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A CARAT Who STAYs in the NCTZEN World
You compare Heart Evangelista to this b*tch? I bet your eyes needs a lot of medicine. 🤮
Dipankar Das
Dipankar Das 10 minutes ago
I'm really scared
Billy Redelinghuys
Billy Redelinghuys 12 minutes ago
You are the best
xuanhuong tran
xuanhuong tran 12 minutes ago
he lo
Mercedes Jellinek
Mercedes Jellinek 15 minutes ago
Finland come on! I mean of every country you could been to you choose Finland...come to Sweden sometimes! 😂
CurayRM 16 minutes ago
Nate sounds like Daily Doze of Internet
Mr. H
Mr. H 16 minutes ago
So basically you want 2020 RUvid to shut down your channel more talent less attitude something you can’t do
Kids Storys
Kids Storys 19 minutes ago
See video for sissy on porn hup pr xnxx bith gay you are fucking man
Liza Soberano
Liza Soberano 21 minute ago
nate and zach really has that same expression. shocks, why do they both look gorg uhh
Lilith Shaia
Lilith Shaia 21 minute ago
It's insane how much Jeffree has grown. I remember my older sister Claire went to one of Jeffree's concerts maybe 7-10 years ago when he had been making music. Anyway, he threw a hoodie into the audience - it was signed with his autograph. Bright pink. I'm not sure how she had found out about Jeffree's music but I cannot wait to show her how far his career has come along. We definitely are OG supporters!
C Jasmine
C Jasmine 23 minutes ago
This is definitely the best look. It looks so stunning. The lips and all the colouuuuur 👌
San ni San
San ni San 28 minutes ago
Back to the start
Alvarito Bon Valadez
Alvarito Bon Valadez 29 minutes ago
Love the eyes !! What Brand of lenses are these
Drashti Soni
Drashti Soni 32 minutes ago
I think i m turning colour blind maybe cuz I don’t see any difference between these 4!!😟😣
Debbie Smith Mcconnell
Debbie Smith Mcconnell 35 minutes ago
Cathy, that blouse is not becoming on you. You need small gold earrings hoop. You look very pretty.
Yash Kyøt
Yash Kyøt 39 minutes ago
Jennica Bantaculo
Jennica Bantaculo 43 minutes ago
Mm mm...... I'm craving😋😂😂😂
Alastor 43 minutes ago
this is so awkward lmfao-
JJJazzyBe Craze
JJJazzyBe Craze 44 minutes ago
he's wearing a wig lol
Anna Smith Kirchner
Anna Smith Kirchner 49 minutes ago
I miss them being friends
Victoria Rottelo
Victoria Rottelo 53 minutes ago
Omg why y'all so adorable!? 🥰🙊😂
Ashley Rodela
Ashley Rodela 56 minutes ago
I'm from Houston texas and yes this is the worst tattoo shop in this city hands down the worst
Penguin Sniperr
Penguin Sniperr 57 minutes ago
I got so worried for jeffree in the ghetto
Martha Moralez
Martha Moralez 57 minutes ago
MMM xq perfec ? Los chilaquiles no son siiiiii Son con tortillas noooooo!! Nachossss Mucho menosssss pico d galloooo😡😡😡 No inventen no dejen en mal lo a gastronomía Mexicanaaa Los chilaquiles son con epazote no con pico d gallo 😡😡😡🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Victoria Rottelo
Awww this is cute. And I'm not being sarcastic lol. 💝👀😂🥰💝 Jeffrey star is the shiet 🔥🔥🔥
Ashley Burg
Ashley Burg Hour ago
My son has alopecia universalis... It's been 2 years sense he's had any hair anywhere in his body. He's almost 18 and he's beyond depressed over his identity crisis. I recently bought him some eyebrow wigs (different brand) and hope they work as well as the ones you tried. I know his self esteem is in the gutter and could really use a boost any way possible... Hope these eyebrow wigs do the trick!
Лея Алилея
Jeffrey, pls, make this song again!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lucille Jimenez
Jeffree you’re fucking amazingggg. This such a creative way of telling haters to FUCKKKKK OFFFFFF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mimi & Hiro
Mimi & Hiro Hour ago
I feel so bad for u jeffree!!😢😢
Quantae Brown
Quantae Brown Hour ago
This whole look compliments Jeffree’s everything. The simple look is so pretty on him
Laura Alexander
Didn't we all learn makeup with Dollar tree, family dollar and Walmart brands in our youth??
