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My New Puppy Haul!
4 months ago
4 months ago
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9 months ago
Rishi Gupte
Rishi Gupte 3 hours ago
Please do the fried chicken challenge
Rishi Gupte
Rishi Gupte 3 hours ago
Please do the spicy noodles challenge
Hana Appl3
Hana Appl3 3 hours ago
arent those chicken burgers not sandwich....i mean here in Australia they're called chicken burgers, do ppl in America call it sandwiches...???? someone help lol
Catherine Book
Catherine Book 3 hours ago
At McDonalds, I get the hot and spicy chicken sandwich mayo only. But you can get lettuce too
Pearlyshell Pichay
Pearlyshell Pichay 3 hours ago
When i see the title big announcement i thought that ro was pregnant Ro!!!! Please make a app for nerdy nummies Anda giveaway please!!!!!!!
lacie dye
lacie dye 3 hours ago
I have to eat soggy cereal because I have a lot of dental stuff in my mouth. Also my mouth is always super sore.
Bella cabañas
Bella cabañas 3 hours ago
Unicorn. Unicorn
Mr.Manik Hossain
Mr.Manik Hossain 3 hours ago
Please bye your hair rainbow please!!!!!!!!!!!!
Olive Klugsberger
Olive Klugsberger 4 hours ago
I always make chatterboxes when I am bored
Mel Norman
Mel Norman 4 hours ago
I went to spotlight Launceston Tasmania Australia today and your baking line was there yay!!
Katie Taylor
Katie Taylor 4 hours ago
Jump in the pool!!!!!!!
Tiejana McKayla
Tiejana McKayla 4 hours ago
I’m so excited to grab the baking line in spotlight!!! Ahhhhh!!!
Nethaniah Isip
Nethaniah Isip 4 hours ago
Waaaaiiitttt you guys didn’t even do the Popeyes sandwich!
Olivia Nuske
Olivia Nuske 4 hours ago
I thought Ro was actually pretty tall...then Saf came in.
Mike Bain
Mike Bain 4 hours ago
Hey Abby do you know
Happy Phukan
Happy Phukan 4 hours ago
Ooo pupachinos idea is really cute.🥰🥰🥰
Beverly Sylver
Beverly Sylver 4 hours ago
I am Mexican
Meera Kashyap JB
Meera Kashyap JB 4 hours ago
Who like Dunkin Donuts hit like
Beverly Sylver
Beverly Sylver 4 hours ago
I really like de la rosa
Ezzieh Al Rawashdeh
Hi!Anyone wanting to support a small youtuber i have a goal of 100 Subscribers by the end of this month!Would really mean a lot!Thank you ❤️🙂
Ally Brooke FanBoy
Ally Brooke FanBoy 4 hours ago
KFC is my favourite ❤
Kavya Dhodapkar
Kavya Dhodapkar 5 hours ago
Please Mo make videos!
Ally Brooke FanBoy
Ally Brooke FanBoy 5 hours ago
Molly is so beautiful 😍❤
Michelle Putri
Michelle Putri 5 hours ago
I never noticed how different in height Ro and Mike are. It’s so cute ❤️
Usha Kanth
Usha Kanth 5 hours ago
Mo can you please make videos on your channel
Albert Noir
Albert Noir 5 hours ago
too much of talking and the recipe is of 5 minutes only....
Looney Tunes
Looney Tunes 5 hours ago
Everytime I watch Ro's videos, I want to hump on her!
QueenBigHauss 5 hours ago
Would you be able to color the water with liquid dye and then add it that way? As a trick if you're too lazy to go and get gel dye like I am?
Rhyan Christian Obciana
For the whole time at those dogs
C-FORCE 5 hours ago
I'm from Louisiana
Alyssa Aimee
Alyssa Aimee 5 hours ago
Please do more videos together please!!! I love you guys together!!!
