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ez1913 10 hours ago
If you just pray to Allah, all will be fine.
Ken Mc Leod
Ken Mc Leod 10 hours ago
Great news... it might stop American interference!!!
Majestic77 10 hours ago
We are not even half way through 2020.
sheepcreeper 11 hours ago
Who says that it not going to be just one wave that just keeps going and going ?
players whelm
players whelm 11 hours ago
Glad I ran into this.
MyNameIsMaybe 11 hours ago
This is sad have we still not moved on from their past mistakes
R R 11 hours ago
4:36 that sums it all up! Well done 👍
Lee Gee
Lee Gee 11 hours ago
European, stay with China.
Feihui Weng
Feihui Weng 11 hours ago
RD 11 hours ago
WoW , There are too many WuMao here, that's quiet amazing. All honk kong people is just fight for their freedom. You guys just annoying about one china. Keeping ignoring about their problem, pathetic!
tv for everyone
tv for everyone 11 hours ago
that's right I wish that western countries know the same thing sadly they doesn't
Chapi Esteros
Chapi Esteros 11 hours ago
So, there was a pandemic, sure, that kind of things happen, like the spanish flu back in 1918, or H1N1 in 2009 it is natural, virus can do that kind of stuff. So, now what, Trump and american Trump cultists are so eager for violence they now want to start a new cold war, maybe even WW3 ? Why does the US has to be such a warmongering nation. Can't we all just try to live in peace?
כלכל כתכתכל
Were are you Ata Turk???😢😢😢☹☹☹
Bharatvasi Vedant
Bharatvasi Vedant 11 hours ago
Tough year 2020 for human race
unic squad
unic squad 11 hours ago
Dennis Fernandez
Dennis Fernandez 11 hours ago
Nobody: 2020: 'sup, y'all?
Rekleuz OdinRa
Rekleuz OdinRa 11 hours ago
Corporations looted the taxpayers. Police been outdated since emancipation...
kuvikina 11 hours ago
@3:50 he said "İşyelerine gidiyoruz, iş yok diyorlar" = When we go to workshops they say (no work). You Eurocünts translate it as (no work for foreigners), why are you such an eurocünt, you eurocünt?
Daniel Kiel
Daniel Kiel 11 hours ago
Respekt for all people they stay behind them._..Rassist police every in U.S.A
JRRnotTolkien 11 hours ago
Are they reporting EVERY death as from The Virus, like they are doing in the US? If so, we don't know what the true number is.
Luba Bosnjak
Luba Bosnjak 11 hours ago
Dried feaces has been used for hundreds of years without transfering viruses to humans
outlander 11 hours ago
so these countries they came from dont hire foreigners but europe is supposed to lmao
Jonas 11 hours ago
We're talking about a regime that has been practicing forced organ harvesting, concentration camps for millions of people, arresting human rights advocates and political activists... CCP is a dangerous, oppressive and fascist regime. As much as I dislike Trump, his hard line on China is the only language they understand. It's time we stand up for our values - no matter the economic cost!
DavyD 11 hours ago
The Chinese will eat that 🤔😏😂
Lee Gee
Lee Gee 11 hours ago
Listen guys , China has been stealing from United States billions of dollar's And the corona VIRUSES , came first on china never tell to any one . they just keeps into , there SELVES. And now , it be came international dead ! .
sanowar masum
sanowar masum 11 hours ago
Eat them make poultry and fish's food
Norbert Kre
Norbert Kre 11 hours ago
Sweden lives in a fantasy world thinking there will be a vaccine very soon.
ViCTO UYMESA 11 hours ago
El sabía que iba morir gente,la marca de la bestia se le notaaa
gallaxy LH love hope
Wondering when the river or the sea turned into red
Cardboard Boy
Cardboard Boy 12 hours ago
Free tibet
Dana Sudana
Dana Sudana 12 hours ago
im support Erdogan
Fangting Zhu
Fangting Zhu 12 hours ago
This host is as bad as the one from BBC hardtalk. But relly? 22:43 Calling a one-god religion for a claimed secular government? And suddenly it's not seen as using public money as promoting ideology any more in his mouth, anything else justifiable become just BS!
Amos Green
Amos Green 12 hours ago
Some ppl wish for weed and some go to prison for it
Ashish Kapoor
Ashish Kapoor 12 hours ago
After iron man death all worst things are happening
luv luvzu
luv luvzu 12 hours ago
Siddharth Bhagat
Siddharth Bhagat 12 hours ago
I am back ! Guess who?😍.........
Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Dr. Sandeep Sharma 12 hours ago
Can there be an inert added in air in enclosed environment, which may be monitored to determine level of air circulation needed in enclosed environment?
Blank 12 hours ago
never trust a communist
Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Dr. Sandeep Sharma 12 hours ago
What's the best Temperature and Relative humidity to reduce infection possibility to minimum? Or is there a recommendation for RH level alone which can best serve the purpose?
Blank 12 hours ago
Dan Vaisi
Dan Vaisi 12 hours ago
It’s amazing that China was able to stop the spread to Shanghai and Beijing but not the balance of the world. What do you call other than intentional conspiracy.