Melissa Brandenburg
Can you fully explain your tats? Late to the game but... can you catch me up w a link or something? TIA ♥️
Jes Hour ago
Thank you Santa Star for the mini mystery box! I can't wait. Santa baby la da da da da ...
C O'Connor
C O'Connor Hour ago
It's sad when people are so dark and hurt others in a relationship. I wish more people would be honest and genuine. I haven't had good luck and I hope one day I can feel so loved as Jeffree and Nate.
DDB Financial Video Creator
TJ MAXX traumatized Jeffree yet the dollar tree had great products.
Alastor Hour ago
"if youre in a relationship and your significant other doesnt want to give you their phone or theyre weird, rUn" jeffree gives me better advice than anyone else in my family lmao
WinterFox 28
WinterFox 28 Hour ago
The drips are tacky and a knock off of rocky horror picture show. Repetitive colours and unoriginal. Just coz they are who they are doesn’t mean they create God like makeup
Tab3v Sam
Tab3v Sam Hour ago
Are you and nate gey
Fanny Kitty
Fanny Kitty Hour ago
allison simons
I'm sure it's hard work but it would be so dope to work for you! You can tell if you do your job and do it right you'd be the best boss! You really take care of all your employees, that's very rare to find.
DongLyn Prince
John Ariel Subang
I like how Dawson's Friendship with Star.And I honestly Salute them.Cauz I am down lately for sadness and my youtube New feed drop a video of them two.When I watch it.I was totally Laughing out Loud.And Thank you to them.😍.As a human being I am thankful to God to create such beautiful creatures like them😘
Lizzy Hayenga
Lizzy Hayenga Hour ago
Kat : jeffree who? ;) Me: Jeffree fu*king Star b!t*h ;) hehehe
Rashda Riaz
Rashda Riaz Hour ago
Jeff I love your hair, it’s so your color 😘😘😘😘
coconut headed bunny face kookie boy!!!
No one: No soul to be seen : jeffree : mic drop * drop brush * (Me) Army : mic drop..BTS...oamsnxnuajqjqjdnjcjajajqj!!
Donald Trump 2020
Trump 20202 no more DEMOCRATS or LIBATARDS
Ramona Stonehouse
"It removes any and ALL makeup" Jeffree's highlight: Hi Bitch
Savannah Jensen
Lowkey kinda upset you’re moving because I JUST started working in Calabasas and started looking forward to seeing your car drive around (hasn’t happened yet) and now I’m not sure if I’ll be able to! Sad day. Always a fan. 🥰
Kandy Krush
Kandy Krush Hour ago
I wonder if these would work with lash glue?
die_in_a_hole Hour ago
Anybody rewatching or just just watching this in general notice how he referenced the Conspiracy Collection with Shane?
Becca Black
Becca Black Hour ago
The MUA is hella orange.....
Victoria Galvan
He is hotter than his brother
Martin Meramdzhiev
$4000 car, probably the cheapest thing in that video, and yet I can't afford buying one.
Ariel Johnson
Ariel Johnson Hour ago
I'm a little late commenting this but did anyone else notice that this look was a total pride reveal! The rainbow pride flag for mmmitchell and then nick did the trans flag! Omg fangirling
Teagan Groulx
Teagan Groulx 2 hours ago
What if your mom does not let you have face book or Twitter?
ja b
ja b 2 hours ago
-Late seeing this vid, but I've bought tuns of make up from the DT. They sell a lot of department store brands -- guessing discontinued colors etc. My advice, if find something you know you'll love buy 2! BTW, that boxed milk doesn't need to refridged until open. Many DT, like Dollar General and even WalMart are under-employed and that's a corporate rule during certain times of the day.
