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Kuper Irey
Kuper Irey 6 hours ago
3:00 f man man that sheet pissed me off man
James Smith
James Smith 6 hours ago
U know why, players do not tackle fans anymore? They do not want to take 15 yd penalty for targeting. The sad part is it is probably a real penalty with an automatic $100,000 fine.
Negative Duos
Negative Duos 8 hours ago
Who all misses Odell on the Giants
Nick Leive
Nick Leive 9 hours ago
Haynesworth was a hateful mf, but would have wanted him on my team.
Carrie Hammond
Carrie Hammond 11 hours ago
mR. wigleegiggle5
mR. wigleegiggle5 11 hours ago
Yeah the punch in the back of the neck on Steve Moore ended his career. He literally never came back. Well actually he played one more game the next season and couldn’t go any more because the punch to the neck and the pile on top of him really messed up his head and it wound up severely damaging his peripheral vision, to the point where he even said himself “my kids scare me when they come up beside me because I can’t see them”.
Jeremiah Aguilar
Jeremiah Aguilar 12 hours ago
Felt bad for him during those tough times
Matt M
Matt M 13 hours ago
‘More here
Jerry yy
Jerry yy 13 hours ago
intro song?
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 13 hours ago
Eli was lowkey fast tho
Nick Smith
Nick Smith 14 hours ago
That wasn’t mahomes first touchdown in the nfl he had a rushing td week 17 against Denver that was his first passing tho
Beck Parsons
Beck Parsons 14 hours ago
Add the Chris Jones 40 yard dash
Jayden Blanchard
Jayden Blanchard 14 hours ago
Can you do best pro bowl plays
braylen Washington
braylen Washington 15 hours ago
3:28 they all were triggered
Justin Smith
Justin Smith 15 hours ago
1:43 don't do that don't do that 😂😂
Discovery 15 hours ago
So your sponsor intro went from 8 seconds to 10,then to 25. Wow.
Evan Goff
Evan Goff 15 hours ago
Stafford trucking that Tennessee LB is beautiful
Garnica52 16 hours ago
7:08 that announcer is hilarious 🤣😂
LCSClips 16 hours ago
Turn on captains at 0:29
Nicholas Dickason
Nicholas Dickason 16 hours ago
Either tyreeks first nfl td or pat mahomes first nfl td is wrong because reeks and pats first nfl tds r different but both were a connection from pat to reek.
What ElseYT
What ElseYT 17 hours ago
Biggest blowouts
Nancy Estep
Nancy Estep 17 hours ago
do a video on best trick played if the season of2019-2020
Jeremiah High-payne
Jeremiah High-payne 17 hours ago
2:29 who the f*** are the oilers
Jeremiah High-payne
Jeremiah High-payne 17 hours ago
They dumb is not a part of the uniform it's a part of their head 😂
Jeremiah High-payne
Jeremiah High-payne 17 hours ago
Number 82 on the Ravens was lucky that that wasn't a rule back then
Corey Gerdeman
Corey Gerdeman 17 hours ago
Disappointed you did not included a single video of the great Barry Sanders or more of Dante Hall, those 2 destroyed defenses.
Philly-_- Boi
Philly-_- Boi 17 hours ago
You basically just wasted money for you to just run out on the field
Se7en 17 hours ago
Tim Tebow was the dirtiest mf to ever play the game .. Can't believe he wasn't featured in this .. I think he may have even thrown feces on Bryant Gumble once at a Chuck E. Cheese as Gumble was playing his beloved skee ball game ..a real gangsta that Tebow was ..lemme tell you
erik ted
erik ted 17 hours ago
I bet these guys could out run a cop easily..
Playboy Collins
Playboy Collins 18 hours ago
You should do next last touchdown in college and in nfl
Snippskillツ 18 hours ago
Zeke a goat
De’iya &&Kareem
De’iya &&Kareem 18 hours ago
bootleg benny 301
bootleg benny 301 18 hours ago
browns : CEO of not being able to tackle
cheek clapper 69
cheek clapper 69 18 hours ago
2:55 when u watching a hell good video on ph but it’s 4 minutes long🤦🏿‍♂️
cheek clapper 69
cheek clapper 69 18 hours ago
2:55 when u watching a hella good porn video but it’s 3 minutes long
Frick_Tard64 19 hours ago
2:50 that was one hell of a punch
Mathew Ortega
Mathew Ortega 19 hours ago
I love football
Matthew Wonica
Matthew Wonica 19 hours ago
Brandyn Cozad
Brandyn Cozad 19 hours ago
That last run was very dissapointing, should have been a touchdown if QB didn't wuss
Colin Hays
Colin Hays 19 hours ago
Jameis Winstons “Eat a W” thing is so uncomfortable to watch lol.
