesT news 3 months ago
Some people can be negative eh🤔 what's there to dislike here
Scar Be Prepared
Scar Be Prepared 3 months ago
irfan vandjava
irfan vandjava 3 months ago
Simba waktu kecil lucu sekalii
Elijah Whittier
Elijah Whittier 3 months ago
These songs are my favorite
Elijah Whittier
Elijah Whittier 3 months ago
These songs are my favorite
it's coffeesya
it's coffeesya 4 months ago
I came here because Lee Jeno from NCT Dream
yorck van Someren
yorck van Someren 4 months ago
bulo Osorio Rodriguez
bulo Osorio Rodriguez
Be prepares
Thats Lerato for you
Lindiwe Mkhize killed this song
Noah CalarcoSmith
Noah CalarcoSmith 4 months ago
Cutest thing ever I have been
Noah CalarcoSmith
Noah CalarcoSmith 4 months ago
Bardock SkyWalker
Bardock SkyWalker 4 months ago
Suck It, Modern Disney
LEMON_119 4 months ago
Darius Perry
Darius Perry 5 months ago
Yay. This sounds better the 2019 version. Thx.
Leah Coppin
Leah Coppin 5 months ago
No one: The people in the start: lavivaissmama
Princess Alize
Princess Alize 5 months ago
슈가민 5 months ago
I'm here because of tae :v
Fortune Shilongo
Fortune Shilongo 5 months ago
Scar your brother mafeso be prepared
Hannah McGrath
Hannah McGrath 5 months ago
This is really good!!
ALLENNA & BHEMBHEM 5 months ago
Circle of life is nice song
ArsalanTheMonkey 5 months ago
Stefan Herz
Stefan Herz 5 months ago
I heard sung on Sun
Wira Pangestu
Wira Pangestu 5 months ago
Hepon nya maling punya mamahnya
Wira Pangestu
Wira Pangestu 5 months ago
Si jembut renyah!!!!!!
miranda gali
miranda gali 5 months ago
Indonesia like👇
Nickie Thurman
Nickie Thurman 5 months ago
When is this coming out on DVD and blu-ray?
Snowy Lion
Snowy Lion 5 months ago
This is a fanmade trailer. Probably its never coming. We don't know
Fahmi Edi
Fahmi Edi 6 months ago
Joogie 2084
Joogie 2084 6 months ago
Circle of life like it
808natee 6 months ago
simba....hes,,,hes alive! hahahahahahahaha! it is time!
HUSEN _619
HUSEN _619 6 months ago
0:28 - end Itu yang nyanyi kedua bilang "Handphone nya maling punya mamanya"
ThatRandomDude 999999
This makes the 2019 version sound like music to my ears Either way, good effort!
Yeonjey 6 months ago
Na miss kotong lion king napanood ko nung 6 years old ako Like this
Aubr! Milli
Aubr! Milli 6 months ago
I can’t believe they made Ed smart in the new one.
Sahrul Romdoni Romdoni
Lagunya mantap jiwa👍
Hergian Ahmad
Hergian Ahmad 6 months ago
Ad yg kesini karna parodi
Thalaissé Gilbert
Thalaissé Gilbert 6 months ago
La version française est mieux The french version is better
Moshe Dayan
Moshe Dayan 7 months ago
1994 birth of Simba while the birth he was cute
Moshe Dayan
Moshe Dayan 7 months ago
1994 lion king while the birth of Sumba he was cute
He He
He He 7 months ago
annie78za 7 months ago
Change is good... Loving the new version
rmcbeigh 7 months ago
everything but the very beginning is good. I have always wondered WHY everyone does the 1st part differently.. is it because they just have no idea what was originally sung?
Lazy_Cookie 7 months ago
the lion cub is soooo adorableee mah heart is melting of cuteness 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😭😭😭😭
Flash point
Flash point 7 months ago
I kinda want to know what it sounds like when Beyoncé sings it
Will Feely
Will Feely 7 months ago
love ur work
Jaime Betancourt
Jaime Betancourt 7 months ago
(Scar Singing)
deni mbet
deni mbet 7 months ago
"Handphone nya maling punya mamaknya" wowowowowowo
Cut Fitria Mustafa
Cut Fitria Mustafa 7 months ago
Resmi Hutasoit
Resmi Hutasoit 7 months ago
I dont understand this song, but i'am like ti hear. I'am indonesian batak 😆😆
Arrum Catering
Arrum Catering 7 months ago
TheRaph 7 months ago
Y’all saying it isn’t better than Jeremy Irons, but it’s better than what we got, so be happy
spooks da lion
spooks da lion 7 months ago
Love it dude but the African vocals are off. Nantsingonyamamagithibaba ( Pronounced = Non - sin - gone - yah - mama- gi - thi - baba ) Sithi hu wenayma wenyama ( Pronounced = Sith - he -who - when - yah - ma , when - yah - ma ) Nantsingonyamamagithibabo ( Pronounced = Non - sin - gon- yah - mama - gi - thi - bab - oh ) Sithi hu wenyama wenyama ( Pronounced = Sith - he - who - when - yah - ma , when- ya - ma ) - And throughout most of the song - Ingonyama ‘engwenamabala ( Pronounced = In - gon - yah - ma - en - gwe - nah - ma - bala ) ( in some parts of the song, such as when it shows Mufasa on Priderock or Rafiki holding Simba up ) Ingonyama ‘engwewema ( Pronounced = In - gon - yah - ma - en - gwa - weh - ma ) I love your work man :) keep it up
Adam Shariff
Adam Shariff 7 months ago
I love the lion king
Cirax †
Cirax † 7 months ago
This remake was lame
Dante Ibert
Dante Ibert 7 months ago
I honestly like this better than the the ejiofor version.
Golden milan Digal
Golden milan Digal 7 months ago
I am love this song
Abhay Mattu
Abhay Mattu 7 months ago
My heart nothing can beat the loin king I miss you mum just like mufasa
freddy lolonga
freddy lolonga 7 months ago
Your or yeet
ThatRandomDude 999999
This just gave me an ear infection... like seriously, what in the name of fuck is this?! That’s not even Zulu, it’s just fucking gibberish!
Basim Fatani
Basim Fatani 7 months ago
Sorry but i prefer the old one.
Team FuZix
Team FuZix 7 months ago
I’m laughing so hard right now This mans attempt of the circle of life is soo bad
William Esau
William Esau 7 months ago
What Language is being attempted here terrible 🤦🏾‍♂️
evil ben
evil ben 7 months ago
Scar is better than zira song
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 7 months ago
Meh. Hip hopped it up too much.
Scar rei do yotube Sousa
nou oficial Is this fake
Dannel The Channel
Dannel The Channel 5 months ago
Why no
Arnita Jackson
Arnita Jackson 7 months ago
But It was on my old account
Arnita Jackson
Arnita Jackson 7 months ago
I posted my a longggg time ago