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Anson Alexander
I publish tutorials on many things tech here, on AnsonAlex.com and as a LinkedIn Learning instructor.
Popular topics include:
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Bug Fixes
I always try to produce content that I think will be valuable for my viewers. When I find an application that lacks helpful documentation or find a fix to a common bug or error, I try to help out as many people as possible by publishing my findings.
I try to read all comments but am not always able to respond to them all - thanks to all the helpful viewers who have provided insight to others in the comments sections!
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Kaon 46 minutes ago
im here just to skin my linux
Tina Kashyap
Tina Kashyap Hour ago
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Striver For
Striver For 2 hours ago
So if you uninstall a game bought from Steam you never lose it? You can always reinstall it?
Mike Torre
Mike Torre 3 hours ago
Thank u, switching from PC To Mac. Waiting for my iMac 27" 5K to ship out. 😁👍
Cleofe Castillo
Cleofe Castillo 5 hours ago
Learned new things in this video....so vivid! Great! Thank you, Sir!
Mario Saldaña
Mario Saldaña 12 hours ago
This really helps thanks!
S Womack
S Womack 13 hours ago
Hi, wondering what app do I need on my cell phone? Just Google Voice or do I need Hangouts or/and Hangouts Dialer too? I need getting confuse and to make calls via wifi. Any help appreciated.
Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light 15 hours ago
Thank you.
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 17 hours ago
instructions not clear; Doxxed myself
Rajat Kumar
Rajat Kumar 18 hours ago
Thank you bro.... You have solved the mystery for me
nikita sandi
nikita sandi 18 hours ago
Tomas Rey
Tomas Rey 19 hours ago
Megan Prell
Megan Prell 20 hours ago
This was super helpful. I needed to know how to share screens with my professor for my final presentation and Google was not helping. The presentation went amazingly because I found this video 10 minutes before I needed to know how to use screen share.
Omry Assouline
Omry Assouline 21 hour ago
I wrote the debug line and it doesn't shows the text in that line
C T 22 hours ago
Thank you!!!
Ruthie O'Reilly
Thanks for that! Do you know why my SMPT Server is greyed out so that I cannot enter any information there? If you do, could you possibly post me a reply please? Thanks again and kind regards.
Thank you ..this was a bother.
sravenwind Day ago
Thank you! This has been driving me nuts!
Invisible Illness Ashley
Thank you this was super helpful!
Susan Heffernan
Thank you.x
Crystal Moonlight Caroline Gacha Life
I Only Came Her For My Online Class Lol
Latasha Willer
Can you show how to block a "private number".
P Lav
P Lav Day ago
Would like info on how to downgrade to Mojave. Do you have a video available?
EricaNicole 44
It's off but idk I got a new tablet and I noticed this and the setting is off but it is still there
n0ukf Day ago
On my phone, trying to find (browse, not search) old chat, all I can find is a list of users, not chat history. Why is it different for Android vs Windows or Mac? On Windows I can easily see the old chat.
Darth Quantum
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Sean J.
Sean J. Day ago
I’m just looking because I’m bored I’m not a noob I promised
DogeWammath Day ago
no interface found" Please Help
Lloyd Onaghinon
Thank you. The need to type faster is really necessary
Esmond Smith
Esmond Smith Day ago
This is my first time learning on a MacBook from Windows, this has been an educating programme, Thank you.
Denise P
Denise P Day ago
estuardo batres
Thank you.
Rob Riggs
Rob Riggs Day ago
Very helpful, detailed step by step
Tihomir Savic
Thanks great explanation and simple for us simple folks 😁
How many cost need to exicute by registration for a testament.
Wahab hajj hassan
So helpful. Thank you!
BEHN 2 days ago
how long would it take me to learn C#? I have no experience with any coding at all.
ESO-Isa Gaspar Redondo
mandar la foto de la museo automovil
Nisreen Fa
Nisreen Fa 2 days ago
First day using my new iMac as someone who was a long-term Windows user- this was really helpful to ease into it- thank you!
Jean Manthei
Jean Manthei 2 days ago
I was unable to make the Catalina.heic into Catalina.old.heic. It wouldn't let me change this. My thing was 2s5 so I put that in. Does the 2s5 not allow you to rename the file? Everything else was great except I couldn't change that.
Dave White
Dave White 2 days ago
Thank you!
Richard Casales
Richard Casales 2 days ago
Omg the first thing I’ve noticed was that he sound like Cleveland!😮
Esoteric Desi
Esoteric Desi 2 days ago
I wish Google had something more like Microsoft's OneNote :(
CaRaccoon 2 days ago
Umm... I'm confused, I'll just re-skin my Windows to only LOOK like a Mac
Anoop Tickoo
Anoop Tickoo 2 days ago
Thanks a lot your video was very useful
PJ PJ 2 days ago
I have done that and STILL I am looking at an old web page. URGH....I came here because other forums notes the same problem..I can't fix it no matter what I do...Last resort is uninstalling Chrome.
Marek Lukáč
Marek Lukáč 2 days ago
Thanks so much bro, this was very annoying :)
Casey Murphree
Casey Murphree 2 days ago
just got this first-smot-fon - - - -having trouble - - part of your thingy HELPED - -thanks
Versatilish Salim
Thanks a great deal off.
