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Becoming Tana Paul.
10 months ago
TimmothyPanik 5 minutes ago
Leafy was right your fat af now
Miaxosalvator Xo
Miaxosalvator Xo 18 minutes ago
They would be so cute together ❤️
Mackenzie Chapman
Mackenzie Chapman 50 minutes ago
The way she was talking about her and bella...man i really felt that :(
Isality 59 minutes ago
I was going to brush my teeth, not anymore 🤢😂
Madi Rosa
Madi Rosa Hour ago
is it just me or does the first shot of brad lowkey look like justin beiber? thoughts?
Brooke Humphries
When I read the title I died lmao
iDenoeux Hour ago
who else noticed that the left twin did five snaps and then 4 snaps...onne snap per letter in each word (snoop dogg)
BELANIE Hour ago
who else is a quarentineng billie fan and got this on reccomendation
maggie wiley
maggie wiley 2 hours ago
honestly i love hunter
Stephanie Barrera
Stephanie Barrera 2 hours ago
Where’s the support for Shane that he showed for you?
Addie TheWofie
Addie TheWofie 2 hours ago
This is so gross. Nobody saw anything wrong UNTIL People starting saying things about Shane.
Lizete Morales-Fuentes
Who cares how you look you look Beautiful on the inside and the outside
Julie Whitford
Julie Whitford 3 hours ago
Celeste Heron
Celeste Heron 3 hours ago
What a f*** desperate video it’s basically like the time that boogie got Ricky Berwick on his channels
Mia Moore
Mia Moore 3 hours ago
Holly Foyle
Holly Foyle 3 hours ago
its 2020 an this is still my favourite video ever please do another one
Mia Moore
Mia Moore 3 hours ago
there was a fucking beef add
Caitlin Walker
Caitlin Walker 4 hours ago
Take a drink everytime Tana repeats herself
CENTER Q8 4 hours ago
Paulsax 4 hours ago
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 5 hours ago
My fave vlog
Yee Haw
Yee Haw 5 hours ago
Lily Errington
Lily Errington 5 hours ago
so we not gonna talk about 17:54 and james didnt see lmaoo
Audrey Cami
Audrey Cami 5 hours ago
This song is super relatable
First Ones Tech
First Ones Tech 5 hours ago
I wonder why
yazzerino 5 hours ago
she cant even inhale right
sarah joyner
sarah joyner 6 hours ago
quarantine and you have 5.44M
wissal 6 hours ago
it happened to me too lol i almost got rapped m not gonna use taxis ever in my life 😂
Jessica Morland
Jessica Morland 6 hours ago
You suck Tana I will never forget you what you did about TANA CON!!!! 😡😤😡😤😠
Jessica Morland
Jessica Morland 6 hours ago
China is the worst RUvid or ever for what she did with Tana con she scammedPeople and just to make things worse she went to Hawaii?!?!?! And I HATE HER 😡😤😡😤😠
OnionsforSale 6 hours ago
Your con was absolute trash.
Nina Lynch
Nina Lynch 6 hours ago
Lily Errington
Lily Errington 7 hours ago
so did anyone actually count how many times they say stunning?
14:36 macdoesit I-
Zarahs Life
Zarahs Life 7 hours ago
Me rn : lol
Nour Roushdi
Nour Roushdi 7 hours ago
For real how many fun and fresh did she say 😂😂
Lily Errington
Lily Errington 7 hours ago
billy porter did the same as nikita for the grammys OOP
katelynreese 7 hours ago
I just can’t believe how much Shane did for tana if Shane didn’t do everything he did fans will be cancelled still. And what is tana doing to help or comfort Shane... nothing
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 8 hours ago
oh no
Ffion Ann
Ffion Ann 8 hours ago
okay why did this literally just show up on my recommended
Sofija Miladinović
James with brown wig is just Charli D'amilio omg
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers 8 hours ago
Jimmy Feeney
Jimmy Feeney 8 hours ago
What’s up
Aaron Aarabi
Aaron Aarabi 9 hours ago
emmy h
emmy h 9 hours ago
Never heard of this vile piece of shite
Ellie Roth
Ellie Roth 9 hours ago
this didn't age well hahahah
Jade Tracey
Jade Tracey 9 hours ago
2020 😂?
Shelby Bearr
Shelby Bearr 9 hours ago
Same!!!!!!!!!! Lol my rythem is so bad
Kim Perez
Kim Perez 9 hours ago
5:07 the way James looked at Jeffrey😂
Ajani Smith
Ajani Smith 9 hours ago
Which one of yaw watchin this in quarantine and n the second round of COVID 20
Kimberly Baldwin
Kimberly Baldwin 9 hours ago
Binge watching these in 2020 like they are brand new 🤣
Taylor Adair
Taylor Adair 9 hours ago
I hate that I like this song, lol.
