Darrell Braun Guitar
Darrell Braun Guitar
Darrell Braun Guitar
Playing the world's most incredible guitars!
Redshift313 Minute ago
Listening to this on my iPhone whatever, sounds like Much ADO About Nothing !!! Same goes for the tube swap video too !!! Thanks man
Nicholas H
Nicholas H 34 minutes ago
4 minutes in... I'm sold.
Scrunchychingo 41 minute ago
“Take me for a little while” by Coverdale Page.
Zero Foord
Zero Foord 42 minutes ago
I find in covered sounds a little more dirty on all my guitars vs covered
Dave Martani
Dave Martani 49 minutes ago
Paul McCartney owns an Epiphone dreadnought guitar. I almost couldn't believe it because you usually see him with Martins.
Ahmad Mahmud Jamaluddin
The prettiest fender telecaster.. I swear
Fuelfromgod 53 minutes ago
It's like $3500
Josh Peppers
Josh Peppers Hour ago
I have the old one with the strat headstock. Aside from the action being high it plays and sounds good. Yes I've just been to lazy to set it up lol
Melvin Thompson
mercster Hour ago
How does this compare to the Monoprice Indio on amazon?
rjf Hour ago
I just found your channel and it is great. Thanks and keep up the good work ! New subscriber !!
john melia
john melia Hour ago
I paid 3k for a US made guitar that had a crap set up. Lol
Edu D.
Edu D. Hour ago
Looks amazing, I'm thinking about checking one of them very close
William M.
William M. Hour ago
Got mine in 3 days!
Chip Mulligan
Chip Mulligan Hour ago
$175 bucks!! Holy Crap!
Rikk R
Rikk R Hour ago
Compared to the high ends he's played you can still tell it's a $75 axe.
Mr Lenny
Mr Lenny Hour ago
Should try better strings.
h isbilir
h isbilir Hour ago
This is really nice :).. if you only try to buy three pickups they will cost you more than 75, if you try to buy a branded nut it wil cost you 75, same for machine heads, even fret wire :).. when I watch videos like this I wonder why I am paying thousands for some guitars :).
David Garcia
David Garcia 2 hours ago
I weird f holes are deal breakers
Gary Crouse
Gary Crouse 2 hours ago
the thing ive found with glarry is by the time you do shipping , usa to cdn conversation its not as cheap as it seems at 75 bucks bt still
Gary Crouse
Gary Crouse 2 hours ago
The more videos i watch the more i realize its more the player than the instrument
Marty Grim
Marty Grim 2 hours ago
All this for not telling us your verdict ? C’mon man.
Bruce 2 hours ago
Did Glarry know they were sending this to the famous DBG? Or did you purchase it "anonymously"?
Gabriel Cabrera
Gabriel Cabrera 2 hours ago
Thank you so much Darrell, this is the best tutorial ever regarding solos and how to use the scales.
Kev Musicluva
Kev Musicluva 2 hours ago
A strap-on you say.... 😏 Affordable head you add 🤔 well I'm sold
Enzo Garcia
Enzo Garcia 2 hours ago
Lol i like the cheap ones
SeanFication 2 hours ago
Nice looking piece of wood for that body, no obvious joins to different blocks of wood. What's the fretboard radius on that thing? Looks like maybe 12 inches.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams 2 hours ago
A look at other systems like Bigsby, Stetsbar, Duesenberg Les Trem, etc would be cool too
Ted & Linda Atkinson
A Buskers guitar for sure. I could see this being useful maybe not professionals
Flaminio Ranzato
Flaminio Ranzato 2 hours ago
I have a fender fibro xd champ 5W on tubes and sounds very nice...
Jericho Viloria
Jericho Viloria 3 hours ago
I noticed your tuning is not the same?
Arthur 242630
Arthur 242630 3 hours ago
Can't beat a good poke about in the Back Cavity 😂 Sorry Darrell couldn't resist it Love the videos
Hugin Starkstrom
Hugin Starkstrom 3 hours ago
I have 11 guitars - a few very expensive ones but mostly (modded) cheap ones - the cheap ones play ok and sound great (with new pickups and/or electronics) but require much more mainenance - 2 of my 3 Ibanez require adjusting the neck every 2-3 months - that is because I set the action low, the fretwork isn't brilliant and the neck isn't as stable. But if you know what you are doing you can get good instruments for cheap. If not, you either have badly setup instruments that don't inspire you to pick them up or you pay a fortune to an instrument builder.