Gjon Shala
Gjon Shala 12 hours ago
Arm Japan. They know how to deal with the Chinese.
Dr. Sandeep Sharma
Dr. Sandeep Sharma 12 hours ago
Is it possible to avoid infection through eyes by applying Kajjal or Soorma in eyes? It's a form of I think activated carbon which was/is used traditionally in nIndia. It must be researched upon I think. If tesearhers need further information, I am available. Thanks.
Os Sin
Os Sin 12 hours ago
Don’t want to sound bad, but if I had 7 children, I wouldn’t be able to afford good life either. We are free to make as many babies as we want, but freedom doesn’t cancel the responsibility. Just saying...
Diane O'Donovan
Diane O'Donovan 12 hours ago
"Freedom doesn't cancel responsibility" - it should be inscribed on every government office in America.
Meirina N
Meirina N 12 hours ago
I dont support your brutality
Jarid Gaming
Jarid Gaming 12 hours ago
Eat the locusts.
Evan 12 hours ago
poor people should not have children. it generates more poverty and suffering. Also uneducated people elect corrupt politicians Tha generates more poverty...
Icaiah DB
Icaiah DB 12 hours ago
intellectual thrft is not right, sealing islands in the south china sea, and much more, china is not a good partner on trade
Akira Dee
Akira Dee 12 hours ago
Do I hear Civil War II
Icaiah DB
Icaiah DB 12 hours ago
do you value freedom more than money? just look at China and what the CCP is doing around the world, we can not turn a blind eye, China is not our friend,
Aubrey Sun
Aubrey Sun 12 hours ago
Europeans perhaps just interested in doing trade with China, but that's not the only goal for China, or should say the CCP. They want to expand their military power to each corner on the world possibly under the shield of doing business. Many people still don't understand the CCP very well. Chinese, the civilians in China, are not CCP. The CCP doesn't represent all innocent Chinese civilians, yet the CCP has the power to suppress every individual in Chinese soil.
Sheila Casella
Sheila Casella 12 hours ago
It doesn't matter where I messed over anyways. We'll get back up out of this so what's the worry. We've gone through bad times before and we always get back to stop focusing on the negative and get to the positive, we'll get through this.
Janusz Grunwald
Janusz Grunwald 12 hours ago
Eat the locusts, do not spray it to kill it, but eat it, fry in oil and eat it. TH
Shan Services Group
Shan Services Group 12 hours ago
DW News, why do you block messages??
raymond majer
raymond majer 12 hours ago
Being neither Chinese nor American without question I trust Trump exponentially more than I trust the Chinese communist party. The CCP is nothing more than a bunch of murderous, scheming bunch of gangsters.
Rakkasan06 12 hours ago
I wonder will the E.U condemn the U.S for human right violation????
Hassan Suriya
Hassan Suriya 12 hours ago
Perfect first question... This guy is greedy and very selfish....
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 12 hours ago
RIP Hong Kong. We’ll always remember you in your glory days.
Shan Services Group
Shan Services Group 12 hours ago
HK's glory days are yet to come! They are now actually getting free from British culture.
Thensia 12 hours ago
Same was happening prior to Corona in Kenya
Alexander White
Alexander White 12 hours ago
Capitalism will respond, but only as the costs become real to the market, which will be too late.
Ian Khaw
Ian Khaw 12 hours ago
Trump is not doing enough to save Americans from Pandemic. Currently, American cities are now burning with riots and yet he still threaten to mobilise the arm forces. The longer Trump is President, the lower America will be heading. He is bad for America and the world. He is a trouble maker and a war monger.
Johnson Yuen
Johnson Yuen 12 hours ago
The foreign counties their interruption of China's country safety purposes must be unreasonable ridiculous bad people intents unkind bad mammals!
Rob Davidson
Rob Davidson 12 hours ago
All this terrible but AI robots etc will come a long and create some solutions the price we pay may there also eventually be to high!
Francis Nocete
Francis Nocete 12 hours ago
Can't ducks eat these locusts?
Another Dimension
Another Dimension 12 hours ago
100 % accurate !! From Pakistan !!
Sylvia Rohge
Sylvia Rohge 12 hours ago
Why not catch it? Then dry or fry. Grasshoppers are excellent protein suppliers.
Melody Pond
Melody Pond 12 hours ago
Why don't anyone even blame US who is the cause of the financial crisis in the very first place?
明哲 13 hours ago
Climate change is the reason.
Germán Gomez
Germán Gomez 13 hours ago
I was there in summer 2019. It is a lovely city. I miss those times.
Catherine Prendiville
the plants must spray with herbicide
P Y 13 hours ago
when a father (China) says he is going to treat you (Taiwan) nice as his own blood while he is beating his son (HK) in front of you, what should you do?
Aryan Kabir
Aryan Kabir 13 hours ago
zaira ,s actually intelligent girl.and she take intelligents deciition...
Alita Battle Angel
Alita Battle Angel 13 hours ago
Evil begets evil. What goes around comes around. The great circle of life.