Álex Balea
Álex Balea 9 hours ago
Hey Tana you are one of the best that are are around here. Also, un related.... just applied on your 11.11 project page. I m in a dire situation. MONDAY will get kicked out.... 😬 Please just notice me, and if all ok just notice me in good time
Liew View
Liew View 10 hours ago
That medical professional who injected tana didn’t even know how old her patient is. I wonder if she has legit credentials or what malpractice they have running
SwigettySwine69 11 hours ago
madison craven
madison craven 11 hours ago
am i the only one that like goes through a tana phase every year😂❤
Zozo Coco
Zozo Coco 11 hours ago
First of all u wil NEVER be billie eilish billie eilish is amazig and u will never be more amazing then her
dldoddxoc dicucudhe
dldoddxoc dicucudhe 11 hours ago
reveluv 11 hours ago
I listened to this shitty ass song when I could have been listening to the loml.
Kelsey Strang
Kelsey Strang 11 hours ago
the fact that this came out on my twelfth bday and i was EXCITED is just offensive 😔😣😬😳
SINGLE no kids
SINGLE no kids 11 hours ago
Shut the fuck up.
jada nicole
jada nicole 12 hours ago
ive never watched this video bc i just thought this was clickbait i aint know she actually piss
jada nicole
jada nicole 12 hours ago
this is um..chile
logan rouns
logan rouns 12 hours ago
Its 1 am all of them have screams multiple times
Joy Estelle
Joy Estelle 12 hours ago
rewatching this a year later bc quarantines boring as hell
Layly Kalfaian
Layly Kalfaian 12 hours ago
I love you all!!! You are all so beautiful!!:))
267 -Cala•
267 -Cala• 12 hours ago
I swear this has happened to every boy 18:34
Angel Muñoz
Angel Muñoz 12 hours ago
Barely half way in.. still the energy switched after a while. I love it 💯
Ashley Teixeira
Ashley Teixeira 12 hours ago
You need to speak out and help Shane. Remember what he did for you.
CinnaBunny 12 hours ago
I always had a hard time watching this because I didn't wanna know if she actually peed but now this is a lot more disturbing
em 16
em 16 12 hours ago
the fact tana cleans so little that she starts moping the walls has me dead
John Boi
John Boi 12 hours ago
Beatrix Kiddo
Beatrix Kiddo 12 hours ago
GO FUCK YOURSELF! You wouldn’t have shit if it weren’t for Shane!
BoxPieDieBye 12 hours ago
why does this bitch have fans ? like why ?
Kate Irene
Kate Irene 13 hours ago
I know Tati spoke about the scandals and all but I'm still pissed at the fact that she ruined so many friendships that involved James, it's ridiculous
Demi 13 hours ago
This is giving me Onision vibes
Demi 13 hours ago
This is creepy
It'sreal Pb
It'sreal Pb 14 hours ago
I actually really like tana I don’t care what she’s done :)
Stefan Simic
Stefan Simic 14 hours ago
The biggest cap ever.
Rares osoianu
Rares osoianu 15 hours ago
I wonder why you have a only fans...No one would touch you if in the room is not dark with that face
Jordan Stacy
Jordan Stacy 15 hours ago
After she smoked the video got like 10x better because she was high, so I was getting tingles and she was doing dumb shit so it was funny as well, 10/10 would recommend watching this video :)
Kiwi XLX
Kiwi XLX 15 hours ago
هيثم البياتي
ها يل نغل
AC with friends
AC with friends 16 hours ago
The chorus is just everyone before a test at school
pak kiu put
pak kiu put 16 hours ago
you don't have a di·k
emily Martinez
emily Martinez 16 hours ago
Wtf is this
Hishita Shah
Hishita Shah 16 hours ago
Triggerfix 16 hours ago
Slayer of Reaper laviathon
That was kinda a click-bait title
Kyle Graeme
Kyle Graeme 17 hours ago
3rd time watching this this week lol
Jeys 18 hours ago
Shes not following anyone anymore
Maurice Butler
Maurice Butler 18 hours ago
2020 here he has 372k
Boss Queen
Boss Queen 18 hours ago
I would be surprised if more than half of Tanas videos are monetised
iireIand 19 hours ago
aw yes, just 2 racists in their natural habitat 😻
iireIand 19 hours ago
but actually wtf is this..
Q Gal
Q Gal 19 hours ago
*Hey to the people saying he's a pedo* *Buttt isn't he gay???*
Qoapaoop -
Qoapaoop - 19 hours ago
No one faking asked
Dominic Gonzales
Dominic Gonzales 19 hours ago
I love ru but like also like Jewels
Josie 19 hours ago
tana was 18 at this time and shane was fucking 27 i-
alyssa vee
alyssa vee 20 hours ago
"wHo ElSe iS hErE bEcAUSe oF tHE qUarEntINe ?"🥴 holy ball's I swear ever video I watch the first couple idiotic comments say that &it's annoying& unoriginal AF. How about, whos watching this while taking a shit ? Sorry but people who can't come up with a more clever comment than being here cause of the pandemic are lames 🙄 does anyone REALLY care why you're watching it? at least come up with an original comment that thousands of other sheep haven't already said. Y'all are pathetic.
Camryn Collins
Camryn Collins 20 hours ago
When you realize that when tana actually talks about something serious she sounds so intelligent