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Student Athlete
Student Athlete 12 hours ago
How did she get away with threatening the nurse 👩‍⚕️ when there’s a police officer 👮‍♂️ in the emergency waiting room?
Lina Rose
Lina Rose 13 hours ago
I was in 3rd grade I remember walking to thr gym and saw thr coach staring at the tv and I saw the first tower in flames and then I saw the second plane hit everyone started yelling and cusing the coaches forgot about being profesional they were human there and then it was a very sad day.
Don Walker
Don Walker 13 hours ago
CIA agent thought his s*** didn't stink and ended up getting flushed.
ok 13 hours ago
Taylor Alexander
Taylor Alexander 13 hours ago
Queen acts like a little kid. First she hides under the bed like a little kid and she's not even woman enough to admit what she did, she doesn't even seem remorseful.
Mothe 13 hours ago
ok 13 hours ago
no cap
devi das prabhu
devi das prabhu 13 hours ago
*Pakistan Army slave of Usa*
Pt0wN973b0iI 13 hours ago
Cuss means something more important than a materialistic item.
David debideen
David debideen 13 hours ago
Mark l
Mark l 13 hours ago
Well he didn't make George Floyd popularity 🤔
King Joffrey
King Joffrey 13 hours ago
As wise as King Tholomon
gvmnt failure
gvmnt failure 13 hours ago
Didn't even notice and light stuff oil crap been dead fifty plus years hmm good one
gvmnt failure
gvmnt failure 13 hours ago
Shock in mood real cannibals actual
gvmnt failure
gvmnt failure 13 hours ago
Ate grilled burger recorded it
gvmnt failure
gvmnt failure 13 hours ago
Lost one mattered
Mexik Leo
Mexik Leo 13 hours ago
"When I was young I thought I was clever for wanting to change the world." "Now that I'm older I have the wisdom for wanting to change myself."
MsDreamscaper 14 hours ago
Andre Moreau
Andre Moreau 14 hours ago
I don't think Mike thought flipping that belt was going to be that dramatic, with the way he kind of awkwardly chuckles and looks at the reporter.
jbarn49 14 hours ago
Liverpool was full of longshoreman and sailors from all over the world. That's how they got American rock and roll records by Bo diddly, Little Richard, Fats domino and Chuck Berry. All 4 from working class backgrounds. When McCartney wanted a place in the country. He chose an old farm with no electricity or running water. He made improvements over the years but didn't mind being primitive. Probably the greatest cover band of all time, but became the most creative and successful rock and roll band to this day. I am 70 and still remember how sad I was that they broke up.
maiwei 14 hours ago
Let this be a lesson to all the youth chasing fame, fortune, and material possessions. It all means nothing in the end. What matters is seeing your loved ones happy and doing well. Not the self, but the community
Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 14 hours ago
If its not the floormats, its the cars computer system itself thats having a problem. Thats it.
Natalie's Channel
Natalie's Channel 14 hours ago
Whoever handles the women’s wardrobe for this show should be fired...
hangry26 13 hours ago
Shauna doesn’t look that bad. Her Burberry skirt is cute lol
Tywander Bush
Tywander Bush 14 hours ago
IKR Don't forget the Hairstylist LOL
Jared Flanery
Jared Flanery 14 hours ago
Who thought Organ Trail of Tears was a good idea for the chyron?
Angel Luna
Angel Luna 14 hours ago
Now that’s just wrong firing someone who was try to a save a life
Players 14 hours ago
I'm sure he could sell it to a collector for a nice chunk of change.
Cherry Pitt
Cherry Pitt 14 hours ago
LMAO. That little punk was knocked into next week
Charmanders 0203
Charmanders 0203 14 hours ago
I used to think that make Tyson was a bad person because he bit someone’s ear off but he really is pure.
MNG 14 hours ago
in all actuality, that message was pretty good...
bala heno
bala heno 14 hours ago
These are trigger happy bunch of inbreds
AUSOME LOVELY 15 hours ago
Didn't she say something similar to Ridge? Eric isn't gonna forgive this one!!
Devin C
Devin C 15 hours ago
The real treasure was the friends you made along the way
FelixMantilla 15 hours ago
GiGa Chad
GiGa Chad 15 hours ago
Might Tyson is the real SCP 001 #changemymind
Aspect617 15 hours ago
these girls are beautiful.
John Linn
John Linn 15 hours ago
Ragan's roasts are world star
Brandi Sodemann
Brandi Sodemann 15 hours ago
Big_ NoHomo_
Big_ NoHomo_ 15 hours ago
That may be mike tyson but I'll fight him for saying that's garbage
vickie Stracener
vickie Stracener 15 hours ago
spy and Satan one ...
GP P 15 hours ago
Mike Tyson is best at everything! Drop Mic.
Suyesh Bhandari
Suyesh Bhandari 15 hours ago
Tyson would be awesome in Shark Tank lol
karinka123 16 hours ago
it reminds me of the quote from Pixar Cars, "it's just an empty cup".