Edgar Windwehen
Edgar Windwehen 2 hours ago
Review Jessica albas make up, its sold at target
Chrisbren _xoxo
Chrisbren _xoxo 2 hours ago
He's kinda handsome 😬😂
tabby cat
tabby cat 2 hours ago
You are trash
Mis Mykie
Mis Mykie 2 hours ago
The fact Jeffree turned her from a male to a female tho 😍🤪🤪
Ally Turnell
Ally Turnell 2 hours ago
It doesn’t matter what brand of makeup he always makes a good look with it. 😂
alialipatpat 2 hours ago
I really hope they are still friends because I want to see jeffree, laganja, shane and ryland make a video I'd pay to see that
Alexius Gandy
Alexius Gandy 2 hours ago
*this post is simply AMAZING, hun* all i will comment is how ABSOLUTELY genius/devine and all those wonderful things it is that u’re even thinking to post a “period piece” like this... phuckin 1919?! geez... u r so smart, @jeffreestarr and so wonderfully made with a family member that is 100 yrs old... i cld write more, but i won’t...👩🏾‍💻
SGT_Lucid ,
SGT_Lucid , 2 hours ago
Your a great person Jeffree. Keep up the good work
Discreet Hobo
Discreet Hobo 2 hours ago
Bro your eye shadow is sooooooooooo good. great great great great great
Nicole Pham
Nicole Pham 2 hours ago
i love how he freaks out about makeup in the fricken “ dollar general” like who the frick owns a store that is name dollar general
Elizabeth Prado
Elizabeth Prado 2 hours ago
Jeffree is my therapist
Julie Jiang
Julie Jiang 2 hours ago
f o r e v e r S h a d y
Martina K
Martina K 2 hours ago
its not only to lose a family member... its to lose a piece of the own heart
Sarah C.
Sarah C. 2 hours ago
“Oo look baby we got more debris” lmao
Seno Salazar
Seno Salazar 2 hours ago
I love you so much Jeffree Star
Jervisdude 2 hours ago
We all get to be bipolar once in a while. Don’t be so hard on yourself. I want to get to that point where everything annoying rolls off me like water off a ducks back.
Alicia Sanchez
Alicia Sanchez 2 hours ago
I fucking love you 🖤🖤🖤
XxBuisnessWolf63xX 2 hours ago
I would've never trusted something that was rushed
Ethan J. Smith
Ethan J. Smith 2 hours ago
5:54 literally me when I look in the mirror
Whole Foodie Beauty
Jaclyn ABSOLUTELY deserves a second chance!
AkiraMoon313 2 hours ago
Jeffree u made me and everyone watching so anxious 😅 pls b safe!
Oshae James
Oshae James 2 hours ago
That moment when you're too famous for a certain challenge
Yunuet V
Yunuet V 2 hours ago
love this video so fun
kristian 2 hours ago
i’m sorry..... but..... we-
transmutar producciones
doing some cocaine ja
Charlie Premo studios
Am I the only one who thought her hands where huge for a second?
Anrogud 2 hours ago
chanelsification 2 hours ago
Thank you! Always sticked to Dior and YSL. will order both Benefits. You look amazing ❤️
just agamer
just agamer 2 hours ago
The nails through 😂
Sophia’s_ Gacha Channel
He shouldn’t be watching me right? The little one? 😂 I laughed so hard
Ashley Goodson
Ashley Goodson 3 hours ago
I just love the honesty from you. Like there is no hiding it's complete honesty. Thank you for that!
Willow Shaye
Willow Shaye 3 hours ago
Frances Gaxiola
Frances Gaxiola 3 hours ago
I love you bitch!!!! Your such a bad ass!!! Lots of love from California !
Yunuet V
Yunuet V 3 hours ago
binge-watching and laughing so hard
M Chao
M Chao 3 hours ago
I remember how you looked, I followed you on MySpace and I used to listen to ur music :) now I found your RUvid videos and I love them
an actual goblin
an actual goblin 3 hours ago
seeing him with short hair is like going outside and the sky is bright green and the grass is blue like not really an issue yet surprising
Lefty Libran
Lefty Libran 3 hours ago
U need a foundation called: Morticia Adams #5 ..... 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Kiki ASMR 3 hours ago
Jeffree: **reviews crayola makeup** Crayola: **sweats in makeup**
Hannah Ming
Hannah Ming 3 hours ago
When your idols dogs are prettier than you’ll ever be ;-;
Libran Child
Libran Child 3 hours ago
OMG! Wait, wait, wait!! Did I just see that?!?! Look at the way Nate comes around the car to get Jeffree. Just stole my heart seeing that! Damn it! The more videos I watch of the two of them the more envious I'm getting. (Come on Libra! Get a hold of yourself! Be chill. Be chill. Your Nate will come soon!)
Jose Salvatierra
Jose Salvatierra 3 hours ago
Love your vids
Sandra Scott
Sandra Scott 3 hours ago
Awuh... he looks like harry potter 😊😊😍
Tyrs To Cry
Tyrs To Cry 3 hours ago
I feel like this palette came out a few years ago but no that was thirsty