BigKill09 20 hours ago
*US Sports and like 2 clips from Football
Addy Visorno
Addy Visorno 20 hours ago
Surprised the Steve Bono run wasn't on here lmao
Black hole Space Man
Freddy & Sabrina
Freddy & Sabrina 21 hour ago
Brady was a last person
Xzv3 Sandstorm
Xzv3 Sandstorm 22 hours ago
2:56 I’m dying🤣
Thomas Someone
Thomas Someone 22 hours ago
4:25 I want everyone who doesn’t know to know that they called Chase Utley SAFE after sliding late into Tejada to stop a double play, EVEN THOUGH HE NEVER TOUCHED THE BAG. Tejada suffered a broken leg from the incident. Utley got a 2-day suspension for it that was, of course, fuckin dropped by the mlb. The next year, Syndergaard was tossed from a game for intentionally throwing a pitch behind him once. No warnings were given out, he wasn’t hit by the pitch, wasn’t even close. Lmaoo I’m still heated about this shit 5 years later.
SoporificAlloy 1
SoporificAlloy 1 22 hours ago
Ray Lewis got blasted
SoporificAlloy 1
SoporificAlloy 1 22 hours ago
Ray Lewis got blasted
Admiral Meow
Admiral Meow 22 hours ago
Do best kickoff returns, also I’m a really big fan ding prod
Cj Brown
Cj Brown 23 hours ago
Please do a "close call" compilation
made by pxm
made by pxm 23 hours ago
1:32 im fkn weak man😂😂😂😂😂
Ethan B A S S
Ethan B A S S 23 hours ago
Larry Allen looking like Barry Allen
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 23 hours ago
Best QB blocks
Eli Andrade
Eli Andrade 23 hours ago
lamar 😈🐐
Dylan Chair
Dylan Chair Day ago
Your one of the most underrated yt's and you deserve a lot more subs
New Era
New Era Day ago
0:34 Seconds in and a body just flew by like WTF👀
Big front Teeth
8:30 yeah
Jamel Grant
Jamel Grant Day ago
Next vid do a best NFL entrance
Why do pitchers expect guys to put up with their crap? The batter had the same intentions you did jackass...
HT82 Smash
HT82 Smash Day ago
Miami is Brady's kryptonite.
Artistic_ Beauty_
They gotta keep people on him.. that’s crazy he can’t even reach for the ball without them getting scared
Matthew Chow
Matthew Chow Day ago
instead of nonrunning it should be white
Matthew Chow
Matthew Chow Day ago
roethlisberger can run though
Low Quality Highlights
Mahomes played week 17 his rookie year
Jaycus Hill
Jaycus Hill Day ago
2:26 he just through a pick a clapping🤷🏻‍♂️
The best thing about intercepting it on an opening play is that you’re in their territory (most the time) and it’s like you receive the ball in the first and second half
Rebmetpes4 Day ago
Matter of fact: niggas come in all colors PERIYOT!
Rebmetpes4 Day ago
1:33 Niggas: they come in ALL colors...and fans!
The most demoralizing gut punch to a fan is to spend all week talking shit and then having them turn the ball over on the first play.
Roblox GamerGal
I love the music at the beginning
Oliver Day ago
Josh Hutchins
Romanowski was definitely one of the dirtiest players to ever play in the nfl
Optics KB & M
Use me for the skip to 30sec bc ur too lazy 0:30
Mason Mallory
larry allen out there lookin like barry allen
Luke Jones
Luke Jones Day ago
Video should be called 'watch white quarterbacks run the ball'
Joe Brent
Joe Brent Day ago
I don’t like this rule like someone’s hear could torn off
Futbol HD
Futbol HD Day ago
Jojo Juhbo
Jojo Juhbo Day ago
Is there a part 2? So many ankle breakers that should of been in here.
I feel bad for the people who got literally picked up and dropped when trying to hurdle.
Aiden Official
Dont you think it's weird to play football with no sleeves when its snowing
Sharp Shot
Sharp Shot Day ago
Crevon LeBlanc vs Saints in divisional round 2018-2019
Frankie Chapman
Miller’s injury cost him his career.
benny306 Day ago
"Ankle Breaking" jukes and not a single clip of Barry Sanders? That's not right.
ThePadi94 Day ago
That are no hits, this are hits! ruvid.net/video/video-YWqVij6tLz8.html
Snake Man
Snake Man Day ago
Just another reason I stop watching football.
Dexter Morris
I thought that was Montrez Harrell in the thumbnail
lalrinfeli feli
One like =one prayer for koby bryan and her sister 🙏🙏 😭😭😭
Killian and Gannon
Do a best fights in football video
Tauahine Rudolph
2:56 when the microwave burns your last Hot pocket.🤣🤣🤣
sunchipsftw Day ago
What did you c gap?
sunchipsftw Day ago
7:10 ish, omg yes Kid: Where did trolling come from? Dad: motherfucker's acting like they're better than others
Jesse Ball
Jesse Ball Day ago
3:34-3:41 did I hear that right
android sixteen
whats that song at the start?
Stucknmud Day ago
Too much self promotion.....
Curious Citizen
Ooga booga
Alan Cedano
Alan Cedano Day ago
That was not Kittle’s first NFL TD
ET3X7 Taylor
ET3X7 Taylor Day ago
Do opening overtime touchdowns please.
The dumb Channel
Brady was playing baseball 3:40
Tomu Takahashi
he spelled tough wrong
Jose Almazan
Jose Almazan Day ago