Hanna Boville
Hanna Boville 5 hours ago
Someone needs to make a cover of this song, but actually singing it instead of editing the words together. Not saying the video is bad! I just want a different reiteration of it that isn't so auto-tuned. Like if you should think it should be a thing! | | | | | \/
CremePuff 5 hours ago
When everybody has a boyfriend and you dont
Halle Wansue
Halle Wansue 6 hours ago
Priscilla Peters
Priscilla Peters 6 hours ago
I love chicken sandwiches too. The Popeyes new one is really good. It’s tough to say a favorite. I do like Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich as well, couldn’t tell if the one you tried was the spicy one or not. Love the video
Vaishnavi Kumari
Vaishnavi Kumari 6 hours ago
Why do she always calls her sister as a guest
Rebekah the Cat Wolf
save the turtles thanks starbucks remove all straws
Aayusha Vlogs
Aayusha Vlogs 6 hours ago
Molly I love chicken sandwich from KFC toooooooooooooo. Love u guys.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Olga Carvajal
Olga Carvajal 6 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’m Mexican we live off taki’s & hot Cheetos lol
Olga Carvajal
Olga Carvajal 6 hours ago
Is it weird that I’ve never had chick-fil-A I’m i really missing out?!
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 6 hours ago
1 rebecca 2 rosanna (because I love yellow) 3 rossana
Galaxyw0lf 6 hours ago
Flame Finders
Flame Finders 6 hours ago
I'm Aussie so never tasted any girl scout cookies
witherkiller Fortnite
Gets Derek gerard
Khushi Shrivastava
Khushi Shrivastava 6 hours ago
Are you married Molly ? If yes , then who is your husband ?
Dayyaanah Tayob
Dayyaanah Tayob 6 hours ago
I love ur chanel
Lucy Hill
Lucy Hill 6 hours ago
I love you Rossana and I would love to meet you but the only problem is I live in England
Maurice & Lynn
Maurice & Lynn 7 hours ago
Back at my old school fortune tellers were baned because people would waste paper making them
katie reading
katie reading 7 hours ago
I think you should do a try not to laugh one and who ever loses has to let the winner chose whate they eat and also get their head smashed into a cake with wip cream in it
snehitha paul
snehitha paul 7 hours ago
The whole video i was just watching blueberry muffin😂😂
Lena Vo
Lena Vo 7 hours ago
### u’ve changed
Muhammad Nisar
Muhammad Nisar 7 hours ago
WYNONA TRISHA 7 hours ago
Who here also want ro and justine to have their own channel together.... Thumbs up if you do
RedStoneHound 7 hours ago
What happens if the person beside you orders what you did lol
DuyHung Tran
DuyHung Tran 7 hours ago
Your love is so delicious :>
potterhouse1224 7 hours ago
Y’all are just adorable dorks!!!
clarissa richards
clarissa richards 7 hours ago
3:28 cookie looks so jealous! 😂 I freaking love Cookie! 😍
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams 7 hours ago
What!? Never had Chik Fil A? My heart hurts
AMOGELANG lewatle 7 hours ago
That means u can also do a game shaker cake love ur creation 😋😋😋
SpookySnake&fluffyUnicorn S&U
Ala only123
Ala only123 7 hours ago
Who else is from u.k and every time they say chicken sandwich your are like ITS A BURGERRRR😹😹
xXSunfloweer xX
xXSunfloweer xX 7 hours ago
traceyyguzmann 7 hours ago
Rossanna pansino I love ur amazing videos
Danny Viyaet
Danny Viyaet 7 hours ago
The dogs on their lap while they are eating is 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢🤮
Charlotte Campbell
Charlotte Campbell 7 hours ago
l love matcha sooooooooooo mutch!!!!!!!!!
FriskyFRIES 1
FriskyFRIES 1 8 hours ago
Tammy Mann
Tammy Mann 8 hours ago
Good job in love it
Tammy Mann
Tammy Mann 8 hours ago
I love it
Mrs. Kblast081
Mrs. Kblast081 8 hours ago
Molly are you serious? You never had chick fil a ???? What? do you live under a rock???? Girl!!!
Millie Griffiths
Millie Griffiths 8 hours ago
Would love to see content on molly lu 😆
Isabella Joy
Isabella Joy 8 hours ago
Ro is soo cute
Galactic Wolf101
Galactic Wolf101 8 hours ago
why does ro not have any points xD