Jack Black
Jack Black 13 hours ago
😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂 A story on a locust plague? The only plague destroying everything is the human plague.
Wayon Shaw
Wayon Shaw 13 hours ago
Food falling from the sky; Eat them Locust
omashola omatseye
omashola omatseye 13 hours ago
This video was very insightful 👌🏾
JIE SHI 13 hours ago
George Floyd! George Floyd! Goerge Floyd!
Steve Mano
Steve Mano 12 hours ago
JIE SHI Honey, this is the wrong video.
JIE SHI 13 hours ago
George Floyd! George Floyd! Goerge Floyd!
Shiwei Jeckson Ng
Shiwei Jeckson Ng 13 hours ago
Own people vote. Of course. China citizens don’t even trust their own government now
Daisy Wu
Daisy Wu 13 hours ago
If you ask the majority of American people we do want to cut ties with China we have been cheated and exploited too much and people are waking up to the fact that you cannot reason with a totalitarian system American can only use the language that the Chinese communist party understands . any other means of communication has proven to be futile
Mike Tat
Mike Tat 13 hours ago
Ohhh my gosh I’m so surprised... how bout this.. if I can get within arms length of Ping. He is a dead man 🔪
Daisy Wu
Daisy Wu 13 hours ago
Germany under this communist centric women’s leader ship is of course kneeling down to the Chinese communist party
Steven Wolf
Steven Wolf 13 hours ago
that's it, call out the military and declare martial law and force them off our streets. This is no longer a peaceful demonstration but thugs on a rampage. Shoot them!
YouTube Comments
YouTube Comments 13 hours ago
America burning to the ground. India, Pakistan, Iran etc facing mass death due to locust caused starvation. This year 2020 really is a year of mass destruction of never before seen proportions.
Kimberly Riddell
Kimberly Riddell 13 hours ago
They will just continue to Change the story till we are all bankrupt, our kids have major psychological problems and you can kiss democracy and freedom goodbye for a long long time.
Daisy Wu
Daisy Wu 13 hours ago
The question we should ask ourselves is this: do you want to live in a brutal totalitarian society or do you want to live in the free world? most West people they have a very naïve perceptions about the Chinese communist party. They can never really understand how evil the Chinese communist party region is. Ask the people who lived through it they know a lot better
Feddexkill 13 hours ago
AI is the only salvation, there's only one way through and the answer is always forward. There has to be a break thought, or our civilization will come to an end sadly.
Toni sumblin
Toni sumblin 13 hours ago
Oh no. Poor people. I hope this resolves quickly. What else can happen? Terrible year for the whole world.
Chromosome 13 hours ago
Hollywood: write this down Netflix: Hah! Facebook vaxxer, karen group: The earth is flat
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 13 hours ago
There not going to be Cold War, China have nothing to challenge America.
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 13 hours ago
To those under 70 who are not afraid of catching this virus: although the elderly are most at risk, it is still quite possible that you may end up in the hospital for weeks and even die. You may also have a condition that increases your risk but don’t know it. And on top of that we still don’t know everything about this virus and its possible long-term effects. I’m 40 and, if people want to go for herd immunity, I intend to be part of the 30% that doesn’t end up catching it.
Miss kali Anna
Miss kali Anna 13 hours ago
Is a smile stuck on this reporter's face?
Jack Greenlee
Jack Greenlee 13 hours ago
The only thing this will bring to Turkey, is its downfall, and it's destruction.
Mecha-Art 13 hours ago
If only The Punisher Frank Castle was real..... those cops would've been taken care of quickly.
taniela Loketi
taniela Loketi 13 hours ago
Did this guy said US turn his back on China To begin with so China Releise cont 19 that's act of war that's why they lie n try to cover it up it's time to blow China up they ask for it
Eddie Barriga
Eddie Barriga 13 hours ago
this is judgement from the Lord. Those two countries are very evil and backwards!
xxStraitMerknxx 13 hours ago
With all this stuff going on in the world I'd say its time to accept Jesus into your life as Lord and saviour, repent of sin, and draw near to God. If you dont have a bible I would recommend getting one and reading Gods word. It's been helping me alot tbh. The good news is the Gospel!
Delta 13 hours ago
Hopefully this will be enough for them to stop fighting among each other. ..
Fish Ball
Fish Ball 13 hours ago
Jane Smith
Jane Smith 13 hours ago
Why are people looking at lockdowns as all or nothing? Germany never went into full lockdown, started reopening after just six weeks, and now has the epidemic largely under control - all of that with a relatively low loss of life. The advantage of bringing down the number of infections so much is that it makes it much easier to follow infection chains and to more timely protect those who are most at risk. So either you lock down the elderly and sick indefinitely until this so-called herd immunity is developed, or a vaccine comes along, or you decide you’re fine sacrificing many of them. Personally I’m not willing to do either and have parents in this very situation in South America right now. They deserve to live, go outside, and see their friends as much as I do. Instead they’re stuck at home indefinitely and may end up catching the virus and dying from it in spite of their precautions.