Jimmy Avila
Jimmy Avila 3 hours ago
Please stop making these videos!!! I’ve purchased the last two guitars on the two videos I watched of the affordable guitar series I’ve watched so far. Lol! I got the Glarry Tele and the mono price strat. I’m gonna go broke subscribing to your channel. 🤪
Jimmy Avila
Jimmy Avila Hour ago
Just ordered it.
Ml R
Ml R 3 hours ago
Hello ! Thx for ur video. Is it possible to reverse the written chords for left handed ? So annoying in this way, it is up side down for us !!!
Emad nejati
Emad nejati 3 hours ago
i would pay if i could so masterclass remove that alicia keys intro advert its like a punishment video for ears
Adam Wood
Adam Wood 3 hours ago
Like the sound of the USA best
Logan Bodine
Logan Bodine 3 hours ago
Diggin that "throaty" tone
Shane Grable
Shane Grable 3 hours ago
"Recturcle" is the word you were looking for...
neeb 3 hours ago
I've owned an sg for 7 years since I was 10 and I've never noticed neck dive it's not that much of a big deal if you don't know what it is
Neal McEneaney
Neal McEneaney 4 hours ago
It looks beautiful 🤩
Flying Beaver
Flying Beaver 4 hours ago
I'd love to be able to buy & try one of these. Unfortunately, I'm in western Canada and unlike my fellow Canadian Darrell, I don't have a shipping pipeline to the U.S.A., and it's a long, long drive to the Montana border. No cross-border shopping. So, it costs as much or more to get the darn thing here as it does to purchase it. Now, this isn't Glarry's (or Darrell's) fault, it just is how it is. So that $75 Strat will cost about $200 before I even cut the tape on the box. Which is too bad - I'd like to give one of these, or their T-style a try. They're a low price 'starter' or backup, but I'm surprised at how good the quality overall seems to be. It's the beginning of December here, and we've already had 2-1/2 months of snow. Boring. . . Another reason to wish I could take a long holiday down south. Thanks for the review, Darrell.
Thomas Calderon
Thomas Calderon 4 hours ago
how can i get these in canada?
Levelheadd 4 hours ago
Noice for the price 🤙🏼
09hahug 4 hours ago
so this is were metallica got the inspiration for nothing else matters
John Lind
John Lind 4 hours ago
Darrell - I think this idea is pretty cool and it would be fun to play around with this guitar. The downside the me is that the actual tone of the instrument just doesn't sound very good. This translates into the tone with the effect not being so good as well. I wonder if their more expensive models have better tone. Thanks, John
johnro6659 4 hours ago
I like your unbiased reviews on these inexpensive guitars. I also like that you tell people the AMP makes a big difference over the guitar. I used to be one of those "if it doesn't cost a lot it's not good" I missed out on a lot of great guitars because of that attitude. I learned when I looked past cost and brand name I am much happier with my very eclectic guitar collection.
Chuck Summers
Chuck Summers 4 hours ago
Chinese junk electronics, allegedly, could it be?
Bob Gelb
Bob Gelb 4 hours ago
Did you take into account the weight difference between the two necks. You did not give the weight of each neck. Rosewood topped necks are typically heavier than maple topped necks.
Allan Gildea
Allan Gildea 4 hours ago
Hectic value for money, some lovely tones, looks fab and plays really well with the exception of the trem? Heck yeah. Thanks for the excellent review, Darrel.
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 4 hours ago
Yeah would definitely like to see the soldering/painting behind the sceens. I just recently had my Epiphone dot ES 335 Pro stolen w/ case, 😡😠 now I wanna build my next guitar... Beautiful build bro!
ANGRY CAMPER 4 hours ago
Only 5 star experiences with Thomann 👍
J Paul Getty
J Paul Getty 5 hours ago
Greetings Check this out . The Guitar Doctor @
Trash Juice
Trash Juice 5 hours ago
I play drums and bass and like don’t know why I’m here
Leo Romero
Leo Romero 5 hours ago
3:50 So it's stay clear that we dont mess with you...