KEEZY B 16 hours ago
0 16 hours ago
You shouldn't keep garbage on the table
ferny 16 hours ago
I actually thought this hole time she really died, until I saw this video now:/
Around The World Girl
I don't like how towards the end Zoe starts talking about Carter like he isn't in the room. "WhO cOuLd Be RePlAcInG mE iN cArTeR's LiFe?" He is standing right there. Also that is none of your business because he dumped you when you decided it was cool to mess up your sister's relationship with Zende. Ridiculous!
Tywander Bush
Tywander Bush 14 hours ago
That's the same thing I said she was talking like Carter was not there or invisible all she had to do was ask him who the woman was. But now if she's thinking it's Shawna that's really crazy. SMH
kr4t0s G.
kr4t0s G. 16 hours ago
Wisdom as its finest.
Jason Fagan
Jason Fagan 16 hours ago
Dis Spirit really Amped ☝ Up. Amped Asf..
Bryan Muñoz
Bryan Muñoz 16 hours ago
“It's just an empty cup”
Brian Kernan
Brian Kernan 16 hours ago
I'm surprised that zoe didn't see Quinn in Carter's bed. She hid when zoe was calling Carter's name. From today's episode quinn realize she left her jacket at Carter's. I bet zoe doesn't know or remember Quinn's jacket
Brian Kernan
Brian Kernan 16 hours ago
Through out the episode.
Carlos Machado
Carlos Machado 16 hours ago
I would love to have some of these garbage... then i could sell these garbage and be rich from selling garbage.
Cranky James
Cranky James 16 hours ago
Anybody know what movie/documentary they are talking about?
Nasiba Abass
Nasiba Abass 16 hours ago
Green Skye
Green Skye 16 hours ago
Shauna may say she's sleeping with Carter to cover for Quinn since Zoe recognize that red jacket on Carter bedroom floor.😱
Alan Dale
Alan Dale 15 hours ago
@Green Skye That's true. They already did a similar storyline when Amber was married to Rick and fooling around with Usher.
Green Skye
Green Skye 15 hours ago
@Alan Dale True, but that may be how the truth gets exposed, no pregnancy explanation from Quinn.
Alan Dale
Alan Dale 15 hours ago
What if Quinn gets a bun in the oven? That'll be tricky to explain. 😉😉
Ludovica Rossi
Ludovica Rossi 16 hours ago
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Tee Ramirez
Tee Ramirez 16 hours ago
He’s good ducking and dosing! ❤️
Tee Ramirez
Tee Ramirez 16 hours ago
Good president!?
chase Tower
chase Tower 17 hours ago
Two of the Dumbest interviewer too suck in good air.
J Gee
J Gee 17 hours ago
When he said you are history, he thought oh shit I hope he didn't take that the wrong way
Jim Heckert
Jim Heckert 17 hours ago
Thanks Andy. 🇺🇸
Tetsu Shatarii
Tetsu Shatarii 17 hours ago
This is a really profound moment honestly.
James C
James C 17 hours ago
Came across this on RUvid, wow 11 years old. One thing that is unique about this is a CIA Agent would know better to cooperate until he was he vetted and confirmed with his credentials or having someone vet for him. In my opinion the CIA are held to very high standards and even seeing this after the fact is truly amazing because we will not know the truth.
Muhammad Ayub
Muhammad Ayub 17 hours ago
In the 70s the freezer section in my mum fridge was so small 40yrs later omg freezers are so big we are eating to much nowadays that's the sad truth
PIO 17 hours ago
Having a family truly changes your whole perspective in life.
Muhammad Ayub
Muhammad Ayub 17 hours ago
Well if u make bigger clothes people will feel comfortable then thay will get bigger ad bigger eat smaller portions don't be so da greedy
Posark 17 hours ago
0:55 OK I’m just gonna stop right here and say I thought this was a family friendly show 😱 jk
Davey's Room
Davey's Room 17 hours ago
I hope his back is ok.
Karu 17 hours ago
Eating Mike Tyson's... Belt
jvoxx 17 hours ago
Waiting for the beat to drop
ValueHybrid 17 hours ago
LOL "CAN I GET A COKE AND A MARGARITA" its because she is a waitress LMAO
Martha Carnes
Martha Carnes 17 hours ago
It's so funny 🤣 you have to keep on watching
Taker 84
Taker 84 17 hours ago
I think Zoe is going to figure it out by remembering the jacket that Quinn had on. The camera kept focusing on it too much. 😂
Skeezy Xo
Skeezy Xo 17 hours ago
tyson made me look at gold belts differently today
Alina Mitchelson
Alina Mitchelson 17 hours ago
I like this i might actually start watching again, she got her a brother 😆 lol
Jéssica Simplício Reis
Jessica Simplício reis lindo neh kkk e português
Jéssica Simplício Reis
Jessica Simplício reis lindo neh kkk e português
Modern Tutorials101
Modern Tutorials101 18 hours ago
anyone know the outcome of it? what ended up happening?
Gantzuka 18 hours ago
If you thenk a DR Phil hater going to be on your show. You really on some bullshit.
FullAuto 18 hours ago
When we find out about the Clinton relationship it will all make sense why he is dead.
Maria Pahola
Maria Pahola 18 hours ago
Perfection and gorgeous
TWSTF 8 18 hours ago
I'm glad he at least found his biological father. 👍 That's one positive here, for sure.