Hanaa Alawi
Hanaa Alawi 2 days ago
Thanks a lot for your guide, how I can record this meeting, for example, if I have a meeting with my supervisor?
QuintusKing 2 days ago
Lol Google basically doesn't do its job well. Someone needs to make them see this issue...
BizLawyerATL 2 days ago
Same issue others are having. It worked at first. But when i restarted my computer, it reverted right back to the original Catalina image. 😩
ebenezer joseph
ebenezer joseph 2 days ago
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Durva Avachat
Durva Avachat 2 days ago
Perfectly matching with my requirement! Awesome! Thanks!
Peter Cogen
Peter Cogen 2 days ago
Thank you ! Problem solved :-) (Still don't know where it came from...)
Shift 3 days ago
Finally good tutorial
Bhawana Karki
Bhawana Karki 3 days ago
Oh mya💤💤💤💤in numbers😒😒😒😒😒😒😒
Emmpeace 3 days ago
Thank u
mostkedim 3 days ago
If you guys still have same problem 1.go steam >2.settings>3.in game> you will see pings/minute change it from 5000 to 500 thanks me later
Fling Gonza
Fling Gonza 3 days ago
I am doing this to destroy noobs in type racing simulator.
Manjunatha K
Manjunatha K 3 days ago
Informative session, thank you
Christine Maranto
Thank you for your help!
UmpahpahBGg 3 days ago
tirupam roy
tirupam roy 3 days ago
Ram Babu
Ram Babu 3 days ago
Excellent, very professional way of explaining, and what I liked most is that you did not run down "Windows" unlike other Apple users.
Lussy Valles
Lussy Valles 3 days ago
Thanks for your video. How can I hear the sound of a video when I share my screen in Skype?
Breno Henrique Nascimento
When the system restarts, it usually continues with the standard image of Catalina, for those who are experiencing the same problem, just type the following code in the Terminal: “diskutil apfs updatePreboot /“ and your problems will be solved
Cindy Trent
Cindy Trent 3 days ago
Thanks so much
Deneen Levy
Deneen Levy 4 days ago
Thank you! That was making me crazy
raha tattoo
raha tattoo 4 days ago
P5Geek 4 days ago
OMG tytytytytytytytyty
BC dreamer
BC dreamer 4 days ago
How do you type “i”
Tom Christopher Excellent
Thanks a lot. PS: Never seen a space bar THIS long.
Horacio Piña
Horacio Piña 4 days ago
It worked! Thank you very much sir!
Julian Bargas
Julian Bargas 4 days ago
I can no longer connect my mac book pro to the internet. The Wifi icon is blank. I click the icon to turn on Wifi; nothing happens. Automatically join network is dim. I tried using my iPhone bluetooth. It pairs but doesn't connect.
Michelle Guzman
Michelle Guzman 4 days ago
Thanks for you help! Very useful ; can't get it to right click, to get the info as you did...but learned a lot. Thanks!!
Jeffery Evans
Jeffery Evans 4 days ago
Life saver brother. Been Producing and Mastering music for years and for a On e reason all of the sudden downloading VST’s quit working. It was telling me no server found. Thanks so much for the share and the expertise. Much Appreciated. 👍
EthanPlays 4 days ago
its so easy im stupid
Musicar 4 days ago
Great video. Can anyone tell me how to divide the timeline bar ?
Taffar Cifalia
Taffar Cifalia 4 days ago
Hello, I'm so un-technical!! I do not play games, nor do I work as I am retired. Thank you for your help. Any further help will gladly be accepted
FearZentify 4 days ago
When i’m on xbox i can’t find their ip . Help pls
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia 17 hours ago
Shelagh McGarvey
Shelagh McGarvey 4 days ago
THANK YOU! Finally found a video that helped me do what I wanted. Your help was VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!
ProbablyFinn 4 days ago
How do you do the sign up post?
Richard Roach
Richard Roach 4 days ago
Big help. Thanks. :-)
Hemendra Sahu
Hemendra Sahu 4 days ago
Thank you for such a great tutorial on google calendar
Manjunatha K
Manjunatha K 4 days ago
Very useful video, learned so many new things in Google drive. Thank you..
Suhaila Abubaker
Suhaila Abubaker 4 days ago
I am a kid idk what does DISCORD mean
Rosalie Armstrong Barkley - Beetsma
Thanks, this was driving me nuts!
MMQu 5 days ago
thanks bro
Fluminox5284 -
Fluminox5284 - 5 days ago
I feel like such a fucking greenhorn for watching this...
Kaustubh Nagrare
Kaustubh Nagrare 5 days ago
28th May 2020 Mark that!!!!!!!!
jw2par 5 days ago
krypto rocks
krypto rocks 5 days ago
Dude I can't thank you enough... THANK YOU !!!!!!!!
Randomised 5 days ago
God bless you that was driving me crazy...I have subscribed!!!
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thuanthanh lab 5 days ago
B B 5 days ago
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Stingray64 5 days ago
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
404 Droid
404 Droid 5 days ago
Thanks worth 2 thumbs 👍👍