TC Dropouts
TC Dropouts 5 hours ago
Can we get an Epiphone LP vs G&L Deluxe tribute comparison? I want that LP sound but with the G&L neck and feel! I need to see those two sides by side!
Sabu Raj
Sabu Raj 5 hours ago
Hai.can you discribe kramer
Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 2 hours ago
English please.
Russell Brooks
Russell Brooks 5 hours ago
I had one of those. Disaster out of the box. Strings turned my hands black. Pickups were half-strength. Body is not basswood. It's Pawlonia. Neck is not maple. It's something similar to pine. I paid about 59.00 for it on ebay. That was a waste of money. Junk. Spend 175 on a good SX.
H.L. Westlake
H.L. Westlake 5 hours ago
go deep on that one? haha....play it man. In my opinion you barely played it with any conviction. I have a LAG, excellent guitars. PEACE H.L.
Billy Ballard
Billy Ballard 5 hours ago
Hey Darrell. I love your channel! Very helpful for a noobie, like myself. Any chance we can get you to review some of the battery operated amps? I just recently watched your review of the Yamaha THR30II WL. I'm looking for something really portable, but even more so than the Yamaha. A lot of the battery powered models use double AA or 9 volt batteries, which sounds like a real pain. I'm more interested in the models that have built-in, rechargeable batteries.
ajith rohana
ajith rohana 5 hours ago
OK nylon is good does it break?
Rock & Roll Resale
Rock & Roll Resale 5 hours ago
Bridge tone full open? Adjustable?
ajith rohana
ajith rohana 5 hours ago
Nylon or steel vote here
Eddie Mautone
Eddie Mautone 6 hours ago
Pretty nice sound
txkflier 6 hours ago
I can't make a $3000 guitar sound that good..
Eddie Mautone
Eddie Mautone 6 hours ago
I would if you paid money for it I would sue them for sure just get a good lawyer
Eddie Mautone
Eddie Mautone 6 hours ago
To bad yes you have to be careful for idiots like this
Eddie Mautone
Eddie Mautone 6 hours ago
Not bad pretty nice for price you paid
Mihael Urh
Mihael Urh 6 hours ago
What's that song he played near the end? It sounds beautiful.
Eddie Mautone
Eddie Mautone 6 hours ago
Great collection I have eight guitars high budget guitars all made left handed from RONDO MUSIC IN NEW HAMPSHIRE and shipped to me in west of FLORIDA by UPS all came quick also in great condition
SirGooseLover 6 hours ago
I was just wondering: How do you all say "reverb"? Sometimes I say reverb but other times it's more fitting to say reverb. Out of both of them, I prefer to say reverb instead of reverb because when I say reverb it doesn't feel like I'm really saying reverb but when I'm saying reverb it really makes me feel like I'm saying reverb. Did you get that?
Bradley Bunk
Bradley Bunk 6 hours ago
I liked the Gibson tone better. The Eastman sounded more gritty.
R Mc
R Mc 6 hours ago
Making electric guitars available to nearly all and sundry... Glarry are doing god's work! And Allah's and Buddha's and Yahweh's and Jupiter's and Zeus's too!
giannapple 6 hours ago
That’s a Lespaulster...
jeffrey price
jeffrey price 6 hours ago
£71:22 inc. vat in . Why are telecaster's so much dearer .
Győri Sándor
Győri Sándor 6 hours ago
why spend many money when few money do
Kiere Luurs
Kiere Luurs 2 hours ago
English please.
xsbutter 6 hours ago
First DBG then Trogly’s. Glarry up to some intense RUvid presense & marketing.
CoffeineNightOwl 7 hours ago
sounds and looks nice. awesome for that price.
Blackie James
Blackie James 7 hours ago
Invest in some locking tuners unless you want to keep tuning non stop. On second thought I don't hear this guitar ever being in tune during the entire video.
Chris Cebelenski
Chris Cebelenski 7 hours ago
Pretty good for a practice amp - surely we live in interesting times. Would I track with it? Nah, not if I could help it. Something like the Helix or AxeFX comes a bit closer if I had to go virtual. I think the Katana 2 still sounds better also, and might be a better buy.